Does Masturbation Cause Acne in Males?

Yes, I’m going there.

So, the topic of masturbation causing acne is something that I have found comes up frequently around the internet – mostly in the form of studies that say ‘no, there is absolutely no correlation’ juxtoposed against guys who swear up and down that masturbating causes them to break out.

Ladies, I will say right now – I have never heard/read of any females finding that masturbation causes acne, so you can breathe easy as this does seem to be mostly a male problem.

So… anyway, back to the question, does masturbation cause acne in males?

Well, to be honest, I would say no – masturbation does not “cause” acne. Acne is a manifestation of underlying issues – gut problems and nutritional deficiencies, if you want my opinion. Which I guess you do if you’re reading my website. However, once you’ve got that going on (and most do to some degree), people seem to have about a bajillion different things that can trigger their acne.

For example, one person’s major trigger may be stress, for others, it’s a particular food. Or maybe it’s fluoride in the water supply, blood sugar swings, or your chemical cleanser that is irritating the heck out of your skin. 

Unfortunately for some guys out there, sex and masturbation may also be one of them. This will not be true for every male, but judging by real people’s experiences and not the studies (I prefer real people’s experiences), there may be a link here.

For example, I got this email from someone yesterday:

Hi Tracy!

I’ve been watching your videos, and I tried them out, and some other stuff as well. And I discovered something… strange.

Believe me, I’m not trolling, this is not a joke. I’m a 20 years old male, and I found out that masturbation CAN cause very severe acne.

I was on paleo diet, threw away the cosmetics, etc.

Well, my face got pretty good, but after I masturbate, it gets REALLY bad, like 30 zits out of nowhere. Well, I couldn’t know it before, because I ate junk food and stuff, but now, when all bad factors where eradicated, I have noticed it. My skin got really bad on sunday, and I said to myself: I will NOT masturbate, but eat the same foods as before.

My skin is pretty amazing now compared to the old days, and I only had to stop that ONE thing: masturbation. Not because of junk foods, or any other thing.

Long story short: masturbation could be a HUGE factor (its at least 80% for me, the other 19 is picking the pimples, and 1 is the food) Maybe because it tilts the hormone balance?

Now, it seems to me like this is a bit of an extreme case – and I’ve always been hesitant to mention this potential trigger because I didn’t want anyone to get all paranoid about this natural act if it wasn’t the culprit.

But I figured it was time to talk about it since the evidence is quite clear to me that there is potential for acne creation here, therefore, you guys out there may want to try experimenting with cutting yourself off for a while to see what happens.

Why Would Masturbation Trigger Acne?

That I don’t know for sure, but the common theory is that the surge of testosterone when you become aroused triggers it. Male androgens, after all, are responsible for end reactions in the acne formation cycle.

This theory makes sense to me considering I have also heard that in some males, heavy weight lifting workouts that increase testosterone production also can trigger acne.

However, another theory that I find interesting is that it’s not the hormone surge, but the nutrients lost when you ejaculate. Apparently semen contains Vitamins B6, B12, and E; Calcium; Magnesium; Selenium; and Zinc.

Zinc in particular is a mineral that is really important to healthy skin and its deficiency has a strong link to acne. So I can see how this theory would make sense, especially because I have heard that, in general (not acne related), that many men find that they have more overall energy when they hold back.

On the other hand (no pun intended), it also doesn’t make sense to me, because your body is always using these nutrients to create the sperm and semen inside your body whether you blow your load or not. Although maybe production goes into overdrive afterwards in order to catch up, and if you are masturbating every day or multiple times a day, then you really are draining yourself of life force and vital nutrients.

In short, I don’t know the truth and since there are no studies confirming anything, we only have speculation.

I Have to Choose Between Sex and Acne? Great. Kill Me Now.

Well, particularly if the “ejaculation loses nutrients” theory is correct, it doesn’t mean that you need to totally quit – just cut back a little. Try to do it twice a week only, well spaced out. But of course, you will have to experiment to see what works for you, as everyone is different.

I totally realize that trying to choose between acne and orgasms isn’t a fun thing to do. So I asked the person who sent me the above email how he felt about this. I said:

I have a question – and that is – are you planning to never masturbate or have sex EVER AGAIN? It’s a pretty hard thing to choose between. I’ve heard it’s more to do with ejaculation and the nutrients (particularly zinc) that a male loses, so therefore, it wouldn’t be too detrimental if you just did it once or twice a week spread out instead of never.

Anyway, I just wanted to know how you are resolving that part of it with yourself…. you must be happy you know you can control your acne, but it’s at quite the expense. Or is giving it up not such a big deal to you?

And he said:

Im just gonna lower it to once a week for now, and see the results. Naturally I will do them, but more sparingly. One can’t stop doing these, because without them life wouldn’t be full. Acne is bad, but life without sex is worse.

And there you have it.

If you’re a guy, do you notice any connection between masturbation or sex and acne? 

photo by Kait Jarbeau

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  1. Jorge Hernández says

    I never thought that masturbation would cause acne. For me it is not the case. What it causes is brain fog and if you get used to it there is a point where it can affect your life. It’s a good way to avoid all of the challenges to find a good girlfriend, please her, listen to her and of course…..have REAL SEX! There is a theory that says that when you have foreplay and full penetration and whatever comes to mind the fluids that are lost through ejaculation are replaced by the fluids secreted inside the vagina so you don’t lose anything. But when you masturbate you are draining yourself from many minerals. I know that semen gets “recycled” when you are not masturbating so I’d say there is a difference. Personally I think males should give up masturbation and build a relationship instead. It affects more the mind than the body for me.

    Good topic!

    • Matthew says

      Hmmm, whelp, I really don’t think males will ever give up masturbation. I know I won’t 😀 And honestly relationships aren’t always the right thing at the time for some people, or they might just be happy being single. Being single is ok. Masturbating is ok. Being in a relationship is also ok. It just depends on the person.
      I know that I will try every other known solution for getting rid of acne before I experiment with not masturbating. If acne is caused partially by stress than it would make sense to me that masturbation might help get rid of acne, with the stress relief that goes with it.
      I agree that masturbation can become a crutch to finding a real girlfriend/relationship, but so can many other things. By itself it is perfectly normal and healthy, and those who do it outside of a relationship have every right to. YAY SINGLE PEOPLE! :)

  2. Nathan says

    I’m going to post this, just because I haven’t actually realised it, but I haven’t mastrubated in weeks. I can’t even remember the last time I did!

    It’s not acne related that I haven’t, but honestly, with a healthier diet and a better lifestyle (early nights, early mornings), I just don’t feel like I even want to… Which is out of the ‘norm’ for a 21 year old student I know.

    I use to do it quite often, but like you said, I can’t really conclude whether it contributed to skin issues because at those times I had a not so good diet or lifestyle. I’m not even thinking about sex or in any way aroused like I use to be… But that could be again due to other things… uni work for example. Perhaps now that I’m fairly happy with my diet and lifestyle, I no longer need/want ‘pleasure’ which may have filled a gap previously. (like how unhealthy people eat so much sugar because they never feel satisfied)

    I guess it also goes in addition to, that with a cleaner diet and more of a ‘routine’, my energy levels and overall moods have improved. (I’m doing candida/paleo lifestyle)

    It’s an interesting topic and good for you on wanting to tackle it. It’s not an easy subject to discuss but hopefully others will have more of a conclusion on whether it causes acne or not.

  3. Jules says

    It’s true, Zinc is very important for your immune system, which includes your skin. Every time you cum, you are losing zinc, which explains why this doesn’t affect females. You could take a Zinc supplement, but I suppose you would have to figure out the right dose, as I’ve read about many different strengths working, and the length you must take before seeing results.

    Of course, the natural thing to do is to just cut back on the meat train, or even don’t release yourself at the end (but that’s a mental marathon in itself). I’ve always thought if this theory is true, then young male porn stars must have had a terrible time breaking into the business…

  4. Weldon says

    Nathan, Paleo kills libido and I speak from firsthand experience, no pun intended :-). Google it and you will find many accounts of this. By adding more simple carbs along with some testosterone boosting herbs such as tribulus and tongkat I have recovered and then some. I also supplement the nutrients mentioned in the article as well. Matt Stone of 180 degree on the web is doing some great work with carbs right now if you’d like to check him out. Danny Roddy is on the extreme anti paleo side if you would like an opposing view.

    • Sarah says

      Interesting, I also follow Matt Stone and was thinking that as I was reading his comment. I’m a girl, so it’s a little different, but I would have a red flag if anything killed my libido.
      Anyways, I’m sure this can happen, but maybe it’s also a mental thing for some people. If someone thinks something like masturbation causes acne then it possibly can.

  5. suf says

    Hi Tracy, I’m a 23 year old male and I have noticed that I do breakout when I get a wet dream. I hardly masturbate but when I do my skin feels dry and I break out.

