Gluten + Sugar Free Blueberry Apple Muffin Recipe

Ever want to know how to make gluten and sugar free muffins?

Before I give you the recipe, I’m going to tell you something that you may find either very cute or quite sickening and that is that my boyfriend and I constantly call each other “muffins”. Like, a lot.

Although, I’m not that ashamed – I presume most couples act in an embarrassingly silly way in private that they’d be horrified if ever witnessed by anyone else (I hope his friends read this… muffins! muahaha).

Anyway… after saying the word “muffins” to each other about a thousand times, we just plain well got a real hankering to have some muffins.

Now, your typical muffins are not a healthy treat at all. Generally full of refined white flour and refined white sugar, it’s not something I want to indulge in. And I knew if I went to the effort of making muffins, I would want to indulge in a fair few.

The challenge was this: Make gluten free muffins without having to go out to the store and buy ingredients (because it was raining and we didn’t want to). So we raided the kitchen and set forth a real experiment.

Even though I accepted that it was an experiment and may not turn out the beautiful fluffy delicacy that I wanted, deep down I knew I was going to be devastated if they didn’t work. I really, really wanted muffins. But luckily, they exceeded my expectations and turned out to be rather glorious. They really hit the muffin spot.

Alright, so this is what my thrown together recipe consisted of, although this is definitely not the only way to make gluten free muffins (it just corresponded with what was in the pantry and it worked well).


1/2 cup brown rice flour
1 1/2 cups almond flour
1/2 cup of butter (preferably quality grass fed butter if possible)
2 large ripe apples
3 to 4 tablespoons of honey (preferably raw)
1 tablespoon cinnamon
1/2 or more of frozen berries such as blueberries
2 teaspoons of baking powder or baking soda


Did you know that you can actually make your own flour by grinding up grains or nuts in a blender? It doesn’t even have to be a good blender – the one we have here hardly rips apart kale. Yet it seemed to do fine with grinding up the rice and almonds to make flour for me (I’m really sorry if you take my advice and this doesn’t work for you, but it should work with most crappy blenders).

  • Step 1: Put 3/4 of a cup of rice into your blender WITHOUT WATER. This is important – your blender will make flour but only with dry ingredients. If you put any water in it, it will all go very pear shaped. Blend it up to a powder and put it into a large bowl. 3/4 of a cup should make approximately 1/2 cup of flour.
  • Step 2: Blend up 1 3/4 cups of almonds to make 1 1/2 cups of flour. Put that in the big bowl with the rice flour.
  • Step 3: Cut up the two apples into small-ish chunks (so they blend well), and throw them in the blender.
  • Step 4: Melt the butter on the stove or microwave and put it in the blender with the apples. Crack the two eggs and throw them in there too, as well as the honey and cinnamon and baking powder/soda. Blend it all up. Should be fairly watery consistency.
  • Step 5: Mix this in with the flour in the big bowl, then mix your frozen berries in there too. Stir well.
  • Step 6: Let them sit a minute while you heat up the oven and prepare your muffin trays (maybe put a little butter in each if they’re not non-stick, or use those paper things they put on the bottom of cupcakes).
  • Step 7: Spoon out the batter into the muffin trays. Only fill it to be level with the top of the tray – don’t overfill them as the muffins will hopefully rise up (you need the baking powder/soda to ensure the muffins rise, so don’t skip out on that ingredient).
  • Step 8: Bake them for approximately 20-ish minutes at 400 degrees (farenheit) or until you stick a fork in the middle of them and it comes out relatively clean.
  • Step 9: EAT!! YUM.

PS: I’d like to say: Just because this recipe is healthier than glutenous sugary muffins, doesn’t mean it’s, like… as healthy as vegetables, and they may be hard for some people to digest (unsoaked rice, heated almonds, etc… on that note I’m probably going to try this with coconut flour next time which should be better).

Please enjoy these fabulous gluten free blueberries muffins occasionally and without guilt!

photo by heart

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  1. magda says

    wowww!! this sounds delicious!! do you think i can go without the eggs? i am allergic to them.oh my god i wish i could eat this. every time i find a nice recipe theres always one single ingredient i am allergic to and i am like… oh damn!!

