Why is Manuka Honey So Special for Acne and Acne Scars?

So why is manuka honey so awesome for acne and acne scars?

Last video, I let you know how I was experimenting with my skin care routine a bit and how happy I am so far with this new system. I mentioned that one of the magic ingredients for fighting acne is manuka honey.

What is Manuka Honey?

Manuka honey is a special medicinal grade honey made from bees that collect the nectar of the manuka bush – only found in New Zealand. When I say medical grade, I mean that that it’s incredibly nutrient rich, antibacterial, antimicrobial, and anti inflammatory – but without side effects! Normal honey has these properties too, but it’s nothing compared to manuka honey.

Manuka honey can be taken internally for all sorts of problems, but it’s also fantastic stuff to use directly on the skin as a facial mask. What can it do?

  • It has a unique function of drawing the moisture out of bacteria in an affected area, essentially killing it. And it seems to work well on all sorts of bacteria, even resistant strains.
  • It can prevent future breakouts by drawing impurities out of the pores. Keeping pores unclogged is important because a clogged pore is where bacteria gets trapped and festers. This eventually leads to the immune system creating inflammation in that area.
  • It’s an anti-irritant. Irritating our skin makes it more likely for clogged pores to become inflamed. Irritating facial products are bad news, but luckily manuka is safe even for sensitive skin.
  • It nurtures, protects, and moisturizes the skin. This not only leads to better and brighter skin texture, but also the super quick healing of pigmentation red marks caused by spots!

Like I said in my last video, I’ve been using it to wash my face like I used to do with regular honey, and when I have the time before bed, I will wash my face and leave the honey on it like a facial mask for a half hour or so. I also mix it with a bit of jojoba oil, and between the two of them, it leaves my skin soft, hydrated, and radiant. The clogged pores on my forehead are also beginning to break up and smooth out!

Okay so what do you need to know about getting your hands on some of this manuka miracle?

Well first of all – I have to say that it does not come cheap! I knew all about manuka honey when I was first beginning my journey to clearer skin, so why didn’t I use it from the start?

Well, I guess I was just too cheap! But I finally decided it was time to give it a go, and I’m glad I did – even if I did drop 40 bucks on a 17 oz jar of it! It shouldn’t cost you that much though, especially if you order it from somewhere like Amazon.com. It was likely just the markup at the local health store plus my remote location. Expect to pay at least 30 though for quality stuff.

And how do you know if it’s quality?

Manuka honey has a few different rating systems called UMF (unique manuka factor), OMA (organic manuka active), or MGO, which let you know how useful it is for your acne fighting and medicinal needs. Not all manuka honey contains the special antibacterial powers, and the words “raw”, “organic”, or “natural” will not guarantee that it does, so the UMF, OMA, or MGO is the most reliable way to know how good the honey really is.

When you’re picking a manuka honey to buy, make sure of these six things:

1. It says UMF, MGO, or OMA clearly on the front of the jar

2. It says “Active” on it

3. It is packed into jars and labelled in New Zealand

4. It’s from a New Zealand company that is licensed to use the name UMF (which is actually a trademarked name), OMA, or MGO

5. It has the UMF, OMA, or MGO licensee’s name on the front label

6. It has at least a rating of UMF or OMA 15+ or more, or if it is MGO, then at least 250+

Apparently 16 is the highest rating that is naturally found. While there are manuka honeys rated above 20, I’ve heard that some companies artificially reach this lofty rating for marketing purposes, so I’m sticking with 16 and probably wouldn’t go lower than that.

0 – 10 is pretty much just normal honey, and while ratings 10 – 15 are less expensive and have some beneficial properties, they don’t have as much as we’d like. I figure that if I’m going to shell out for honey that’s pricier than normal, I may as well go ahead and get the real good stuff!

Here are the brands of manuka honeys that I have found meet the requirements:

Manuka Health New Zealand
Natural Solutions East Cape
Haddrell’s of Cambridge

Okay! So there you go! Manuka honey is highly recommended for acne and clear skin!

Here is a glowing review I got recently from a Love Vitamin reader about how well it’s worked for her:

Tracy, I cured my acne with Manuka Honey! I’m 42 + had terrible hormonal acne for 15+ years. Since I have been using Manuka Honey, I have not had ANY cystic pimples and very rarely get whiteheads. When it feels like a cystic pimple might be brewing, I sleep with the honey on my face + its gone by the morning.

Every morning after I walk my dog, I put a layer of honey on my face, do my morning tasks + rinse it off when I take a shower. My skin has never looked better. Manuka Honey is my LIFESAVER!


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  1. says

    I just got my hands on some Manuka honey today! I still have some mild acne that I’m trying to cure, so hopefully this will help w/ your mask recipe. Another product I have tried is calcium bentonite clay (aka Aztec Clay). I do a mask with apple cider vinegar which helps draw out clogged pores. You might wanna give it a go! Thanks for all the awesome advice!

  2. Mary says

    I’ve decided to try out a manuka mask a few days per week. I hate to use up the jar so fast, but it does expire soon, so might as well use it and then get some more. I’ve only been using it for spot treatments up until this point. Last night was luxury time…regular honey wash, followed by bentonite mask, followed by sauna-like conditions (torso and limbs immersed in a hot bath while face perspires), followed by a manuka mask, followed by 99% aloe vera. Life is good!

  3. Christa says

    I freaking love this honey! I’ve been using the exact same one as you Tracy, I got mine from amazon.com I think it was $30something. Just to throw out there: while this honey is expensive, it does last a looong time. I purchased mine 2 months ago and it’s not even half way gone yet (I wash with it twice a day). My face looks pretty clear when I wash with it and it seems to be helping with my scars as well. Definitely would recommend this to everyone. :)

  4. Paula says

    Tracy do you think that Manuka Honey is as good to eat as it is to put on your face? I am wondering what you think about the internal benefits Of this. Thank You, lots of love- Paula

    • Tracy says

      Yes, apparently it is… it can help with heartburn, acid reflux, stomach aches, stomach ulcers, stomach flu, IBS, diarrhea and other digestive issues… damn I wish it wasn’t so expensive or I’d take it internally as well! :/

  5. Mary says

    Is it OK to gently heat manuka honey?

    The honey is grainy and abrasive on my face. Exfoliation is good, but it’s not something I want to do everyday.

    If I gently heat the honey by placing it in hot water (in water in a pot on a stove with the burner on the lowest setting, with the honey jar resting on a stand to insulate it from direct heat), will the heat destroy the honey’s medicinal properties?

    • Tracy says

      Hi Mary!

      Hmmmm wow, you know, I never thought about the fact that manuka honey would be grainy. The Wedderspoon brand that I had was so smooth. The kind I have now seems to be a little bit grainy but not too much to worry about, but it kind of surprised me. – no source I’ve ever read about it, even the ones for skin care ever mentioned this!

      Anyway, I think it should be totally fine to heat it a little bit…. don’t boil it or anything, but yeah… gently heating it to un-crystallize it may help! Please let me know if it works!

      • Mary says

        I had the api health brand before (UMF 20+) and that was the one that was grainy. It was also a very rich, dark color. I’ve just bought the Wedderspoon and find it to be very smooth! And light-colored and creamy. I am very surprised by how different the two brands are. I know honey color and consistency varies, but I wonder if it has anything to do with the different rating systems used. api health uses UMF, while Wedderspoon uses OMA. I was hesitant to try the OMA rating, but it was cheaper and you had results with the Weddderspoon, so I’m giving it a go. I’ve heard honeys that use MGO raiting or, worse, no rating whatsoever, could be fake (as in, they don’t have good activity level).

        • Angela says

          If the honey is grainy, it has crystallized due to colder temperatures, etc. Just put it in the microwave for 30-60 seconds; the crystals will melt and it be smooth again. And yes, honey doesn’t spoil due to its antimicrobial properties.

          -A few facts from a beekeeper ;)

  6. erin says

    Hey Tracey can you do a youtube video showing how you wash our face? I believe you said you was it with manuka honey and jojoba oil, do you put them both on at the same time? I would love to see ho you do it! thank you :-)

    • Tracy says

      Sure, I can probably do that at some point… for now: yes I put them both on at the same time. I get a jar and pre-mix a bunch of it in a 1:1 ratio and use that as a makeup remover, cleanser, moisturizer, and face mask all in one :)

  7. says

    LOVE your article on Manuka Honey as an acne treatment! We are just as passionate as you about including Manuka Honey in our daily skin care routine, so we’ve gone one step further and included a UMF 18+ in our sunscreen line. Check it out – we’d love to send you a sample! Cheers -

  8. Taylor says

    Hi Tracy!
    First of all I would like to say thank you so much for all your help! Seriously. My skin is getting so much better and I owe it all to your great advice! I do have one question for you about Manuka Honey though…
    I have super dry skin, and sense the honey draws moisture out of the bacteria in infected areas wouldn’t it do that to my whole face and dry my skin out? Should someone with dry/sensitive skin use a Manuka Honey with a lower UMF?
    Thank you again so much for your help!!!