    So it actually does affect me.

    I have a question and it may be a stupid one. Is masturbation and sex the same thing ?

  6. Sara says

    Okay as a Health care professional…..the answer is simply no one knows for certain…..but with all of the studies I have seen. NO it does not cause acne…..the serge of acne afterward is a coincidence……our bodies are made for pleasure…..and pleasure and a lower stress level should lead to a rosy glow…..not acne…….

    • Joe says

      I am 43 year old male. Lost of semen from masterbation caused serve acne in my case. I had experimented it by stopping this habbit and the acne was gone. I had this acne problem for about 2.5 years and had tried many tople treatment, different diet (reduce milk, take multi vitamins zinc, a, b,and c), my doc gave me some stronger drug (antibiotic and tople scream), did not work well. Until i stopped my materbation habbit it sudden cleared. Maybe something starting going wrong in my body.

      • techiedude20 says

        masturbation provokes makes skin dry n makes u lustreless..everyone gotta admit it..i mean if dis s d case i always wonder hw come porn stars hv a glowing skin!!! sex different frm maturbation then?..n hw to get rid of this problem??

  7. Amanda says

    Incase any man out there tries this who is in a relationship where he and his female partner are trying to get pregnant. The newer your sperm is the healthier is it. It is possible that the reason men have a drive to materbate or have sex regularly is because the more
    often they ejaculate the newer/healthier their next batch of semen will be which ups their odds of healthy offspring. Its all about survival of the fittest. Anyway, if you decide to try this to help your acne but you’re trying to get pregnant you should masturbate right before having sex. Okay, that’s enough semen talk for me! Hope this is helpful for someone. Also, this does make sense to me since my acne was completely hormonal (I’m a woman and had cystic acne along with menstration). Ok! Seriously! I’m done talking about this!

    • Tracy says

      Yes, this is true, I have heard this before as well – that that is why men tend to have the urge to masturbate more habitually than women do… because physiologically, they need to ensure that if the chance comes to get a girl preggo, the sperm will be nice and fresh (also why wet dreams can occur nocturnally if you don’t shed the old stuff). So yeah, if you are trying to get someone pregnant at present, this may not be a good time to do this experiment!

    • says

      Sorry, but this is false (and bad) advice. Masturbating directly before having sex isn’t advisable. If a man keeps it in for too long (more than 72 hours) then the quality of the sperm gets significantly lower. But the ideal time when a man has the best chances of making a woman pregnant is around 48 hours after the last ejacuation. That way the body produces the largest amount of high quality semen possible (on average). However, after 3 days dead sperm cells accumulate and “can get in the way” of health sperm cells. But if a man has just ejaculated, there will be only a miniscule amount of sperm cells in the seminal fluid.

      • Tracy says

        Huh? I never gave advice to masturbate right before sex. I just said that this is why men are more driven to masturbate habitually (which could mean every other day or every third day, I didn’t specify)… because exactly what you said… so that the sperm is high quality for getting someone preggos! :)

        • Wudz says

          preggos all an egg needs is a single sperm cell.. so masturbate or don’t .. About Acne its testosterone boost from the act..

  8. Lisa says

    So this isn’t about masterbation but it is a personal topic. I have taken your advice and have changed my diet dramadicly the past 3 months and this month i did not get my period. I know that I’m not pregnant because I took a pregnancy test and haven’t had sex in 5 months anyway and I am not on birth control either. Can a new diet cause missed periods?

  9. Sampson says

    Masturbation can trigger your body to produce more DHT (most likely due to encourage the male to finish the deed and spread his seed.) Supposedly a small amount of zinc and Coenzyme A and Q is lost through ejaculation.

    If zinc is being lost, that makes the DHT issue worse. I really doubt that in a healthy individual masturbation is cause for concern, but for those with hormonal imbalances or nutritional deficiencies, masturbation can most likely exacerbate the issue and make it worse.

  10. Sara says

    Sud….masterbation is sex with oneself…..and there is nothing wrong with giving yourself pleasure…..I asked an Endocrinologist friend of mine whether masterbation will cause acne in males…after the look I got :-)….he said that if there are no metabolic problems in the male…..there will be no acne. Now he is talking serious problems….he told me to not worry… the symptoms you have….a speak to a Doctor if they become severe……Sara

  11. suf says

    Interesting points people !

    I think it only affects certain amount of people which includes me ):

    I think sex might be different though to masturbation.

    • Tracy says

      To be honest, I didn’t know whether sex (intercourse with a partner) and masturbation (self stimulation) was different in this sense (ie, it’s capacity to trigger acne)… whenever I hear about this problem, it’s always referred to as “masturbation” causing acne.

      But in my logic, how is getting aroused and ejaculating going to be physiologically different whether you are doing it yourself or if you are doing it inside a woman? It doesn’t really seem like there would be any difference so I lumped them together in this article, but perhaps there is some difference (like gaining back some of the lost nutrients from the woman’s vaginal fluids, for example)

      • virgo says

        Almost every time I masterbate I end up getting a least two pimples; but, when I had sex with my Wife I realized that I didn’t get any, so I guess this could be correct. :)

  12. Joanne says

    I think that person is making it up, and that perhaps fanatical religious people make this up and spread it all over the internet. When you think about it, it makes absolutely no sense. It probably actually helps acne since it releases stress and gets your blood flowing, a bit like exercise?

    • Tracy says

      I don’t think he made it up… it’s not the first time I’ve heard this, and I do think it makes sense. It’s not like masturbation would cause acne in a healthy person, or even everyone who has acne, but with someone with a hormonal imbalance – a certain bodily chemistry it could just send you over the edge enough to trigger breakouts. It’s the same thing with intense workouts.. you’d think they would be stress relieving, exercise etc, but the heightened testosterone could just trigger something there if you are prone to it.

    • says

      No offense at all to ya but if you actually had this problem, you’d simply say otherwise. I have proven this pitiful concept to myself over and over and over again.

  13. Bruno says

    Just shuck some oysters, eat some liver, and you’ll be fine! I’m not a fan of masturbation (I find it a bit too pathetic), but I don’t see why a person should reduce sex frequency.

  14. Matthew says

    Alright. So first off, in response to a couple of the comments, “I find masturbation…a bit too pathetic,” and “it’s a good way to avoid all of the challenges to find a good girlfriend”, I must reply. That is the equivalent of a single person saying that sex in a relationship is pathetic, and having a girlfriend is just a lack of strength and independence. There is absolutely nothing pathetic about the natural release of semen that a male’s body biologically desires every 3 days.
    On subject, I have no idea whether or not my acne is effected by masturbation, but I plan on exhausting every other potential solution to reducing acne before experimenting with abstinence.

  15. Tracy says

    ^^^ Definitely. I’d like to clarify that I, personally, don’t think masturbation is in any way pathetic or shameful or anything like that… it’s totally normal! In fact, part of me hates that I even had to write this article as I don’t really want anyone to become discouraged from it, but sometimes reality is just…. crappy :/ I’m really hoping for everyone’s sake the masturbation/acne link is generally quite rare.

  16. Christelle says

    Ok, this is just a hypothesis, but if acne is caused by masturbation in males, couldn’t it be due to some kind of emotional issue surrounding masturbation? I don’t know anything about this topic, but I’ve had three acne breakouts in my life, and one of them was – I’m almost certain now – brought on after I met somebody and fell head over heels for them. This was 11 years ago. I’m a woman, so this might be totally irrelevant, but I know that I felt a surge of desire for this guy, along with a bunch of other fairly twisted feelings (inadequacy mostly – “why would this guy want to be with me” type feelings, etc, and within one week I had a really spotty face and had to go on antibiotics to get rid of the mess.

    Perhaps this has nothing to do with this particular topic, but I know that acne can be caused by emotional stuff, and, well, some people who have religious beliefs or whatever might unconsciously feel bad about masturbation. Personally, I think it’s totally normal (EVERYONE does it – men and women), but if someone has a “guilty” relationship to it, I’m guessing that might trigger a breakout…

  17. aj says

    i find it extremely hard to go completely off masturbation for a long period of time. Not because im addicted, but because im a teenager.

    I tried for a month to go cold turkey but managed to slip up twice and after a few days within each time, I broke out. Now i want to say this was a coincidence but then why is it like 3 days after? its gotta be the masturbation! i hope its not true and hopefully you can prove me wrong.

    I take a zinc supplement and even multi-vitamin so it cant be the loss of nutrients. And its not like im doing it every day….if anything only like once every other week!