    • Tracy says

      Yes, if you get ground flax (or grind up the flaxseeds yourself in the blender to make a flour) and then soak the flax in hot water until it gels up, the consistency can be used as an egg replacement! Hopefully it works as well :)

    • Caye says

      I can’t have eggs either. I bake all the time without them, and for this recipe I used a banana. Just mash it up in the batter. Works great! These muffins are good, but I probs would have added a little more honey. I know the idea is to keep the sweetness low, but I wanted just a touch more. They’re good though!

  2. says

    Tracy, thanks for the tips on how to make your own flour! I can use this for so many recipes! I haven’t been able to find gluten free anything in China, so I’ve been limited to mostly protein, produce and rice.. LOTS of rice! ..haha. Now, I can start baking again without worrying about needing to ship in ingredients from home. Thanks again! :)

    • Tracy says

      I know, it’s a good tip hey… my friend’s mom showed me that and I was like “what??? you can do that!?” … very awesome. If you have a cheap blender, it doesn’t blend it to like a fine, fine powder especially with the rice…. like some of it will be very fine, and some of it can still be a little chunky (like the size of a course salt crystal or something)… the larger chunkies still seemed to still cook though when I baked them!

  3. Kristen says

    Ooh, I didn’t even think about making my own flour. Thanks for enlightening me! I might use this recipe for baking donuts. :)

  4. Thais says

    It seems really yummy this muffin tracy! Im going to try doing this! But tracy what do you mean when you say “quality grass fed butter”?? it means organic butter??

    • Tracy says

      Grass fed means the butter came from a grass fed cow (it’s natural diet, making the butter very healthy). Organic doesn’t necessarily mean it ate it’s natural diet of grass, just that whatever it ate (probably grains) was organic. However, grass fed butter isn’t always that easy to find, so just use the best butter you can and if that’s organic, then go for it!

      Oh – sometimes they also call it “pastured” butter…. although this doesn’t mean full grass fed, it usually means it gets a little it of grains to eat but gets to go outside and graze on the grass too. Pastured butter is second best.

  5. Mom says

    Hi Trace,
    Hope it’s OK for your mom to make a comment here. This looks like a great recipe- I’m going to try it for your dad who needs gluten free snacks. Also my friend Lori has been posting that she is eating gluten free to help her arthritis so I’ll pass it on to her also. Keep coming with the recipes!

  6. Bri says

    Is there a substitution for diabetics? I totally made a batch and then my gramps wanted some, so could I use erythritol or what is a good alternative that wont taste aweful and will bake nicely.

    • Tracy says

      Hi Bri! hmmm I don’t know if there is an alternative that would work… I don’t have much experience with natural sugar replacements except for stevia…. but stevia can be kind of gross if too much of it is used. You could try making them without the honey and just using the apples to sweeten it? I imagine they’d still be pretty good

  7. Niki says

    Awesome recipe, Tracy!! I’m so excited to try these. I too have alot of food intolerances, so it’s very tricky to bake anything, but these will be perfect with the flax instead of eggs. Just had an idea for Bri. Would prunes work for sweetness?? Not sure how that affects diabetics. Just a thought. Keep the recipes coming, Tracy :) Peace <3

  8. Christina says

    Hi Tracy! Okay so I just got your book and I have a couple questions! I’m doing ok with the cravings but I’m hungry a lot of the time because of the no white bread/wheat bread or oatmeal. I’m wondering what my options are in terms of carbs because thought I do love sweet potatoes, I think I may get sick of them if that’s the only carb I’m getting! I want gluten free/wheat free bread since those seem to be a common allergen and hard to digest but I don’t know where to go from here. Please help me!!!!

    • Tracy says

      Hi Christina!
      If you want to, go ahead and eat gluten free bread and wheat free oats. Just make sure you are eating lots and lots of fruits and veg too, and not just replacing those calories with mounds of grains. And you also need to make sure you are eating more volume of food than you did before, since vegetables have fewer calories than other foods you probably used to eat a lot of…. that’s really important. I’m actually rewriting the book right now and making it a bit more simple – you’ll get the update within the next couple weeks. Although I still suggest no gluten :/ …. I know that bread is one of the toughest things though because it’s so convenient. I’m probably going to include some recipes for quick breads you can make yourself too

  9. RB says

    These are TOOO good! And Huge thanks for the flour tip! Will totally help out on the ol’ budget. I don’t have a blender but the coffee grinder worked…doesn’t work in a food processor tho – just seems to beat up the rice : )

  10. Jesse Junck says

    Woooaaaaa! I loved this article very much T-MAC. I had no idea I could make brown rice flour in my blender. I kept thinking about going out and buying a tiny bag of rice flour for $8.99!

