Two Powerful Books That Have Changed My Life

I’ve read two really powerful books lately that I would highly recommend you read.


Well, for one, I feel the message within them is fundamental knowledge for personal growth and enlightenment. And two, reading them and taking their message with me in my mind has really helped me to stop stressing myself out so much and be happier over the last while.

So I figured this was definitely something worth sharing! Watch the video to find out what the books were and what they’re about.

Have you read or heard of these books? They’re awesome.

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    • Tracy says

      Yes, I bought it a while ago… it’s very helpful and informative, very good for helping you pinpoint the cause behind your acne. It helped clarify a few things for me too. Did you buy it or are you just wondering before you buy it?

      • Stacey says

        Yeah, I just bought it. Honestly, it didn’t tell me much that I am not already doing. The only thing however that I thought was interesting that there are underlying causes and triggers. I thought I knew what they were but she broke them up a little differently. It was interesting to me becuase all natropath and acupuncturist tells me that my acne is hormonal and Mahoney says that if you have a hormonal balance it is caused by digestion, liver issues, or insulin resistance, etc….but she didn’t suggest anyting that I haven’t heard of and or doing myself.

        • Tracy says

          Yes, it’s true, I didn’t learn that much myself either – but her checklist and diagnoses stuff was interesting and helpful I thought, just to really narrow it down so that you know which supplements may help you the most – something that I find hard to recommend for people without knowing everything about them, since everyone is different.

          I already knew that hormones are really a secondary cause and never the true cause, but I think she explained it well when she said that nutrient deficiencies and digestive problems really are the very root cause of acne…. and then once that is in place, there are all these triggers – stress, hormones, blood sugar, etc that sets the acne off. That makes sense to me. For example, stress might be a major trigger for you, but if you didn’t have the digestive issues and your body had all the right nutrients, the body would be able to deal with the stress no problem and it wouldn’t break you out.

          On the other hand, it works the other way because chronic stress can mess with your digestion…. in the end, the holistic approach still wins!

    • Tracy says

      I wasn’t drinking kefir here, but I just got some new kefir grains and yesterday was my first new batch! I’m excited to be drinking it again.

      • Tamar says

        I’m ordering kefir grains tomorrow! I’m so excited! This’ll be my first time even tasting it.
        I was just wondering because your skin looks fantastic.

        • Tracy says

          Thank you!

          While I haven’t had the kefir, my skin has been a lot better because I’ve been concentrating hard on eating only really nutrient dense foods – the grass fed beef, a shot glass of raw liver or heart every day, not really any grains, nettle infusions, sauerkraut, cod liver oil, bone broth, and now I’m adding sea vegetables, and the kefir, and I’ve got some kombucha brewing!

          I feel way better than I did around christmas and before when I wasn’t being so good with my diet – I have way more energy now. I was also having intense sugar cravings…. if I went to the store and saw chocolate I’d feel so mental…. yet I don’t crave sugar at all anymore. And my skin is looking good too… yay.

          Anyway, the taste of kefir takes a little getting used to, so don’t be turned off if you don’t like it right away. It’s kind of like plain yogurt but a little different….. it’s sorta weird. And apparently for the first few times you make it, it tastes extra disgusting hahah. And it might not ferment well. So keep with it – and also, don’t keep switching types of milk on it… that also makes it taste bad. Just stick with one type and keep going and it’ll get better.

          The best way to have kefir is definitely to put it in a green smoothie or something – I’m not a big fan of just drinking it plain, but i might get used to it haha.

          Oh, you can also use kefir as a face mask! It has natural lactic acid which sluffs off dead skin cells and makes your pores small and smooths your skin. The good bacteria in it helps too. Mix it with a bit of honey and put it on there for a half hour.

          • Tamar says

            I’ve never heard of sea veggies or nettle whatnots. I’ll have to look into that.

            Diet makes such a difference in energy levels and attitude. I was also in a slump around the holidays, but I tried a short Candida cleanse after and I feel great–my skin looks awesome too. And, it’s kinda crazy how sugar cravings seem to go down when you eat healthier. But, yeah, your skin looks beautiful. Keep it up. (Don’t know how you can stomach those organ shots. But I’d be willing to try them.)

