Why Fermented Cod Liver Oil is the One Supplement You Have to Take For Gorgeous Skin

I was going to write about cod liver oil last Friday, but I decided that first explaining who Weston A. Price was would help me to emphasize why I so strongly recommend you try Green Pasture’s fermented cod liver oil/butter oil blend.

Now, you may know that I’ve actually always recommended cod liver oil. Just straight cod liver oil though – because that was before I learned about FERMENTED cod liver oil and its side kick, high vitamin butter oil.

And then once I heard about this particular product, I never stopped hearing about it. It seems as though everyone I follow (and let it be known that I follow lots of real food bloggers who don’t necessarily believe in heavy supplementation) feels it’s, like, the one essential supplement that they can’t do without – because it’s that good!

And you know what – since I already knew how great cod liver oil was and had been taking it for a long time – I believe them!

So anyway… remember how I told you about how good ol West Price went around studying primitive people and their diets, found zero incidences of degenerative disease, and also noticed how they were all stunningly handsome (and didn’t have acne)?

And also remember how, aside from the complete absence of modern processed foods, the common denominator he found with the diets of all these tribes (14 different groups of isolated people from completely different continents, by the way), was that their diets were particularly high in fat soluble vitamins – Vitamins A, D, Activator X (Vitamin K2)?

Well fermented cod liver oil is one of the best natural sources of all these nutrients, as well as precious Omega 3 fatty acids – all essential to healthy skin (and body, and brain, for that matter).

Omega 3s and Vitamin A are two nutrients that are especially awesome for calming and soothing the inflamed lining of the gut and as a result, leads to skin that is far less inflamed (the skin is very connected to the gut in this way).

What’s High Vitamin Butter Oil?

Dr. Price found that the vitamins in cod liver oil work synergistically with other important nutrients, and that its effectiveness was reduced if the taker was lacking those nutrients in his diet.

He particularly found that butter oil, made from the butter of cows eating fresh green grass in the spring, is full of Activator X (Vitamin K2), which works in beautiful concerto with the Vitamins A & D. Together, all three of these nutrients ensure proper assimilation of many minerals and water soluble vitamins in the diet, as well as the Omega 3s. Therefore, Price always gave his patients high vitamin butter oil along side the fermented cod liver oil.

Other foods and nutrients he found important for the assimilation of the nutrients in cod liver oil are grass fed butter, saturated fat, calcium, and magnesium (all of which you can get plenty of in a good ol’ traditional style diet from foods such as full fat animal foods, raw dairy, and bone broths).

And Why Fermented Cod Liver Oil?

Well, I’m annoyed to learn that even the supposedly “best” cod liver oils out there on the market (like Carlson’s and Nordic Naturals that I have always taken) aren’t actually that good… or natural! They might be much better than other brands, but the process of extraction from the cod liver is still pretty brutal (alkali refining, bleaching, winterization, and deoderization) and many of the vitamins have to be added back in.

I’ll interject here that I don’t feel that taking synthetic vitamins is usually of much help. I believe much more in using foods as supplements to get all the nutrients you need because the nutrients in real foods work together to be assimilated and used by the body. Synthetic vitamin pills are kind of useless in my opinion.

I don’t want my cod liver oil to just be another dumb, processed, synthetic supplement.

Back in the good ol’ days, they used to make cod liver oil by throwing all the fish guts in a barrel and fermenting it – eventually the oil would rise to the top. This process retains twice as many natural vitamins at double the level of any industrially extracted cod liver oil with excellent A to D ratios. Of course, this whole thing takes way too long for profits, so it’s been thrown by the wayside by nearly all the CLO companies in the world.

Unfortunately (or fortunately that someone does it at all) there is only ONE company in the world who does it this way today, and that is a company called Green Pastures.

Blue Ice Royal Cod Liver Oil/Butter Oil Blend

So, ever since I heard about this, I’ve been super keen to give it a try.

However, I hate to say it, but it’s an expensive supplement. Around $50 bucks a bottle that will last you anywhere from a month and a half to 3 months. And if you don’t live in the United States where it’s produced, the shipping charges are pretty sucky. And since shipping charges to Australia are sucky as it is, I figured I’d wait till I was back in Canada before getting my hands on some of this.

Howeveerrrr… if you’re turned off right now, remember that this stuff is potent, meaning you are getting WAY more bang for your buck than if you were buying other CLOS, and you can probably throw out a bunch of your other supplements to make way for this beauty of a product.

PS – if you’re still not convinced, go right now and read this article about Green Pastures CLO from some lovely ladies over at a blog called BeautyEditors.ca …. I bet it will certainly sway you to the benefits this stuff can have for your skin and your acne.

Anyway, I finally have some, and I am taking their cinnamon tingle flavoured cod liver oil/butter oil blend in the gel form. Generally I pretty much suck at saying for SURE whether something is definitely helping my skin or not (and I really haven’t been taking it that long), but I have been eating not fabulously for the last month or so and I have very little inflammation. So… that’s a good sign!

Flavours, Doses, Taking it, Etc

If you look around the internet, people generally say this stuff tastes gross. So you might be tempted to go for the capsules that they have available instead of the gel.

I would highly discourage it though because it’s not cost effective at all – apparently you need a LOT of the capsules to equal the same amount that you’d get if you were just taking a teaspoon of the gel per day (like.. 6 capsules or something).

So in that case… which flavour should you go for?

Well, it seems to be a consensus that cinnamon tingle is the best, so that’s what I got, and to be honest – it doesn’t taste like fish at all. I have detected not any fishiness. Nada. It kinda tastes like cinnamon hearts, and I take it right off the spoon, no problems.

