15 Quick, Easy, Acne-Free Snack Ideas

Healthy snacks happen to be an area that stumps a lot of people.

You know how it goes – you’re ravenously hungry after a long day’s work and just want to eat something, anything, and you’re ravishing your cupboards going “AGGGH I NEED FOOD RIGHT NOW”…

…and then you see the box of animal crackers or bag of chips or your roommate’s bucket of ice cream and all of a sudden, the whole thing is gone, and self hate begins to set in.

Well for one – if you can, try to get rid of as much of the bad stuff from your house as you can. If it isn’t there, you can’t eat it, no matter how bad you want it.

Secondly – make sure to stock yourself with healthy snacks to get you by!

Here are some quick and easy snack ideas to have on hand:


1. Guacamole (mashed avocado with 2 tablespoons of salsa mixed in) and carrot sticks or other raw veg

2. Piece of fruit

3. Nut butter on an apple with a little cinnamon on top

4. Boiled eggs (cook a bunch and leave them in your fridge for snacking on)

5. Butternut Squash Popsicles

6. Handful of soaked nuts or trail mix

7. Zucchini Hummus (or real hummus) with raw veg

8. A few spoonfuls of fermented vegetables

9. Wild Salmon or Tuna from a can

10. Kale chips

11. Sweet Potato Fries

12. Olives

13. Paleo fruit and nut bars

14. A bite of leftovers

15. A couple mouthfuls of shredded coconut or coconut  oil


What do you eat for snacks? Share!

photo by lynn.gardner

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  1. f. says

    Ah, I love you Tracy!

    My summer snack is:
    1 ripe Avocado
    1 ripe Mango
    (maybe 1/2 a Banana)
    a little bit of lemon juice, just a squeeze out of the fruit
    >> put everything into a blender until you have a smooth kind of cream
    put it into the freezer for a while, decorate it with sesame seeds and / or coconut flakes – and enjoy it. It is delicious!

    You can also add carob powder in order to get a fruity chocolate stlye thingy…

    • Tracy says

      Mmm yum! So do you just put it in until it’s kinda like ice cream and eat it like that? or do you make it into more of a popsicle?

      • f. says

        I do not really freeze it, sometimes I don’t even put it into the fridge (yeah, I meant to say fridge, not freezer… damn English ;) but eat it just like that because I cannot wait. However, once I added nut butter and cinnamon and cocoa and did put it into the freezer for a while and then it became something like icecream and was sooo delicious. Another great thing is mixing coconut oil (heaten up = liquid) with cocoa until you have something like a chocolate sauce. Then just put it on top of a banana (or berries or whatever you want), sprincle (does that word exist?) some coconut flakes on top of it, put the whole thing in the fridge untul the oil is stiff again – and you have a beautiful banana/berry split thingy.

  2. Nathan says

    THIS is exactly where I run into problems: snacking…

    Recently I’ve been eating handfuls of Cereals’, you know, sugar covered gluten, because I don’t have any healthy snacks.

    I really need to stock up on Pecans and walnuts again! After soaking and drying, how long do you think they are ‘OK’ for, if stored in an airtight mason jar? (I always soak for 12 hours and dry in the oven at 50 degrees celsius for 12 hours)

    Also, are nuts ok on the Candida cleanse? That’s something I really need to prepare for and can’t wait to do… I’m convinced that my mild and frequent breakouts is candida. Also, are the Paleo bars a bad idea on the cleanse as they contain natural sugars?

    Thanks Tracy! Your help is so motivational and honestly, I don’t know how I’d eat without your tips! (I now crave green smoothed :) )

    • Tracy says

      Hi Nathan,

      I leave my soaked and dehydrated nuts in the fridge.. for well…. a long time hahah, until I get through them all. It’s usually at least 3 weeks before I get through a bag of pumpkin seeds or something.

      yes, soaked nuts and seeds are okay on the candida cleanse if you don’t notice them giving you any digestive issues. Some people don’t do well with nuts. Oh but, peanuts, pistacchios, and cashews aren’t allowed at all because apparently they are too mouldy.

      Out of this list for the candida cleanse – I would say thatttt…. yes, paleo bars are out, fruit is out, the butternut squash popsicles and the sweet potato fries are out, … aand the rest is good.

  3. Sarah says

    Yeah I have a HUGE problem when it comes to snacking! This post is so great and your more than welcome to do another one too :) That way I’ll have a ton of healthy snacks to eat!!!!!

  4. Katie says

    Hiya Tracy,

    How long did it take for your acne to semi clear up, to see a difference? My face is really bad at the minute and i am hoping it will start to clear up with this diet :)

    • Tracy says

      Hmm it probably took me 3 or 4 full months to be completely clear, but I started seeing some improvement after a few weeks.

  5. Tamar says

    Awesome ideas! Thanks. :)

    I’ve never tried this but it makes sense: Kefir fudge-ish bars. I’m going to make a batch of kefir and blend with some fruits and cacao then freeze with some sticks inside. Logically, they should come out with a fudge bar consistency. And, be very yummy.

    Just an idea. I’m not very good with snacks either–more of a dry cereal snacker too.

  6. says

    Grass-fed beef jerky! I’ve only had this a few times but if I had a reliable source and it was inexpensive then I’d eat this almost daily. Hard boiled eggs are simple. I also enjoy just a piece of fruit. Bananas seem to be one of the most filling fruits for me.

    • Tracy says

      mmm beef jerky…. I didn’t suggest this because I didn’t know where to get it (grass fed). I’m gonna make my own when I go home…. maybe I’ll even give making pemmican a try!

    • Tracy says

      Lol! Yeah… that’s probably fine. Just have a small portion, not a heaping mound and I’m sure you’ll be fine :)

  7. Nicole says

    Thank you for these i’ll be trying them =) It’s so difficult to snack healthily in my house because I still live with my family and they aren’t the healthiest people in the world. If i’ve run out of ‘nanas and dark chocolate i’m left with doughnut mountain haha.

    • Tracy says

      Yes, unfortunately cooperating with unhealthy people can be a challenge sometimes… I know I find it challenging! But if we are prepared it makes it so much easier :)

    • Tracy says

      Yep, that should be alright as long as it’s organic (corn is alll GMO these days). Also, grass fed butter is really good for you, so if you put that on it, it would probably be the most nutritious part of the snack

  8. Kerstin says

    Another thing I wanted to get your opinion on is I’ve been doing a lot of research about the paleo diet and the raw food diet and i think the best diet would be some where in the middle of the 2. like for breakfast have a green smoothie ( do you still drink those daily?) for lunch have a salad, snack on raw veggies/ fruit. and for dinner have protien with some steamed or raw veggies.

    • Tracy says

      Hi Kerstin
      – well, there’s always raw paleo!
      Yeah, there’s lots of different ways to do these diets… like.. paleo doesn’t mean you must eat meat with every meal, so what you are describing is still paleo. I think a mix of raw foods, cooked foods, and animal foods is all fantastic.

    • Analisa says

      woah my best friend and I used to eat pop corn with brewers yeast on it all the time! and our friend Amy would eat it with us lol

  9. Kit says

    I roast chickpeas in the oven with sea salt/olive oil until crunchy. Yum :) I’m also hooked on your sweet potato fries. Then there’s always olives or a bit of leftover green smoothie, but honestly I struggle with snacks. I’m a big former salt addict and I just love love love anything salty or crunchy. Usually I just end up scarfing leftovers with a bit of sea salt sprinkled over them. I’m trying hard not to keep salty junk in my cabinets. Occasionally I cave on a bag of chips made with healthy oil from the natural foods store, but I’ve been good lately :)

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