How to Make Stinging Nettle Infusion

Hellooo Love Vitamins!!

In today’s video, I’m going to show you how to make something nutritious that I’ve been making all the time lately. It’s called a nettle infusion, and luckily, it’s the easiest thing ever.

Click here to order nettles from Mountain Rose Herbs. You’ll want the 1 lb organic nettle leaf, not the powder or nettle root.

You could also make nettle infusion with fresh leaves, if you happen to have a stinging nettle patch growing near you! Just be sure to wear gloves when you collect them :)

photo by Ashley Mayes

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    • says

      Hi Tracy,
      I watched your video on the Stinging Nettle Infusion and I’m really happy I did. I was making Stinging Nettle Tea and drinking it right away and the whole tea pot, but now I know if I want the total goodness from the Stinging Nettle, it should be infused. It’s also good to know that I only need to drink one cup a day.
      Thank you for all your good health tips.

  1. magda says

    i am waiting for my credit card to be issued so i can join the cleanse.but i wont have it tomorrow. can i join the cleanse afterwards or do i have to wait for the next month? sorry for my english. i hope it makes sense

  2. Jeff says

    Hey Tracy! signed up for the cleanse .. finally! :) I figured it would be a good time since my mom is off to china for a bit … I can try cooking by myself thanks to the cooking videos!

    looking forward to next week!

  3. says

    Hi Tracy, thanks for the suggestion of a nettle infusion! I love nettles.

    I’m a little confused about something though. You say that nettles are a great source of vitamins A, D, E, and K… however, as far as I know, those vitamins are fat soluble (not water soluble), so can you speak on whether or not they would infuse into the water? My guess is no, so if you’re pouring the water off and not actually ingesting the nettles themselves (hopefully with a little bit of fat of some kind to promote bio uptake in the body) then you won’t actually ever see the benefit of those vitamins.


    • Tracy says

      Hi Cathleen,
      Hmm, you very well may be right about that. In fact, it did cross my mind that we should probably take this infusion with some fat… a meal with fat in it, or a spoonful of butter or coconut oil or something. However, I never really thought that maybe the fat soluble vitamins actually wouldn’t even infuse out. Something to think about – I will have to look into this! Thanks Cathleen!

  4. Tammy L. says

    Hello, I just signed up for the cleanse too. I had been sick and took Oil of Oregano to get better quickly. It worked, however I guess I wasn’t taking care of how I helped my body flush out all those nasty dead bugs. Had a healing crisis break me out something horrible. Other symptoms too of course, however those have gotten better, but the skin mess is the same. :( Hoping this will help me get myself back in order. Besides I was coming off some very bad eating habits!

      • Jeff says

        hey tracy .. curious …

        is dandruff a potential sign of candida? I’ve been having that issue for awhile now, but I was thinking it was because I was trying no-poo for a bit.

          • Jeff says

            another quick question … so you’re saying that even though we’ve been eating healthy for months, we could still have candida? It REQUIRES the anti-fungal supplement to totally get rid of candida — not just a healthy diet?
            I feel like after reading through the pdf I am doing MOST of the things except for the supplements and less fruit (I usually have an apple a day …)

  5. Manca says

    Hi Tracy! Let me just say, that I love your blog and that because of you, I already ditched my shampoo, conditioner, clenser and moisturizer :)
    I also have one question.. I have blackheads on my nose and I’ve been wondering if you know what I could do to prevent them? Thanks :)
    Regards from Slowenia

  6. Josee says

    Hey Tracy,

    I’ve been also drinking nettle lately. I’m presently taking fermented holy basil and korean ginseng which seem to work really well on me. I also took reishi mushrooms. All these products are supposed to low cortisol level. Stress, anxiety and emotions seems to be my biggest problems. I saw a really big difference on my skin. I also have to mention that I’m doing meditation and yoga nidra twice a day.

  7. Dee says

    Hi Tracy :)
    I have a couple of questions. I joined the candida cleanse and am trying to prepare and what not but Im still clueless on two subjects. I have no idea how to make bone broth or where to get bones ( i live by myself and never buy meat portions that come with bones) and I really wanna learn how to make kefir. These two subjects intimidate me. If you made any videos about these im sorry I couldnt find them!!

    • Tracy says

      Hi Dee!
      I haven’t made a video about making bone broth quite yet… but youtube it and you’ll find tons. You can get bones from any butcher… they sell them for really cheap for people for their dogs to eat, or for bone broth. It’s really easy, just put a bunch of them in a pot, and simmer on very low heat for a few hours. Up to 12 hours for chicken bones, and up to three days for beef bones (the longer you go, the more minerals are extracted. If you have a crock pot, it’s very handy for this). Add a dash of apple cider vinegar or some lemon juice to help extract more of the nutrients.

