Registration for the Candida Cleanse Challenge is NOW OPEN!


I have some very exciting news!

I have finally finished putting together the candida cleanse challenge that I’ve been talking about for the last couple of months! It was a lot of work, but I’m very pleased with how everything has turned out.

If you aren’t familiar with what I’m talking about, you can refer back to previous posts here and here. Or you can just go ahead and peruse the registration page as it will explain everything you need to know!

A Quick Recap:

  • Candida cleansing is a VERY effective way to start off a healthy diet and put a major kick start in clearing your acne. It’s been hugely successful for me and others in the past, and I’ve seen complete resolution of moderate acne and eczema within 2 – 3 weeks.Here’s the video from June 2011 where I’m telling you how well the cleanse cleared up my painful hand eczema in only 3 weeks (and I also happen to be telling you how delicious and easy it was!)

  • The candida diet can be really satisfying and tasty, but most people don’t know what to eat, how to cook it, and find it difficult going through food cravings and detox symptoms without support.
  • I’ve designed a program that will host a 7 day candida cleanse challenge once a month where everyone will begin on a pre-set date. I will provide instructions, recipes, an example menu plan, an example grocery list, daily motivational and educational videos, and a private forum where all participants can support each other as they go through the ups and downs of candida cleansing.

The upcoming candida cleanse will be starting on February 27th and ending on March 5th, although I will leave the forum and videos up for a couple weeks afterwards, as many of you will be continuing the cleanse for a little longer than the challenge goes for and may want to continue supporting each other.

Registration will end on February 23rd to ensure everyone has at least a few days to prepare. I would definitely recommend signing up as soon as possible though, as the more time you have to prepare mentally and physically the better, as this will ensure a smooth transition!

Sign Up For The Cleanse Now!


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You can totally be happy, healthy and acne free!

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  1. hayley says

    Hi – am really interested but to give myself the best chance of success, the week starting 5 Mar is better as there are no social events planned. Presume this would be ok but just want to check. Also, I have allergies to dairy and eggs; is there enough material to work with that I can avoid these? thanks

    • Tracy says

      Hi Hayley!

      Well once you sign up, you get all the information you need right away in a big PDF document, and then you get added to the forum and have access to the videos when the cleanse begins on February 27th. You don’t, by any means, have to do the cleanse on the chosen dates, but if you want to do it along with everyone else, then you do. However, if you just want to be a part of the forum, interact, see what other people are going through, and then start the cleanse whenever it’s more convenient for you, then that’s fine too! It’s up to you.

      That being said, I am planning to host the cleanse approximately once a month, so if these dates don’t work for you, maybe the next ones will be better.

      • Tracy says

        Sorry Hayley, I missed your question about the eggs and dairy – yes you can definitely do the diet without those things. Lots of my recipes don’t have either. And the last candida cleanse I did, I didn’t really eat any eggs – the only dairy I ate was a little bit of kefir.

  2. Nathan says

    I took was kinda afraid to order some Phyllium husk… Not sure why, perhaps it’s just the name that sounds a little strange… Flax on the other hand seems perfectly normal. Anyway, I’m going to take some, along with the probiotic.

    Is the anti-fungal 100% needed? I just feel like with the probiotic, psyllium and anti-fungal, my body won’t be able to handle it? (I’m quite thin: 6′ 2″ and weight 140lbs if that makes any difference.) I know it’s all ‘good’ but I guess it’s a lot for a week. Perhaps I should start with the probiotic now, then take anti-fungal and psyllium in the cleansing week?

    Also, in general, do you soak the nuts and then store them in water in the fridge for a few days, or do you dry them out? Does it make a difference? Is it ok to soak Pecans and Walnuts in the same bowl?

    Thank you! I’m now going to prepare my meal plans :)

    • Tracy says

      Hi Nathan,

      Just start off slow with everything. I don’t think weight makes a difference (I’ve taken all this stuff at once and I’m tiny), it’s the state of your digestive system that makes a difference…. if it’s in a bad state, starting on everything right away at the same time might result in quite a few detox reactions.