    • Tracy says

      Hi Taylor!!
      That’s so good to hear about your skin getting better :) So happy to hear that.
      As for the manuka honey drying out your skin… I think it draws impurities and toxins out, but not really sapping the moisture… in fact it’s supposed to be moisturizing, although I can see how it may dry some people’s skin out. I normally have dry skin and it’s fine for me…. especially if you mix a little jojoba with it, or put some jojoba on there after.
      Have you actually tried manuka and it’s drying out your skin? Or you’re just wondering if it will?

    • Tracy says

      Maybe… it also has a thousand other things in it, so if you really want the manuka goodness, I probably wouldn’t count on this…. the problem with products like this is that they advertise it as “honey moisturizer” or “aloe vera soap” when really the actual ingredient they are advertising is in it in such minute amounts compared to everything else. Maybe it’s a good product still though – I don’t know. The advantage to this over real manuka though is that it’s probably not sticky so you could use it overnight or whatever. But it does have chemicals.

  9. Emily says

    Hi Tracy! I love your site!
    I just started using Manuka honey on Sunday (now Thursday). I started off with +12 which is all I could find, but my +16 just arrived in the mail so I’m using that now (both Wedderspoon). I suppose I’ll eat the +12!
    Anyway, do you think one could expect an initial breakout from Manuka honey? Things were looking clearer until today, and I feel like I have a bunch of new spots and a whopping cyst. I’m not sure if I would have gotten them anyway, or it’s something to do with Manuka honey (yet I’m at it again with a mask on!). I was adding tea tree and jojoba oil to masks, but I’ll cut that out in case that is it. Maybe my skin is flaring up from stopping all the other acne meds that didn’t work? Or stress? But I want to think it’s not the Manuka, so I’m curious if you think it could cause any breakouts or initial purge.

    • Tracy says

      Hi Emily!
      Well I don’t think it would actually cause an initial breakout… but I do think that switching your skin care no matter what can kinda disturb your skin a bit till it gets used to it…. plus yes, quitting acne meds can have a slight rebound effect. And of course…. it could just be something unrelated! People do like to blame their skin care on coincidences haha… it’s yeah… keep with it, things will get better.

  10. Andrea says

    Hi Tracy,
    I’m finding it difficult to get a hold of UMF/OMA Manuka honey. I’ve been finding a lot that say “Active 16+”, but no mention that its UMF. So is there a difference with the Manukas that say active to the ones that say UMF? And is it a must to have Manuka that states UMF?

    • Tracy says

      Hi Andrea!

      Yeah apparently there is… the UMF has some kind of antibacterial quality above the active ones without the UMF ratings… apparently to be the VERY BEST manuka it must have UMF (or OMA rating) AND say active on it. And be about 15+ or over.

      I understand your pain wading through all these different manukas they have here, because I picked up the wrong one…. the one from Natural Alternative Active 18+ … I didn’t realize until just now that it didn’t have the UMF rating… grr. So I’m back to square one at recommending which one that you can get in Australia!

      I’m still going to use it though since I bought it. It’s still a really high quality honey with antibacterial properties.

      Well, here’s one that’s active UMF that you may be able to get: http://www.manukahoney.co.nz/startsession.cfm?language=1

  11. Meta says

    Hi Tracy! I’ve just purchased manuka honey, and was wondering how you wash with it. Is it just to put on your face and make circular movements? Or do you leave it on for some time and then wash away with water? When I use it as a mask how long should I leave it on before removing it?
    That was a lot of questions! Hope you can answer them :)
    Thanks :)

    • Tracy says

      Hi Meta,
      Yep just massage it around on your face in circular motions and then rinse it off. I think it works better if you can leave it on as a mask for some time… half hour maybe? It doesn’t really matter though, leave it on as long as you want. Sometimes I leave it on for no time, sometimes I leave it on for ten minutes if I have a little time, and sometimes a couple hours if I forget about it and am doing something else.

  12. Andrea says

    Hi Tracy,
    I came across Comvita Manuka Honey UMF Active 15 & 18+, but it states to not use topically, instead to use a sterilised UMF Manuka. What does this mean? I was therefore reluctant to purchase it. The shop also had Natural Alternative UMF Active 10+. Does this still do the job? I know you say 15+ is best. Eventhough my face is clearing it always seems red, not only the marks. Do you think Manuka can help take that redness away?

    • Tracy says

      Hi Andrea,
      I have no idea what that means, or why you couldn’t use it topically if you are allowed to eat it. Doesn’t make any sense to me, I’d probably just use it. It really is best to get 15 or more UMF, otherwise you may as well just use a good raw honey and save your money. I think it could help the redness… do you just mean your skin is blotchy? Or like.. i don’t know hahah… it’ll help the red marks.

        • Tracy says

          Okay, well it sounds like it’s definitely something that’s happening due to internal things, so … the manuka may help some but I’m not promising any miracles

  13. Allie says

    Hey tracy,
    I love the work and effort you have put into your site and I have found it helpful. I did have one question concerning the honey remedy for acne though. I just recently heard about this amazing treatment and started about a week ago. At first it healed up my active acne really well but now my skin is broken out more than it ever has in the past. Is this a normal sign in the beginning stages of using the honey treatment showing its getting rid of toxins? And if so how long should I expect to wait until my skin turns the corner and really starts to clear up??
    Any advice would be so relieving as Im a little scared of making my skin worse. Thanks!!

    • Tracy says

      Hi Allie,

      Yes it does seem like many people do have a bit of a purging reaction after starting the honey…. or their skin just freaks out a little after switching products. Like it could have more to do with what you quit rather than the honey itself – your skin withdrawing from the chemicals from acne medications or face washes or whatever. Either way… I think it’ll pass, it does concern me a little that you say you’re breaking out more than you ever have…. so only use it if you feel you want to! I don’t want to force you to use anything that you don’t feel good about.

      • Allie says

        Thank you for the advice!! That calms my worries a lot. I think Im going to stick with it for at least a couple weeks so I can let the honey do its thing. Plus I love all natural remedies and face masks. Thanks for getting back to me so quickly (:

  14. Nicholas says

    Hi Tracy! Thanks for the great article. I’ve been using UMF 20+ Manuka honey for around 3 weeks now but I’m starting to get more breakouts . I should mention that I leave the honey on for around 2 hours after cleansing(cetaphil gentle cleanser), followed by topical acne medication , then moisturiser(cetaphil). Could it be that I’m leaving the honey on for too long? 30 mins sounds a little too short to me but I could be wrong.

    Greetings from Singapore

    • Tracy says

      Hi Nicholas… I’m not sure… does your face seem irritated afterward? I sometimes leave mine on for that long, depending on what I’m doing, I dont seem to have a problem with it.

  15. Michaela says

    Can you use this honey on your body too? I suffer from chest and back acne, even though I use natural products and take very good care of my skin and health it just keeps getting worse of the last couple months, do you think using this as a mask in the morning could help the acne on my body as well as my face?

    • Tracy says

      Yes, you can use it on your back…. if you can reach it! I don’t have any experience with using it on back acne though so I really can’t say too much about it, whether it works or not

  16. Dee says

    Tracy, will Manuka honey help out with blackheads? I don’t have too many red blemishes but instead bumpy skin from black and whiteheads that are pretty frustrating. Any recommendations please? Thanks for all you help.

    • Tracy says

      It seems to a bit… or at least to keep pores looking small… I find the oils help more though for blackheads, because they dissolve them. Between the two, i find it does help a lot with the congestion issue

  17. says

    I left my Manuka Honey out a couple times overnight (forgot to close the lid after applying) I’m such a dork.

    Is this bad for it? Do you think it’s lost any of it’s “majikal” properties?


  18. Sarah says

    Hi Tracy. I have a question…okay well, I started using raw organic honey as a facewash for my skin. It horribly broke me out. It gave me big, painful white heads on my forehead and chin. I know I’m not allergic to honey because I have used it in my tea and on other foods. I thought maybe my skin was just getting used to the change so I continued using it for a few weeks, but it just got worse. So, I stopped using it. My face has gotten better since I stopped. Do you know why it made me break out? Is Manuka honey a lot different than just regular honey?

  19. Melissa says

    Hi Tracy,

    awesome blog you’ve got! I just stumbled across it while I was doing some research. I’m trying to cure my acne naturally as well. I used to have it really bad and then went on the pill for almost 10 (!) years! I don’t think the pill was doing me much good anymore so I stopped and my acne came back straight away. I’m doing quite well though with a good diet (Except for tonight as I am stuffing my face with cheesecake ;)) and it’s getting better. I really think you are onto something with the Mauka honey- I live in New Zealand and we actually have some skincare ranges that have Manuka honey in them! What I also discoverret is to use Sea salt on your skin as it is antibacterial, alkaline and helps healing. I noticed that during the warmer months when I swim in the ocean a lot my skin got way better. It went worse when I stopped swimming. So now I dissolve salt in some warm water and splash my face in the evening and let it dry- I think it really helps!
    Thanks a lot for sharing your blog, you rock hun, love form nz

  20. Ang says

    I have mild acne and decided to use this to get rid of it completely. I followed how to use it as a mask, first wash with hot water, dry face, layer on the honey, set for 15 minutes, wash off with cold water then cold water to close pores. It made my face much worse. My friend used it for severe acne and it brought the pimples to a white head. DON’T USE ON MILD ACNE, MUST BE SEVERE TO EFFECT POSITIVELY.

