How Do You Make A Big Pimple Go Away Fast?

One thing that I love about this blog is that I’m always learning things from you so that I can help others better.

The thing is, I’m only one person, and my knowledge isn’t infinite. And everyone is so different that no matter how much I experiment on myself, it doesn’t mean that what I do is necessarily going to work for anybody else.

So sometimes people ask me questions and I’m just at a loss for what to say. This in particular happens when I get asked about external skin care stuff, facial products, and quick fixes. I know some stuff, but it’s not my area of expertise. 

One particular question I get fairly often is how do you make a big pimple go away as quick as possible (usually before x event happens – school pictures, ask a girl on a date, prom etc). I have never found a tried and true trick that definitely worked wonders for this purpose… I’m sure I’ve tried plenty of stuff that I assumed was maybe doing something, but there was no way to know for sure. Nothing is jumping out at me.

Plus I don’t want to get anyone’s hopes up that I can guarantee a quick recovery from a nasty zit in time for said event, especially if I really don’t know the answer!

So I want to know – got any tips or tricks on how you get a pimple to disappear as fast as humanly possible? This could be external or internal tricks.

Please tell me know in the comments below and lets learn from each other!

photo by sea turtle

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  1. Veda says

    I get those dreadful cystic bumps on occasion… most likely near an occasion im not wanting to deal with having a huge zit for… My #1 trick i go to every time is a major detox. I dont want to be harmful to my body so of course you have to know what you are doing. Many people go both ways with their opinions on it but my favoirte detox i do is simply just with level 4 alkaline water. It helps SOOO MUCH. Especially with little occasional breakouts i get witht he all over little bumps like after iv been sunburned or my skins dryed out, I just drink about 2 gallons of the water and within the next couple days my skins calming down. It helps with my eczema as well!
    Just a tip though for those of you who know nothing about this water, the level 4 is very high and can make you feel pretty cruddy if you are not acusomed to the water at all. I drink it on the regular so it doesnt so much affect me.
    But what the heck! Give it a go it may help you too! =]]]

    • Ashley says

      What and where do you get this water? I have never heard of it! I have been looking for a good, safe detox and wonder if this might be my answer.

      Thank you in advance!

  2. Lani says

    70% isopropyl alcohol kills zits dead forever use it and get rid of all other products. It’s alcohol but somehow it actually removes dead skin cells and kills bacteria. I am an esthetician and have tried many things over the years. I clean my face with alcohol once or twice a week and nothing else except the odd aloe Vera if I’m dry. Plus vegan diet. Any animal products will make hormones flare.

    • Sampson says

      Carbohydrates make hormones “flare up” 10x more than any pastured and organic animal product I can think of. I would even go as far as to say carbohydrates are the least “inert” macronutrient.

      Best natural spot treatment I know of is bentonite clay + tto. Some sea salt can help too.

    • Melissa says

      I use isopropyl alcohol for spot treatment. It really does kill zits really fast because it dries them out.

    • kimberly says

      I’d have to agree with you. Though i’ve never tried it on my face, i swipe in on my back and chest. It’s the only thing for body acne. So tell me more. Do you clean your face with alcohol and thats it or do you wash it on inbetween days with something else, do tell?

  3. says

    Good question! I tried lots of things myself but the best thing for me is.. corn starch (maizena). You can mix it with some water but I just press it on a pimple before bed.

    It is not too aggressive for your skin and works very well!

    • Kit says

      Ok so I’m late reading through these but careful with this one! I’ve heard it works great for some people, but corn starch is one of the things I absolutely canNOT let touch my skin. Guaranteed cyst in four hours or less. Dumped a few products after I made the connection, including mineral makeup and dry shampoo – made a HUGE difference.

  4. Heather says

    If you mix some baking soda and toothpaste to dab on there it helps. I’m not quite sure how… maybe the baking soda absorbs excess oil and fluids. It doesn’t work 100% but I noticed it helped reduce the size on a whitehead. Put it on right away and preferably over night.