      If you start slow, stagger when you start them (exactly, start your probiotic now, take the other stuff later, or whatever schedule you feel like), and up your dose of each increasingly, I think you’ll be fine.

      As for nuts, I usually dry mine out (when I’m in Canada because I have a dehydrator there)… I just haven’t eaten many nuts since being in australia because I’m too lazy to dry them in the oven (oh and because they’re expensive). For the cleanse I’d probably eat them soaked just because it makes them extra digestible. And yes, you can soak different nuts in the same bowl.

      haha I really need to make a video about soaking nuts and seeds. I think I once made half of a video about it and never finished…. sometimes it’s annoying trying to make videos with several different steps with time lapses hahah. But, yeah… I will try and make one sometime soon.

  3. Nathan says

    Thanks Tracy, that’s really helped to clear things up!

    I’m looking at anti-fungals, and I have found two:

    The website is quite popular in the UK and I have previously emailed their in-house adviser, who is totally into the natural treatment, and he intact told me about how grains cause problems with the whole body and how they alone can lead to skin problems – I completely trust them.

    Of the two above, which would you buy yourself? One is a liquid and the other is a tablet. Also, after all of the Prescript-assist tablets have gone (60 tablets, 2 per day = 30 days), do I have to continue taking them or is it completely optional? (they are a little expensive)

    Thank you :)

    • Tracy says

      Hi Nathan,

      Well, I don’t think it matters which one you get – would you rather drink tea or take a pill? It’s up to you.

      As for the prescript assist – even though it’s expensive, a lot of probiotics you’re supposed to take one or two per day for a long time… with that one, after the first bottle, you apparently only need to take 1 or 2 per week. Which means a bottle of it would last like 7 months – that’s really cost effective. Plus if it’s really that much better than other probiotics, it’s better value. Read this article by Carolyn Dean, a doctor who wrote all sorts of books about yeast, candida, and iBS:

      But other probiotics will work too, so again, it’s up to you!

    • Tracy says

      Hi Kalyn, poor you in China :(

      Yes, I believe so, the videos aren’t absolutely essential… all the information you truly need is in the instructions package. The videos are just extra visual/motivational stuff. I will summarize them for you if you wish.

  4. Amy says

    I was just reading the list on what you would need to have and you say psyllium husks, why is this? wont you be getting enough fibre from all the veg you will have to be eating? im a bit scared to take psyllium husks…

    • Tracy says

      Yes, you’ll be getting lots of fibre, but psyllium in particular, because it’s totally insoluble fibre is so good at gelling up, absorbing toxins and moving them out of your bowels like a broom… the reason I recommend it on the cleanse is because as the yeast or candida is dying, you want to get them absorbed by the psyllium and out through your bowels as quickly as possible so that it won’t just get back into your bloodstream and cause you detox reactions.

      Could you tell me the reasons you’re afraid to try it?

      You need to start off small with it and work your dose up, because it can cause some gastric distress if you use too much to begin with… and you also need to drink LOTS of water with it because it absorbs so much water, it might make you constipated if you don’t. If psyllium isn’t working, ground flax seed is the alternative… it’s only 50% soluble so it might not be quite as effective, but it’s probably more gentle.

  5. Areej says

    Is this safe to do when pregnant? and what do you recommend those who are pregnant take for cystic hormonal acne? The only thing my dermatologist can give is benzyl peroxide

    • Tracy says

      Maybe. The diet itself is totally safe, but it’s not really recommended to do detox diets when you’re pregnant, because if your body releases stored toxins, it can hurt the baby. If you gradually worked into the diet and very slowly added in probiotics and whatever else, it would avoid that dumping of toxins. I don’t want to give you a full on ‘yes’ (due to liability kind of issues), but to be honest, it is a good idea to get your guts in order because when you have your baby, it inherits your bacterial profile. If he inherits all the candida and bad bacteria, it sets him up for allergies, behavioural problems, etc. I’d suggest researching what the Weston A Price foundation recommends for pregnancy diets.