            As for the kefir, some very helpful information. Thank you! I planned on making both kefir with regular milk and almond, but guess I’ll wait until I have more and make it with separate grains. Unfortunately, I can’t really afford the better types of milk right now :(

            Also, didn’t know that you could use kefir as a face mask. Thanks for the info!!

    • Tracy says

      The Power of Now, by Eckhart Tolle, and How to Get From Where You Are to Where You Want to Be by Cheri Huber.

      Everyone be careful, the United States is about to pass a bill (SOPA and PIPA) that is going to limit our free speech and censor the internet exactly like they do in China. My website will be at risk too because part of the bill is to stop websites that may “endanger public health”, in other words, truth seeking natural health websites that oppose the FDA and pharmaceuticals. Educate yourselves and sign the protest –>

      • crissy says

        they could block your website?! that is mind-blowing and terrifying. thank you so much for posting that, i just signed the petition.

          • Tracy says

            Mind you, they’re going to do this in a tricky way. It’s not going to be obvious. They will hurry the bill through on the grounds of them saying to the public ‘Don’t waaaarry about it, guys. Yes the law says we can shut down all these sites, but we aren’t going to! Only sites that are obvious piracy hubs like The Pirate Bay etc. It won’t hurt the little guy!”.

            It’s not all going to happen at once. We’re not going to wake up the day after they pass the law and half the internet will be blacked out. They’ll pass it, nothing will happen for probably many years… people will forget all about it.

            Then something will happen (maybe an emergency, a crisis) and the government will begin censoring everything ‘for our own good’. We’ll get upset for them taking away our free speech and they’ll say ‘hey… it’s right here in this law. Nothing you can do’.

            Laws like this are the beginning of fascist states – It’s happening all around us – they just passed a law over New Years that widened the scope on who they can detain without trial on suspicion of being a terrorist. It means they can basically detain anyone for any reason. Will they be throwing half the country in jail tomorrow? No. But when push comes to shove, they know that if they pass that now, the technical wording of the law will benefit them when they want it and there is nothing we can do about it.

  1. says

    Tracy, I love you! Your so beautiful and what you do is amazing and we are all so grateful, so sure of it! I appreciate your advice and your work, yay!

    Love and light-
    Alyssa Danielle

  2. Nathan says

    Very interesting post!

    I’m almost half way through another book you recommended: the Procrastination equation which is, as you know, about self belief, development etc. I’ve also just finished ‘Green for Life’, and I’m totally hooked on green smoothies now! It doesn’t feel right not to eat one every day! My favourite is ‘minty thrill’ – spinach, pear and mint.

    Another book I’ve just finished is Steve Jobs Biography by Walter Issacson. Steve, as you probably know, was the co-founder of Apple and has recently passed away, also believed in the buddhism spiritual life, especially in his year before his death. (he also visited india 4 decades before to learn ZEN and after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, he spent 9 months with natropath and ‘herbal’ remedies for the disease, rather than going straight onto drugs… He also didn’t want the operation because he believed that the body is a spiritual whole and it shouldn’t be opened, much like Apple products he mentioned.) Although the book is ‘computers’ more than ‘skin and health’, there are some really good motivators and emotional connections that have helped me get on with my studies and just move on from negative thoughts and emotions…. It’s really changed by perspective on things, so if you come across it, pick it up! (it’s around 600 pages though)

    I’m going to order these books now.

    Thank you so much. xx

    • Tracy says

      Hi Nathan!
      The book about Steve Job sounds interesting (I do love my macbook lol)! I may have to read it, I didn’t know he was such a zen kind of guy. I’m disappointed to hear his natural approach to treating his cancer obviously didn’t work out too well! :/

      • Nathan says

        I know right! Apple are awesome, and not just for the way things look, but how the company as a whole cares about the users, the environment and well everything! The book really is an insight to the world-changer of our time, and for sure, Steve Jobs is a visionary who will be studied for the next century.