  5. mark says

    Preperation H works really fast. If you dont mess with the pimple it wont even be a scar. Just dab it on the pimple twice a day. It reduces swelling. It works exceptionally well for cyst.

  6. Chim says

    1. A few times a day, wrap an iced cube in a piece of cloth and apply it to your pimple for 20-30 seconds. This reduces the swelling.

    2. Manuka honey or tee trea oil applied to face after washing and left on overnight (works better for minor pimples, so, a little off topic but whatevs)

    3. Apply lemon juice and rose water to the pimple

    4. Apply a mask made up of equal parts honey and cinnamon to your face and leave on overnight, wash off in morning.

    5. To stop swelling, rub strawberry leaves on it (you can also use an orange peel)

    Just some ideas! Haven’t tried any of them out myself because frankly, I don’t care if I have a big pimple on important days (lol maybe I should but I just don’t). However, they’ve gotten good reviews on the good ol’ net. Hope it helps someone!


    • n says

      Applying rose water and lemon juice DOES really WORK :) I apply it on my face every day and after a few days my pimples get better.

  7. Zee says

    Zinc oxide works little miracles overnight. It consistently decreases redness and puffyness, and helps drying the pimple in relatively short time if applied regularly on the spot.
    You should be able to find zinc oxide pastes or similar products quite easily. Always make sure that they contain no harmful ingredients such as petrolatum and paraffinum liquidum (baby pastes rich in zinc do); if they do, you can just be careful and use little quantity on the very spot only, trying not to rub it around, and it’ll be fine

  8. says

    Most essential oils will do the trick. Organic lavender oil seems to work the best. Be sure to mix with a good quality carrier oil like jojoba. I also use Argan and Tamanu oils with success.

  9. Svea says

    Hi Tracy and everyone else over there!

    I tried out so many different (and futile) things myself, and I haven’t found a real solution yet! I guess you are perfectly right: there isn’t THE ONE trick that works for everyone and at any time, I’m afraid! The more stuff I put on a pimple, the bigger it seems to get! And the more I stress out about it, the more it will flourish!

    On the other hand, if I manage to IGNORE it, it seems to heal so much faster! It’s a psychological problem, and it’s very difficult to work against your own fears. Meditation, yoga, autogenous training, general relaxation techniques and “mind work” can help a lot on the long term, but that’s EXTREMELY hard work – and nothing anyone can accomplish in the last minute.

    I don’t really believe in making pimples heal faster using external skincare stuff. However, my personal hit list is the following:

    nothing but air: let your skin breathe!
    (it’s unbelievable, but this one works best for me),

    straight apple cider vinegar is slightly antiseptic and dries out pimples quite well,

    zinc oxide will dry out spots and speed up the healing process: apply some zinc oxide powder straight onto your pimple (or apply it mixed with an oil/plant butter your skin likes – for example jojoba oil or shea butter),

    try dabbing spots with lavender oil once a day on a cotton bud. It has the same anti-bacterial properties as tea tree oil, but is less harsh,

    clay (looks funny and is a great mess, but sometimes it helps to calm down inflammation).

    Just try not to overload your skin. That‘s the most important point, I think. And serenity!

    Enjoy your day!

    • Eliza says

      Svea – what are some alternatives to manuka honey as a cleanser? You seem to be fairly knowledgeable! Thanks :]

      • Svea says

        Here are some alternatives:

        Orris root powder mixed with water (or aloe vera gel) is very moisturizing and smells like violets! Leave on for just a few minutes, then rinse.
        In the past, this has been used as a tooth powder as well. Whoever has a severe intolerance to fluoride / SLS / mint oil: try it!

        Organic raw milk yoghurt or churd used as a cleansing milk.

        Clay or rhassoul mixed with water, yogurt, aloe vera gel or alcohol-free organic floral waters (i.e. orange blossom water, rosewater, hamamelis water, lavender water…).
        Leave on for just a few minutes (don‘t let it dry!), then rinse.