  6. Amy says

    yes my main digestive issue is extreme bloating, very tight and uncomfortable, im afraid that the psyllium husks will just make this worse because they will clog up in my bowls – i do drink a lot of water but when i dry to drink ‘loads’ i just feel sick and full

    • Tracy says

      Well start off really slow with it Amy… just a tiny bit and work up over about a week. If it’s really not agreeing with you, then don’t use it. Also, the flax seed might be more gentle for you.

  7. Steve says

    Is SunButter (Organic, Unsweetened) sunflower seed butter okay? The only ingredient is Organic Sunflower Seed, but the nutritional information lists 1g of sugar per serving. I’m guessing that’s just natural sugar from the seeds themselves. Is this okay for the candida cleanse?

  8. Inês says

    Hi there! Just signed in :) but I’ll start my cleanse right away! Just wondering about two vegetables: marrow and neeb? and what about sparkling water :), Tracy? Cheers

  9. Inês says

    And one more thinkg…Plain yogurt? Any yogurt? and what about alternatives to lemon\acv? (these two are very acidic for me: I get huge red pimples with it) as well with tomatoes…

    • Tracy says

      Hi there – Yogurt really, really needs to be organic at the very least, and preferably goat or sheep’s yogurt. As for alternatives to lemon… hmm.. I don’t know :/ You might just need to omit those things. Marrow is great for the cleanse but I don’t know what neeb is. Sparkling water is fine as long as it’s just water.

  10. says

    I signed up for this 10 days ago and started my cleanse immediately! My acne that appeared all over my cheeks and jaw line has been disappearing by the boatloads each day! I wish I had taken a before picture to show how great this is working for me!!! I’m so thankful for Tracey to finally lead me to what was causing my acne and other health problems (fatigue, irritability, ADD, anxiety) it’s helped with all of those!


    I’ve also been making really yummy foods. I made coconut pancakes last night with coconut flour that were delicious! Can’t wait for the forum to share my recipes and read others!

    Do it! You’ll be so happy! I am. :)

    Thank you Tracy!

    • Inês says

      Hi there! Started mine last thursday :) and I have to say I’m experiencing quite heavy die-off symptoms: headaches, white/yellow tongue, aching all over my body! but I know it’s all good… I just have to stick with it and be gentle. I just can«t wait to be better. Hope to feel much better when we all begin our group cleanse!

    • Tracy says

      Hi Carli!

      I’m so happy everything’s going so well for you!! woohoo! And thanks for helping out answering people’s questions while I was away…. Plus, I’m really stoked to have someone who’s ahead of the pack who has already made it past die off and is experiencing big rewards… it’ll help everyone to stay motivated! 😀

  11. says

    Hi Inês!

    Are you taking a die off supplement? I am taking Candex, Tracy recommended it. I take 2 pills, twice a day and then one right before bed, as the bottle told me too. I am drinking water CONSTANTLY. I also started using Stevia (the liquid one) to sweeten certain foods. I eat a ton of coconut products as well, which are naturally an anti-fungal and highly recommended on an anti-candida diet. Plus I LOVE anything and everything coconut. I use Silk unsweetened coconut milk (sweeten yourself with stevia if you like), silk plain cultured probiotic coconut milk, coconut flour (amazing!), coconut oil, coconut butter and shredded coconut. Sometimes coconut yogurt too.

    My die-off symptoms only lasted a day or two, and it was just a headache and mental cravings for sugar. I think the Candex helped a lot. I bought it on Amazon.

    Let me know if you have any more questions while Tracy is away! I’d be happy to discuss anything! :)


  12. says

    Also working out helps too! You’ll sweat out the toxins. If you have access to a steam room that would be ideal. You can also run or do hot yoga, any movement will help with die-off and acne in general. At least it works for me.