        People hate on Apple for all the wrong reasons, mainly because of their ignorance (no offence to those people, but to one should dig deep before they make harsh judgements!) , but it’s really amazing how the company works and where they gather their inspiration. (The first iMac was from a sunflower, where the display is the sunflower head, and the swivel arm is the stalk… as the sun moves around, the flower moves with it (like in any plant), and so the first iMac had a swivel monitor to accommodate any view)… I’m sure it was more elaborate than that, but that’s the fundamentals.

        Just a few points I remember on the book: He was a ‘frutatian’, and he believed deeply that we should not consume dairy and general ‘bad’ food, in fact, he would often lecture people right in front of him that the food they are eating is very unhealthy. He said it in a huge public conference that the dairy industry have been trying to convince us that dairy is good for over 20 years. Of which point, the new slogan read: “Got milk”? haha

        He visited India in search of spiritual enlightenment and to understand how the ‘crazy’ western world works… his findings are quite often reflected in apple products and strategies, such as no ‘on’ or ‘off’ switches because he believed that when we die, there isn’t a instant ‘off’… this is from Buddhist teachings.

        Going back to his illness, he, or rather the author gathered from the many discussions they had, that the cancer was caused by gall stones (I think), which were caused by stress…

        SOOOO much of what he talks about is true to what I believe in, and I guess what you yourself believe in, which is really cool!

      • Amanda says

        It’s not terribly relevant, but I’d like to mention that pancreatic cancer is universally fatal with a VERY short prognosis (“you have two months to live”) and Jobs totally outlasted every sourced life expectancy. He survived for years! and undoubtedly with a FAR better quality of life than chemo patients. OK that’s all :)

        • Tracy says

          ! Alright! Thanks for that info Amanda… that is good to know. Based on my philosophies and theories, I would assume natural therapies are more effective and obviously much safer options and I imagine that if I ever ended up with cancer I would want to go the natural route. But I haven’t researched it thoroughly enough, and I always wonder what the success rate is compared to chemo.

  3. magda says

    oh my god! this is so frightening..i think this is going to happen in the rest of the world at some point..we definitely have to do something about it. anyway, great video as always!! is it true that i can make kefir with almond milk? i just hate normal milk..

    • Tracy says

      Yes, you can, as far as I know…. I’ve never tried or read enough about making it with these other milks to know the ins and outs. I’m also not sure if you are supposed to use actual milk kefir grains for almond milk, or the water kefir grains (since it’s not like.. real dairy). It might be better too for anyone with any dairy issues.

  4. AcneDestroyedMyLife says

    I’ve read The Power of Now and New Earth by Eckhart Tolle, they are awesome but I prefer even more to watch his videos. But interesting thing is that I decided to read those books because one guy on said that he cleared up his acne completely after reading it and living it. He said he just accepted that he can not accept himself with acne. He accepted that he is not good enough. I believe It’s true, he just got rid of resistance and stress. Resistance = suffering = stress = acne?
    Another great book is The Power is Within You by Louise L. Hay.
    Those books have changed my view of life.

    • Tracy says

      Hey that’s interesting to hear an account of a guy actually directly clearing up his acne with the principles in the Power of Now! That’s really great to hear. And yes, I definitely agree it’s the resistance = suffering = stress = acne connection that would be broken in this case.

      Also, I believe someone else on my blog mentioned The Power WIthin You a long time ago, so now that it’s popped up again, I should make a point to read it!

  5. jillian says

    hey tracy, love the site! was just wondering…after making all these lifestyle changes, about how long did it take for your acne to go away? like from the time you took that picture to when you had no more active spots? i guess it might have took awhile for scars to fade, but how long did the process last for?

    • joey says

      This sounds terrible…but with how flawless looking your skin appears in the video its so hard to believe that those pictures are real. but obviously i believe that your story is true and it gives me hope!