        Chickpea flower mixed with water, …

        A pinch of baking soda diluted in a lot of water. Splash your face.

        Just use your favorite oil on a damp cotton-pad.


  10. charla says

    If it’s not a blind pimple, and it’s only just become obvious, I scrub it with honey and salt. This generally removes the whitehead. Benzoyl peroxide is also very good if your skin hasn’t become immune to it, but that’s not full proof.

  11. Tina says

    Toothpaste( I use a natural toothpaste and it works just as good as your colgate, etc..) is quite helpful in drying out spots, probably more so for the smaller ones. A hot compress for the cyst like spots. Apply as often as you can and it should draw all the yuck out. Then dab spot with apple cider vinegar or tea-tree oil, or TCP is good too.

  12. sara says

    I use Aztec’s a clay you can buy at most health stores. It’s amazing.
    I take zinc (the chewable tablet’s) since taking this I have had NO big acne. I take 20mg and I recommend the chewable kind because the pill one made my stomach upset
    I also use black soap-also you can buy at health food stores
    I bring Dickinsons original witch hazel towletette’s with me and clean my face-caked on make-up for 8 or 9 hours can really make a pimple go crazy. I clean my face during my lunch break and reapply my make-up
    Also baking soda and water mask..becareful when doing this..make sure to really clean the face after-it can block pores and cause other break-outs but baking soda really helps with big pimples.
    **these are just some tips that have really helped me***

  13. Marie says

    if you can tell weather the spot wants to come to a head then I’ve found turmeric to help pull it out and then heal within a day! But if it seems like i don’t know I’m no expert but one that is just under the skin and all red then honey does the trick to make it go away quickly. Like I said tho i am no expert just my observations with my skin.

  14. Sara says

    Now…..I am talking as a RN……..the best way to get rid of a pimple is to make an emergency visit to your Dermatologist and having it ingected with cortisone……that will completely make it dissapear….icing it will also bring the swelling down… will taking Motrin as directed….it will also help with the swelling…..don’t take it on a empty stomach…..don’t. take it if you are allergic to aspirin……Also using a little Manuka honey….leave it on all day….it releases hydrogen peroxide and it will kill the bacteria…….Hope this helps……

    • says

      To get rid pimples an easy way is to mix 1 tbs of honey and some freshly squeezed lemon and apply it on pimples only .leave it for 10 min .then rinse your face well .don’t apply this anywhere else it might burn the skin . Do like this for 5 to 6 times .TRY THIS .worked out for me

  15. Sara says

    Please don’t use toothpaste…it will make a burn on your skin…that will look worse than the pimple…..the acidity is too high…..I would rather see you use the Manuka….it wont burn your skin….and its better for your skin…..

  16. Sara says

    Please don’t use rubbing alcohol either….it dries te skin and then you have to contend with the flakey skin….same as lemon jiuce….which is cert dangerous when you go out in the sun…..I understand it may work for some people…..I am just giving you the negatives…..High on Health has some great clay that you can mix with the Manuka and leave on over night……that should really help. Also lowering your stress level will help…..and if all else fails use a great cover up and have fun!

  17. Sara says

    And yes I can spell…..what I wanted to write about lemon juice is that it is dangerous when you go out into the sun…..major burn…..not a good look……

  18. sara says

    Oh I almost forgot-change your pillowcase often. If you had a severe breakout, immediately change it. I own 7 pillowcases, and change mine every 3 days. Also I make a pitcher of water with lemon-and drink that throughout the day. I also recently gave up meat and make amazing meals with veggie’s. Today is a delicious butter squash soup.