  18. szinka says

    I don’t really now,if maturbation couses acne, but there may be an influence, couse it changing hormones and nutrients level.
    What is important, I do belive that masturbiation can cause one’s feel psychologically and phisically worse. If one’s is really strong and young he may not notice it on concious level, though.
    And when one feels worse, he doesn’t have energy to proceed e.g. diet, sport etc. Moreover, he is more vulnerable to stress (which triggers acne). It’s a huge influence, and it’s well worth poinitng out, that it’s not sex with partner, so one hasn’t increased oxitocin level after it (and hasn’t other benefits).
    In my view, the best way is to decrease the amount of mastrubation, but not being to ortodoxy, couse supressing feeling/needs may couse other problems.

  19. says

    You know, about a week ago I cut dairy, grains, and refined sugar (back on the anti-fungal diet) and I also havnt beat off since….no new breakouts…now im now sure if its the food or the whacking..or maybe both!

  20. Brian says

    Were all good! im 100% my acne is caused by a fungal infection! week 2 of no sugar, dairy, grains, root veggies, and most fruit. Everyone with an acne problem should get on an anti-fungal diet…and proceed with the whacking!

  21. OrganicBeast says

    Hey Tracy,

    Yeah, sadly I think masturbation does cause acne.

    I am a guy, 29 yrs old. My case is kind of interesting.
    – First time I masturbated: Age 19. Pretty late compared to others I know. :-)
    – Continued to masturbate few times a week for the next 8-10 years. Never had issues with acne.
    But since the last 6 months I’ve been getting acne right after masturbation. I’ve cut out alcohol, junk food and also supplemented myself with Zinc, Multivitamin, Vitamin A, blood cleanser like wheat grass etc. None of these nutrient rich food could prevent the acne which resulted from masturbation.

    I seriously don’t know how to fix the above or if there is any fix to it, but honestly I don’t care because I always felt there was something wrong with masturbating behind my computer… Guilt? Ya, but it dies after a few years of masturbating.

    In the past years, I had attempted many times to quite the habit, but I eventually fell right into it again and again!! Its like I enslaved myself to my very own body. The body calls me, and I answer right away! I have a real motivating reason to quit masturbation for good….
    Had always complemented the act with good steamy straight porn videos [for sexual arousal]. Ejaculating/Orgasm while watching porn created a very powerful attachment to pornography. I just cannot or won’t masturbate without porn. So for the past 10 yrs, I started this sexual relationship with ‘pornography’ instead of with a real woman. Nothing natural and healthy about it.

    Porn is like fire people. Powerful! [Only if your soul desires all the sexual imagery]

    Yes, I do consider myself as a ‘struggling Christian’. Not here to judge anybody. I’ve formed my own opinion about masturbation after engaging in it for the past 10 years.

    Its been just a bit more than a week since I’ve masturbated. Fell to porn twice last week, but pulled out soon realizing my goal.

    *My goal: Quit pornography and masturbation for good! Live a life with my sack full maybe for the right woman. :-) I shall satisfy her up with the river of my life-substance! :-)

  22. Jagoo says

    Hi guys,

    This is Jagoo , I am 21 if you want to see me I can provide my face book to you to see me, regarding to myself I have never masturbate in my life, if you don’t believe we can check it with a doctor, when I say to someone or to my friends that I have never masturbate they don’t believe, the reason why I didn’t masturbate yet, I started exercising Boxing since I was 16 and I kept doing that till 18 but after I quit with boxing due to some problems, but still I exercise like running and walking and etc. when I started boxing my teacher told me that don’t masturbate it makes you weak and his advice was always in my mind and I was pretty engaged with school studies and exercising and so I didn’t masturbate due to those things yet, you guys may also not believe to my words but I know about self that I never had masturbate in my life yet, but to be honest I had wet dreams, and I have had sex two times three times with a old lady and with young girl, and still i don’t masturbate, but my question is here that I never had masturbate in my life I have too many sever pimples in my shoulder and in my back, it screws me , I went to doctors they prescribed medicine for me but nothing affect on me? Why I never had had masturbate but I have worse and sever pimples in my back and over my shoulders? can you please advice. Thanks.

    • Tracy says

      Hi there – just because masturbation may trigger acne in some people doesn’t mean that masturbation is the sole cause of acne and that everyone who masturbates has acne and everyone who doesn’t masturbate doesn’t have acne. There are many, many other reasons for acne. Make sure you read around my site and download my free ebook for other ideas of why you might be getting pimples

      • Jagoo says

        HI Tracy,

        I want to know are there people who has never masturbated in their life? Please respond faithfully and honestly, I don’t know if I am the only one that never had masturbated or there are more people like me in here, Because when I say to someone that I have never masturbated they don’t believe and they say I am laying to them, but I honestly want to say that I have never had it, secondly is it goinog to loss my sexual intercouse in the far future if I keep going like this? there are guys they are saying hey why you have done it yet, or they say there was a same guy like you he had never masturbared then in his life he couldn’t have a child and so so and now I am confused that’s why I want to know fully about this, can you guys advice.

        • Tracy says

          Well, I don’t know if it’s going to make you sterile if you dont, but I think it is healthy to masturbate at least occasionally (for males)… because you are constantly making new sperm and the function of routine ejaculation is so that your body can shed the old sperm and make room for the new “fresh” guys. That’s why generally (I thought) that if you don’t ever ejaculate in your waking life, that you will end up having wet dreams because your body is trying to shed that old stuff just in case you get the chance to impregnate someone, you want to be as fresh as possible!

          So, is there a particular reason that you choose not to masturbate?

          • Jagoo says

            Yes the particualr reason that I don’t masturebate till now is exercising sports I have been exercising since my chilhood, on that time my uncle told me that don’t masturebate because it if you masturebate you are goiong to lose weight and you won’t grow up normally as well as you are not going to be able to exercise effectively, due to that I never masturebate because I don’t want to be thin and weak short bo y! now I don’t know what to do, when I sleep I feel masturbate and I want a girl to sleep with me and I want to kiss and like that,,,,, so what’s your advice if I masturebate is it going to be like and obsticale in my growing up and will it make me weak, and also I can’t cope up with feelings at night the only thing I want at night is a girl nothing elss it’s very tough for me.

    • Jagoo says

      Ok to night when I sleep I will think of huging a girl like you in my arms, and in that imagination I will give a shock. hey I have got a second question does girls masturbate? is there any girls to explain about it.

  23. Jorge says

    I think it might have an emotional connection but it’s also because there are other factors that contribute to the problem. Masturbation is not a direct cause of acne. I never experienced that connection. I don’t masturbate anymore because it’s not a good habit though. Since I started my holistic journey to a better me I learned that masturbation is heavily connected to many psychological problems that can affect people in many degrees. Among them low self esteem and underestimation of the role of women in a relationship. I’d say that it gives you a little pleasure in the moment in exchange of bad repercussions in the long term. Kind of what sugar does in your body. 😀

    I’ve learned a lot from you Tracy but I think that you’re wrong when you say that masturbation is a good thing. It’s completely unnatural and it doesn’t offer any REAL benefit in the long term. We were designed to have sex (hopefully with your significant other) not to jack off looking at porn which is the way 99.99% of guys do it. I’m not sure if girls watch porn but I’d say that it is equally harmful for their psychology.

    Maybe there is good reason why a person with a pure heart won’t masturbate. Sex is an important and fulfilling part of life but it requires a real understanding of its purpose.

    • Jagoo says

      Tracy last night I went through your comprehensive idea, there was no sex pics or something like that, I tried but nothing happened to me, it looked funny to me I was rubbing it in your feelings for 2 minutes but nothing come out.

  24. Smizzo says


    I’ve been battling acne for years. Im 25 and male. I’m 5’9, 155 lbs, and just recently I had a crazy case of cystic acne that really pissed me off, and made me very unsociable :( I hate staying in because I HATE when people look at you and you see their eyes focus on your acne its the worst feeling. To continue, I take a multivitamin every day, in addition to co-enzyme q10. I’ve been doing everything I can to stop this cystic breakout. I’ve been eating really healthy lately, a lot of salad and proteins and I stay away from sugar, only drink water, and I’ve been working out like a work horse lately. I’ve been researching everything on the internet and I stumbled across this and it looks to be a recent article. I’m single, and I think its cause my acne cause I’m a cool kid, I have a great paying job, a BRAND new car that’s NASTY, I’m in GREAT SHAPE (nice 6 pack, arms waist) but ACNE is holding me back :*(. I’m so sick of this. Oh, I was also a very heavy user of Marijuana, and I’m trying to quit (today is day 2). On top of all this, I’m going to quit masturbating for at least 2 weeks and see what happens. I really think its causing a hormonal imbalance, and I seem to break out really bad after I jerk it. I just want a clear face again. I’ll report back in 2 weeks and let you know how it goes :)

  25. Priya Shankar Banerjee says

    I am a 19 yr old male. I had started masturbating 2 yrs back and since then it’s been like masturbating 7-8 times a week. Initially there were no issues regarding acne but only a year ago I started facing acne problem which has shunned down my level of confidence indirectly. Presently I have switched to fat and oil-free foods including lots of fruits and green vegetables. Anyways, I still masturbate. Would my present diet routine reduce the acne problem or I need to quit masturbating :( ? What’s your say in this matter ? Please do reply…

    • Tracy says

      Hi there – there’s no way to know if masturbation is a problem for your acne unless you give it a trial in which you stop for a while and see what happens.