      • Tracy says

        Hi Joey – I know, I find it hard to believe sometimes too… because it’s kind of like looking into a really bad nightmare. But if you look at the bottom of the page where you can buy my book, there is sort of an ‘interim’ picture with me halfway toward getting rid of the acne, so maybe that helps to show the gray area and not just the night and day of then and now (which I agree is a bit of a startling hard-to-believe contrast).

        Either way – obviously I know that doesn’t really matter since everyone knows photoshop exists, but I also think people are quite adept at seeing who presents honesty and who doesn’t. I do believe if you aren’t honest, people just know, and your business and influence just aren’t going to last very long :)

        I also like to believe that people can just see the common sense in what I say about the body being able to heal itself and be healthy given the right tools (nutrients, excercise) and that diseases don’t come out of no where like magic.

        Anyway!! I’m glad my story gives you hope! That’s why I started this site so that really pleases me. Lots of love xoxo

      • f. says

        :) This is funny. I also thought that maybe this Tracy girl was a fake for there are so many blogs around with so many people who just want you to buy their e-book. However, Tracy’s was the first one I saw that was not only affordable but actually worth buying it. ust reading it has made me felt so much better. Greetings from Germany.

    • Tracy says

      Hi Jillian! Hmm… it took meee… about 3 and a half months to go from all that to no active spots. However, I think I could have done it quicker if I knew what I knew now… like, for example, I wish that I had leaned more toward a paleo style diet instead of a vegan diet, and I really wish I had kicked off everything with an allergy test and a candida cleanse straight away. But I guess that’s hindsight!

      After that… the scars took…. I don’t know. They just faded slowly so it was hard to remember…. but my face looked normal enough a month or two after the spots were gone and the scars were completely gone after 6 months.. approximately…. I think!

  6. Bailey says

    Hi Tracy! I don’t know what your beliefs are about Jesus anything but I am a Christian who believes in having a personal relationship with Jesus and I just wanted to share with you some stuff that helps me when I am stressed out or struggling! 1 Peter 5:7 says “Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.” And Philippians 4:6-7 says, “Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. 7 And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” So basically I believe that Jesus loves everyone he created so much and so unconditionally and he wants a relationship with us and to give our struggles to him and he will give us this amazing peace! It really is incredible! So not trying to push anything on your anything I just wanted to share with you my beliefs and what really helps me in my struggles! And I love “The Ultimate Secret To Acne Freedom” by the way! I have been changing my diet and it really seems to be helping!

    • Tracy says

      Hi Bailey!
      While I don’t follow a set religion, nor am I Christian, I’m down with Jesus! I think everyone on earth kind of believes in the same thing – the hidden force inside us around us and in everything – spirit, universe, God, whatever you want to call it. Everyone just seems to find their own ways to find a relationship with that force to bring them peace, and some follow Jesus’s teachings in order to be closer and find that power, and that is totally cool with me…. he had some awesome teachings as you just shared! Eckhart Tolle cites some teachings of Jesus in The Power of Now also. Anyway… I’m stoked you like my book and it’s helping! Yay! 😀

  7. Raffia says

    Hi Tracy,

    I wanted to ask you what probiotics did you take during the candida cleanse? Do you take them daily now as well. I have tried a few but have not
    seen any improvement in my skin yet. I cut back on probiotic foods just during the holidays to take a break. Also, how is best way to get answers to these types of questions…is this
    the best way?

    Thank you for all you do and you are inspiring to me!!

    • Tracy says

      Hi Raffia,
      This is a fine place to ask me questions if you want.
      The brand I used was HMF forte. Although I’ve noticed that they don’t really work great just by themselves… it’s not really enough ….like I’ve had to actually do the candida cleanse and cut out the sugar and whatever else in order to actually have them get the upper hand over the bad bacteria and make any difference.

      Hey have you ever heard of the GAPS diet? I’ve heard of a few people not really having great success with Body Ecology, although I don’t know why… it could be the grains? If I was going to do a really serious, serious gut healing diet, it would be the GAPS.

  8. f. says

    I’d always quote your blog when it came to things I read that changed my life and views on things. You made me and my skin feel so much better – I keep washing it with Manuka Honey, Jojoba Oil and Seasalt and it is so nce and soft. It has never been this shine-free, not even when I was on Accutane. Thank you, Tracy.