  21. Amy Schmidt says

    Hi Tracy

    LOVE this article and your advice. Thank you so much for posting this. Manuka honey is amazing! It’s hard to believe it actually works until seeing it for yourself :-). I got my honey from http://www.nzmanukanatural.com. They have a pretty good range. One question for you: If I use Manuka face creams and things like that, will it have the same effect/benefit of using the pure honey? I don’t want to waste my money on creams if they don’t work!

    Thank you

    • Tracy says

      Hi Amy – I’m glad to hear it’s working so well for you! :D

      As for the creams – I can’t say how well they work, but personally I would just prefer to use the real stuff. Creams and products always have extra ingredients – usually synthetic – and these things can be irritating. But hey – if creams are more convenient for you, I’m not saying they don’t work – maybe they would work just as well for you.

      Oh, also, i guess there is the question of what type of manuka honey they are using in their creams – is it a high UMF? Is it legit, active, manuka honey?

      • Amy Schmidt says

        True, good points about the creams. I don’t think I’ve actually found any Manuka honey creams that have a UMF rating or anything. Is that how I’d know it’s legit? Also, as you seem to note, it could just be a pinhead of Manuka honey and the rest synthetic stuff. And to add to that, the Manuka honey in it may not even be active!

  22. Dan says

    Don’t use manuka honey every night… I used it every night (1 hour before bed) for 6 days straight and it messed me up. My cheeks are very raw and red right now, I’m hoping I can get them to recover quickly.

    • Tracy says

      Ah, it sounds like the full strength manuka honey can be too much for some people’s skin – or they have a contact allergy to honey. Sorry to hear this is you, Dan – your skin should recover soon!

  23. Nikki says

    I’m excited to try this Manuka honey! Just got some on Amazon last night.. the weddington kind! Tracy that company should be paying you commission for every one you sell. or at least for endorsing their product. you’d be rich :-p

    • Tracy says

      Lol – I do actually get a commission from Amazon when people buy things from my links… but it’s like … a few cents. Really, it amounts to nothing, aside from a bit of pocket change haha…. you’re right, I should hit up Wedderspoon’s!!

  24. Megan says

    First of all thank you so much for all of the amazing advice! I am going to school for herbal medicine at Bastyr in Seattle next year and I think your book etc has definitely helped give me a better understanding of the body and nutrition which will be very useful! Also, I have a question about the manuka honey I bought: MGO 250+.. It seems to help heal the nastiness on my face, but I’ve been reading it might be fake? Did I spend $ for no reason? Maybe I should eat it instead? Lol I really appreciate any tips, you’re great :)

    • Tracy says

      Hi Megan :) I’m glad you enjoyed the book! That’s great, and good luck with the schooling! Herbal medicine – sounds awesome.
      As for the manuka honey.. I’m pretty sure MGO is a legit rating? Either way – if it works, it works. It does suck if you could have gotten away with a less expensive honey, but I’d say keep using it if you are seeing results!

    • Tracy says

      It doesn’t matter – you can just massage it around for a few minutes and wash it right off, or if you have some time, you could also leave it on for up to 30 minutes or so as a face mask and then rinse it off

  25. MadBobbyG says

    Hi Tracy, I recently used the new manuka honey for an infection on my foot. To my surprise it worked flawlessly, but after having it on for a week I was left with dry crackly skin. What should I do? What do you recommend I put on it. Thanks. :)

    • Tracy says

      Hmm, I didn’t know it would do that! You’re sure it was the honey, and not just a natural effect of a healing wound? Either way, I’m not really sure what to suggest, sorry. Try googling “natural remedy for cracked feet” or something similar. If you find something that works, let us know!

  26. Rachel Gould says

    Hi Tracy–
    I was wondering if you recommend baking soda as an exfoliant with the Manuka honey. I have tried this and my face seemed cleaner but I have been braking out horribly. Im not sure if this is a cleansing process or just plain bad for my skin?? It has been at least 5 weeks. I tried just using the honey and jojoba oil as a face wash and it did not get all of my makeup off….also, do you recommend coconut oil instead of jojoba oil? I wasnt sure if the jojoba oil was breaking me out so I thought I would try coconut oil.
    Any suggestions?
    Thank you!

  27. Mikaela says

    Hi Tracy,
    I use Manuka honey as a facial cleanser also, and its really cleared up my skin :) seems to be the only thing gentle enough to.
    But I’m going on a holiday in a few weeks to Thailand and want to bring it with me because my skin is prone to breakouts when I switch routines.
    My problem is A) how to store it to bring it with me, and B) will it be ok in the heat of Thailand.

    Hope for your reply, thanks heaps.
    Love your blog…

    • Tracy says

      Hi Mikaela,
      Great to hear manuka honey has worked so well for you :)
      I say put a little bit of the honey in a different container so that it’s not obvious it’s a food item. I don’t think Thailand is a country that’s so strict about these things anyway (not like some countries), I don’t think it would be a problem. No one is going to check it and test it there, especially if it looks like it’s a different product because it’s in a different product container. It should be fine in the heat too.

  28. Lauren says

    Hi Tracy!

    First, just want to say I love your blog! So much useful information here. For a couple years now I’ve tried to practice more natural skin care along with a healthy diet and lifestyle, so needless to say I think you’re site is fantastic.
    Anyway, I have a question about manuka honey and acne. I’ve been using manuka honey for a couple months now in my daily skin care routine and while I’ve seen improvement in my acne, especially my inflamed acne, it has a tendency to dry my skin out with prolonged use. My skin is very hard to moisturize (it doesn’t tolerate oils well, not even jojoba or grape seed… and yes, I’ve tired organic and cold pressed). I just try to use as few products on it as possible so it is able to moisturize itself without being stripped of its own oils, ya know? Sort of a modified caveman regimen I guess. My question is, does manuka honey still work for acne if it is eaten instead of put on the face? I know it has helps with gastrointestinal issues if eaten but can it kill the acne bacteria from the inside out? I was just wondering if you – or anyone else reading – had experimented with this and had any results. I love manuka honey but it just dries my skin out too much. And for some reason leaving something sticky on my face for 30 minutes bothers me. I always seem to get it on my clothes or in my hairline. I figured eating it would be less messy. Plus I LOVE the taste of it!

    Thanks in advance!
    – Lauren

    • Tracy says

      Hi Lauren!
      Yes, there is definitely a good chance that taking it internally could help with acne. Internally manuka is supposed to improve digestion and reduce systemic inflammation, both of which are huge factors in many people’s acne issues… I say give it a go

  29. Adele says

    Hi Tracy, First of all I’d like to thank you for introducing me this amazing honey!!
    I have mild~severe acne on my chin area. (Adult acne) It gets worse during my period time. I’ve done antibiotics topical gel, retin-a etc. They worked for 4months and my acne came back stronger..(Tears..)so I was trying to find more natural ways to control my acne and I was so lucky to find ur website! ;) I use this honey with my probiotics. I mix them together and spread all over my chin for a night. Next morning my acne is less imflamed or almost disappeared.;) Here’s my quesiton, do you think my skin could build resistance against even a natural antibiotics like manuka honey? I am kinda worried..

  30. Helena says

    Hello! I am a teenager so I have many pimples on my face. I got Manuka Honey and I found it is helpful for my pimples! But “UNF 10+” was written on the jar. Does it also effective for pimples? And one more, how can I use to get rid of acne?

    • Tracy says

      Well the higher the UMF the better when it comes to manuka… like 16 or higher. But, I mean any raw honey can be beneficial for acne so it’s not like a lower UMF is bad, but if you’re going to spend money on manuka honey, you may as well get a higher rating.

  31. Jennifer says

    I was curious about buying this honey so I went to Amazon, as you suggested, and began looking for honeys based on your description/criteria. I came across this statement and wanted to know your thoughts…

    “Confused about what Manuka Honey product you should purchase? Manuka Health New Zealand rates their products healthful benefits by the most up-to-date system available.Concerned about UMF level? Don’t be!! UMF is no longer the most accurate way to rate Manuka Honey! MGO = Methylglyoxal What is that? It is the scientific compound responsible for giving Manuka Honey its health-giving antibacterial quality.What’s another benefit? It is SO much easier to rate products. MGO 100+ = 100mg dietary Methyglyoxal per kilogram. Identifying the amount of dietary Methyglyoxal in every batch of Manuka Honey sets a New, Stringent, Higher Standard for quality Manuka Honey. UMF is not standardized and does not measure anything particular in the honey. Unless you see the MGO level there is no way to know what healthful properties are available, if any. It could even be classified as Table Honey!”

  32. Adel-Alexander says

    Hmm… Have you heard of Live Live Bee Yummy Skin food? It’s apparently a honey moisturizer but there isn’t any preservatives or anything. It’s all natural ingredients. You can buy it from highonhealth’s shop.