  26. Jago jean says

    I finally masturbate it’s so joyful I really enjoyed I will keep on doing it thx tracy for your helpful advice

  27. Priya Shankar Banerjee says

    I have stopped masturbating for the past couple of days and it’s bloody healing. I have even started using tomato slices for scrubbing my skin and it is helping me a lot. Thank you Tracy for your certainly cooli’o advice…

    With love
    PSB :)

  28. Jin says

    I see that i am getting pimples with masturbation… there any way i can prevent them without stopping masturbation ???

  29. Jay says

    So I’ve been reading through this and found it really interesting. I have suffered with acne for years now, and I have to swear it started the same time I started masturbating… Then again, that’s when puberty started too, so who’s to say? I have noticed that since graduating my face is getting better and my back has cleared up immensely. For all these years, I did blame masturbating the source of my skin ailment, but I think a lot has to do with how you feel inside. I’m always a anxious, so I think it shows on the outside and I sometimes do feel guilty after I blow a load. But I have no idea frankly. My diet has been the shits for a while, so drinking a gallon of distilled water a day to help remove impurities has really worked a wonder. Same with taking some hormonal balancing pills. I also used to swim, I’m not sure if swimming in a pool with 100 other people was food for my skin, but neither was the shaving I did. Shaving, masturbating, feelings. What are we to do with acne on top? Haha. I wish everyone the best with their skin troubles!

  30. Deepak says

    i wonder to see that doctor never accepts that masterbation cause acne. This may be problem for all mens but iam facing this problem since long ago.Whenever i masterbate ,acne appers on my face. So i have to compromise between acne and masterbation. Can anyone suggest me solution for this????.

    • Tracy says

      Well, this Shaun who posted below says that taking 50 mg of zinc a day cleared up the problem, so I would say try that. And in general you can increase your chances of having clear skin by improving your diet, sleep patterns, stress levels, and exercise.

  31. Shaun says

    I quit masturbating and having sex for two full years. My skin still was not perfect or close to it. Whenever I would have a wet dream though, I would notice my face get worse. My theory aligns with the authors, masturbation/sex does not cause acne but may aggravate. Once you have clogged pores etc. it seems to make them much more prominent and full. I started taking zinc 50mg and my acne cleared up. now I do what I want :)

    • Tracy says

      Great! I’m glad to hear that taking zinc worked for you on this issue – now I can recommend others who suffer from this acne masturbation connection to try it

      • sudhan says

        hi tracy i m sudhan here im nw 18 years old i have started masturbating since the age of 13 and im still indulged with i have read your articles mmd you are the right person to say my probs pls give me a valuable suggestion i started masturbating sinae the age of 13 ndim facing acne problmz rince the age of 15 nd i have gone all treatments for my acne still it comes to me again nd again do i have to quit my masturbating or i shld prefer zinc dosage as you said before wat to do pls give me a proper guidance i have sleepless nights because of this prob nd this acne has swollen my face to great extent nd it has made to quit my modelling carries sm pls give me suggestions to come out of this freaky habit of masturbation wat to do im a flop in my life help me

        • Tracy says

          Hi Sudhan,
          Have you tried stopping masturbation to see if that’s even a trigger for your acne? It might not be the issue at all. The only way to know is to stop and see and then make a decision

  32. says

    it does , it does for me and a number of my friends too.I have gone through a lot of your videos on youtube and was eager to ask you about it.Thankfully you addressed the topic yourself. I don’t exactly know why is it caused but ya normally people blame that to zinc deficiency caused after masturbation (if any).Also i have heard that it is due to the increase of testosterone content in the blood stream that is produced by testis to produce sperm or while producing sperm . I not sure about them though. If you want a community for discussing the topic further here is link.

    For me the case is even worse as I can easily abstain from masturbation but then i suffer for nightfall(wet dreams) until the old sperm is out of my body. Skin products are waste on masturbation acne . I have gone through your yoga videos it helps a bit, calms me down . I tired zinc tablets didn’t worked for me that much but maybe I would give it another shot. Lastly I have shifted to Australia recently so I want to know that does zinc tablets require a medical prescription?

    • Tracy says

      Hi Juna :)
      Maybe it was the type of zinc you used? I recommend zinc picolinate, sounds like it is absorbed better than other zincs. I don’t believe zinc supplements are prescription in Australia

      • juna says

        ya I got it today hope it works . Its blackmores Bio zinc made for skin 50 mg , I am gonna let you all know whether it works or not in a week . As this the first time I have got in contact with you so i would like to let you know that i love what you do .
        Offering all this information that too free 😀 .
        RESPECT :)

          • says

            it has been six days since i got that tablet so here are the results :-
            its working but at the same time it has increased my nightfalls significantly
            Though I haven’t got a severe breakout as i usually have. Anyway for those who can’t have access to zinc tablets and suffer from nightfall the best thing to avoid nightfall is live a PG-13 life (it worked for me ) that means no Internet porn or even R-rated movie. which can obviously be followed by a healthy lifestyle which i am sure everyone is aware of .But thats next to impossible . Anyway if in the coming weeks I don’t have anyway breakouts I would be a bit relieved as the nightfall accompanies a day of depression and anxiety as there is nothing i can do to make it stop completely and it involves slowly watching your acne appear. It like waiting for a slow death but at least there you can die at the end . Btw tracy I read your other posts too so whenever you are coming to India let me know I would love to meet you if I am there

  33. Saynah says

    I know for a fact masturbation causes acne in me. I use to do it every 2 days and I would break out almost every day. Last month I had to stay at a friends house for a week which meant no masturbation for a week. In that time I had no break outs whatsoever and my face was clearing up. When I got home I started getting back into my old habit and wala my acne was back. So I decided to do a test, to abstain from masturbation for as long as i can. I manged 2 weeks without any breakouts!.
    From now on I only masturbate once every week and my face gets the odd pimple here and there.

    Its just not fair why would god do this to me? I sure hope one day I grow out of acne I’m 20 at the moment all though its better then it use to be I want to be completely clear.

    • MJ says

      It’s just genetics, you over product DHT during ejaculation. This should diminish over time, so when you get older, late 20s early 30s this should no longer occur, but it could be a life long ordeal for some. It happens to me as well, but I don’t see it as a bad thing. I feel better without it anyways. It does suck though if you have a gf, you just have to find one that will compromise with you.

  34. TwoStep says

    I dont think its masturbation that causes acne for me but rather the feeling. like for example even if I think about sex but dont masturbate I swear I breakout the next day, but on weeks when I’m busy working and my minds of sex I never seem to breakout.

    @Tracy I’m not sure if this is the right section to ask, but when people say acne is caused by hormonal imbalances then what causes these imbalances and how do we balance them? Also how do we know if acne is caused by hormonal imbalances in a person? is it something that we can get checked by doctors & do they give medicine to balance things out again?


    • Tracy says

      Hi there,
      Well, it’s kind of misleading because acne is essentially always caused by hormones, but hormones are only ever out of whack because of other things – like diet and lifestyle. And the natural changes in puberty don’t help. So the first line of defence against whacky hormones is just treat your body better, and in most cases this will allow your hormones to do their jobs properly, and not give you acne. If this doesn’t work completely, then the best thing to do is get a saliva hormone test to show you what your hormones are doing exactly, and then you can take supplements that target that specific imbalance and get you back on track. Unfortunately saliva hormone tests aren’t that cheap, and the hormone tests you can get at a doctor are not nearly as accurate as saliva tests. Hope this helped.

  35. Brian says

    One other effect of masturbation that some people have is that they get a strong flush in the face and upper body when they have an orgasm. Couldn’t this be the trigger, rather than hormones or nutrients? I personally do it at least daily and have always had very clear skin, but I also don’t get extremely flushed. I wonder if the extreme vascular variability that some people experience with high arousal might not trigger breakouts in the same part of the body.

  36. Juna says

    Well it has been quiet some time since i tired zinc tablets . They are not exactly working for me . They just delay the occurrence of acne. I hope someone out there has a more appropriate solution to the problem , there is gotta be a pill or something that we can have . Anyway right now the struggle is on

  37. MJ says

    It is well known that masturbation is linked to DHT production, not masturbation itself but the ejaculation part. After one ejaculates (either male or female) there is a spike in testosterone. This spike leads to the over production of DHT. DHT is a key factor in controlling sebum oil production, once the spike of DHT hits the sebum gland, the gland over produces sebum oil. However, because everyones bodies are different some only have minor DHT production, while others (like the people here stating it does cause them acne) have high production of DHT. Reducing the oil is a simple matter of reducing the amount of ejaculation. When you get old, this will start to diminish, as testosterone production levels off, but this could take until you are in your late 30s or early 40s while some just never level off at all.