  9. Raffia says

    Hi Tracy,

    Yes, I have been doing BED since May and have been dealing with my skin worsening and worsening. I am discouraged and I have has some cheat days but very little sugar. The yeast issues are back again (vaginal) and skin is worse so I think I need to take strong probiotics…money has been an issue since I was laid off so that makes my stress levels worse.
    I wanted to ask you the basics of your candida cleanse and is it the same as basic BED (no sugar/dairy/gluten/breads/fruits)?? I cannot afford to join your candida cleanse but if I had the $$$ I would love the support of others.

    Thank you…

  10. Raffia says

    I am reading The Emotion Code but wanted to ask you how you healed your trapped emotions. We all have them and I am very self-conscious about my skin. It is hard to accept it but I am
    reading “You can heal your life” by Louise Hay yet still feel trapped by this horrible acne and low self-esteem to boot. I want to see results and have been depressed lately.

    • Tracy says

      Hi Raffia, well, it’s hard to say…. I don’t think I’ve cleared all my emotions or anything…. it’s a process. I still have dysfunctional feelings about my skin, but I don’t experience them all the time so it’s easy to think they are gone – only if my skin breaks out a bit and then they bubble up.

      From what I have read, I think it’s more about accepting your emotions, negative or positive. Just accepting everything as it is… accepting that you can’t accept your skin, even. That’s what I keep being pointed to from researching this…. it’s like a paradox. You accept everything and stop trying to fight the bad feelings…. just notice them, let them be. Watch them like an outsider. And somehow that is how they begin to disappear. (I’ve read about this on anxiety forums too… it seems to be the way that people heal their anxiety… they just stop fighting it, as hard as that is).

      Anyway, I haven’t read you can heal your life yet, so I don’t know what she teaches, but I think it might be along the lines of the books I suggested in this video (The Power of Now etc)… and honestly, I don’t have much better advice than that!

  11. f. says

    Dear Tracy, this question does not have anything to do with the books, so, sorry about that. I was just wondering, you wanted to start that candida cleanse soon, didn’t you? For I would like to take part, I hope I have not missed anything yet. Love!

    • Tracy says

      Nope, you haven’t missed anything… unfortunately I’ve had to push it back because I’m still getting the program together and I have too much personal stuff going on in February….. so I’ve set the dates as February 27th to March 5th….. you’ll get an email with instructions on how to sign up and join once I get that all together

  12. Jack says

    I can add:

    Skin Deep by Dr. Ted Grossbart, free ebook here:
    It’s about how emotions can trigger skin diseases but the author don’t talk a lot about biochemistry but psychology – he says e.g. that if you are shy and U are affraid of datings you can subconscioussly trigger your acne to have execuse

    Change Your Brain, Change Your Body: Use Your Brain to Get and Keep the Body You Have Always Wanted by Daniel G. Amen – great book, talks about diet, supplements, sports, hormones etc. It is nice, motivating and expain in very simple way how parts of a body are connected.

    Anticancer by David Servan-Schreiber and probably other books written by him. The book is how to avoid cancer – but it could be named how to avoid acne as well (healthy lifestile, emotions, anti-inflammatory diet etc.).

    Flow by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi is quite interesting to, it’s not about skin but I find it really interesting and useful for psychological reasons

    Those books are really great.

    • Tracy says

      Thanks for the suggestions Jack!

      I can second Skin Deep… highly recommended reading right there. I’ve also read Change your brain, change your body by Daniel Amen. I’ll have to check out the other ones!