    • Tracy says

      Hi Penny,
      Hmm that’s interesting. I have this vague feeling like I heard about this a long time ago and then researched and found that it was bunk… but now googling it, I can’t find anything except talk about Honeymark suing them. In the end, I really can’t comment on whether it’s true or not because I don’t know. I hope it’s not :/

  33. ES says

    I can’t believe how amazing this stuff is. I’ve tried everything, barely withdrawing from using benzoyl peroxide after 4 years. It just stopped working & started making my acne bright red. But after using this Manuka honey & jojoba oil wash. My skin feels so much better and soft and alive. Compared to the stuff dull face I had while using the benzoyl peroxide. I’m going on my 6th day using this regimen and I can’t believe my horrible embarrassing breakouts on my cheeks and chin are all gone or flattened and redness faded. I’m so happy to have found this site :) for best results leave the honey on for longer I noticed that cleared it faster. Like on days where you have nothing to do and aren’t planning on going out leave it on. I left it on for 8 hours and my face looked new after. Thanks :)

  34. Acadia says

    I was pretty nervous to just drop my cleansers in the trash, especially since I was just getting into more natural products, but I’m so thankful that I did. The combination of manuka honey and jojoba oil feel a thousand times better than any new scrub or wash ever did! I just think my skin is so relieved to have good old nutrients back again, and is showing it’s gratitude by clearing up!
    Not saying I’m 100% spot-free or anything, but my face does feel less irritated and nothing new has popped up since I’ve switched. It just feels better, that’s all I’ve got to say. So if you’re considering it, take advice from the amazing Tracy and just try it out.

    I know I would have liked to have read this years ago.

    • Tracy says

      You’re the second comment I got today raving about success with manuka honey… way to go … glad to hear it’s worked so well for you :)

  35. LG says

    Hey if you haven’t noticed, Wedderspoon brand has removed their OMA label on the front. In fact, it is no longer organic . I called the company and it was confirmed. The operator told me nothing was different about the product they just didn’t want to pay for the OMA labeling on the front. I do not believe this one bit because I have both jars , the one with the OMA label and the one without. Everything is different about it. The smell , taste , potency and results were much more apparent in the OMA labeled manuka. I use it for my face and gastritis and have been using it for almost a year now and believe me, there is a difference. Just wanted to let you know and hope that you let the people know that this no longer should be their go-to brand. :) Thanks for listening

    • Tracy says

      Oh wow, crazy. Thanks for the heads up. I haven’t bought a jar since I started the caveman regimen instead of washing my face, but keep my jar of wedderspoon’s around for wounds, scabs, etc. Sucks that it used to be good and now it isn’t :/ Now I gotta find a different brand to recommend that is legit! If you find one, please, please let me know so I can change my recommendation!

      • LG says

        Absolutely ! Yeah I am so disappointed! I am in the process of trying different kinds and will let you know which has the most potency and results. Thanks for everything Tracy ! You turned me onto manuka to begin with !

        • Limor says

          Can’t believe it… I actually bought the SummerGlow Apriaries one which is amazing and Wedderspoon does not ship to Israel. Then, I bought a few jars of Wedderspoon so that a friend in the US can bring that over with her to Israel. And only now did I read the comments about Wedderspoon. I hope it’ll still be effective, even if it’s not as good as it used to, cause I’ll be stuck with it for a while :(.

  36. Pykes says

    I used today for the first time this manuka honey with venom active 12+ I noticed my skin turned a bit tight an dry and this evening I got some black head I’m not allergic to honey Im using regular organic pure honey but no reaction like this .Any suggestion?

  37. Lisa says

    Hi Tracy!

    You have so many helpful ideas! THANKS!!

    I went to the store last night and bought MANUKA HONEY. I bought the Manuka Health brand BRONZE MGO 100+..I also read the same thing Jennifer commented on..I should have gotten the 250+..oh well ill try this first…waste not want not right?

    I dabbed some onto the Cysts last night…and they seem to have gone down…I am a stay at home mom so I will put some more on later this aft for a few hours! Ill do anything to have these gone by wedding DAY!

    Ive been suffering from Cystic Acne since I was pregnant with my sons. It hasnt flared in a long time…but of course I am getting married April 6th and I have 3 HUGE ones on the left side of my chin ..from beside my ear to my chin!! SO here is to hoping they disappear for the big day!

  38. Holly says

    WOW!! I’m so glad I stumbled upon this site. I’ve never tried manuka honey on my own skin, but I’ve seen it heal wounds that have failed every other type of treatment. Manuka Honey is simply amazing!! In my 10 year nursing career, Iv’e never seen anything heal a wound like manuka honey!! It’s especially wonderful to use on my Hospice patients-destroys wound odors, debride’s dead tissue, promotes wound healing, gentle on their skin-just to name a few. I can’t wait to use it on my own face!!!

    • Tracy says

      Hey that’s awesome Holly! I know it’s crazy how amazing manuka honey is for healing wounds and such. And yeah. It’s great for acne :D Good luck with using it on your face, hopefully you see the same amazing results as you’ve seen with your hospice patients.

  39. Holly says

    Forgot to add—– The hospice agency I’m employed with uses manuka honey UMF 16+ straight from the jar and not a manufactured dressing that claims to have honey.
    While researching Manuka honey tonight, I thought ‘Since it kills the bacteria in wounds and can be used topically, I wonder if it could be used to treat acne’….so I googled it and….bam!!! I found this site!! Thanks so much for sharing this amazing information.

  40. says

    I have been using WeeBee honey, I think it’s just plain honey but unfiltered so it still has all the pollen and stuff in it! Do you think it is okey to use? I have yet to order the Manuka honey.i found manuka honey in whole foods but it was active 15 so I wasn’t sure… If feel much comfortable just following your instructions! Good vibes sent your way!!!!

    • Tracy says

      Hi Nelsy,
      Raw honey is great to use as a face wash, but if it still contains the pollen, it might be too grainy to use on the skin… the grains might be too abrasive and irritating. I prefer the stuff that has it removed, or it’s creamed.. that ways it’s smooth and not irritating

  41. nelsy says

    should i buy the manuka or just stick to a less grainy honey? organic honey is easier to find in my area, verses manuka honey. although i could always just order online it is more pricy. i am howeever willing to pay for what is better qulity..

  42. nelsy says

    i saw the comment of wedderspoons honey, im not sure about purchasing it… i might just stick to raw honey in fact! hmm…. i wish i knew of a good raw manuka honey!

    • Tracy says

      Raw honey is great, manuka has just got an extra special property that heals wounds and skin really well.. either way… you’re right, I do need to figure out a new brand of Manuka honey to recommend, because I don’t know what happened to Wedderspoon!

      • Tracy says

        Okay, I’ve done some research and updated the article to include several other brands of highly active manuka honey that meet all the standards, just in case Wedderspoon’s really has gone to the dogs

  43. says

    Hi tracy,
    Im curious, are u using honey daily to wash? Ive heard some people say it yellows their skin, so im wondering if youve noticed this? Your blog is terrific, and has helped me learn a lot about manuka honey as well as other things too!
    for those who prefer not to use honey daily, like myself, i would like to mention that i really like desert essence gentle nourishing cleanser. it has only one unnatural ingredient and the main ingredient is apple juice. its very gentle. also, evan healy’s line is fabulous!! to exfoliate, i am sensitive to grainy scrubs, so i like dermalogica microfoliant, once or twice a week. and The plum island Soap Co has a few clay scrubs that are natural and gentle if you dont mind the grainy texture. i hope this info is helpful!
    i dont have an acne prob, so i use the honey about twice a week, sometimes more. sometimes just to wash and sometimes as a mask. i love it, i just worry about skin yellowing. also manuka is a bit strong for non oily/acne skin.

  44. Adel-Alexander says

    God I love this honey! I just bought the wedderspoon 16+ honey. And my scars are healing so much faster, even my mom can see it. Sad thing is, the honey tastes so pure and awesome… I finished a jar in 5 days. Luckily I ordered 3 but still! I need to restrain myself from not eating it all up!

  45. Kimberly says

    I ordered Wedderspoon Manuka Honey from Amazon in February and I think Amazon stated the UMF, but I just looked an its not on the bottle. I take a tablespoon of honey daily and use as a mask once a week. I have noticed a difference with my skin, softer and clearer skin. Still having some breakouts. I think I will try the Haddrell’s of Cambridge Manuka Honey next to see if that works better. Thanks for the update!

  46. Kristin says

    Hello there,
    I just purchased Manuka Honey! Thanks for the info, a good moisturizer that works on me is from MyChelle -clear skin balancing cream. It is a bit expensive less than 20$ for 1 FL oz/30 ML. On the small bottle it says: “This oil free,balancing,nourishing cream normalizes oil production and reduces inflammation and irritation. Daisy flower extract is effective treatment of open lesions and bruising, while willow herb provides additional anti-bacterial,anti-microbial, and anti-viral properties. Essential for healthy skin,zinc has been shown to be especially effective in the elimination of residual acne red spots.”

    ALso, I read blogs that green tea and spearmint tea is great for anti-imflamatory and spearmint help balance hormones…?
    Including turmeric powder with Raw honey has helped me as well with my acne. Suffering with acne sucks! hope this helps! oh and the product line by Alpha Hydrox helps too with my acne & wrinkles. Try the resQ night serum and the soufflé cream. I read reviews on ‘www.makeupalley.com’.