    DHT also leads to baldness, for the same exact reasons (as well as genetic factors). The human body isn’t designed to ejaculate as often as people do these days. Sex is sold everywhere and is a large part of society. If you look at the natural animal world, many only mate once a year, or have a mating season. There is nothing wrong with abstaining from ejaculation. If you is causing you acne, just stop altogether.

    Those studies that suggest ejaculation is healthy for reproductive organs and to reduce cancer are a myth. There was one study, ONE, out of many (~20) that suggested ejaculation could reduce your risk of prostate cancer. The others were in favor of reducing ejaculation to reduce prostate cancer.

    Good luck!

  38. rahul singh says

    I am 18 yrs of age.I’m trying to masterbate
    from 16 yrs but the semen is not coming out
    and i’m still struggling. I used to have Nightfall,
    then i went to doctor and i was bound to take
    some medicines which furthur stopped my
    Nightfall problem. As i am a school student my
    friend often tease me in public that being a boy
    sperm doesn’t come out. I am too worried
    about it and also feel guilty. Please Help. Try to
    give me advice which can be recovered Naturally
    as i cannot this to my parents. Plz Hlp !!

    • Tracy says

      So, what happened? You were having wet dreams and then you took medication to stop it from happening, and now you can’t ejaculate?

  39. Adam says

    I have never reaelly noticed a link between the two, however, i have noticed the energy surge I get when I dont do it for a while. I personally think that masterbating more than once every week or two is a waste because it probably does deplete your body of nutrients to some extent. I really dont think it causes harm unless you do it constantly. Another thing too, if you minimize the amount of orgasms you have, you will enjoy the ones you do have so much more. Quitting sex and masterbation sounds crazy to me, life would really be a drag then lol. Everything is better with a little moderation.

  40. anonymous says

    Both men and women masterbate just as much as each other, and I get that people have needs… But it still sounds pathetic when someone has to pleasure themselves… That’s just my own thought and Im not trying to be mean, but having a relationship with porn and your hand is rather sad. I personally value real stable relationships with another human more. But hey, I guess not everyone is lucky to have that.

    • Tracy says

      I don’t think there’s anything sad about it.. people need to get off, and if you don’t have a partner (and it’s totally fine to be single!), there’s nothing shameful about masturbating. It actually makes you a better lover if you already know how to please yourself! (that statement may be more relevant to girls since guys are usually pretty straight forward to please, buuut… yeah!)

  41. Alexander Lenotso says

    I personally felt there was a link between masturbation and acne as well. I can never be sure. Has anyone mentioned taking zinc supplements (if it is to do with loss of zinc)? Coincidentally, I’m taking zinc and vitamin c tablets at the moment; I’d heard they can help with healing of scars and general skin improvement. I’ve taken them for about three months, but haven’t really noticed. Also heard that getting enough vitamin e can improve acne problems, will try that somewhen (though I probably get a fair amount from my diet). Anyway, I’ve gone a little off topic, although still acne-related…

  42. Dave says

    just wondering if anyone “to date” has found a way to get around the issue of masterbating being linked to acne. Im 22 and know for a cold hard FACT it is with me, the more i do the worse it gets, if i completely stop it heals back up for about to weeks and then starts to get worse again until I do masterbate again. its taken a few years for me to get the rhythm right but it seems if i do every other day to every other other day I stay pretty clear. but its not fair to a significant other, she would like to have sex once a day every day and I can’t. I would look absolutely terrible, id break out everywhere. I just wanna live a normal healthy decent looking life

  43. Leonard Gershorny says

    I don’t know about whether masturbating causes acne or not, but I have read some unfounded claims that the output of this practice can, conversely, clear up acne. Research even turned up a book (On My Face Please) that claims semen can definitely cure acne. In one chapter it breaks down the effective components in an almost clinical manner. Yet, the work is purely fictional, and pretty raunchy at that. So I seriously doubt it.

  44. Rahul Wagh says

    See, it causes acne to me for sure. I’ve experienced it quite a few times myself. To make myself confirmed I’d made a schedule to do it once a day for 2 weeks and It ruined my face then i reduced it to 3 times a week for again 15 days and i somewhat had recovered myself from that condition. I also noticed if i do it between 1 – 4 pm I don’t get any acne at all so guys try ejaculating at different times and choose a time which suites you better and for your acne.
    (Now I am having it 2 times a week between 1 – 4 pm)

    • Tracy says

      That’s interesting… thanks for sharing that tip about the time of day. I wonder why the time of day would make a difference! That’s great though!

  45. TheBadman says

    Well I tried Zinc after reading this page for a about a month (1 50mg of picolinate zinc pill everyday) but at first it seemed like it was working but then just come back with puss filed spots which I rarely get so I stopped taking them. Coincidentally I started eating a lot of fish based food (because my GF is away and fish is the easiest thing to cook lol) and noticed my acne has gone. I don’t know if its because I haven’t been having sex for the past week and a half, or if its got anything to do with the fish. I did some research online and found that Omega 3 which is found in fish can get rid of acne. So I’ve ordered a bunch of Omega 3 tablets, here’s hoping it works!

    p.s @Tracy what are the risks of taking two supplements: Zinc + Omega 3 at the same time? will there be any health risks?


  46. TheBadman says

    whoops @tracy my post was meant for the (Copper Toxicity & a Zinc Deficiency Could Be Causing Your Acne) page not this page my bad! LOL

  47. Tyler says

    There appears to be a link for me. Jerked off everyday for a week straight and had unusually high numbers of new pimples. Haven’t masturbated in over 12 days and acne has gone way down. Not exactly a scientific study I know but I have noticed a correlation for some time now. Hormonal imbalance seems to be my biggest factor, definitely need some work on the gut though too.

  48. karan says

    Yes!!! It does cause acne!!! Every time I masturbate the next morning I see new breakouts. Right now my face looks horrible and if anybody knows a solution to control acne then pls help me. I’ve started hating me coz of acne. It has made my life miserable. :'(

    • Tracy says

      I’m sorry to hear you’re struggling with this :(
      Your comment reminded me that someone the other day posted a comment on one of my youtube videos that said this:

      “Remember you wrote an article about masturbation acne ? I have found a cure – a homoeopathy medicine called Nat Mur 30 c ….works for me highlight it if possible”

      So everyone is different… no guarantee that’s going to work for you just because it worked for this guy… but… I just wanted to post it here for everyone as maybe something to try.

  49. Karan says

    Ohhh anyways….ri8 now I just have to control masturbating for a while. I think thats d only solution. Thank u tracy. :) :)

  50. sheraz says

    Everyone says that masturbation does not cause Acne; I serously have my doubts about that. I started masturbating when I was 13 years old, back when my skin was as smooth as a baby’s butt. It had been about a year since I started masturbating when I started to get acne. At first it was not that bad, but then it got worse. I first heard that masturbation causes acne from my father 3 years after I had started masturbating, and by that time I was whacking it 3 times a day. At first I did not belive my father (who by the way is a certified health practicioner), who was noticing my changing physical features and starting to suspect that i masturbated (I never told him that i did). He told me that after every ejeculation the skin pores close temporarily. The closing of these pores allows for the congestion of body oils and bacteria, which in turn cause acne and the increase in size of blackheads. I then decided to test this myth for myself.

    I did notice that after every ejaculation I had, my acne would increase in size; my black heads would transform into pimples, and along with that more black heads would form. That was when I decided to stop masturbating. It was amazing, my acne started to go away.

    That was when I decided to please myself all over again, and again blackheads started to form, later to become pimples. I stopped again, and the acne left me again. Nowadays I masturbate only once every 3 months, but the effects it has on me always take place, not neccessarily to its farthest extent, but after every ejaculation my forhead transforms almost immedialtley. I can’t enjoy mysef as much as i used to because I know it will make me look worse. I don’t understand why this happens, why masturbating causes acne on me. All I know is that it does not happen to every guy, everyones body is different, but im sure there are others out there who are going through the same thing i’m goin. I want to masturbate as much as I want, but I can’t without knowing that it will leave its scar upon my face. What can i do about this?