  13. Kate says

    Just signed up! Nervous, but excited! I turn 30 this year and have had acne flare ups on and off ever since I can remember… 12? I have been really fed up and frustrated and was really close to asking a dermotologist for Accutane – I mean, I am almost 30! But spoke to my mum and she said why not try hypnosis (like I did when I had my baby) and look more into natural therapies… which lead me here… fingers crossed I can get some relief from these angry, painful cysts!

    • Tracy says

      Good luck with the cleanse Kate… I’m really happy to have you on board! Lots of people have signed up so there will be tons of support going, and hopefully you will be on the right track to clearer skin :) See you in the forums!

  14. kelly says

    i am signed up and easing into it. hoping the huge, painful cystic acne bumps on my neck are die-off symptoms, waaahhhh.

    • kelly says

      yes, taking Candex (2 pills, twice daily) and grapefruit seed extract (1 pill, twice daily). i’m pretty determined and motivated to hang in there, been struggling with acne for 8 years! i’m 32…

  15. Alan says

    Hello Everyone,

    I’ve been on the Body Ecology Diet to starve off candida for about three weeks now. I’m feeling much much better as I had multiple symptoms of candida which were wrecking my life. Anyone who thinks they may have this I would recommend going to the Body Ecology web site and consider purchasing her book. It hasn’t been a cake walk for sure as I’m still having intense sugar and bread cravings and feel like I’m detoxing but for the first time in years I feel like I actually have a good direction and guideline to follow to get this situation under control.

    PS. Tracy you are such a beautiful person. Thanks for your wonderful blog!!

    Peace, Love & Namaste

  16. Inês says

    Hi dear all! It’s so great to be here with you in this healing experience :) My die-off symptoms have been getting better! I’ve been drinking a lot of water. Thanks for the tip and support, carli 😉 and thanks Tracy for being out there creating all these wonderful opportunities for us to heal 😉

  17. Tom says

    I just signed up last night – so excited to try this! I have a presentation evening on Saturday I have to be at, so the start date is just about perfect for me. And, the best part is, the 3 week length lines up with the end of my university term: there would be nothing better than going home to see old friends with a clear face!

    Really looking forward to giving this a shot! I’m easing into the probiotics and psyllium now so I should be good to go by Monday. I’ve also bought an anti-fungal called Now Foods: Candida Killer, it’s the only one in the UK with a reasonable price tag. Anyway, roll on Monday and I’m really looking forward to going on this journey with you guys! 😀

  18. Kimberly says

    Hey Tracy, I want so bad to do this cleanse. I,m winging myself off antibiotics and won’t be done by then, next one for sure.

    • Tom says

      I may be wrong, but it could be worth doing the cleanse anyway. If you’re repopulating your gut with the good guys and using an anti-fungal, I can’t see the antis doing much damage.

      But of course I may be wrong! At the very least, you’ll no doubt feel a lot healthier after a few weeks :)


      • Tracy says

        I’m not really sure on this one, whether or not it’s worth while to do the candida cleanse while you’re on antibiotics. It might be, since they do say that taking probiotics while taking antibiotics is beneficial as long as you don’t take them at the same time (essentially, the antibiotics go in, wipe out bacteria good and bad, and then later that day, you send some good guys in to make sure the bad guys don’t get out of control too much, helping prevent candida overgrowth).

        Either way, I kind of think that taking probiotics during the antibiotics, but then doing a full on candida cleanse right away after you finish them might be the best course of action

  19. Steve says

    I started the cleanse about a week ago and I am planning on keeping it up for about 2 more weeks! You say to alternate anti-fungals when cleansing for more than 10-14 days. Right now, I ‘m using the Pau D’arco that you recommended. Any recommendations on what I should alternate this with?