If you still don’t like it though, you can always put it in a glass with water and swallow it down in a gulp.

And how much to take per day? The serving size on the bottle is 1/2 teaspoon, but if you can afford it, I believe 1 teaspoon per day is probably more effective. Note that this is considered a food, not a supplement, so there isn’t actually any RDA measures of the vitamins or anything.

And In Concluuuusion…

If you can afford it – try this stuff. There’s a good chance it could really, really help your skin and happiness levels to boot. I know it’s expensive, but if it can replace a ton of ineffective supplements you’re already taking, it will certainly be worth the money.

Do you take cod liver oil? Do you think you might try this brand?

You can totally be happy, healthy and acne free!

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    • Tracy says

      I don’t really know… I tried to figure this out but couldn’t. I hate supplements that don’t tell you when to take it! haha.. well since it’s actually a food though, I don’t think it really matters. I’ve just been taking it whenever.

      • Kate says

        You might want to take it before noon so the Vitamin D doesn’t interfere with your sleep cycles.

      • Sam says

        Hey Tracy

        First of thank you for your post I really appreciate it. I have been a long time acne sufferer.

        I have read all over online about the skin benefits of FCLO and after reading your post I decided to try it.

        My question is that do you know anyone who has experienced breakouts or is there an initial breakout with this product.

        I’m on week 3/4 and am experiencing more acne breakouts. Week 1 I took 1/2 teaspoon. Week 2 I took 3/4 teaspoon. Week 3 I took full teaspoon. Now that week 4 started I am going back to 1/2 teaspoon. Can anyone please help me or give me feedback if there is an initial breakout or how long until results are seen.

        Thank you!

    • says

      Fat soluble vitamins should always be taken with a (fatty) meals so they are absorbed.

      Because this is an oil though, absorption should be good without food.

    • Sonya says

      Hi Tracy,

      I was wondering.. I have a food intolerance to Dairy and this product says it contains milk. Can I still take it? or do you suggest not too at this time?

      Thank you

      • Tracy says

        Hi Sonya – well, I would say the vast majority of people who are sensitive to dairy don’t have a problem with this… what’s contained in it is the purest of pure of the dairy fat (the butter oil), completely free of the lactose and proteins like casein, which are usually the things in dairy that cause people problems. If you were severely allergic to dairy I would say don’t risk it, but for most people’s intolerances, it’s generally tolerated fine :)

  1. Franchesca Simmons says

    hey tracy, great post, unfortunately I live in Iceland and I don’t think it can ship here.

    can you give me some lunch ideas? all i have for lunch is a salad with carrots, and peppers in it, some almonds, water, and an apple. needless to say i’m starved during the afternoon and once I get home from school, all i want is junk.

    could you also tell me – do taking antidepressants have any effect on acne? i’m on them and i really would like to get off them (its a relatively small dose). Would doing all the things you suggest help me with getting off them and staying happy afterwards?


    • Tracy says

      Hi Franchesca!

      No wonder you’re hungry, you need to add some substance to those salads… add some meat, or eggs, or tuna, or even beans, or avocadoes or something. Also, hearty soups and stews make great lunches, bring them in a thermos

      As for antidepressants, I don’t know if or how they would affect acne, but yes, a healthy lifestyle – especially a good diet and lots of exercise is the best natural anti depressant (Omega 3s are particularly important, and people find that this cod liver oil I’m talking about really helps that. They probably do ship to Iceland, don’t know how expensive it would be though).

  2. Ali says

    Ahh, I can’t wait to order this! It’s an investment, but I’m willing to take the plunge!
    You say you don’t really believe much in synthetic supplementation, which I believe in also, but when it comes to vitamins which would you suggest to spend the money on? I take fish oil, zinc, grapeseed extract, and some vitamin c, and a multivitamin, alongside a very nutritiously dense diet (paleo.) I probably wouldn’t give up the fish oil, and I read a lot about grapeseed extract and skin, and the vitamin c for healing skin (as in healing acne which I have seen my skin healing very well considering,) and 50 mg of zinc. As for the womens multivitamin, well, mostly because my mom says so..Lol. So anyways, once I start taking this oil, what could I maybe get rid of vitamin wise?
    Sorry it’s so long, argh.

    • Tracy says

      Hi Ali,
      Well if you say you eat a really nutrient dense paleo diet, I doubt you really need any of them. Fruits and vegetables are full of vitamin C (if you want to ensure, squeeze fresh lemon into all your glasses of water), if you eat good quality meat, it’s full of zinc, … grapeseed extract, are you taking that for candida or something? Extra fish oil isn’t a bad idea as long as it’s quality. A general synthetic multi – well, again, I doubt it’s really needed and that you’re even absorbing half of it. Add bone broths to your diet if you aren’t, that will give you tons of minerals and nutrients there. Personally this CLO is the only nutritional supplement I’m taking on a regular basis

      • Ali says

        Great, I already am filling my water bottle (1000ml) with lemon juice and purified water so that’s good to hear! Ah, I really do need to get on this bone broth making thing…It sounds delish I just need to buy the ingredients and make it, probably will make the rest of the family cringe, like the sauerkraut did!
        Okay, I will part ways with most of the vitamins once I recieve the CLO..just kinda scary at first, even though I know I am getting lots of vitamins and nutrients via diet.