      As for kefir, I did make a video about it (put kefir into the search bar at the top and you’ll find it), but I’d suggest going over the videos at Cultures for Health

      Her videos and instructions are SO good!

      Okay, I hope that helped

  8. LilyAnne says

    I feel like your book would be so much better if you were on the cover! It seems so impersonal that there’s a random person on it, is she just free photo from a photo website? Or if you got one of your artist/designer friends to make it more unique & at the same time more professional looking. x

  9. Tracy says

    @ Jeff – sometimes a healthy diet does balance things on it’s own, but often it does take the strict diet and the antifungal to really change things significantly. Especially if you notice you still have candida type symptoms and some acne after eating healthy for a while

    • Jeff says

      gotcha. is it a coincidence or a sign that the last day or so (since i started taking the supplement/lowered fruits) that my previous problem of dry/tight side of lips problem has returned? I used to have this problem when I was just starting the paleo diet (like an year ago) and lowered fruit intake …

      the thing is I’ve only cut out apples + strawberries. so .. the supplement?

      • Tracy says

        No, it’s not a coincidence… sounds like a healing/detox reaction… it’s normal to have old symptoms pop up in the beginning

        • Jeff says

          tracy this is so weird! i looked in the mirror and it seemed like the spots that I was having sort of dried up and wasn’t inflamed at all anymore!!

          whoooooa! haha

  10. laura says

    I heart you tracy! lets make stinging nettle tea together when you come! ps im so impressed with your website.

    • Tracy says

      Oh my lovely Laura! Nice to see you here. We will drink so much nettle tea together! Also yeah.. my website is crazy now! I’m famous on the internet! hahah

  11. Tim says

    Don’t forget the nettle roots. They contain 5 alpha reductase. This is good for prostatic enlargement, which is a big problem for older men, it also reduces the likelihood of prostate cancer. And it prevents hair from falling out, which affects men mostly, but also women. I think that it also lowers estrogen levels, which can trigger breast cancers.
    Thank you nettles !

    • Tracy says

      Haha, at first I was like… 5 alpha reductase? Isn’t that what causes DHT conversion and leads to acne (and balding)? Oh god, let me throw out my nettles…
      Glad to hear it’s actually something else… that prevents hair loss! :)

    • Tracy says <— that’s the only website I can find, but yikes! It’s definitely not as cheap as the States! $35 for a lb vs $8.50 lb…. well I know I’ll be out foraging them myself at that price. You could also check at local health stores though and see if they just sell loose leaf nettle tea.

    • Tracy says

      I don’t know, I didn’t even know there were stinging nettle supplements… i would guess probably not quite as effective, as the point of letting it soak for 5 hours is that it infuses all the nutrients into the water, and then they are extremely easy to absorb. But who knows, maybe the supplements are the same!

  12. Nathan says

    So I finally got around to making this today! It’s a very strange flavour, I mean, I drink many herbal teas ( including nettle and int), but this tastes kinda old. That’s not a bad thing though!

    Once it has infused on the counter, do you remove the nettle leaf before placing it in the fridge? My concoction is almost black already! Have you added anything to it to enhance the flavour? I have spearmint oil but I’m not sure whether it’s good to add things…

    This is such a cool and easy way to get extra vitamins and minerals, thank you Tracy! :)

    • Tracy says

      Hi Nathan – I usually don’t strain it and just strain it as I drink it. I figure the longer the leaves sit in it, the more will infuse out!

      No, I haven’t figured out anything to enhance it haha… if you’re drinking it hot, honey probably. Drinking it cold, I don’t know! I’m sure you can add whatever you want, it won’t ruin it

      • Nathan says

        I’ve just added a few drops of spearmint oil to it and it now tastes ‘better’. I mean, more fresh and something I could definitely drink every morning!

        I’ve just read yesterdays blog post, which I think is great by the way and something I’m very pleased that you have discovered – Relaxing about food choices!

        In addition to those things listed, do you still make nettle infusion or dehydrate anything? Do you bother with these ‘extras’? I’m just curious really, because I’d really like to give up snacking, or at least change my snacks to something else… like Cocoa cinnamon dehydrated kale chips! They really satisfy me and they are still very healthy.

    • Tracy says

      Hi Kaitlyn – hm… it tastes like…. I don’t know! It’s kind of hard to describe a taste that doesn’t taste like anything else. I guess I would say .. it’s sort of mild… and tastes vaguely like green tea …. ?? You may drink it though and find it tastes nothing like that, so I guess I’m of no help hah

  13. Kat says

    Hey Tracy,
    I found a supplement of stinging nettles, is it better than the tea?
    How often you drink the tea?

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