  47. Calvin says

    Hi there,

    Noticed that most of the audience here are females, but here’s one experience to share with everyone and in particular with the males =).

    I’ve basically suffered with severe acne since I was 18 and over time it has subsided with topical treatments, facials, short intake of antibiotics but I was never completely clear and would get breakouts on and off. Im in my mid twentys now and suddenly Im breaking out bad. I attempted the holistic approach of eating healthy, juicing in hoping to detox my body. And as expected, the breakouts got far worst; and I know I have to be patient but Im not sure coz after 3 weeks i’m still breaking out almost daily esp around my chin/neck area.

    Im gonna try your Manuka honey treatment Tracy, and was wondering if you would endorse this brand “Watson & Son Manuka Honey 20+”? It costs about $60 AUD here in Australia.

    Anyway I look forward and hope to contribute my experiences to this community; and I must say your blog is fantastic Tracy! Keep it up

    • Tracy says

      I’m not sure about Watson & Son’s.. when I was researching which brands to recommend, I couldn’t figure out whether they were certified, active, and all the rest. It says they are certified, but doesn’t state UMF or MGO, or OMA. However, reading the amazon reviews on them, it sounds like everyone is saying it has pretty dang legit healing powers. I do remember seeing it when I was in Australia, and the price is pretty expensive, so I’m thinking it probably is a good bet to try.

      • Calvin says

        Hi Tracy,

        Yup I’ve placed an order on them and thanks! Will keep everyone posted on the results when I start using them.


    • EC says

      Can I reccommend Manuka Honey 400+ ( UMF 20+ ) it’s going to run you about $52.30AUD. Delivered straight out of NZ. I’m out here in QLD. Ordered mine last Tues and recieved it 2 days later on the Thurs. I “had” me the similar severe achne problem which left alot of un-appealing scars. After exactly a week of applying a homemade Manuka Honey & Cinnamon face mask directly on to my affected areas and leaving it on overnight (uncovered) everynight, my scars have faded up to 60% in 7 dats, my achne has cleared rapidly, redness has reduced a significant amount, drastic changes in my skin tone & complexion are visible & my skin has never been so smooth & bumpless EVER!

      Return2health.com, keyword: “Manuka”. If you can’t decide bro, bless!

      • Calvin says

        Hey EC,

        Thanks for the tip, though I actually went ahead with my purchase for the Watson & Son 500 gm 20+ @ $120 for 2 jars a mth ago. I can attest to the part where my skin is getting smoother than before after applying the m. honey as a mask at night but Im not seeing major improvements on the scaring in terms of redness unfortunately. So im not sure if this manuka honey is really working for my acne.

        ps: for those trying the detox program; it took more than a month before the magnified breakouts stopped for me, so the duration can prolong more than 3 weeks and I guess persistence is key.

  48. Amanda says

    Hi Tracy, I’m super new to your site. I just started to make the switch from my medication to natural means of getting rid of acne. I was concerned about the price of Manuka honey, and having read stories of it making people break out I’m really nervous to spend money on something that might not work. Is it still worth it? Thanks so much.

    • Tracy says

      Hi Amanda,
      If you want, you could try out smooth raw honey instead of the manuka to start with… see if you like using honey as a cleanser! I used to use raw honey before switching to manuka. It worked well, but manuka just has a little extra healing oomph

  49. ashley says

    Hi tracy, I suffer from severe hyperpigmentation on my cheeks and I am Asian. It has being there for like 4 months and I am just wondering if it works for old marks? And if the umf is 15+ but it does not indicate ‘active’ , is it fine? Best regards, ashley

  50. Kira says

    Hi Tracy and fellow Love Vitamin readers!
    Does anyone know what difference(s) there is/are between the dark amber manuka honey and the golden manuka honey? I found both colors with similar MGO/UMF, etc. ratings. Is it just a color difference or does it mean there’s a difference in potency? I read one reader commented that manuka could “stain” skin slightly yellow, so maybe the golden would be better for this reader (and me, too – I’m fair skinned)?

  51. michelle cannon says

    HI Tracy,
    I know this is an older post, but I just bought some Manuka honey and have been using it for a few days. It definitely seems to be sucking everything out of the pores. I have noticed a few zits popping up, but they were lying dormant beneath the surface of the skin and have started coming to a head since using the honey. It’s purging my skin it seems, and I don’t think it’s actually causing new acne, just clearing out the pores that I usually have to squeeze to get the gunk out (I know, I know, squeezing is the enemy!). Did you experience this as well when you first started?

    Thanks as always, the love vitamin has been a life saver! I am truly noticing a difference with your advice:)


    • Debbie says

      Hi Michelle,
      I am going through the same thing! Bumps and white heads and my skin is rough in some areas. I am trying to be patient, but it’s hard! Anything else you are doing to help? Let me know if you are please!! Thanks!!

  52. Ellie says

    Hi Tracy! I found your website about a month ago and your tip about the manuka honey worked WONDERS for my nasty scabby pimple. My health food store sells small packets of the stuff and I’ve been using that for the past month but now I’ve decided to invest in a jar. My question is: what are your thoughts on Medihoney vs. just regular mankua honey like wedderspoon? I find Medihoney appealing because it seems so much more convenient, packaging wise (though I guess it IS more expensive, by weight). Have you tried Medihoney? Do you think it will work as well?

    • Tracy says

      Hi Ellie,
      I’d never even heard of Medihoney – so they’re like dressings with manuka in them for using on wounds? So like would you want to put the dressing on your face, is that how you would use it?

  53. Ellie says

    Yes (sorry I took so long to respond!). I usually put it on healing acne and cover it with a band-aid when I sleep. I find that the honey is most effective the longer you leave it on. Again, I can’t tell you how much it has helped me – manuka honey is probably the best skin product I have ever tried. It’s amazing to me that I’ve tried so many prescription and over-the-counter products and the most effective thing all this time was !

  54. Jamie says


    I just bought Manuka Honey BIO Active 20+. Have you heard of this? I’m wondering if it would work just as well. Please let me now!


    • Tracy says

      Hmm the reviews on Amazon look pretty good, but I don’t think it’s a certified UMF honey.. I wouldn’t throw it in the bin though! Try it out, it may work very well :)

  55. Leora says

    Hi tracy so I went to whole foods and bought the brand you reccemonded although it was really expensive for the 16+ so I got the 5+.. i thought this would be better then just normal honey.. is that right ? or you think I wasted my money and regular honey would have been same as the wadderspoon 5+?

    I want to make the mask tonight.. i also bought jajoba oil.. do I just mix a bit of the two? and put it on my face? is there anything else i should mix in.. i heard you were talking about cinnamon? or lemon? should we add those as well? Do you have a blog explaining more what goes into the mask and the procedures.. or for other masks in general..

    Thank you so much

  56. Mandi says

    I live in new Zealand and I have never tried Manuka honey until recently, I have battled with breakouts, sun damage, dry patches on my face, recently came across a skin care line called oasis, products are made in new Zealand, they have a product called rhino repair, I know weird name, but it’s for all types of skin problems eczema, dry skin, acne etc it had Manuka honey umf 14+ and other organic ingredients, great reviews on it too.

  57. emilio says

    Tracy I bought th3 manuka honey, its weird overall my face looks better but some areas Are very red and dry. My jojoba oil is not here yet, do you think I should wait until my jojoba oil gets here or switch to raw honey. I’ve only used the manuka honey for 4 days and nights as of today.. thanks

    • Tracy says

      It sounds like it might be too strong for you? Although if you aren’t using moisturizer I can see why your skin might get dry – water itself is very drying. Anyway, I don’t know – you could try switching to raw honey and see if it makes your face less red, if it does, then you would know that the manuka was too strong! If it’s still red, then you probably just need some moisturizer.

  58. ZYH says

    Hi tracy,

    Have you ever tried Argan Oil? I have a bottle of it and thought maybe I could use that instead of jojoba oil. Argan oil claims to have healing properties for acne. It would be great if you could advise me on this, thanks!

    Ps: your blog is awesome!

    • Tracy says

      I have heard of argan oil but I haven’t tried it – you can definitely use it instead of jojoba! I’d probably choose argan over grapeseed.

  59. ZYH says

    Oh yes and another oil – grape seed oil. Which should be best to be used with the manuka honey? I have both oils at the moment and have gotten confused and quite frankly, scared, that one of them might break me out even worse than i’m already experiencing.

    Please help :'(


  60. Betty says


    I have struggled with skin picking for as long as I can remember and for the first time I have started using manuka honey and I have actually began to leave my skin alone, the results are incredible. I am actually such a fan that I have started a blog and I am going to upload pictures of my befores and afters whilst using it to really show the difference. If anyone wants to follow my progress or read about the honey that has worked for me check out my blog thanks so much for your advice on here also :) http://bettyblanksblog.blogspot.co.nz/

    • Tracy says

      Hey Betty,
      That’s awesome!! So happy for you! I read over blog post, looking forward to seeing the before and afters!

  61. flibbet says

    Hi Tracy! Thanks for the helpful post. I was wondering, do you usually need a moisturizer after using manuka honey? I want to use as few products on my face as possible. I’ve also heard this doesn’t work well as a makeup remover, and I do wear light foundation every day, so I’m not sure it’s the best thing I can use as a cleanser.