  19. Cassondra says

    Aloe Vera has worked the best for me sooo far on new pimples. It reduces the size of the pimple if applied day and night. I got the aubrey organics brand from amazon. It is more of a liquid, not a gel. That is because it doesn’t have the thickeners and additives in it that makes it into that gel gunk in the stores.
    Essential oils haven’t worked for me in the past either. One time when my acne wasn’t as bad as it is now, I used camellia oil and the scars faded in color over night. I got it from Gold Port Beauty.
    A baking soda paste mask worked well too. Only leave it on for a minute or two. It will sting! I recommend washing it off with lukewarm water carefully. But usually nothing will get rid of a pimple overnight! That sounds crazy to me. If I get a pimple, it leaves a red mark that lasts months!! I also try not to think of big cysts anymore. I actually haven’t had a big nasty pimple in a while now. I have mostly red marks, and small inflamed bumps. O:

    • Ashley says

      I haven’t had luck with essential oils really either (especially melaluca alternifolia) other than using sage and coconut oil as a moisturizer after a shower/ overnight. I have tried baking soda and it did terror to my face and witch hazel is the same. Thank you for posting!

  20. Jennifer says

    One thing I’ve found helps with cystic, cyclical breakouts is, oddly enough, epsom salts. Take a small scoop of the salts dampened with water, and gently massage it over the pimple or irritated patch of skin, then rinse. It helps soothe the pain and inflammation from these types of breakouts more quickly than anything else I have tried. It is also very inexpensive (less than $3) and gentle.

    As for the cortisone shots, they work for some, but people should be aware that they can cause temporary atrophy of the skin. This can take over 6 months to heal, so please consider the risks before going that route. Good luck to everyone with their skin care! :)

    • Ashley says

      I am actually set to go to a HUGE concert Friday, and low and behold have two cystic pimples along my jaw. I have epsom salts sitting by the bathtub that I am going to be putting to use when I get home. Thank you!

  21. Rebecca says

    True story, Jennifer. A very cranky derm gave me a cortisone shot once, and it did not go well. It got very irritated and took weeks to go down. And I had just started a new job! ;/ La la la happy thoughts.

  22. Shan says

    I was wondering if anything works for nodule pimples?
    They really are monsters. :'(( they take eons on to go away.

    • Henry says

      Me too, I think most people ‘remedies’ are a bit of a placebo to be honest, apart from perhaps Manuka Honey. Time is the best healer, and my red marks take at least a week before they are barely visible even after the spot has healed. If anyone knows why this is, please reply and let me know!

    • Joyce says

      you know what? Saliva worked like magic. My zit was so huge and painful, but Seriously the pain just disappeared a few seconds after I skeptically dabbed on a bit. Now I just need to wait till morning to see if the swelling has come down.

  23. karly says

    I have pimples bad!!
    I’m 14. And I wanna get rid of them bad!!
    ! But dont how. I feel like everyone’s looking a t me weird /: can ivy poison stuff work?ppl sayy it does but idk…… but I really want them gone:(

    • Tracy says

      Hi Karly – I understand you want to get rid of your acne… but…. poison ivy??? what is that about? Are you telling me people use poison ivy to get rid of their acne? or is this some kind of product I don’t know about….

      • Laurie says

        Hi Tracy, I think Karly is wondering if calamine lotion, the typical treatment for poison ivy would also work on acne.

        • Tracy says

          Ohh.. okay. Definitely read that wrong. Thanks for clarifying lol. I don’t know about calamine lotion… never tried it or heard of anyone using it… might work though

          • row1213 says

            hey, I used to use calamine lotion my freshman year of high school and for a while it worked AMAZING. it shrunk the size of my bad breakouts whenever i got them i would just dab it on there and use it as a spot treatment. So go and try it, but it does dry your skin out so only do a little at a time when you first start out.

    • Stacy says

      Hun I think you might wanna viSit a dermatologist considering you’re headed into your teens.. I used to have em bad too :/

  24. sam says

    ugh, i have cystic pimple. i broke out from no where and went to dermatology they gave me lotion called clydamycin. it is not helping. i have huge pimple on both side of my cheeks. it is so embarrassing. pls give me suggestion what to do???