  51. says

    Hi Tracy This is for the Nat Mur 30 C thing I wrote on youtube .I am 18 years old . I have been suffering from masturbation acne . I have been masturbating since I was 15 . But the acne started appearing when I was 16. It got really worse since last year . It clears up within 1 week if I stop . But Lately I get nocturnal emission within 10 days of the stoppage and it has almost similar effect on my skin . I have a healthy diet. I drink a lot of water . I have eat a lot of fruits and get plenty of exercise . I am 100% sure that masturbation and nocturnal emission is the cause . I have tired Zinc tablets and cod liver oil but they don’t seems to work much. So I turned towards homoeopathy as a last resort. I stumbled over this medicine and its made up of table salt (sodium chloride). It was suggested by a doctor for our problem. Though it seemed insignificant since I came to know that it is made from salt but I though of giving it a try. It has been 2 weeks since I have been taking it and there has been little to no appearance of acne after masturbation when I take the sufficient doses which is 4 times a day 8 sugar balls( a little more as I am anxious ) . I will watch the results for another month and if it turns out to be positive then I will share this wherever I can . the good thing is very cheap and If you are living in India its easily available . Though when u are taking it you should follow the basic homoeopathy protocols that include no coffee no onions and ginger

    • Tracy says

      Hi Juna,
      Thanks so much for coming here and sharing your information about this homeopathic remedy!! You are awesome.

      • says

        Sorry for replying late
        No loren its a homoeopathic medicine made for table salt. If you haven’t heard of homoeopathic medicine, they are alcoholic solutions of various salts . I am sure they would be available over Internet in your country

  52. Combo says

    Is there any easier way stop masturbating? I can stop for a week at max but then on the weekends I have to masturbate, Its even worse because I have a feet fetish so whenever I see a AD with girls feet I have a huge urge to masturbate]:<.

    • Tracy says

      I don’t know, but I bet you can find a lot of support on the internet… there’s kind of a big movement among some guys that have realized that watching porn and masturbating messes with their brain, and can cause erectile dysfunction and otherwise non-enjoyment from having sex with a real woman. – anyway… many men are thus trying to quit … maybe read around on that site for support resources

  53. rahul says

    hi, friends
    i realize that my face is remain clean when i doesn’t masturbate for 2 weeks or a month but when i masturbate suddenly on 2nd day bad pimple arises on my chick,nose & anywhere on face. Also one more question in my mind is that what are the internal body differences(like harmonic) between masturbation & actual sex with girl.
    please try to answer my queries,thank you.

      • says

        Hi tracy
        I am Prasun, 26yrs old.I agree with most of the guys out in here that jerking off does cause dullness as sperm is the purest form of blood,But I guess it only affect the body if guys try to do it everyday. Twice/week can resolve the problem.
        Well I do have a concern that few times i notice after masturbation I feel my testicles shrinks n causes pain as well, same never happen while making love.
        Any Advice


  54. Sarayu says

    LOL… I’m female and like some (or most) I have experimented with masturbation and self-pleasuring activities (yaay me). I noticed that I would break out within 2 days of the activity. You could say this is a coincidence. But if it happens every time, I can’t help but think there’s an association (and I’m female, mind you). I decided to do a little investigation. I stopped masturbating for 3 months and my skin was clear. Then I did it again and my skin was hell. Now I have chosen clear skin over pleasure. It’s sad, I know.

  55. Bill says

    Why is this so hard for so many people to believe? You can easily turn up scientific studies which show that masturbation increases the production of sexual hormones. Just getting an erection can spike testosterone by up to 400%.

    Who told everyone that’s normal to masturbate every day? Try -not- soaking your eyes in porn for a while, and see that you don’t naturally get raging boners 24/7, even if you’re around a lot of women.
    You CAN be addicted to porn and masturbation, and it CAN send your hormones on a roller coaster. Changing your behavior can be difficult because you are breaking an addiction to something that is always at arm’s length. After struggling to change my behavior I have finally succeeded in snuffing out this addictive behavior and my acne has made a -complete- three-sixty.

    I’m contemplating creating my own website just to try and spread this information because the misinformed and addicts in denial are so prevalent that any mention of this topic gets shot down immediately.

    STOP SPANKING IT EVERY DAY. It’s NOT NORMAL. No matter what any medical “professional” tells you.

    woo I feel better now after that little keyboard rant. I know it didn’t apply to women much, but then again I’m not a woman….

  56. Troy says

    Now I know why my acne flares up after watching one of your video posts Tracy. I guess I will just have to stick to reading the article.

  57. Bill says

    I’d like to add that I personally don’t believe that occasional masturbation or sex is unhealthy, or that it is causing everyone’s acne. Excessive and habitual high frequency masturbation or sex is what causes the problem.

    It is my personal experience that if you have been engaging in this type of behavior your body adapts, and you are facing more of the ‘urges’ on a daily basis than normal.
    …Probably because your body has up-regulated hormone production to deal with your high-frequency demand for sex. I don’t think there is any argument over whether or not certain hormones are major contributors to Acne, thus I believe this establishes a connection.

    My point here is that if you’re suffering from acne, and you think you might be engaging in sexual behavior too often… don’t have to “choose between acne and pleasure” but you’re going to have to force yourself to abstain for a few weeks, and come back to it at a much lower frequency.
    I have a cystic-type acne pimple on my lower back which has consistently flared up for a few days after sex in the past few weeks. I think it’s a good idea to try and abstain until most of your acne heals, especially cystic-types like this, because they tend to flare up a little afterward which may be slowing your healing process.

    After some time you will find your urges are less frequent and more easy to control, and after sex or masturbation you will experience a lack of urges for a few days. I think this is how most people live their lives, and that’s partly why the link between acne and sex/masturbation gets shot down right away. These people aren’t “going at it” excessively and don’t see the connection.

  58. loren says

    @Sarayu I have tried the experiment as well and my results were the exact same. Not only that but ive also noticed there is a SPECIFIC spot on my chin where i get a HUGE cystic breakout EVERYTIME the activity is performed so I guess it is clear skin over pleasure for me as well.

  59. says

    There are three factors to the body’s manifestation of acne, one of them being inevitable: proneness – in the genes. The other two are hormonal imbalance, stress & toxins and not drinking enough water, etc. Hyperhidrosis of all types and acne of all areas can occur in some males due to masturbation. Here’s a valuable tip for everyone: drink .5 – 1 gallon of water daily, enjoy masturbation (don’t be ashamed), exercise regularly – it doesn’t have to be intense workouts, be loose but focused, and mostly count your blessings.

  60. Nick says

    I honestly think this is something that can be true to some males. Around the age of 13 is when I started going crazy with masturbation and about that time I started getting acne. I always had it since and now I’m 20. I recently went on a cruise for a week and didnt masturbate at all and notice my skin jumped from bad acne to almost clear skin. So now I stopped and my skin is really improving itself. I feel more happy and outgoing.

  61. TheChosen1 says

    I’ve found that masturbation for me causes the ability to get acne. For instance, if I’ve masturbated within a week and eat a lot of sugar, then I get a giant breakout. However, if it’s been like 2 weeks since I’ve masturbated then I’ll only get like one very small whitehead that doesn’t come back.

    I believe this is because it would cause my hormones to be off balance, therefore giving me the ability to get acne.

    Well, at least now I know that my acne is being caused by masturbation. I have a very straight-forward path to getting clear, right? I’m ashamed to say that I’ve only been able to go two weeks. I also want to quit for religious reasons. I, just, ughh, I feel so pathetic at not being able to stop this.

    I also found that when I went two weeks my mood was significantly improving. Though, this might have been just because of my acne getting better and finally knowing how to get clear.

  62. says

    this me Farid, I live in Afghanistan. I am 37 years old male.when,I was 13 years old boy. I got how to Masturbate. I Masturbate every day and every weeks. in one week I Masturbated 20 or 15 times. so my question is this, is Masturbate bad or good for my health? and I heard, that Masturbate gives us depression? is that right?
    Thank you.


  63. says

    It seems we both agree that the main problem linking masturbation and acne is the loss in nutrients from over-masturbation.

    You can read a little more about my personal theory on why the two are connected here

    The main reason I think isn’t the act in itself, but how often many people do it is unnatural and your body doesn’t have enough time in between to replenish the nutrients, another factor could be stress :)

  64. Tom says

    Yes i think masturbation can affect skin.
    In my case i masturbates thrice in a week before 3 years and every time i masturbate my face start getting pimples on it. I was frustated with my pimples so i decide to consult a skin doctor i didnt told him that i masturbate and after a treatment of 4 months my pimples were just vanished from my face.
    And now i am mastubating thrice a week and nothing is going on my face. But i can see one or two in a month now also not on my face,if they appears on face they are very small.
    . I asked my doctor also what is going on with my face. He said its just a hormonal disbalance. He also said you also you had bacterial infection on your face.
    . One advise from me that you should keep your face clean you will never get pimples.
    In my opinion you should use a facewash whenever you comes from outside.

  65. Max says

    I would like to share my experience.

    I’m 36 years old and from when I’m 20 I am having acne on a yearly basics schedule (usually 1 year I have acne and after medicaments and antibiotics and so on I am more or less acne free for 2 years…than all over again).