        • Allison says

          Hey Just an idea for bone broth. Since I have two little girls… I cook our meat/veggies in the crockpot all day. This results in beautiful broth, which I either use as a sauce, or save it for the next days meal by using it to make soup/rice/beans…I know you said you follow a paleo diet, so just cooking a bunch of raw veggies in it would work too… in any case we don’t waste any of our meat/stock/fat…and it is not only delish… but super healthy. (and yes, we actually raise our own beef,pork, chicken…and hunt)

      • Nicole says

        I have a lemon juice question, (sorry to butt in)! I add lemon juice to my water and I drink lots daily. I’ve been buying the bottled lemon juice rather than squeezing and juicing dozens of lemons daily. Since the bottle lists ‘lemon juice’ as the only ingredient I’ve just assumed that this is a suitable substitute to juicing but I can’t find any info to support/contradict this. Does anyone here know if its the same thing and just as good?? Thanks for any advice!?

    • shauna says

      Hi I see you take quite a lot of vitamins I take cod liver oil plus grapeseed extract is it ok to take multivitamins along with those?

    • Allison says

      Hi Lauren,
      I used to be vegan for a long time… so don’t stress!!!! I’m not saying it is easy to get the nutrients you need, but it is doable. Just remember to not make anything your sole focus and whatever you do, do it with joy! There are so many healthy fruits, veggies and natural oils, nuts, seeds… indulge in the goodness!!!

    • Tracy says

      I ordered it from the gaps diet store along with some other stuff, and it took exactly two weeks. Warning – they did make me pay customs charges on the whole package which made me sad

        • Tracy says

          Sorry, I missed the second question Kalyn – it lasts a long time, the best used by date on mine says november, 2013, and it doesn’t have to be refrigerated before opening, although should be kept in the fridge afterwards, I think.

  3. Shawn says

    Everyone is different so keep in mind that my results will be different from others. I took this for a month, and took 1/2 tsp per day. I think (don’t know for sure) that my skin healed faster than normal and was softer than normal, but I continued to have break outs the entire time. So it didn’t prevent new breakouts, but helped heal the ones that did pop up. It wasn’t overall effective enough to continue taking it given the cost and taste (the unflavored is pretty gross).

    • Tracy says

      Hi Shawn – thanks for sharing your experience with it! I’m curious if it would have been more effective at a higher dose, since you do think you saw at least some results with 1/2 teaspoon. I’m also curious if it takes a while to build up in your system and have a strong effect. Don’t know! If you do decide to try it again – I’m telling ya, get the cinnamon kind, you can’t even taste it, and it’s flavoured with stevia so not anything nasty and fake

      • Shawn says

        Maybe I’ll give it another shot with a higher dose. I’ll let you know if I do! I was also doing a candida cleanse alongside it so it’s hard to tell what drove my results.

  4. Amanda says

    Don’t get the chocolate! I bought it, yes, $50 and gagged with every spoonful, til I gave up and ordered the capsules. It’s nestled under my bed now for when I run out. I only take 1 capsule/day now and it’s really helpful (not cost-effective)Next time I plan to buy the cinnamon tingle! Note it did not prevent a horrible cellulitis, skin infection, I acquired this week. I’m so confused. I have to take antibiotics for another week. My poor intestines will be so sick at the end of this. She did order me diflucan for potential candidiasis. I’m so sad! My last time on antibiotics was swimmer’s ear 10 years ago! but I couldn’t let this infection go systemic, and the pruritis is driving me crazy. There is a place for modern medicine…I’ve been doing everything right and I still got sick. praying there is no subsequent acne breakout

  5. Laura says

    Aw they don’t seem to ship to Ireland, boo!

    I’ve been taking krill oil, about two capsules a day for the last month – and before that I was taking Eskimo brand Omega 3 capsules. Apparently krill oil has more omega 3 in it than most of the other capsules available, but I really can’t say for sure. Seems to be working well enough and I tend to eat a lot of oily fish anyway. Years ago I wouldn’t have considered eating a sardine and now I crave the things! :)

  6. Stella says

    I don’t know. Aside from the fact that it is MAD expensive, I’d be really careful with such potent supplements. Cod liver oil contains high amounts of the fat soluble vitamins D and A, which could be dangerous in too high doses. I’m just saying that because I know how desperate people are when there’s a new supplement which is the best everrr and maybe think “the more the better”. So I would strongly disagree with you saying “I believe 1 teaspoon per day is probably more effective.” when the serving size is 1/2tsp. (Even if it is considered a food, where’s the difference anyway because it’s still loaded with vitamins?) If you google for risks of taking cod liver oil, you’ll get many results, for example http://www.essortment.com/possible-side-effects-cod-liver-oil-41767.html

    While I personally don’t believe in taking overpriced supplements like that without knowing any vitamin/mineral deficiencies in my body (through blood tests), I do think that it may help some people but you should be really careful with the dose and listen to your body.
    Btw what I don’t get about the Weston A. Price thing – Yes, primitive folks on islands far away from civilisation do have great skin and no acne but do they take supplements? Did they have access to fermented cod liver oil/butter oil? I totally see the point in changing your diet to a more “natural” approach but wouldn’t it be enough (and more natural) to eat butter of grass fed cows, cod liver or omega 3 fatty fish in general? I don’t know, I’m always really wary when powerful companies like WAPF advertise expensive supplements and stuff.. Are there studies about placebo effects from taking supplements – because if you BELIEVE it’s the one thing that makes your acne better, it does get better? Would be interesting to be honest.
    Just my 2 cents though 😉

    • Tracy says

      Hi Stella
      You make some good points, but from my understanding, almost all the studies done on Vitamin A and toxicity are done on synthetic Vitamin A and that the toxicity level of natural Vitamin A is about ten times as high, so the claims are greatly exaggerated. If it’s true that most CLO’s are quite processed to the point where vitamins have to be added back, then this toxicity issue would be valid, but not with this particular product. I don’t believe there is any harm at all in taking a full teaspoon or even more.