    • Tracy says

      Hi Steve! You could use oil of oregano, garlic pills, caprylic acid, or you could even just take a break from any antifungals for 5 days or so

  20. Tina says

    Hi Tracy,

    Just wondering, since this is an anti-sugar cleanse, am I okay to keep using the manuka honey as my face wash? Also, I take Vitex agnus-castus in tincture from once a day for hormonal acne. Will it interfere in any way do you think? I don’t like the idea of stopping it until the bottle is gone. Thanks :)

    • Tracy says

      Yeah the honey mask is fine… honey’s molecules are too big that they don’t absorb into your bloodstream (as far as I know).

      As for the vitex, … it’s made from a berry, right? yeah that should be totally fine to continue with

  21. says

    I asked you on twitter, but figured I’d post here too do everyone can see…

    I’m eating 1-2 avocados a day, is there any need to limit that? My first week on candida I lost 7 lbs…. I’m 5’7″ and 115 to start so I’m not trying to lose weight. I’ve found the avocados have been helping me maintain my weight.

    Is there anything in an avocado that could cause candida overgrowth at that volume?

    • Tracy says

      Sorry, I’m really bad about checking my twitter!

      Nah, I eat lots of avocados, at least one every day. I don’t think they cause any candida problems. Also, I know it’s frustrating about losing weight, but I actually made a video specifically about this for the cleanse because I know a lot of people struggle with that, me included. It’ll be in the forums.

      • Tom says

        This is good news, as I am very slim to begin with and I really absolutely do not want to lose any weight. If anything I need to put it on!

        I reckon an avocado a day, combined with simply upping the volume of food I eat (say, 2 chicken breasts and double the amount of veggies for dinner), I should be OK.

        I can’t wait to get tonight’s stupid gluten-filled, sugar-filled, alcohol-filled presentation evening over, so I can kick this off tomorrow morning! I have my fibre, probiotics, anti-fungals and liver flush drink recipe all ready to go!

  22. says

    Awesome! Thanks Tracy! I’m so excited for the forum and everything to open up. Will there be a specific recipe section? Because not to toot my own horn, but I have come up with some pretty awesome anti-candida recipes that I’d love to share!! :)

    • Lulu M. says

      I was on website and it said that ‘Moving quickly to higher doses of probiotic and antifungal will likely cause Candida Die-Off. This is when the Candida yeast cells are killed quickly and release large amounts of toxins into the bloodstream…When yeast cells are rapidly killed, a die-off (or Herxheimer reaction) occurs and metabolic by-products are released into the body. The Candida yeast cells actually release 79 different toxins when they die, including ethanol and acetaldehyde.
      Acetaldehyde in particular has a whole host of detrimental effects on your health and wellbeing. It can impair your brain function and even kill brain cells. Your endocrine, immune and respiratory systems can all be affected, and it also damages the membranes of your red blood cells, reducing their ability to carry oxygen round the body. Again this directly affects your brain, so you can see how acetaldehyde is linked to Candida symptoms like brain fog and fatigue. These by-products also cause allergic reactions and inflammation that lead to an array of undesirable symptoms.”

      That’s kind of frightening.

      • kelly says

        oh no, i jumped right in with heavy probiotics and anti-fungals! i’m breaking out pretty bad and have been feeling pretty lousy! day 4 of 95% strictness with the diet … when will this end?

      • Tracy says

        Yeah I know, it does sound frightening, and it’s not really a fabulous thing for your body to go through – but on the other hand it’s not much different than what we do to our bodies every day – we’re bombarded with toxins every day just from our lifestyles and your body is always trying to get rid of them in the same way – that’s what causes your normal every day symptoms of acne and whatever else you’re dealing with. Now there’s just a few more to process. That’s why you get the heightened symptoms, but they do pass.

        Like I said in the PDF thing, it’s kind of like a necessary thing in some cases that will pass, but it’s not like it’s a great thing for your body, so if you can minimize this by going slow with your diet transition and with the probiotics and fermented foods, it’s best. And take the psyllium husk. And yes, I don’t know much about molybdenum but from my brief look after you mentioned it, it does sound like a good thing to take to neutralize the toxins from the die off, but I’ll have to look more into it.