    Dermatologist say that food and masturbation doesn’t affect acne BUT personally I find my skin better when I do not eat shitty food and when I don’t masturbate … maybe it’s a coincidence but when I do masturbate on a daily basics I do have way more pimple and spot then when I do it once a week, maybe twice.

    As counterpart I noticed that active sex (not even getting a BJ…just 100% active, when you move and sweat for at least 20 minutes) make my acne better … if I do have cists they become white spot the day after and they go away in few days (when I do not have sex cysts can stay on my face for months before fade away) … so … every doctor says that there is not a relation with food/masturbation (mainly with masturbation) but I too notice that there is a difference (probably…I don’t know … it’s a too fast production of sperm … because masturbation ends in few minutes … or there is not phisical activity/sweat … I don’t know)

  66. Jim says

    Why not just supplement these minerals so that you don’t have to worry about losing them when you do your business?

    anyway that’s what i’m doing. it was either that or eating my own semen afterwords and that sounded gross. =(

  67. Collins says

    Hi Tracy,
    am 20yrs old and whenever i have a wet dream acne appear and i experience that almost every night, so my face is just a mess. So how can i stop my ejaculation since it affects me every night and causes acne?

  68. Jason says

    I’m pretty its a multiple factors combination cause this. Though I don’t know other factors, the only thing I can do is to stop masturbating. It’s preventing the breakout. And pimples on my face start to healing up.

  69. anony says

    I really can’t decide whether mastrubating causes acne for me or not! I always thought it did, but I stopped mastrubating for 3 weeks and i only seemed to be getting even MORE acne! I don’t understand how many people have CLEAR faces.!

    • Iom says

      This happens to me as well, 1-3 weeks it’s still pretty bad but try lasting about 2 months. You will notice a big difference.

  70. aboy says

    Guys..I too have same question
    Whenever I masturbate after 1-2 days
    .. There will pimples full on my face..

  71. Jim147 says

    I’m a Man 18 years old having an acne and pimples, I will confess because this is True,I am used to masturbate everyday and having lots of pimples in my face, when suddenly i got fall in love with a new friend (male) even if I don’t know why, I have stopped masturbation because i loose my pleasure,, I was Amazed with my face That All my pimples are gone, and when I tried to fight back my feelings, I started to Masturbate then right now im having Pimples in my face, and every time i masturbate, It get worst.

  72. tom dick harry says

    I had clear skin like a baby butt.
    I stopped exercising, stopped basketball,
    Found a girlfriend, she masturbate me alot. Then, 9 months later my face like shit. So many nodular acne and deep dumps.

    • SiriBai says

      it’s impossible to masturbate someone else.

      Also, you stopped exercising. That may have been the cause, not your girlfriend’s handjobs.

  73. John says

    OverMasturbation shrinks the penis n testis size hence result in underproduction of testestrone causing acne problems further . .

  74. loren says

    I last commented on Feb 3. I have found my HG to this problem. TUMERIC. I drink a mixture of almond milk and turmeric, it combats those nasty cystic pimples. Stops them in their tracks! Roughly a tablespoon in 8 oz of warm or cold milk, I prefer warm :) and add black or cayenne pepper (spice activates the tumeric) and enjoy. Bitter tasting so definitely feel free to play with the measurements until you find a suitable taste for your pallet. Enjoy! Try and please comment!

    Best of luck

  75. czarina says

    I masturbate a lot. Yes im a female and im 21. Well, i have an acne prone skin and i masturbate everyday lol and cum at least 7-8 times.. i sometimes squirt when i cum but i have some blemishes on my face :( maybe its because i masturbate a lot. I tried eating good food lots of water before and after i wake up. So maybe starting today i will not masturbate straight for two weeks.. gosh. It will be very hard :( but i’ll check if something will change in my skin tone.

  76. Iom says

    I quit masturbating for about 5 months and included more zinc in my diet. I was completely acne free, until i decided to start doing it again. My skin became worse. I feel that for some individuals there is a strong connection between masturbation and acne. I feel this is the case with me because when i masturbate i feel my face gets a little itchy after ejaculating. My skin is terrible at the moment but i will quit masturbating for 5 months once again and see how it goes.

    • Madara says

      Iom how could you control for 5 months? My masterbation and acne are related, i trying to stop, but am not able to. I usually last 2-3 weeks and then i get super horny , and anything lead to erection.

      Anyone who has stopped masterbation(males), please give me some pointers, i need to stop it but i cant.

      • Iom Uzumaki says

        Don’t think about all those hot girls lol. The second and third week are the hardest. Once you get past the first month its easier. You don’t even think about it as much. You don’t think of all the hot girls in the videos. I’ve been researching. It seems that when a male ejaculates they lose zinc. Zinc helps a lot of people with their acne, and i believe this is especially true for males. Take a zinc supplement and stop masturbating for a while, drink plenty of water. Your acne should get much better :) good luck.

  77. Ravi Mohnani says

    i think masterbating can one of the reason for trigger of acne,its my personal Experience,now i m just trying to cut it down to once in 15 days from once in a week,i am also trying some blood purifier for the same.

    To just avoid masterbating just involve yourself into other activities such as sports,revive some of your old happy moments,just see the old pics when you looked good & Smart

  78. Jason says

    This entire website gives terrible advice. A good diet is good. Being healthy is healthy. The author’s opinions are purely opinions. Give us some scientifically backed information before you start pushing your subjective, hocus pocus remedies on thousands of readers. For anyone reading this, the author is not the person to ask for advice, go see a doctor, they went to school for this stuff.

    -Med School Student- Specialty- Dermatology

    • says

      I admit that some things I say probably aren’t 100% accurate (and I have no idea about this article), but I’ve helped thousands of people clear their acne when dermatology has failed them over and over again, so the results speak for themselves. I hope you have a great career though and help many people. Both conventional and holistic treatment of acne have their place.

  79. jayakanth says

    I started masturbating since i was 14 yrs old..but during 14 i didnt get pimples on my face..during 16 yrs i started getting pimples uptil i am 18 yrs old..i have tried many acne prone face washes..but no positive i stopped masturbating for the past 40 i am trying multhani mitti and using ponds acne prone face wash..i have black spots full on my face except nose..what can i do to get a bright face like others..

  80. purvi says

    according to me pimples and masturbation are related, let me explain how
    if a female masturbate it generates excess heat in body and its same for males.your blood starts clotting and that many times leads to breakout.
    but in females the menstrual cycle release the heat with blood from their body and those girls who don’t bleed in proper amount leads to increase body heat and causes pimples.
    in males they masturbate and increases body heat that causes pimples but if you have proper sex with female partner your heat will be transferred to her body and she will loose the heat while menstrual cycle.
    have you ever noticed that u have a lot of pimples and you donate some amount of blood which helps to normalize the body temperature and you almost stops getting acne.
    This body temperature is main reason for pimples for people from tropical areas and that is why dermatologists always tell their patients to drink a lot of water and reason behind this is water helps you to decrease excess/maintain body temperature also water helps to oxydise muscles and skin.
    so drink a lot of water and try to control masturbation from 3-4 times a day to 1-2 times a week and if possible you can have proper sex and release body heat

  81. Andrew says

    The same for me. Like 2-3 years ago I had a tremendous acne problem. You can’t even imagine the gigantic bumps on my face..I had it fully covered so much that the acne spread on my shoulders and chest too. I have pictures of myself and I see those sad eyes, having lost any hope .. But that strengthened me and I am much better now . I have some scars left(such a bad acne it was, it still scares me when I see the pics) , but I took a laser treatment once and it got a little better, and going to get another one in the autumn, for a little more regeneration. I stood with this acne for a long ass time ..

    I was masturbating LOTS because of some depressing times I was going through..I was insanely in love, I was having family problems and just low self-esteem all-round because of people’s eyes and sometimes even comments. I went on holiday in a summer and had a thermal bath and from there it started going back. The acne was going easy on me and I thought that was the reason..but now that I went to thermal baths again I don’t feel like it was a major rule in my case. Now , thinking about it I started working out a bit back then. I was watching some dance games on YouTube and this guy PewDiePie really grew on my heart back then, when I needed a most of my friends weren’t really there for me. He made these Just Dance game videos I think and I was really enjoying them so I danced with him as I don’t have the game nor the platform you need to get the game. It was a hot summer so I would sweat A LOT ,that being also good for the impurities were leaving my body. But I started to feel more comfortable with myself.. in a childish way. So I stopped masturbating for days. With my acne ameliorating I didn’t feel the need to masturbate anymore .. only when I was really aroused I would do it .