  13. sadgirl says

    so..basically my question, or what i have to ask, or say, is…

    i dont really know how to hold a job. my social conditioning and whatnot and family, everyone tells me that i need school and a job. i only want to do waht makes me happy. sometimes i lack the motivation and i have no one in my life that really leads me in the right direction or shows me how to get stuff done.

    how did you start blogging? do you make good money doing it? did you go to school? the main thing thats stopping me is money, and how i cant really conform to societal norms and put up with peoples nonsense at jobs that i hate, to me i feel like im stifling my soul and putting a minimum wage pricetag on it. wasting so much time that i could be spending doing things a million percent more constructive. ive always felt and been so different from anyone ive known. i feel like a lost black sheep…

    i’d be interested, but i guess this is where i start, to ask someone on the path that i myself would like to be someday..being successful in what i truly love and feel good doing.

    youre so lucky and this website is perfect and genius and amazing and awesome, and never let anyone tell you any bad criticism because im sure this website has made so many people happy; just take a look at your followers and fans <3

    what youre doing is amazing because its changing peoples lives for the better and its wonderful.

    thank you so much and i hope that you will be able to help point me in the right direction, youre a huge inspiration and role model to me. thank you again <3

    peace and love always

    • Tracy says

      Hi there,

      I understand how you feel… it’s definitely not easy being pushed into doing things that you don’t want to… but everyone has this same problem. Unfortunately we all need to make money to live in this society that we’ve all made up, and you need to make that happen somehow or another. Most people end up being miserable because of this, exactly as you are now.

      However, you create your own reality. Yes we need to make money, but you have the option to make money at doing something you love. If you can dream it and you want it bad enough, you can make it happen – this is something I never really realized, but I fully believe now.

      Do you actually have something in mind that you would be interested in doing? Do you have things that you love? Do you have an idea for making what you love into something that could make you money?

      Personally I don’t think you need to go to university. I haven’t been to university. Most people who go to uni just go because they are pushed into it and feel like it’s what ‘they’re supposed to do’, but then they get out and still don’t know what the heck they’re doing or what their purpose is or what’s going on, and they aren’t really all that better off and have a mound of debt.

      There’s plenty of short term training courses (even online) for useful skills that you could learn… I can’t really name any in particular because I don’t know what your interests or talents are. But then you need to find the confidence to turn that into something successful. Having an idea means nothing, action means everything.

      For me, I floundered around in a bunch of crappy jobs not knowing what my purpose was until I got sick of it. I didn’t want to go to uni unless I knew for certain that doing so would get me to a goal I really wanted, and I’m really glad I didn’t go. I am lucky, I guess, that I decided to do this website. What it took was a problem that I had (acne) that lots of other people have, and showing them how to solve it. That’s a great business right there. Solve problems for people who need their problems solved – that is a sure fire success. And in my case, I saw people doing the same thing I’m doing now… I read their blogs, I watched their videos, and I thought…. I could do that. I could make my dreams come true. So I learned what I needed to (I bought a ‘how to become a successful blogger’ course online), and set to work, working basically all day every day.

      But anyway… of course anything worthwhile is not easy. This website has not been easy… diligence and discipline is key. I work all the time, and it’s been over a year and I’m only now starting to make a modest living. But it’s also really fun because I love it, so it’s been so worth it.

      Anyway… don’t get pushed into doing anything you don’t want to. You don’t have to follow the crowd…. honestly…. the crowd is usually wrong!

      Lots of love xox

  14. says

    Hi Tracey

    I stumbled upon your blog and began by taking a quick look and have ended up reading quite a lot.

    You are very informative and obviously clued up. I enjoyed your post of milk and acne and you present some interesting points on what dairy is best to drink.

    I also loved your video review on the Power of Now. I read this book about 6 years ago and was hooked. Tolle has such a way and I have found him frustrating at times, due to the simplistic approach to life that he presents. I just want to grasp! LOL! Anyways, I also loved his follow on book called A New Earth. Another great read with a little more insight into the ego.

    My favorite author of all is Jack Kornfield. An American that bridges the gap between Buddhism and Western Society. If you have not checked him out I beg you to buy the book A Path With Heart. It’s a cracker.

    I have a site and if you have any ideas I would love to hear them.

    I love your blog and found your video quite endearing.

    Keep up the great work.

    Marcus Rockey

    • Tracy says

      Thanks Marcus! I’ll have to check out Jack Kornfield… thanks for the suggestion! And I had a look at your website, good on ya for spreading the truth :)

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