      As for the primitive people, no they didn’t have supplements but I guess we need to clarify again that we’re calling it a supplement because it comes in a bottle, but it is a food, and apparently fermented cod liver oil actually was used very widely in traditional European societies. So yes, it’s not like all the groups had cod liver oil, and so no, you don’t HAVE to take this – but it’s just a great way to get these important nutrients in, especially since many people do pop synthetic vitamin pills in the name of making up their deficiencies, why not take a supplement that is actually a natural food with REALLY important nutrients for your skin and body all in one bottle? Alternatives would of course be eating lots and lots of organ meats, animal fats, grass fed butter (ps – the butter oil is this, just concentrated, so more nutrients in smaller portion), oily fish – most people don’t eat enough of these though, which is why they take synthetic vitamins in the first place. Oh yes, and I’d also say too that taking this CLO is more important in the winter months, when you aren’t getting much Vitamin D

    • says

      Hi Stella,

      I think it would be prudent to do some real research before posting these types of comments. The link to you the article you posted is just an advertising site. The article has no author there are not references cited and the text is full of advertising links. A good article from someone that has details scientific info would be one like this http://chriskresser.com/the-definitive-fish-oil-buyers-guide from Chris Kresser who is an actual practitioner, and helps a lot of people cure medical issues with food and supplements.

      In regards to deficiencies and vitamin D, we are all lacking vitamin D unless you live by the equator, or work outside for a living (i.e. lifeguard). There are many articles on this here is one example http://www.cbc.ca/news/health/story/2010/03/23/vitamin-d-levels-canada.html

      In regards to vitamin A and D toxicity as Tracy pointed out those studies were all done on synthetic vitamins. The whole point of getting Fermented CLO is that the vitamins and minerals are natural and work synergistically with each other like they do in other whole foods.

      For the Dr Price comment, he did not study only island people. He studied 14 different cultures in completely different parts of the world and found many similarities. His book can not be found for free and is a good read http://scholar.google.ca/scholar?q=Nutrition+and+physical+degeneration&hl=en&as_sdt=0&as_vis=1&oi=scholart&sa=X&ei=wvmWT-HwNsG-2gWJm4DXDQ&ved=0CCEQgQMwAA

      Not sure why you think WAPF is a powerful company, they are a small non-profit organization made up of small chapters around the world. They are funded by donations and volunteers. http://www.westonaprice.org/about-the-foundation/about-the-foundation http://www.westonaprice.org/about-the-foundation/wapf-funding

      The WAPF foundation does not make this or any other product and does not advertise anything. This product is made by Green Pastures, the owns of Green Pastures are chapter leaders for their local WAPF chapter.

      There have not been any double blind cross over studies on fermented cod liver oil and there probably never will be. This does not happen for whole foods because no one can patent and make money of food. All we have to go with is anecdotal data and A LOT of anecdotal data.

    • Nils says

      I know this was a long time ago, but just wanted to add that WAPF is not a company – they’re a non-profit organization working to keep Dr. Price’s research alive and to advance the ’cause’ of real (non-industrial, non-CAFO) food. They recommend selected brands of FCLO based on quality assessments, focusing on the production methods used – to make sure the natural nutrients stay intact and that it remains a food, instead of being turned into a synthetic supplement.

      They don’t sell the products or make any money off them. I’m not associated with them in any way, just found out about them a year ago or so and respect the work they do.

  7. Nathan says

    Although this sin’t entirely related to fermented fish oil, if you HAD to choose, due to cost, would you go for ‘standard’ ghee, or organic butter? (Goat or cow butter?)

    I find that goat’s yogurt and cow milk/yogurt worsens my user eye dark circles, but I need some form of butter for cooking (cauliflower rice!) I currently use Pukka organic ghee, but it’s £9 for a small amount, I can get normal ghee for about 200% better value.

    I’d really like to buy fermented cod oil/butter again, but I can’t afford this and a jar of organic ghee every month of so.

    thanks for your help!


    • Tracy says

      Hm… I’d probably get the best butter you could find and then make your own ghee… I’ve never actually done it, but apparently it’s easy, and it’s on the plans for things to try soon.. google for instructions

  8. Tori says

    You can get this in the UK at FunkyRaw.com – I bought mine today and it has 7% off at the moment. It was all in for under £35 (delivered) Can’t wait til it comes!

      • Tiago says

        Not only for the Brits, but at least for the rest of the EU! I’m from Portugal, and this is the only way of getting my hands on this without paying obscene prices.

        @Tori: Thanks a million!
        @Tracy: Love your blog!

  9. Sarah says

    Kinda off topic but does anyone know anything about Kombucha? And it is good for you/okay to have while doing a candida cleanse??

    • Tracy says

      Hi Sarah – it seems like some people say it flares their candida and others say it helps…. so I decided to leave it off my official candida cleanse, but I think I might change that, providing that it is fermented long enough so that it doesn’t taste sweet anymore at all and you can be sure the sugar is gone… the reason it’s great is that it contains a very specific yeast called S. Boullardii which is excellent at displacing candida. I believe the reactions people have to it are likely just healing crisises because it’s normal to have healing reactions to certain things (probiotic foods)

  10. Kate says

    I tried to buy it from Amazon but they won’t ship to my address in Ontario..tried my mom’s address in Manitoba & they don’t ship there, either. I think the Green Pastures website ships to Canada, though…but you need a credit card :S I will try this as soon as I can get my hands on it!! 😀

  11. Mayra says

    Hi Tracy,
    So would you recommend to take this instead of the cod liver oil? (when implementing the lemon cod liver oil from your ebook.)