    • Tracy says

      ahaha it was YOUR mom who taught me that – the grains in a blender thing. Although I believe she said that rice was too tough to do, but it managed to work okay for me! And the longer you blend it, the finer it gets…. just don’t overheat your blender in the process :)

  11. Christina says

    what kind of brown rice are you guys recommending? I am having a difficult time finding carbs to eat other than veggies and fruits. i can eat brown rice as long as i soak it in ACV for 7 hrs right? do i have to do this before i blend it as well? any brands guys guys recommend that are gluten/wheat free?

    • Tracy says

      Yeah rice is best to soak it before eating, so do it when you remember, but you’ll be fine if you don’t sometimes…. that’s why this is a good occasional treat!
      If you soak it, you can’t blend it because if you put any moisture in the blender with the grains, it won’t even come close to working.
      As for brands….. I don’t know… It doesn’t matter, they’re all gluten free. I like basmati long grain rice but that’s just personal preference.

  12. skyscape99 says

    for some reason i was so blazé about how much blending i needed to do and so my muffins are slightly crunchy.. everyone keeps lying and saying it’s fine, but it’s really weird. But anyway, i also had to cook my muffins for about 45+ minutes??? are they just supposed to be kind of gooey?? or.. i substituted apple sauce for honey, so maybe that. Anyway, just wondering what the texture is supposed to be?

  13. says

    This recipe sounds delicious,but I am on a sugar free,less calorie,more fiber eating regimen.You did not add the nutrition scale,calories,fiber,etc.I would really like to have that if you can send it to me please.Thanks

  14. Jordanne says

    haha Trace… I just ran across your blog 100% by accident looking for a good muffin recipe (did you know you’re #4 for a gluten-free, sugar-free muffin on google)? But I’m glad Toby & I aren’t the only ones who call each other absurd things in private!

    • Tracy says

      Hi Jordanne…. hahah it doesn’t surprise you two have some weird pet names for each other!

      Anyway, let me know how your gluten free muffins turned out. Are you guys returning to PRSK this summer? I’m not, but Luke is, so I’ll probably see ya around

  15. Dawn says

    I was looking for GF recipes to use up the apples I cored/sliced and froze last Fall. I was wondering if I could use them in this recipe..?
    Thanks a bunch!

  16. Nicole says

    These are great! Had to change some of the flour though due to allergy. Also, just added an extra apple instead of honey. My kids love them. Just a question, how long do they stay good, and do they need to be refrigerated?
    Thank you for the recipe!

  17. Des says

    Hi Tracy, I just wanted to say THANK YOU for changing my life. I decided to stop using BP and all my creams that I had been using for the past 15 years (cetaphil, Spector gel, salicilic acid, nutragena). I had such an emotional attachment to these evil products that burned my epidermis and stained my pillow cases. My bf couldn’t kiss my face because of all the chemicals I had been using. I was very sad and my acne was persistent and outright painful. I don’t do the caveman regimen the way you do it; I wash with water, but that’s it. This was a HUGE development for me. Astronomical. To wake up, wash lightly with water and then do nothing. I haven’t done that since I was 9. My skin is finally clear and bright and healed. I can never repay you for giving me my life back but I can at least write this note for you. I am free.

    • Tracy says

      Hi Des,
      WOW That’s amazing!! I’m so happy for you 😀
      And thank you for letting me know.. I certainly love notes like this. It makes my efforts here feel so worthwhile!

  18. Christen says

    I made these the other day but used bananas instead of apples and they were really yummy, kind of like little banana bread muffins w/ blueberry. I’m interested in trying them with coconut flour like you mentioned. How much would I use? And would I be replacing both the almond & the brown rice flower? Thanks (:

    PS I also made the Hungarian goulash & I love it! Thank you!

  19. Elissa says

    Hey Tracy!

    This recipe sounds really yummy! However, are there any substitutions you can recommend for the butter? I haven’t had butter in a looonng time (dairy does not agree with me in terms of my hormones/moods). Thanks!

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