    • allie says

      For a cyst, go get a cortisone shot. By a dermatologist, not a doctor. Doctor’s are very reluctant to do it. I think Dermatologists are more sympathetic to issues like that. In my experience most of them grew up with bad acne and became dermatologists to help people like us. Cortisone works for me every time without fail and is gone in no time, like hours. it will leave a tiny red dot from the needle and depending on how big you let the cysts get before you get them shot, it may leave a little saggy skin. that has only happened to me once with a ridiculously huge cyst, I’ve never seen anyone with one like i had that time… other than that, for normal big zits, like other people have said, don’t stress, cover them up and leave them alone and they will go away. the less products you use on your face the better. they only aggravate it. Especially abrasive exfoliates, only use emollients that will remove dead skin without abrasion. Try not to stress in general, wash everything, especially pillow cases, often. use all natural skin products. try to stay away from carbs, dairy, gluten, caffeine, hops, soy and anything that flares up hormones. it’s all really no fun when you have to be “that person” at a party or on a date that can’t just go with the flow like everyone else and eat or do whatever everyone else is doing. I especially hate the food part, i hate seeming picky, but just do it, it’s worth it. I was using oral antibiotics forever (i used the topical antibiotic- clydamycin- too, i didn’t notice any help from it), the oral pills do help a ton! for about 6 months, then your body gets used to them. long term good eating habits work best. work out often to keep all your blood flowing. drink a lot of water to detox. just like getting rich and losing weight, there’s no quick, easy answer to it all. you just have to work at it. i recently heard about a product that people seem to be raving about that I’m going to try soon, it’s a special clay like people have recommended, Gunilla of Sweden. i have also noticed that when i have dental infections or worse dental hygiene, cysts will emerge near my jaw line where the tooth problems are. I’m going to go spend some $$ and see if that helps rid me of the problem areas that just recently started flaring again, that had been clear for almost a year

  25. Connor says

    I have found that rubbing a lot of neosporin on a pimple and then placing a bandaid over it and sleeping with that on overnight helps reduce the size and redness on a daily basis. It keeps the skin lubricated so that it can heal faster and more efficiently, thus reducing/preventing scarring, and it helps to kill the bacteria that is on and around your zit.

  26. bob says

    pop it until juice comes out. then you have to squeeze it super hard until a little white ball comes out. now you just let it heal like a scrape, but dont pick it! or it will scar! it only takes about 2 days after that but it doesnt look as bad when its a scab.

    • SiriBai says

      no, no, no! save popping/extractions for a derm or esthetician! Don’t do this. You’ll end up with a more inflamed and damaged pore, prone to a recurring pimple, or worse, you’ll have a scar.

      And if you must, must, must pop, only do so on ones that have come to a large, visible yellow head and use a (sterile) extractor tool from a drugstore, not your fingers!

  27. Senna says

    what i did was… apply a full strength organic unfiltered Apple cider vinegar to the pimple… it will dried up few hours later or if u apply the ACV before bed… the next morning the pimples almost gone. And the best thing about ACV is… the pimple will leave less or no scar (black scar)at all. Now im pimple-free after i started the ACV regime. 50/50 ACV with filtered water as face toner then coconut oil as moisturizer. Good luck.

  28. neosporin says

    Hi all,
    For swelling and honestly just quick healing of any zit besides a pesky white head that you can cover up anyway honestly i recommend putting neosporin on the area bc it helps the bacteria and scarring while not drying out your skin which causes redness and irritation. Absolutely nothing to back that asertion up it just seems to work for me. I am 24 and get the occasional nbd break out during that monthly gift and an inflamatory zit here and there when either the weather changes and dries out my skin or I change birth control pills right on my chin. Neosporin always helpss and helps me not pick at it. GL