  12. Lilliana says

    Just bought it on amazon.de (<= Germany). Didn't have to buy it with oversea charges but it is still expensive and there were only the capsules. But I think that they will still work. Thanks for introducing this supplement to us. Was thinking of buying CLO but this article was just perfect in time :)

    Thank you

  13. Sampson says

    I’ve taken literally DOZENS of supplements in the past few years. I used to be so addicted to them, but now I limited everything to what I find to be the most vital and most difficult to achieve in a diet.

    Animal Pak (HUGE Multivitamin that contains virtually every vitamin/mineral + herb + miscellaneous healthy crap) The most “complete” multi I’ve ever seen and that probably exists out there.
    L-Optizinc/Zinc Picolinate the only worthwhile forms of zinc

  14. Marnie says

    Hi Tracy. Great blog! Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experiences. I too consider taking cod liver oil to be best thing I have ever done for my health. I have used the Carlson’s lemon flavor liquid by spoon and find it very easy to take. Not fishy at all. The problem with capsules is the capsule itself is usually made from synthetic gelatin – a source of free glutamate. (the G in MSG) Also I think you are quite right about synthetic vitamins being useless and I would even take this a step further and say they are quite harmful for some people. ALL multivitamins, even the “good/expensive” ones seem to have free glutamate because they supply the mineral component of the supplement from hydrolyzed vegetable protein. A highly processed form of glutamate. Everyone should avoid this but for sensitive people especially, this stuff will make you quite sick and/or cause rashes like psoriasis. I suffered for YEARS and all the time it was my multivitamin making me sick! I do continue to take iron and B12 but only because these deficiencies were diagnosed through a blood test. I am happy to say my health is much improved now with the help of CLO, fermented foods and bone broth. I think the CLO is so important that I am ready to make the leap and try the fermented type. I don’t think anyone need to worry about dosage too much. I have been taking two TBS of oil almost daily for two years with no adverse effects. Because I live in the north where sunlight is scarce all winter, I take this much for the D vitamins.

    • Liz says

      Marnie-just an FYI. According to the Green Pastures product description of the FCLO/HVBO, the capsule are made of plant cellulose, not gelatin.

  15. Meg says

    Hey Tracy :)
    Great post, I will definitely look into it! I was just wondering if you had any advice… I’m vegetarian and feel I’m missing out with regards to bone broth (along with fats in general ,like omega three, and zinc) and I’m struggling to find alternative sources without going down the synthetic route (which i agree with you about 😀 ).
    Thanks :)

    • Tracy says

      Hi Meg – well, all I can suggest is that you get in lots of farm fresh eggs (soy free if you can find them), and raw dairy products if you can find them, preferably fermented like kefir and yogurt. Also grass fed butter too. I think you should do pretty well on that given the restrictions :)

      • Lauren says

        I realize this thread is from months ago, but thought I would share for the next person reading…. Save the eggshells from those farm fresh eggs and make a stock with them! While they won’t produce the same tasty flavor of meat bones, the trace minerals are present and can easily get thrown in a veg stock.

        Tracy – Thanks for an awesome blog… I am really enjoying getting to know you and your thoughts on healing your skin naturally :)

  16. says

    I just started taking the Green Pastures cod liver oil/butter oil blend last week, and so far I’m really happy with it! I got the cinnamon kind, and you’re right, Tracy, it doesn’t taste fishy at all :) Reading this post about all the benefits of cod liver oil makes me even more motivated to take it. I like knowing that this stuff I spent a decent amount of money on is actually doing something worthwile!

  17. Michaela says

    I could not agree more about what you have written it is gerat products superfood in a good way not like cacao etc. I was vegan 2 years and my period stopped after 9 months. ( I took all supplements dha epa vitamin d, b12, but I gues it was not good…) I decided to eat animals products again and my period has returned within 2 months I am happy and please any vegans eat meat to save your reproductional health. You should write that it is must have for woman who wnat to have baby or is pregnant or breastfeeding.

    • Tracy says

      Hi Michaela, thanks for sharing your experience – I agree that it is super important for pregnant, breastfeeding, and people who want to one day be pregnant. It seems obvious to me when all of these isolated groups made a special point to have soon to be preggers parents eat tons of good fats, organ meats, grass fed butter, etc

  18. lauren says

    hi tracy,
    just found your site and i love it! i’m currently eating scd(similar to gaps) and ma really getting into fermented foods. i’m ordering this oil asap!
    one question for you: when you were still living in canada where did you get your dairy? i live in vancouver and am moving to toronto soon. i know i might be out of luck for raw dairy unless i can find a cow share but i’m going crazy even just finding grass-fed butter! any advice?

    • Tracy says

      Hi Lauren :)
      How is your SCD experience going? Have you been on it long?
      I am back in Canada now and living in Powell River – I can get raw dairy from local farms here, but I think if you’re in the middle of a city, you’re kind of out of luck as no one can sell it at stores. As for grass fed butter… dude, I’ve looked everywhere, it doesn’t exist in Canada. It sucks. There’s some law about importing dairy products or something, Kerry Gold isn’t available here, and no Canadian brands are completely grass fed. Want to start a grass fed butter farm with me? 😉
      So yeah, I just eat organic butter, tastes good, but it doesn’t have the same health benefits. If you order this supplement though the butter oil in it gives you the goods.

