I’m Back from India! Trip Highlights & Photos

The Love Vitamin at the Taj MahalHey Love Vitamins, I’m back!

Yes my three month India / Nepal adventure has come to a close and I’ve spent the last couple weeks settling back into life in Canada. I’m so happy to be home!

This is just a quick update to share a few pics, as well as my thoughts and impressions. We had an amazing time, but India is a crazy country and it gets exhausting!

Most people who travel India seem to describe it as a “love hate” relationship. One minute you’re in love with India, and the next you hate it! And, well, some people just plain hate it, period. They say it’s hot, dirty, crowded, and full of hassle. It’s all those things but it’s also the most colourful, eclectic place I’ve ever been.

In reality, these horror stories can scare you, but we didn’t have a bad time at all. A little exhausted by the end and happy to leave, but overall we loved it.

My 7 Step Acne Free Routine

My 7 step acne free routine

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Topical antioxidants the key to getting rid of acne?

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Indian Acne Cures

Greetings from India! As you may know, Luke and I have been traveling in India for the past two months… the Indian part of our adventure is about to come to a close now – we are headed to Nepal for three weeks for some trekking and white water rafting. Then back to Canada! India…

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Freedom at last

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Dating When You Have Acne

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I am totally one of “those people” when it comes to my dogs (please note photo to the right for evidence). I sing them silly, made-up songs. Sometimes I do a little voice so it sounds like they are talking to us. And yes, I definitely act like they are my children! (Sharkie and Huck…

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