  29. Lena says

    Honestly, the only thing I have found that really brings down any swelling and redness really quickly is water fasting. It is definitely not a long-term solution, because…i mean…we HAVE to eat! But, I do it for like one to 1 1/2 days and it basically gets rid of all the swelling. I break the fast with ginger tea and then fruit. It also sort of restarts my diet as I slowly add foods that are wholesome and feel good to my stomach. =) (for me it can also be a spiritual experience. I use the time to meditate and deal with emotional things)
    But, anyone who wants to try this needs to know that you might get strong detox reactions and feel like total crap during the fast! It is not to be done on a day where you have to be super productive or do anything really stressful. It is much better done on a day when you can rest and take long baths and listen to music. =)

  30. Kit says

    I FINALLY threw away my last little tube of BP! YAY! I used to use it all over my face in years gone past (no wonder my skin looked red and burned), but couldn’t seem to drop it as a spot treatment – it was like a security blanket. Now I use either pure tea tree oil or apple cider vinegar, and they actually work way better. Just use a cotton ball or swab and dab it right on.

    If I’m desperate to get rid of major swelling, which is fortunately super rare for me these days, I ice the spot to bring down inflammation.

    I occasionally use white toothpaste, not because it’s better, but because it makes me keep my fingers off the spot. I’m thinking of replacing it with kaolin clay because it doesn’t have gross chemicals.

  31. Kait says

    My go-to fast fix for a massive zit is hydrogen peroxide. I just soak a q-tip in it and dab the zit, wait a few seconds for it to start bubbling, wipe off the foam with the dry end of the q-tip and repeat the process twice more. I finish with a dab of coconut oil (tiny, tiny amount) right on the pimple. Every single time I have used this method the pimple is gone within 48 hours.

    I don’t recommend doing this frequently, as it can be harsh (it will actually remove skin if you leave the peroxide on for too long). I recommend using this trick only in an “emergency” when nothing else seems to be working.

    • Jordan says

      Thank you soooooo much! I just did this trick today on one of those really big pimples that just look like a huge pink bump and it’s already helping a ton. It takes about 20-30 minutes after for you to really see the difference though, but it worked wonders

  32. Kat says

    I’ve found that using something that dries out your skin ends up making everything look so much worse (especially if you’re gonna wear makeup). Technically, oil isn’t your enemy. Bacteria and clogged pores are. I’ve found that chemicals tend to cause breakouts- even if they’re supposed to prevent them. I use a DIY sugar and oil scrub with a little tea tree essential oil in it. I use this in the morning when I shower on my whole body and at night just on my face when I remove my make up. I don’t have to use lotion anymore either because the oil in my scrub is enough. You can use pretty much whatever oil suits you (or a combination), but I like mineral oil (found in the laxative aisle) and brown sugar (because it smells nice). When I have a particularly bad pimple, I dab a bit of diluted tea tree oil (1 drop per tsp of water) on it a few times a day. Going without makeup and washing your face 3-5 times a day leading up to an event can help clear it up before a big event.

  33. cheryl says

    To clear up those painful huge swells before there totally noticeable I thank proactive mask is the best cure ever. home remedys ive tried that seem to work good, i stopped using any soap on my face i use an antibacterial dish soap and cold water. Don’t ever use warm or hot water. Whitchazel as an astrigent, some antifugal and athelets foot creams work. If you really have a lot of big ones and nothings helping them go away but its making them worse, try proactive it works.Other cures, betadine works well and for scars, there’s a mexican bleach cream made from oystershells called concha naca its sold in most Mexican. markets and preperation h .I’ve heard a crazy for sure cure is our own urine. Try Proactive

  34. Nathalie says

    Just hold an ice pack where you can feel the zit, it takes the swelling down and keeps it from getting bad. it works great :)

    i also like a dab of neosporin but i’m not sure if it helps too much before the zit is there