        • Tracy says

          You’re right and I did know that…. The problem is that there’s so little cream in each quart of raw milk that I get that that it would take a ton of raw milk to create enough butter to make it worth doing. I hear it goes off pretty quick too.

          Anyway… I was planning to maybe give it a try at least once so I could try some legitimate raw grass fed butter! I did hear wind that there was a farm around that sold raw grass fed cream (although it was expensive), so I may one day give this a shot and see if it’s really worth it, or if I should just bite it and keep buying the organic stuff from the store

  19. says

    hi tracy!
    thanks for the response- i figured i was out of luck but i thought it was worth a shot…
    scd is going ok. i’ve been on it since january. i like it, but i still feel that it’s not IT for me, you know? it’s putting me on the right track though. i found that for the last few months i still felt sugar dependent…just on scd-friendly honey and fruit. for the last week i’ve been trying more of a paleo approach but still scd-legal.something must be happening because i’ve broken out in a full body rash!
    may is a crazy month for me with almost no time to prepare food, but starting june i’m planning on trying gaps. i’ll really have time to devote to the traditional foods aspect- broths and fermenting foods.
    as for dairy- i’m having a little trouble figuring out what dairy i should still be eating given that i can’t get it raw(except for cheese). like, i know it’s better for me to have no milk than pasteurized but i do make yogurt with organic whole milk(not ultra pasteurized or homogenized). i’m fine with not getting the full benefits raw dairy has to offer(even though i’d love them!) but i don’t know when what’s available to me is fine or when it will do more harm than good…
    sorry for this novel! it’s late and i’m babbling…

  20. says

    thanks justin! unfortunately i don’t have a car, so driving options are a no go for me, :(
    tracy – exactly. they are very similar. i might not have 100% success with gaps either, but scd has helped so much and i feel like it’s so close….
    gaps feels a little more like scd 2.0. and i’m hoping the difference in emphasis on foods and a different intro plan will make a difference.you’re on gaps, right?

    • Tracy says

      Yes, I’m on GAPS, day 6 of intro. Sort of transitioning into stage two.. so far, my stomach issues haven’t cleared up and have been worse! I am going to hope it’s like a ‘get worse before it gets better’ thing, but it makes it confusing to know when to move on and add more foods in. Does SCD have an intro elimination phase like GAPS? I think that’s a big thing with the GAPS is that it can take a long time to heal on the full diet, but the intro really mega turbo kick starts your healing

        • Tracy says

          Hi Justin – yes I do, and yes that’s true, but I am making a point to eat lots of carrots, squash, and beets, so I don’t think I’m going too low carb.

          Anyway, yes, sometimes the low carb thing is a problem – I’ve particularly noticed many people saying they felt great on gaps for a while but then started to lose energy because they weren’t having enough carbs. It’s actually a misconception that GAPS is low carb or recommended as a low carb diet – you can eat fruit, honey, lots of vegetables including sugary vegetables – but it sounds like many just accidentally go too carb by accident

          • says

            I have the GAPS book but have not read it yet, you probably know it better than I do. I don’t think the full GAPS is low carbs but I am pretty sure the introductory part of it is.

            Baking and fruit should be kept out of the diet for a few weeks, and then be limited to snacks between meals and should not replace the main meals.

            via http://www.gapsdiet.com/INTRODUCTION_DIET.html

            And the differences between SCD and GAPS are posted on the GAPS site
            The recommended diet for GAPS patients is largely based on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD). The main difference pertains to dairy products.

            SCD permits lactose-free dairy products. Lactose is a milk sugar. GAPS and people with digestive problems are unable to digest it and must avoid it.

            • Tracy says

              Yes, you’re right, the intro is more low carb, but yeah.. not if you include the sugary vegetables. Although some people say that flares their candida.. ay vey

              So the main difference is just when you introduce dairy… that soundbite sounds contradictory because GAPS also allows lactose free dairy products, I guess SCD just allows them right away

      • says

        scd has in intro diet, but in the book at least, it kind of leaves you on your own after that. it also doesn’t have different sections depending on your symptoms. i don’t have the gaps book, but i think the intro is in stages and it talks about different symptoms too, right? i’ve been thinking after my crazy may, i might buy this: http://www.healthhomehappy.com/grain-free-2/30-days-on-gaps-intro-e-book and follow it. (i think you’ve linked to it too). i hope your stomach issues clear up with the gaps!i think the stomach issues i have are the opposite of why most people go on scd so it makes it hard to track and know when i should move on to new foods.
        i’m having a crazy time with fairly low carb paleo that i’m trying. it’s definitely not something i want to do long term but i just want to kick this candida that i think i have and i have a hard time believing i can do that while having honey and fruit… i’m hoping to kick the candida for may and move on to gaps for june…at least i think that’s what i’ll do!

    • says

      They make it really hard to eat healthy these days, you almost need a car to drive to get stuff :(

      I forgot to mention that when I don’t have time to drive to the US I only buy avalon organic whole milk. This is for my son’s formula though I don’t drink milk myself. http://www.avalondairy.com/

      • says

        i know, tell me about it! i’m moving to toronto next year and my sister lives there and has a car so maybe i’ll have better luck with being able to drive out and get some stuff…
        i use avalon whole milk when i make yogurt! homemade yogurt is a major component of scd so i’ve been doing it for a few months. i figure the fermented dairy with beneficial bacteria isn’t as good as raw but is still something!