  62. Tess says

    Helli Tracey, was just reading through some of your comments about the benifits of Manuka Honey (Which I have used on many occasions burns, chicken Pox, scars, ulcers, ance you name it works like a charm) But i just thought i’d let you know that here in Australia you can just pick it up at your local Chemist, quick and easy! and i just wanted to clarify for the person who mentioned their Manuka Honey was ‘Grainy’ here is Aus there is Grocery store bought Manuka Honey thats quite thick and grainy and is very light cream in colour (great on toast). Where as the Chemist bought ‘Medicinal’ Manuka Honey is super smooth and quite dark in colour….. I think the person who said it was Grainy like scrub might have bought the one for toast :) …. But i guess all honey goes quite grainy if left in a cool temprature long enough.. X

    • says

      Hi Tess,

      thanks a lot for your insights! ;). Your tips are great!

      Tracy is on a kayak trip right now and asked me to answer her comments until she‘s back. After that she‘ll marry her prince from Australia :D :D . So I guess she‘ll find your info pretty helpful. ;)

      Lots of love,

  63. says

    I want clear skin, but I’m cheap (I’m sure you get that a lot). I am currently using Harvest Farms organic honey on my skin to get rid of a host of stubborn whiteheads that have been on my forehead for months. I know it’s not the magical New Zealand stuff, but do you think it will still work?

    • says

      Hi Rizzy,

      any organic raw honey has great antibacterial properties. It doesn‘t necessarily have to be that expensive New Zealand stuff. ;)
      I cannot assure you that it will work for you as well (there is nothing that works for everyone), but it‘s definitely worth a try! :D

  64. Debbie says

    I am currently using the manuka honey and just finished my candida cleanse. Is it normal for tiny bumps on my forehead and on my chin? Normally I never broke out on my chin or forehead. And my face seems rough. Is this common? I am trying to be patient! Thanks for all your help!!

    • says

      Hi Debbie,

      if you are using manuka honey for more than a month now, it probably doesn’t work for you, I’m sorry. :(
      If not, please try to be patient…

      Manuka honey might be too strong or too drying for certain skin types, especially if you have dry and/or sentitive skin.

      • Debbie says

        Thanks Svea!

        Yes,it has only been a week! And I am now going into my second week and see an incredible difference! I guess I need to be patient…lol!

  65. billy says

    I had great success with Y.s manuka honey Active +15. cleared up my rosacea and clogged pores. Got rid of those annoying frown lines it was causing. It worked great as a daily moisturizer in the morning and at night.

    Y.s organic is creamy gold and kinda brownish. with no crystals.

    BUT, then y.s manuka honey is no longer available.

    I tried manuka health CRAP mgo 500+. It sucks. You can’t hardly use it as a daily moisturizer like the creamy y.s brand. Way too thick and crystalized. I found that brand made my skin worse and no better.

    So I’m now thinking wedderspoon gold might be the way to go.

    So you DEF want the smooth manuka honey. That crystalized thick shit is no good. It feels very uncomfortable on the face too.

    The Y.S manuka brand I had. you could hardly tell it was your face but you could really feel it working! Also I stopped using tap water on my face. Which has helped alot! Our water is very bad where I’m from.

    I had clear skin a few times in my life and it’s always been when I wasn’t using my hometowns water on my face.

    I used spring water for bathing on a vacation and my skin cleared up perfectly. That was in Wisconsin.

    A few weeks of my childhood/teen life I didn’t have terrible acne! Went back home to Illinois, started erupting right away.

    So hopefully I can find a product like Y.S manuka honey! My face looks terrible ATM!

  66. Jamie says

    Hi Tracy,
    I want to change my skin routine into natural products and i was wondering if there are any other natural alternatives i could use instead of manuka honey? My skin is quite oily and very sensitive. I have been using ACV toner diluted with water for about 6 months(only at night) and it has helped a lot but i do still break out at least once every week or so. I decided to try out honey as a cleanser and if i get other suggestions from you, i would try them out too.

    What else do you suggest for a natural moisturize other than jojoba oil? I cant use jojoba oil because i may be allergic to it? I’m not big on oils so i am not sure if i would use coconut or olive oil. I was wonder if aloe gel would be a good moisturizer?

    Also, do you have any suggestions for a natural sun block? I know sunshine is good for your skin, but my skin is way too sensitive.

    And for the saliva hormone testing and other testing,where am i able to purchase them?

    Thank you Tracy, i know you’re a busy lady and i really appreciate all the effort you put into this blog. And congrats on your wedding :)

  67. Fiona says

    Hi Tracy.

    I just have two quick questions. I have brought your book (Ultimate Secrets to acne freedom) and in it you say you use the Manuka honey and Jojoba oil mixture in the mornings as a mask but then in the video you just use the honey as a mask in the morning. I’m just wanting to know which option is best? ALso I have made the 1:1 Ratio mixture up and it is rather runny and they don’t seem to combined together they stay seperated is that normal?
    Thank you
    Fiona :)

    • Tracy says

      Hi Fiona – I would say just use the honey if you are using it as a mask because I think the jojoba and honey mixture is too runny to stay on as a mask! It doesn’t really matter anyway – natural skin care isn’t set in stone, you can play around with it. I don’t think there’s one better way than another, it’s just whatever you and your skin prefers :)

  68. isabel says

    Hi tracy
    I posted a long post(to pick your brains!)in Sveas post (skincare with oils),maybe it was not the right place to do it coz im still waiting for your wisdom! Please ,can you kindly go there and help me. .
    Thank you

  69. isabel says

    Hi Tracy.
    Again i went n posted in Sveas post coz u so kindly ” went there” to see my post(am still learning the tricks of this trade!..internet), anyways didnt want to ask you again to go there so am posting here.
    Yes am using some of the stuff i bought n would like to take ,especially the MSM supplement(is it ok?since im on the vitex tablets,if yes, how many capsules?)
    How long can i take vitex? Ive been on it for 5 months now and on June and Sept i got my periods 2 times in each month. Do u think its ok?
    T.hanks again

    • Tracy says

      Hi Isabel,
      Actually I don’t know a whole lot about MSM supplements, so your research is as good as mine on that one. Vitex can apparently be taken safely for 18 months. If you don’t think it’s working for you or giving you any benefit, then I would stop using it. You say you got your period two times in a month, but is that worse or better than how your periods were before?

      • isabel says

        Hi tracy,
        I think ill check out more on the msm before i start popping them. the flow was much lighter during “those months” thats all. I think ill stick with vitex coz my breast n abdomen dont feel so sore during my periods and u say 18 months is fine.
        Thank a lot ,Tracy…for your time

  70. Petri says

    Hi Tracy,
    I have just recently gotten over a really bad breakout and its almost completely gone, however; they all left huge discoloration marks on my face do you know what i can do? Btw i love your e-book it really helped me get through the hard time.

  71. Limor says

    Hi Tracy,

    Just wanted to say thanks for your Manuka honey and Jojoba oil tips. I tossed out my million facial washes/moisturizers/face masks about a month ago and my face feels great. Like you explain in another article, the Manuka doesn’t solve the root cause, so I still get some pimples, but the results after using it with the Jojoba oil are amazing – my skin is not dry and not oily (and I am used to finishing my day with totally oily skin – not the case anymore!). The main thing I am amazed about is how true it is that our skin is just OK on its own – leave it alone and don’t use a thousand products on it. Even though my own mother is a herbalist I was totally brainwashed that my acne just needed me to keep slathering and slathering. So the new facewash helps me still feel like I’m ‘doing something’ for my skin, when actually, for the first time I’m leaving it alone and only gently assisting it to heal.

    Also, just wanted to say that I bought the SummerGlow Apriaries honey (nope, not a commercial, just trying to help those outside the US :)) – the shipping is pricey but the honey is certified and works well. Plus, since I just recently realized I have gastro issues that may also be causing my acne, I read that Manuka can really help with stomach issues if taken internally. I can say that I really think it’s helping my stomach heal, too (I don’t really love the taste since it’s very strong, but it’s worth it!). I take 1 tbsp before bed on a piece of toast.

    One last thing I’m wondering about that you mention in the last comment – I’m trying to treat a few pigmentation marks that in fact seem to be Melasma as they did not show up because of the acne. I read that sandalwood has amazing brightening qualities (I read about a sandalwood powder/oil, tumeric, lemon, honey mask). What do you think about this? Not liking these marks at all :(.

    • Tracy says

      Hi Limor! Oh glad to hear you found a good manuka honey where you live :) That’s great! And stoked to hear it’s helping your stomach issues as well.

      As for melesma spot.. definitely try the mask you mention, it sounds like a good bet to try. Hope it works!

      • Limor says

        Hey Tracy,
        Thanks for replying! The honey is not actually from Israel and it’s bloody expensive to ship over here (around $30), but it was worth every cent. The only stuff they sell here is 10+, so thanks to you, I didn’t overspend on not-actually-active manuka.

