3 Simple Yoga Moves to Clear Your Acne!

Want to know how yoga can help you to clear your acne and achieve great skin?

Well – a few points:

  • Can be great exercise, which is awesome for overall health and happiness
  • Releases stress and brings your cortisol levels down
  • Improves circulation so that your blood can bring your skin vital nutrients!

Yeah. Yoga’s sweet. I always feel great after I indulge in a session.

Anyway…. in this video, I’m going to share three yoga moves that are especially great for the skin. It’s actually a guest video that I originally did for High on Health quite some time ago… but I figured you guys would like it too!

You ever done any yoga?

You can totally be happy, healthy and acne free!

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  1. Beth says

    I originally saw this video on High on Health and didn’t attempt to do the yoga moves at that time because I didn’t want to go through the hassle of getting out a yoga mat and exerting myself. I watched the video again today and decided to just try out the moves on my living room carpet. These moves are much less complex and much more invigorating than I had thought. Doing these moves really does help my body de-stress. I’m definitely going to need to do these every day. Thanks for the tutorial! Can you do more yoga videos?

    • Tracy says

      Yep they really do make you feel good! Glad to hear you’ve tried them Beth… and yeah! I’ll do some more yoga videos in the future if people like them :)

  2. says

    Hey Tracy,

    I found you through High on Health, and I’m so glad I did because your blog is just pretty rad and you’re too cute =) I tried these yoga moves and yea you’re right, they’re a great way to relieve stress. I’m beginning to get into yoga, so your video was helpful. Thanks for the video!

  3. Emma says

    Having recently re-started yoga classes I can totaly attest to its power to clear skin: having got to a stage of almost, but not quite, clear skin through diet and exercise, after two weekly sessions of yoga my skin cleared up completely. And it’s stayed that way for six weeks.
    I totally agree with you about inverted poses being great. Another reason is that they stimulate all the hormone glands in your neck by flooding them with blood and, therefore, oxygen. If imbalanced hormones is the source of your skin problems then this can really help. I think that’s what’s happened with me because coincidentally I’ve had no PMS this month either.
    By the way, I only practice Iyengar yoga now. I find the emphasis on precision in the asanas makes it by far the most effective type of yoga I have tried. B.K.S Iyengar’s book Light on Yoga details the health benefits of all the asanas, including their affect on the hormones.
    Hope this helps: I think everyone should do yoga!

    • Tracy says

      Hey Emma! That’s really cool to hear what awesome results you’ve seen from yoga! And very cool that it may be a factor in relieving PMS too!

      … I’m gonna check out this Iyengar yoga and see what it’s all about! Thanks!

  4. says

    Is it really true that yoga can help with your skin? I find myself being a bit skeptical about that…is there any scientific proof, or is it just personal experience?

    • Tracy says

      Well there probably wouldn’t be any proof that pertains specifically to acne. However.. it is excellent for overall health, and blood circulation to your face and hormonal glands is very important healthy skin – so I say yes, it can definitely help.

  5. Becki says

    Hi Tracy!

    My fiancé just came across your page and was telling me about it, and I was interested because he was saying it was about having clear skin without using medicines. My story is that I do not suffer from acne, but I do have atopic dermatitis, and I do know how it feels to become severely depressed because of face breakouts. I’ve had this disease my whole life, and it seems that doctors only want to fill you up with drugs to cure the cause at the time being, but it never cures it forever. But I’m looking for a change, and I’m really happy I came across your blog, because I am sure changing my lifestyle will help greatly, and I sure don’t want to take medicine my whole life!

    But point being, I can’t wait to try these yoga moves because it makes total sense with the heart having to pump harder to reach the face/head area. And anything that I can do to help, I will sure try it out!

    Thanks for starting this blog and I can’t wait to start reading into this more! :)

    • Tracy says

      Hi Becki!
      Oh yes, your fiancee just commented on another post, I just read it… yes, all the advice I give for acne transfers over to other skin issues, so I hope you find lots of value here. Good luck on your journey Becki, I’m sending you lots of light and love for your healing.

  6. Jordyn says

    Hi Tracy..i was wondering if Bikram yoga would be good for acne? I’m just concern about the crazy heat that might irritate my face..It looks really interesting.

    • Tracy says

      hi Jordyn,
      Bikram yoga would have a great effect on your health which in turn would help lead to less acne down the road. However, in the short term, if you are the type of person who has acne that is worsened by heat and humidity (like maybe you break out more in the summer?), it could potentially irritate it, so it might be a trade off.

  7. Yeng says

    Hi, Tracy.

    I would definitely try these yoga moves. Just want to check though if its ok to do this in the morning before bathing and while I still have my night cream and moisturizer on my face since bathing is the only time i would wash my face. I’m concerned that the sweat will mix with the creams and might irritate my skin more. Hesitant to wash my face then do the yoga and then bathe and have another round of washing my face again to remove the sweat caused by doing the yoga exercise. I know i have so much concerns but I also believe you will understand where I’m coming from. A little guidance on this pls. Thanks so much. You’re truly an angel for me… for us!!!!

    • Tracy says

      Well, it’s kind of a tricky question. No one thing is ever going to work for everyone. But like… you see… if your acne happens to be very stress related, or related to your lymphatic system or detoxification pathways, then maybe yoga will hit the spot for what you need and clear your acne. But even then, yoga still probably won’t work completely on its own and needs to be paired with a healthy diet, etc. .. I believe yoga can have a big part in clearing acne, but clearing acne naturally is a holistic thing and usually not chocked up to one factor

  8. Sarah says

    Hi I have severe acne and my dermatologist recommended accutane, I’m only 14 and I’m pretty freaked out, I’m not sure what to do now, will natural remedies like yoga really help for my kind of cystic acne? Please help!

    • Tracy says

      I think a regular yoga practice will definitely contribute to you clearing your skin. Whether it’s going to single handedly fix it, I can’t say!

  9. Michelle says

    Yoga is the only thing that has cleared my acne. I go to yoga everyday for an hour. If I stop it comes back. I have always had a near perfect diet and excersized my whole life. could never understand where it was coming from, but it was ALL Sress related and yoga has cured my Acne!! Thank You Tracy

  10. says

    Hi Tracy :)! How are you?? Hope you’re doing good.. Well, I’m pretty confused here! I am 17 ..and I have acne since I’m 14 -,- .. I am too worried about my skin ! It makes me stressed up every time I see my face with this weird red spots and acne scars on it! Urghh!I’m just sick of it by applying different kind of creams every 2 months and applying the natural remedy too :( So,.. I just wanna ask when is the right time to do yoga ?? How long does it take to cure my acne if I practise doing yoga everyday and must I do any other yoga activities to cure my acne?? :).. I really hope you have some good answers for it ! :).. Please do help me Tracy! Thanks a lot <3

    • says

      Hi Claire,
      I’m not Tracy, but she asked me to reply to a few of the comments on her blog while she is in India. I’m pretty sure that you can do yoga at any time you want. The only important thing is that it should feel good and relax your body. It isn’t the magic bullit that will help you cure your acne all by itself. You’ll have to implement other lifestyle changes: good sleep, a healthy whole foods diet based on lots of veggies, regular sweaty exercise, fresh air and sunshine, stress management,… It’s not easy and it will be a long way, but all (or most of) these things – together – really can help to cure acne.

  11. subah sharmin says

    I’m 17 and my skin is full of dark spots and pimples specially in cheeks.How can I prevent them and get that beautiful,smooth skin like before. Pllllllzzzzz help me …..My confidence level is going down day by day just because of my skin problems.I really need some good suggestion that will help me.

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