  21. Ali says

    So…I just got my bottle in the mail today…you recommend 1tsp rather than 1/2? Also I am a bit confused…can this replace my fish oil supplements..like does this provide adequate EPA and DHA? I don’t get enough fish into my diet as I’d like.

  22. Maria says

    I recently bought this cod liver oil. I have kept it in my refrigerator, but it doesn’t look like an oil at all, more like a stiff butter-like solid. Did this happen to you too? Or do you not store it in the refrigerator?

    Thank you for this awesome blog!

    • Tracy says

      Hi Maria – no that’s normal – it’s supposed to be a gel. I’m not sure why, I assumed something to do with the butter oil in it

  23. says

    Did you have an initial breakout from this (the cod liver/butter oil)? Or do you know if it’s common? I’m totally starting this regardless but I’d still like to know to what to expect 😉

    • Tracy says

      Hi Kate, for me I didn’t notice one, but can’t speak for anyone else! I think anything healing has the potential to cause an initial breakout. Doesn’t mean it will, but it could.

  24. adrian says

    Thanks for the info! I have a dairy allergy (not just intolerance or sensitivity, but an actual allergy) … so does that mean I can’t take this? I just picked up Garden of Life’s Icelandic Cod Liver Oil just because they’re usually pretty responsible with their products. Would love your thoughts! Thanks! :)

    • Tracy says

      Hi Adrian – the producers of it claim that the butter oil in the product is lactose and casein free, which are the parts of dairy that are allergenic and problematic. So yes, it should be totally safe even with a true allergy

  25. says

    Hi Tracy – enjoyed this article. I’ll have to check out more of your site!

    I had ordered the cinnamon tingle CLO a while back and it arrived today, You are right about the taste – I actually think it tastes good! So amazing! I’ll have to get the clo butter combo next time.

  26. sandra ciriello says

    Hello there. I have been taking green pastures cod liver for a little over a month and my acne is almost completely gone. I battled from hormonal acne after getting off birth control. I did not get my period for 6 months and my skin broke out like crazy. I keep my body alkaline by taking a shot of aloe vera every day. I drink lots of water with lemon juice to balance my ph. I watch my sugar and processed foods intake. I take a B vitamin, E vitamin, 1 vitex capsule, probotics, and two nettle root. But most importantly I take two capsules of fermented cod liver every day. My skin is glowing and my menstrual cycle is regular. I am so happy with this product. I just re ordered my second bottle.

  27. Jody says

    Hi Tracy,
    Your article gives me hope in this 10 year battle of adult acne I’ve been fighting. I’m very excited to try the Butter Oil/FCLO for myself. I was wondering what you would recommend for my 17 year old daughter who started developing acne at about 14 1/2. And my son who is 11 years old and currently shows no signs of acne.


    • Tracy says

      Hi Jody,
      I’d say just start feeding them as healthfully as you can – try to eliminate as much processed foods from their diet as possible. And also, if you can afford it, try to get them on the fermented CLO as well :)

  28. Ana says

    Hey Tracy — Great article, can’t wait to try it! Just curious — since the liver is the organ that processes toxins in the body, do you have any feeling whether we take in those toxins when we inject any form of liver?

    Just a thought.

    • Tracy says

      The liver doesn’t actually store toxins – it’s kind of like a toxin processing plant… so, it receives them, and continuously changes them to different forms and moves them out. If it’s a light toxic load, it has no problem. If it’s a heavy toxic load, then the rest of the body is toxic too and you would think twice about eating any of the rest of the animal too, not just the liver. For example, I would eat liver from a healthy hormone-and-antibiotics free grass fed cow…. but not a factory farmed cow. But I don’t particularly want to eat the rest of the factory farmed cow either.

      Anyway… basically, if it’s a healthy animal (and in this case, it’s wild fish) with minimal toxins coming in, then there’s no reason not to eat the liver, in my opinion!

      • Rosmarie says

        Depending on where it comes from, fish can actually contain a lot of toxins, like heavy metals, and those are stored in the liver and fat. So the benefits of eating fatty fish (and extracted oils) must be weighed against the toxins they also come with.

        Plush the oceans around the world get fished out because westerners want fish oil, but that’s another concern 😉

        • says

          By Toxin’s you probably mean mecury and PCB?
          The mecury issues is misunderstood and is related to selenium content. You can find out more details here http://chriskresser.com/the-truth-about-toxic-mercury-in-fish

          An interview with Dr. Nicholas Ralston, a research scientist at the University of North Dakota Energy and Environmental Research Center, EERC, involved in evaluating potential human health effects and risks resulting from environmental exposure to air toxics.

  29. Des says

    Hi Tracy, it is now September 28 2012. After taking cod liver oil for this long, how does your skin compare? I started taking it a week ago and already see positive changes, I’m just curious:)

    • Tracy says

      Hi Des – Well I think the cod liver oil has definitely helped my skin stay relatively nice, but it’s always a bit difficult to say for sure that This = This to This degree, since i do still get intermittent mild breakouts. I will also admit that I am not great at remembering to take it every single day! Either way, I think it’s an important supplement for the body nonetheless, otherwise I wouldn’t continue with buying it/taking it

      • Des says

        Thanks Tracy! Also, it helps to eat well even though this is not always possible. I’ll keep taking it because I believe in Weston A. Price.

  30. Sarah says

    Hi Tracy! This may be a silly question to ask someone I don’t even know personally, but I am hopeful that you’ll be honest – can I have your word that this company didn’t ask or pay for you to write this review of their product? I don’t mean to offend with this question, it’s just getting harder to trust reviews these days so I just want to make sure. Thanks so much, love your blog and videos!!