  35. Tori says

    Use a nice face wash, like cetaphil. Works great! Also, differin works really well to apply straight to the zit,leave it on during the night, and it will reduce the size and redness. You can’t absolutely clear a zit quickly, but you can reuce the redness and irritation :) I also use a moisterizer before I put differin on that is subscribed by my doctor. I’m a teen btw, so I deffinately have gone through all of this. Haha. I’ve also noticed if I drink too much milk it makes me breakout, and proactive is sooooo harsh on my skin, makes me dryout like crazy! I use a light foundation everyday, but it is a very healthy foundation, and make sure I wash my face about 3 times a day, and drink plenty of water. I have breaking out lately, but I think it’s because it’s almost my monthly cycle. (:

  36. delani says

    Baby cream like Johnsons baby lotion and Baby Magic cream can also work. But im telling the truth so the bad news to using these products are that they will leave dark spots on your skin

  37. Martha says

    Has anyone tried this Isolaz treatment? I’ve read that in some cases there have been immediate visible results.

  38. ieda says

    im using this method and it really work on pimple fast without leave a red mark,,im using powder that made from clay and mix it with water that made from sea cucumber…i apply on my zit at night ..n at da morning u can see your zit become smaller,,

  39. brittiny says

    hey so i used honey but it didnt work and then i used toothpaste i used this mint crest kind and it worked amazingly and im actually using it right now!

  40. Mona says

    I HATE PIMPLES theyve taken over me. Ive had acne for atleast 4 years now and nothing seems to help them go away… Someone help

  41. Ashalen says

    Has anyone ever tried Germolene antiseptic cream? It contains cetostearyl alcohol in it which im not too sure about!

  42. Brantley Claire says

    Corn starch paste and lemon juice has worked wonders for me! I have VERY sensitive skin and I dabbed some fresh lemon juice then used the corn starch face mask on my zit! It looks so good! I really recommend this method for oily and sensitive skin.

  43. Kelsey says

    Been having success with using Tumeric inside and out. topically it has powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial benefits.

    for spots make a paste w/ tumeric and apple cider vinegar.

    a good overall mask is tumeric mixed w/ manuka honey.
    (careful if yr very fair, it leaves a golden tinge for a while) wash off w/ warm water then cleanse w/ jojoba oil, then yr favorite cleanser.

    Take up to a teaspoon of organic tumeric powder in a glass of tomato juice or veggie juice add black pepper for absorption. Tumeric is great for detoxing the liver as well as a plethora of other health benefits!

  44. Ellie says

    warm compresses are the way to go. i fill a clean sock with rice, tie it and microwave it for 30-60 seconds. then i hold it to the pimple. do this consistently and itll halve the time it takes to heal. just be careful not to burn yourself!

  45. Ian says

    What is the best topical treatment for getting rid of small whiteheads? I get quite a few around the mouth and chin area.

  46. Marigold says

    I tried lactic acid on a recent sore under the skin bump with some success. Before bed, I put the tiniest possible dot of %50 lactic acid gel peel directly on the issue (it’s powerful stuff). It stung for a few minutes but I didn’t wash it off. When I woke up the next morning I easily peeled off a very thin layer of skin from that area and with a very small amount of pressure the stuff came right out. Two days later and it is flat and almost healed. This thing could have hung around for weeks, so glad it didn’t!

  47. says

    Mix 1 tbl spoon of honey (your regular organic honey will be fine) with 1 teaspoon of cinnamon, just put it on and leave it overnight. It works miracles for me.
    Sorry for my bad english (not my first language) :)

  48. Ian says

    Thanks for the advice Maya I will get a quality honey ie. manuka and some cinnamon and give it a try

  49. Taylor says

    Hello all!

    Let me preface this with saying, I do not believe there is a one size fits all treatment for acne! Everyone is different. But I’ve found that this helps with my cystic hormonal acne.

    Around that time of the month, I am prone to getting cystic acne around my chin area (in my opinion these are worse than zits you can actually pop!). As soon as I feel one coming on, I will heat up water in the microwave for one minute. Then, dip a metal spoon in the water. Let the spoon cool slightly before touching to the zit area, test it on your wrist. However, it still needs to be hot! Once a bearable temperature, hold the spoon onto the soon-to-be mountain for 15 second intervals (re-dip the spoon in the water to keep it hot as needed).