        Regarding the mask, I did want to ask – I’ve been told that if you’re trying to lighten a specific mark you shouldn’t use the same substance all over the skin rather on that spot only (for example, if you put fresh lemon juice all over your face, it’ll brighten your whole face and the marks will still stand out). So the question is, would I have to use this mask on the marks only, or do you think it’s gentle enough to just even the skin tone out anyway?

  72. isabel says

    Hi Tracy,
    I stopped taking vitex coz while surfing the net i read a post where a lady said she got pigmentation taking progesterone supplements and so i did some “researh” and found out that melanin production increases with vitex (its a report on assessment of vitex) so that was enough for me to stop taking it coz i have noticed that my upper lip pigmentation(not acne scars) has definetely darkened,,a LOT.
    I dont know how to send you the link ( so many people asking you all sort of questions) so i will jot down the web site ,www.ema.europa.eu ,just in case you may be interested.

  73. Mark says

    Hello Tracy,
    Would it matter if I use an MGO 400+ brand of Manuka Honey overnight? I’ve read the main concern with using it overnight pertains to it being sticky, or it may attract ants. I’ve done it a few times, but I’ve noticed some breakouts. I don’t know if this could be an initial phase or perhaps I’m keeping it on too long leading to clogged pores? Would you consider Manuka Honey comedogenic? Do you think other factors including dryness or irritation may occur with 8+ hours of application? I’ve read blogs instructing from 10 minutes to 2 hours. Is there a significance of effectiveness based on duration?

    • Tracy says

      Hi Mark,
      I wouldn’t consider it comedogenic, you could wear it overnight, I think the only issue is that the antibacterial, etc properties could potentially be irritating to someone if you had really sensitive to skin and left it on too long. But it’s case by case. Lots of people say they leave it on overnight. I simply don’t understand how people would wear it on overnight without getting a sticky mess all over their pillows, but that’s just me.

  74. Courtney says

    Hi Tracy,
    I have a few questions for you…
    I’ve been using the Manuka honey as face wash/mask for 3 weeks -along with apple cider vinegar spot treatment- so far it’s ok. I’ve noticed that the skin that doesn’t have spots is much calmer and smoother, however I’ve been getting the normal hormonal breakout plus the breakout seems to be spreading onto my cheeks (also I should mention that that on the sides of my neck there are several rather painful zits)…. Anyways, I figured that these breakouts are probably my skin adjusting and possibly purging–not to mention the fact that I recently (3 months ago) quit taking the BCP cold-turkey… Just wondered what you think…. Also I’ve noticed that when I’ve left the honey on my face, whether for 5min or 1hr, my face kinda burns and stings while I’m rinsing it off….what’s up with that you think?? I think that’s all I’ve got for ya right now…. Thank you so much for all that you do! It’s so nice to have trustworthy info from someone who cares about natural health.
    Merry Christmas!!


  75. Patricia Lara says

    Hi Tracy, I´ve been looking for the Manuka Honey in Vancouver and cant find it, even the estroblock and liv tox… =( would you know where to get them?

    Thanks so much! You´ve been very helpful with your blog!!!

    • Tracy says

      Hi Patricia,
      Unfortunately Estroblock you have to order from the States.. Amazon.com is the best place with the cheapest shipping. You can try other DIM products available in Canada, but I don’t know if they’re as good. Liv-tox I order from Vitashop.ca.

      As for manuka honey… I got some from a health food store in Powell River, so I would imagine it’s available in Vancouver, but I don’t know what store or where to look. Sorry!

  76. Nik says

    Hey Tracy, I am wondering if you know anything about the Manuka oil and if it would have the same properties? I assume if still would have the same benefits right?

    • says

      Hi Nik,

      Manuka honey is much milder than the essential oil. You can use the honey straight on your skin, whereas Manuka oil should always be diluted with a carrier oil (jojoba, almond, olive or whatever you prefer) or aloe vera gel (approx. 5 drops / 100 ml). Both, oil and honey, can work to combat acne. It’s a question of preference or skin reaction.

      Health benefits of Manuka Oil:

      • Nik says

        Thanks for the reply Svea, I have used manuka honey before and I think it was working alright but then I stopped which is something I probably should not have done. I have a lot of dark spots that have been there for sometime now do you have any recommendation for that? I know manuka might be good atleast I read that on another article =D

  77. Sara says

    Hello Tracey and everyone! I’ve been reading this site for the better part of a year and it’s such a gift.

    I remember reading this article when it was published a while ago but couldn’t afford the honey, since I’d have to order it. WELL, LO AND BEHOLD my local natural foods market started carrying it!

    For the first time in 4 years, I really feel as though my hormonal acne is clearing. I’ve been using manuka honey for a month, plus I went to a naturopath where after a “body scan” (kinesiology) she found that my liver and kidneys were tired. I suspected as much, since my persistent acne worsens around ovulation and my period. Anyway, going to a naturopath was TOTALLY worth the money. I had been fiddling around with supplements for YEARS and couldn’t figure out why my self diagnosis of gluten intolerance/estrogen dominance/PCOS/dairy sensitivity wasn’t leading to my acne cure. It was just driving me insane and making me terribly stressed out.

    The naturopath has me taking perilla oil (I had been taking evening primrose), ren-gen (an algae), and two tinctures, one designed for eczema and one for liver detox. Plus I’m doing a manuka mask every night….who knows, the honey itself may be the cure!

    I’m writing to praise manuka honey. I should have ordered it YEARS ago! And I have should have gone to a naturopath instead of thinking that “I knew better.” Considering all of the money I have spent on acne lotions and supplements….man, I probably made my situation WORSE.

    I know how terrible acne feels, inside and out. Those painful bumps that you wake up with, the despair that sweeps through you, the hypochondria that ensues once you realize that acne is usually caused by imbalances within your body.

    Start with this honey. The stress of acne exacerbates illness. It can turn a tiny glitch into a disaster. Stay calm and manuka on!

    • says

      Hi Sara,
      thank you so much for your insights! Tracy is traveling India right now, but she’s still doing almost all work on her blog, so she’ll definitely read your amazing story! It’s a great positive example and will be helpful for other people too, I’m sure ;)

  78. says

    I have started using the Manuka honey mixed with Jojoba oil. Just wondering how you actually got your Manuka to mix with the Jojoba?

    My honey is so thick that the oil just sits on top of it.

  79. Christina says

    This is a great article, good info laid out in a manner that is interesting and easy to understand. Only one thing that isn’t 100% correct from what I know about Manuka Honey rating is that the 16+ is also used a marketing thing. Our family has been distributing Manuka Honey for over 10 years and came out with a 15+ soon thereafter many companies began labeling as a 16+. Anything above a 10 is considered medical grade. We choose to sell the 15 + that is actually usually rated at 16, 17 or sometimes 18 but with the labeling we have to be sure it is at least what it says it is, but a lot of times registers higher. The most important thing is that the company that is distributing the product is reputable and personally I would stick with the UMF rating system over the MGO. The people that created the MGO say it is a superior way to rate the honey but that is not necessarily true and the UMF is respected and far more reputable (IMO).

  80. SH says

    Hi Tracy,

    You article stresses the importance of having a UMF/MGO/OMA label on the jar, yet the one that you purchased does not have one. Am I missing that label on the Wedderspooon honey you use? Can you please clarify?

    • Tracy says

      Hi SH,
      I know, they seem to have removed that label from their bottle and it’s questionable whether the product is the same quality as it was when I first bought it. For this reason, I’ve listed other reputable brands at the end of the article

  81. John says

    The only manuka honey that is going to be 16+ active, 16+ active meaning at least 16+ or more has to have the umf (unique manuka factor) label on it, and will also have a license # from the producer. The United States does not regulate manuka honey, you can put 20+ active on the label but it won’t even register 8+ active, if it does not have the umf label on it don’t waste your money. SummerGlow Industries out of New Zealand is one that has the umf label, there are only 40 company’s that are licensed to sell true Manuka Honey from New Zealand with the umf label, do your googling diligently and you will see. It’s about $49 a lb and with shipping it’s around $68 from New Zealand, I found a company that sells it in the states for around $70, but I would rather get it strait from the producer, I ordered 4 lbs and with shipping it came to $312.00 NZD which is about $267.00 USD.

    • Tracy says

      Hi Mia, if the manuka honey is too expensive, any raw honey will work well (providing it’s been made into a smooth consistency, the grainy stuff is too abrasive).. which you should be able to get at any local grocery store

  82. Marie says

    Hi Tracy!

    What would you recommend for Pore shrinking!?
    Does Manuka honey improve The Skin texture?
    Thank you!!

  83. Brittany says

    Hi Tracy!
    I stopped using my Mary Kay facial cleanser about a month and a half ago and it has done wonders for my face! The oiliness of my skin decreased by like 90%. I just rinse my face with water in the morning and night and it feels really good. I have also been taking Estroblock for the past month or so and I think that has been helping, as well as a Liver supplement. I also have acne on my shoulders and back though. This has also been improving…probably like 5 zits total right now, BUT I have a lot of red marks and pigmentation marks that make me self conscious to wear anything sleeveless. Have you heard of people using manuka honey on their backs with success?