    The funny thing is my body developed a defense mechanism to keep me from doing it(sometimes I wouldn’t listen to it but damn my body was smart) . Whenever I would masturbate just “out of boredom ,nothing to do” I would feel a major guilt in my stomach .. I took it for divine guidance, as stupid as that sounds and didn’t masturbate out of boredom anymore . I am a lot better now and I can see that when I masturbate , whether it’s the oils released , whether it’s the hormonal imbalance or the zinc, when I do it out of boredom and not because my body feels on it’s own that it needs a release, my almost perfectly clean face gives signs that it may erupt a little. Usually it comes with a warning and if I do masturbate again it gets worse. Well this is 1 factor that determines acne in my case, the other would be over-touching an area on my face. Rarely I get discomforts and I need to touch my face to stop them, and that’s when I get a pimple or two, but if I let them alone for 2-3 nights they grow white and just kinda go away on themselves.
    It’s funny that when I have a fully-cleaned face my stupid brain tells me that I am bored and I should go do something with my time. .. thank you brain .. but anyways,

    I don’t know how many people experience this… I for one, don’t care much for it now though…I had such a nightmare acne that even though pimples make me uncomfortable, with looks and all, I just don’t really care so much when I get them. I was literally always getting blood on my towel after a shower, that’s how fucking bad it was..fuck those times. Whenever family members or friends would PITY me I would feel so mad..even now..I teach my mother to not look at me and to not ask how my face is because those types of behaviors were just disgusting.. I don’t want special treatment if I have a problem.. Sometimes compassion was nice though. But not all the freaking time .
    So yeah..I went trough a lot with this..cut some social relations but I am more of a lone-wolf so thank God…i don’t like being tied to people that much, giving them their precious attentions…

    I hate doctors, really …because no fucking doctor thinks about it from the victim’s point of view..they don’t tell you to workout (they don’t even need to talk about sexual matters as working out kills a little that sexual energy and just by giving them the thought of working out can help them more than those damn pills) but they need their money I guess so fuck them…some may not really know and they could really be trying to help, but most of them don’t even want to help. I would teach anybody I would see suffering about my experience so that they do something about it . I for one, was lucky to have figured it out by myself.

    So my advice is, if you’re in this rare situation-don’t play with yourself thinking you won’t finish but just have a little fun.. I tried a couple of times and the sexual energy usually overwhelms willpower . Try not to arouse yourself on purpose, but wait until you really feel like taking a load off, and play with yourself(or have sex) for more time, to enjoy it better. Take it easy, take breaks, whatever. If you don’t feel like your body tells you you have to release that sexual tension , just don’t do it. Even if the self-arousal may make you think you should do it… Also , releasing it once every week or week and a half seems to be working well for me. I am not very good at counting time but I know that I gone so much without masturbation once(maybe 2 weeks or more) that I felt like I really needed to do it.

    Once I did it though, because it was out of need and not of unnecessary boredom, it didn’t have any follow-ups in terms of acne or any skin disturbance. So I talked kinda a lot, but yeah.. I am one of these rarities who can’t fuck girls on a regular at american parties. But it’s funny that it actually kind of fits me . I don’t even like doing that shit.. and masturbation was basically just a thing to hide my pain from myself.. I don’t consider sex being the thing you need to survive, or even the most entertaining event you could get in your depressing and pathetic life. Sometimes self-pride, a good laugh or anything that melts your hearth if you have one, hell a good movie makes me happy and gives me something to live for . I also respect women, I don’t see them as sex toys as I can get sexual pleasure by myself as I know my body well. After all these years I should be knowing it..

    My advice is live a good life and don’t go crazy if you can’t obtain sex. It’s too damn easy to get a girl anyway, it’s not even fun.. they look for companionship more than men I feel. Also, you know your body more than anyone could in a lifetime , if you get what I mean. And acne is basically that, an obstacle to getting laid. Nothing more. It shouldn’t affect how friends look at you or how random people see you. If it does, those aren’t really your friends, and those random people are just assholes. You shouldn’t kill yourself over it, just learn to contain it and basically be proud of yourself for doing so.
    Also fuck doctors
    Or some of them at least.

  82. JJH says

    I’m a 26 guy suffering from mostly body acne the past 10 years.
    While ago I experimented with not masturbating for 30 days, without changing any acne products or nutrition.
    After two weeks I started seeing much improvement, and after month my skin was better than ever.
    After that I started masturbating again and started breaking out again. After a week my skin looked just as bad as before.

    So yeah. I do think there can be strong connections with masturbation and hormonal acne.
    Abstinence can be tough though, but it’s definately worth trying.

  83. Sean says

    Hi guys. Having read some of your interesting posts, I thought I would share my thoughts and experiences on the matter of masturbation and acne. I’m 28 years old and still suffer from very mild acne, perhaps better defined as oily or ‘rough’ looking skin. Regardless of my skin’s technical label, the implications it has had for me in terms of social relations would appear to parallel those of which many of you describe. Having studied psychology at university, I learnt, as many others have, the scientific process of conducting research, and being able to identify cause and effect. Now, I wish I could say that I have scientific evidence to prove that masturbation is the cause and acne is the effect, but I sincerely doubt my dissertation supervisor would have appreciated my choice of topic! However, over the years I have carefully reviewed the evidence, and it would suggest that masturbation plays a significant role in my acne development.

    Having taken into account a wide variety of other variables (diet, sleep, hygiene, exercise, climate, stress, drugs, treatment type) which could potentially confound my findings, I strongly believe that masturbation is the responsible factor. Consequently, I have stopped masturbating. I can’t say it was the easiest thing to do but it has certainly helped the appearance of my skin. Quite annoyingly, though, however, I now have the issue of experiencing nocturnal emissions , otherwise known as wet dreams. These seem to occur on a weekly basis, which for me, keeps my skin from truly clearing up. I instantly notice a change in my skins complexion the day after a wet dream

    I had the misfortune of breaking my leg recently and was in hospital for two weeks. During this stay, presumably because I was so heavily medicated on morphine, codeine etc I didn’t have a wet dream (I’m sure the surgeons were grateful of this when operating on my leg!) When I left the hospital, my face was so unbelievably clear, I felt great despite only having one leg in action. .

    So, in all, I would agree with Tracy in saying that for some people, masturbation, or sperm loss can cause acne. With regards to choosing between acne and an orgasm, I would say choose whatever makes you happiest. For me, as pleasurable as masturbating was, it still made me feel guilty afterwards because I knew I was damaging my skin. The damage to my skin use to leave me in a dark place with little or no confidence and wanting to hide away from the world. The world is such a beautiful place with so many interesting people to meet. For me its essential to feel comfortable in my own skin so that I have the capacity to love myself and others but masturbation was making that process so much harder.

    So, make the choice….or even just cut down if you have identified masturbation to be a key factor in your acne development. Either way, I wish you all continued happiness and I hope that our perceptions of ourselves will not hinge on babylon’s perceptions of us, and let us be defined by the good that is in our hearts, and the good that we share with others. Jah Rastafari

  84. vinny says

    I have been having wet dreams not on regular basis but at random days. And I am so damn tired of it.
    Firstly , I thought It might be because of bad food or something. But it’s not. I started noticing and then I found out that the reason to this is masturbation and sex. Every time I masturbate or have sex I get acne on my forehead. It just leaves me with dark spots. I stopped the things. But wet dreams are causing me acne.

    What should I do to have a healthy and bright skin?

    I can’t give up on sex. Fuck lord! I can’t choose between that.

    Isn’t there something that I could do to not having wet dreams and not having acne as well.

    Help me out.

    • techiedude says

      ofcourse the women issue was brought up and d admin gave d apt reply..tat acne problems with masturbation s nt tat a big concern with women coz d hormone they hv differ..rather acne s associated with specific phase of menstrual cycle when the hormones r down..also it becomes a real concern when menopause occurs

  85. says

    Well i am a teen and i think that masturbation cause pimples . My lifestyle is very good but still i have acne .doctor dont know correct reason for this they will give you medicines but this is not the correct method to cure. You should take sunbath daily to cure pimples this is the only method i cure my pimples …….

  86. Daniel H says

    After seeing so many interesting posts here, I made this clear to myself once again that masturbation is the one of the significant causes of acne. I’m 22 now and acnes on my face really irritate me. Acnes started to appear from the age of 15-16 when this bad masturbation habit began. Year by year my face got worse. I heard about masturbation harms your health and causes acnes but I couldn’t stop myself doing it. Every time I try to give it up for good but after a couple of weeks or month I relapse to it. I strongly support the opinion that masturbation is one of the main reasons causing acne. I appreciate all the people who shared here their personal experience. I try hard to follow them to clear up my face. Masturbation ruined me, I lost my self-esteem, confident, I became insecure, timid, and anti-social, always have a feeling of guilt, try to avoid people because of this. This is the first time I come across with this site. Please can someone tell me that these dark marks on my face will disappear or some of them stay forever? Can I have clear face again? I’m so hopeless that I can’t even imagine my face being clear from acnes.

  87. umair khan says

    hi i m 19 years old i swallowed my own sperm and after few days i got pimples or acne on my face how can i treat for that?

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