    Do this about 4 times, without burning yourself! For me, this helps with the pain and swelling, and the duration that the zit will actually last. Finish off with a spot treatment and oil-free moisturizer. This heat treatment has helped with the duration of my cystic acne tremendously, I think I read that it helps kill the bacteria/infection under the skin.

    Hope this helps!

  50. Tristesse says

    I found your youtube videos about a week your ago. I really admire you for sharing your story, and advice with others (Just wanted to say that real quick). About a week ago I bought some Raw, Unrefined Organic Shea Butter. I whipped it up and added Young Living Lavender essential oil, and I cannot believe how amazing this is!! I get cystic acne, and just regular pimples. I have gotten a few pretty bad cystic like zits the past week. The kind that take a couple days to come to a big head, and are very painful. And you know once you pop them they just get even nastier, and take about a week to heal, and go away. But you are usually left with a nasty scar. Well since I’ve been using the Shea Butter and Lavender those zits never even really came to a big head! They’d swell up, and were still sore, but after a couple days they started going down, until was maybe a little scab from where the tiny white head came in. I literally am just blown away by the healing powers this stuff has!!
    It is called Better Shea Butter, and it is sold through Amazon.

  51. Nikki says

    I am 39 and occasionally get hormonal breakouts that is usually that one papules that usually becomes a nodule and if not properly treated cystic. I read a lot on the subject and found tea tree oil to be a natural and safe way to deal with that one or few “big pimples” due to it’s antibacterial property. I find Burt’s Bee Herbal Blemish Stick to be great. I apply it directly to the affected area at the first sign of an inflammation and do it at least three times a day. Make sure that the area of skin is clean prior to application! Not only does the papules do not become a cyst, but within two days the inflammation diminishes without leaving a scar. The product does contain alcohol, but it turns out there are tea tree oil products that do not.

  52. Ashley says

    Decolorized iodine! My husband has been nagging me for years to just put iodine on the big ugly under the skin pimples, but I was reluctant as it leaves an orange stain for several days. We accidentally came across decolorized iodine at CVS in the US (we are from Canada and haven’t been able to find it here). We bought like 12 bottles last time we were there. I only use it on the really painful pimples, which I don’t get often these days but it will take the pain and swelling right down within a day or two, even with the SUPER GIANT ones! It is quite drying so be warned: your skin will flake around that pimple but it is so worth it because the redness and pain and swelling go away so quickly! Just try not to overdo it or use it on a large area of your skin because it will make you peel terribly if you do that! It’s also great for sterilizing cuts, so that’s always a bonus :)

  53. Kerrie says

    I suffer from cystic acne. Yaz birth control got rid of it instantly but I was on it for years and it stopped working so now I’m back to my old remedies. Number one thing that always works is taking an antibiotic pill crush it/scrape it and put powder on zit. #1 is the antibiotic. I’ve tried literally everything. Baking soda, Apple cider vinegar, vicks,honey, milk, alcohol, chemical peel, aloe vera, coconut oil, lemon juice. You name it I’ve done it. I hope this works for you all.

  54. Georgie says

    I used a combo of essential oils and vitamin e. I dab the mix directly on the pimple and it’s usually goes away overnight at the worst within two days. If I scratched or burst the pimple, it goes away overnight.

    Vitamin E* (35%)
    Argan Oil* (35%)
    Tea Tree Oil* (20%)
    Lavender Oil (7%)
    Frankincense Oil (3%)

    * When I first started making this mix, I only used the first three.

    If I am having a stress or hormone induced bad skin day, which is rare I do the following:

    1. exfoliate ( I use Eclos Instant Radiance Facial Scrub, but if I run out I use some of my Jason bodywash mixed with coarse sea salt crystal)
    2. while my face is still clean and wet, I put on a bit of witch hazel
    3. I mix the essential oils above with a bit of aloe vera gel and shea butter, and put it on my wet skin

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