  84. Limor says

    HI Brittany, my situation is very similar to yours suffering from what is now mild face, back and chest acne. Initially when I purchased my manuka I made Tracy’s concoction – half manuka and half jojoba oil, mixed it up in a bottle and used it as a body soap on my acne-prone areas. I also used to try masks with manuka honey only, and I think they work well on the acne. However, not sure how effective it is with pigmentation marks and acne scarring. For me there isn’t much difference. I would recommend brushing the scarred areas with an organic body brush once a day, and consider other types of mild peeling. Turmeric is pretty good in brightening marks but it’s darn messy to be walking around the house lathered in it… So didn’t hold long enough to say.

    By the way – a question for Tracy on the matter: What’s your opinion regarding peeling with sugar? I’ve tried it on my melasma-prone areas on my face and it seemed to improve the spots, though not sure if it’s too aggressive for the face…

  85. Sandra says

    Hello Tracy! First I would like to say I have recently come across your site and it instantly changed my life. I never knew so many people were struggling with the same skin issues as me and I couldn’t be happier that you are approaching it in such a natural way. I have been making my own kind of face potion lately with a jojoba oil base and adding tea tree and lavender essential oils. I just ordered a Manuka essential oil on amazon and I am going to start adding that into the mix. I was wondering if you have had experience using essential oils or specifically the Manuka one. Let me know if you have any insight on the subject, I am looking forward to trying it out. Thanks so much for everything you do! It is appreciated!

    • says

      Hi Sandra, sooo happy my site could help you! :) Sorry though I’m not much experienced with the use of essential oils in skin care – aside from I know people have success things such as tea tree oil and lavender oil, as long as they are heavily diluted. I didn’t even realize there was a manuka oil! That’s cool. Just make sure you only use a few drops, essential oils can be so strong if you don’t dilute it enough they can be quite irritating

  86. Charlotte_31 says

    Hi Tracy, I have recently come across your site and am reading through your e-book Ultimate Results to Acne Freedom. I went out today and bought some stuff to make a natural cleanser as I have long suspected that acne products have had detrimental effects on my skin. I have a question about the Manuka honey…I studied the honeys in the shop for ages and couldn’t see any that were ‘UMF’ and ‘Active’ at the same time? They seemed to be either /or. I opted for one that read ‘UMF 15+’ as all the ones that said ‘Active’ did not say ‘UMF’! So confused! Is this honey ok to use?

    Also – I have recently stopped taking the BCP after about 14 years because I have quite bad melasma. Is there anything you can recommend for pigmentation problems? i have been advsised to use a factor 50+ sunscreen every single day but that obviously wont get rid of the existing pigmentation. Any ideas?

    many thanks for your help xx

    • says

      Hi Charlotte… I know, sometimes it’s super hard to find manuka honeys that have all the right “specifications”… but the ones I recommend in the links at the bottom of the blog post here are ones that I researched and found were legit. So.. all I can say is that I know those ones are good, but can’t say about any other ones :/ Either way, still use the one you bought… just regular raw honey is awesome for washing your face too, so the one you bought will still have great benefit. Anyway… sorry, not really sure what to advise for melasma specifically, except I’ve heard all the diet and lifestyle changes recommended for acne will work for melasma too

  87. Snow says

    Hi Tracy, I hope you see this comment. :)

    I JUST found your website and I love everything about you. I was wondering if you still use Manuka Honey even till today? I saw your more recent video and it looks like you’re on the Caveman approach. Your skin is really pretty.

    Also, two days ago I washed my face with a glycolic acid cleanser. Big mistake. My cheeks used to be pore-free but now I see so many pores..almost like an orange peel texture. I can still feel my cheeks are irritated. I’m currently ice-packing my cheeks but may I ask what would you recommend: should I put manuka honey on my cheeks or just completely leave my skin alone and not even touch it, like the caveman regimen? I’m really scared and I hope my pores go back to normal size. Have you ever had a problem like this?

    I’d really love your advice, thanks and hope to hear from you. :)

    • says

      Hi Snow, nope I do the caveman now! See how it goes with the manuka on your cheeks and whether it seems to be irritating it or not… manuka honey is very healing and amazing for wounds and might be great if it’s kind of raw and irritated.. but if the problem was caused solely by irritating it with a peel, then maybe just leaving it completely alone would be a good choice. Good luck!

      • Snow says

        Thank you so much for your reply Tracy!! :) Man, I really wish I could do the caveman like you; you are so so brave…maybe I’ll try it one day. :)

        I did have one more question. When you started using the honey did you get an initial break out? After using manuka twice now the red spots on my forehead are almost gone. *can’t believe it, lol!* However, I can see lots of tiny little bumps that feel like hard sebum appearing. Is this normal and will it eventually go away do you think?

        Thanks again. :)

  88. Christina says

    I am using Manuka honey for my facial and hair wash!! Manuka honey is doing wonders on my skin. I didn’t even know it could be so great. It is the first and only ‘cleanser’ that removed a lot of my blackheads (within 2 weeks!). I no longer have oily T-zone and dry cheeks. My skin is at its best!!

  89. erik says

    Hello Tracy! Recently started using manuka honey as a cleanser/mask and jojoba oil as a moisterizer. Im washing my face 2 times a day, ones in the morning and one in the evening. What do you think i would cleans my face with if i exercise and sweat in the middle of the day? Would just water and then ad jojoba oil be fine? I saw your video about sweat and acne, and its really hard to not clean your face after a workout. Thanks!

  90. Dan says

    Hi Tracy ! I’m suffering from red spots that was caused by acne, do you think manuka honey is effective in clearing it ? Also, how long would it take to heal approximately ? Thanks ! =)

  91. Valerie says

    Hi tracy,
    I was wondering if manuka honey was effective on old acne scars? I have some acne scars from like 2 years ago that still come reds once in a while. Also, I am starting to have some tiny little pimple that I can barely notice from my milk thisle supplement to detox my liver, but I see them as a good sign of decongestion from my liver :-) but maybe manuka honey could help? I don’t want to change too much thing at the same thing though to keep track of what can cause acne flares.


  92. Valerie says

    Good day to all of you,

    I was wondering if some people who have used Manuka honey have seen improvements in eczema condition? I have eczema in my forehead around my hair line since a couple of years now. In the last 2 days though, my eczema has flared up, maybe because of the internal supplements I have started to take (milk thisle, zinc, Vitamin B complex). I did notice in the pass that whenever I start a new healthy habits (like when I did a sugar detox last year), my eczema flares up like crazy at first, then my skin becomes clear.

    My biggest fear with my eczema condition is to loose my hair… Anyway, since I wanna to try Manuka honey to clean my face, I wanna to see if some people have experience some improvements with other skin conditions with this. I have read that it is good to take it internally too for eczema condition.

    By the way, I have been using jojoba oil at night and hemps seed oil in the morning for more than a week now, and my skin looks fabulous. I got some tiny red bumps at first (not even sure if it is related to jojoba or hemp seeds oil), but my skin look so luminous and not greasy at all.

    Thanks Tracy for your tips. You helped me a lot to change the way I see acne and I am not trying to fight it anymore. I see it as a symptom of an internal imbalance that encourage me to do some healthy changes in my life style. The war against me is over, I come in peace with my skin and have a better relation with myself.

  93. Tori says

    Hi Tracy!
    I’m a little behind the curve with just finding your site but the amount of information you have is amazing! I’m just starting my journey with natural acne healing but I’m really hoping it will work as I am at my wits end trying to heal my skin.
    I’m considering buying Manuka honey from Wedderspoon but had a few questions…
    one type says Organic Raw, the other says Active raw. What is the difference? Active is better I am assuming but I’m curious.
    Also, it says on the site that their honey “is sourced and tested for its higher pollen count…”. I am allergic to pollen and experience typical allergy symptoms (itchy eyes, runny nose, etc.) when air pollen levels are high. Could this negatively affect my skin and make my acne worse? I’m willing to try it out but wanted your advice first. Thank you so much!!

    • says

      Hi Tori – Actually it was found out that Wedderspoon wasn’t actually as legit as they were claiming! Check out the manukas listed at the end of this article as I know that these are legitimate ones

  94. Merv says

    Hi Tracy,
    I purchased some Manuka Honey earlier today but after reading several of the comments im not sure if it’s any good. The brand is called Manuka health and 100% certified from New Zealand, however it only says Mgo 100+, do you think this is fine to use on my face?

  95. Mindy says

    Hi Tracey,
    I saw that you used the Wedderspoon honey….and it seemed to work for you. But you also mention you should look for a UMF or MGO rating…do you still recommend using Wedderspoon Active+16?


  96. Lily-Rose says

    I am very excited because I just bought my first jar of Manuka Honey! It tooks me 5 months to finally decid to purchase it. I chose the Manuka Health brand and I decided to start with a MGO 250+ and see if I am seeying improvements. If not I might try the MGO 400+ when I finish the other jar. I actually use pure oil as moisturizer but was still using a face cleanser prio to that. It was a natural cleanser, but decided to make the big jump. I want to see if it is going to be effective on my infected pimples and whiteheads since it is antibacterial.

    Thank you Tracy for your blog again. Whenever I feel to quit, I come here to read successful stories and believe that it is possible to have a clear skin without harsh medications (like accutane) and drying creams.


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