    • Tracy says

      The first few days are the worst – but I would recommend cutting right back on the supplements till you have no symptoms and slowly up your dosage of them in order to go easier on your body. If you can break open the capsules or whatever, you try that.

      The forums will be open tomorrow, you’ll get an email with the link. Don’t worry, your email address is on the right mailing list.

  23. Lulu M. says

    I can handle the taste of green smoothies, but not the actual texture. Could I juice instead? Or is that not allowed?

    • Tracy says

      Yep, you can juice. Vegetable juicing is good. I just find that with juice, it’s more like a snack, and not much of a meal, but if that’s not what you were going for anyway, then go right ahead!

  24. Kate says

    I didn’t get the email about the forums… not sure if it’s been blocked at my work email – can I send you an alternative email address?


    • Tracy says

      Hi Kate,

      Yeah for whatever reasons, there’s a handful of people who never confirmed their subscription to the candida cleanse email list, which is what you need to be on to get the link/further communications.

      I felt bad though because I didn’t want anyone to miss out, so I’ve been sending extra emails to those people (and I just sent one with the link to the forums), but they doesn’t seem to be getting through. So yes! Please email give me another email address to try!

      • Kate says

        Thanks Tracy. Just sent you an email.

        Morning tea at my office this morning. Home baked red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese icing. Managed not to eat one, but hope I’m not confronted by too much more temptation today or my will power may give way…

  25. Ines says

    Hi people! Just wondering how everyone has been doing? I’ve been doing this cleanse for 14 days today now… my skin was getting better the first few days but then it started getting worse again: I’m afraid that it might be the yogurt, nuts or too much coconut oil… anyways… I have pcos (mild) and almost gettig to that part of the month when my face just breaks up awfully with at least one big vulcano :) I’m used to it, really but I would really like to feel healthy ang glowing again. I have stopped pau d’arco for a few days… and I’m now beginning to eat raw garlic instead… I’ll keep doing the detox at least for two more weeks just to cleanse everything and from that moment on, I’ll have to see… Tracy, any experience with acne due to pcos: I have your book but I would like to know if you know/helped anyone with this challenging sindrome :)? Cheers, Tracy and good luck to us all! It’s a lot of changes, I know, but they will be worth it!

    • Tracy says

      Hi Ines,

      Did you get my email with the link to the forum? I replied to yours – I seem to be having a hard time getting any emails through to you, so if you could confirm that, it would be great.

      Hormonal problems are always signs of deeper issues – PCOS is a metabolic disorder that can be controlled with diet and digestive fixes, but I know it can be pretty stubborn for some people. From what I know about PCOS, a low carbohydrate diet like the paleo diet seems to be the most effective for controlling it. And the candida diet IS pretty low carb, so I would think it would help you. But, you know…. it might take you more time.

      So far I haven’t come across anyone in this cleanse group who has mentioned PCOS, but maybe you can ask if I can ever get the forum link to you.

  26. Leah says

    Hey Tracy,

    I am on day 23 of my candida cleanse, and I had a huge breakout at the beginning of week 1 and then my face healed up beautifully with no new breakouts and then BAM! Welcome to week 3. Huge breakout. And of course it was the day after I finally allowed myself to be positive about the whole deal and even told a couple of people that I thought it was working. Now I feel so down about it. Any words of encouragement? Anything would help. I’m just confused why it seems to be working for about a week and half and then it just went downhill again. Ugh…

    • Tracy says

      Hi Leah, sometimes healing goes in waves due to a series of detox reactions, where you break out , clear up a bit, then break out a bit again, and then clear up a bit more… it’s like you yo-yo into clearness. It happened to me a lot when my acne was healing. It’s super hard on your emotions though

  27. Kimberley says

    If purchased probiotics. Do you know if prescript assist probiotics are strong enough for candida cleanse along with sauerkraut ?? Many thanks :)

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