    • Tracy says

      Hi Sarah :)

      It’s not a silly question – I question the same thing if I see something that seems to be raved about all over the internet. I go to check if there’s an affiliate program for the product – most of the time there is, and it doesn’t surprise me!

      That’s not to say that I don’t use affiliate programs – but I only use them if I genuinely find that I like a product through my own experiences and then want to recommend to my blog organically. It’s usually the day before I write a blog post that a lightbulb will go off and I’ll think ‘oh yeah.. maybe there’s an affiliate program for this’. And if there is, I’ll sign up for it, because why not. But I never ever go looking for products to promote first just for the purpose of making a commission. I just can’t. I’m too honest, and I’d feel like a phoney.

      Anyway – I don’t think that Green Pastures even has an affiliate program, and I promise you that I have never been in contact with them and they didn’t bribe me in any way to write this.

      However, I do get a small commission from Amazon if you buy it through my links on this page. I’m talking like a couple cents every time you buy something through one of my links. And with all the things I recommend on my site through amazon (which is a fair few things now), I only make nigh $100 a month from that. Lol – as you can see, my affiliate efforts really don’t have me rolling in the dough, so I don’t try too hard with them, and never bother promoting one thing over another for money purposes. There’s hardly a point.

      Basically – to answer your question simply – it’s legit. I use it myself and really like it. I have a bottle in my fridge (that I bought myself, lol) and I had some today :)

      • Sarah says

        Thank you for your thoughtful and honest answer, Tracy! I’d totally love to help you out and buy through the amazon link, but it says the product is unavailable and they don’t know when it’ll come back! Do you know where else i can get it? I’m trying to search for it and not finding much. Thanks!!

  31. Kari says

    Hey Tracy,

    Just wanted to add that not all other brands are refined using crazy, unnatural methods 😉 I come from the cod fishing region in Norway, and here they’re using the same refining process they used a hundred years ago – steaming. No chemicals, no added vitamins. This method does not make the cod liver oil go rancid, and the final product goes through strict quality control.
    I’m really intrigued by the fermented oil, but if I can’t get it here, I think I’m safe with the old-fashioned “Møllers Tran” (a brand that’s been around since the 1850’s). Or what do you think?

    Oh, and I sooo agree on getting what we need through real food! I love “Svolværpostei”, a paste that contains around 25% cod liver and the rest is pretty much roe. It tastes like a mild, less salty caviar. Delicious! Hope something similar exists abroad. If not, I should set up an online shop 😉

  32. Kyn says

    I see a number of folks here speaking of gaps and stomach issues. I make my own fermented vegetables. Take lots of probiotics etc. and they help. However 2 months ago I started to get severe stomach pain on right side.started eating every 1.5 hrs which helped.

    But still was not getting resolution. Then I tried something I experimented with 7 yrs ago when I had no digestive issues.

    This was astonishing. In the same day all stomach issues diminished by 90% by day 3 completely healed. By the 5 th day I was having astonishing bowel movements the likes of which I have not seen for years. This is the missing link that gaps does not mention and it works… Uric acid has been used for centuries as the base in many skin creams… It heals tissue like nothing else…mid stream urine drunk in the morning is the nuclear bomb. Drink as much as you can prior to breakfast… Do not eat until 45 mins after consuming. Watch… You will be blown away… You will get resolution to candida etc in a way that will seem impossible. Go!

      • kyn says

        continue to be a superstitious Neanderthal and suffer.

        urine therapy has been used in yoga and Ayurveda, taoist and chinese medecine for thousands of years… it is one of the most powerful healing modalities…

        yet being a brainwashed… angst driven american woman this response is expected.

        you have your lame blog moan and groan about finding a way to get better… someone gives you the definitive answer and you reply like a monkey with 50 IQ points.

        continue to suffer and enjoy it.

  33. audre says

    ahhhh tracyyyyy this is the exact brand my mom has been buying it’s so amazing how so many things that you do are exactly what my mom does

  34. Cat says

    Hey Tracy!

    So you wrote this article a while ago, hows the effect of the CLO on your skin?? Does it help with acne? Please let me know! im thinking of getting it.

    • Tracy says

      Hi Cat – yes I think it does help my skin, but it is hard to exactly measure these things haha… plus I admit to not being that good about remembering to take it every single day! I would suggest trialing it by taking 1 teaspoon per day every day for at least a month or two, and see the difference. If it works, you can try to downgrade to a little less to see if you can maintain the results on less of the oil (less pricey that way). Either way, I take it and plan to take it indefinitely because it’s also just so good for your body!

  35. Jacob says

    I really enjoyed your article Tracy. Ive figured I would try out the FCLO so Im now on my 2nd bottle (first one lasted me 5 weeks, 1tsp daily), and my skin is better but not sure how much of a part the FCLO is playing in it. Im also on the TCM (Chinese herbs) and been on that for a month and a full complete vitamin regimen which includes higher dosage of B5 (5g daily now).

    I no longer have to take Vitamin A caps cause this FCLO is basically that. But I dont think the Vitamin D content in this FCLO is all that high. Im on 5000IU Vitamin D3 and if this FCLO had that content per tsp I would love to scrap the D3 caps.

    I just hear too many good things about FCLO to not at least try it for a few months. How long did it take for you to help your acne? The main reason why Im taking it is because your body takes it in as a natural pure food and not a supplement.

  36. jim says

    Just curious do you think this COL would cause an initial acne breakout…….Iv’e read some reviews where that happened with similar products.

    • Tracy says

      Hi Jim – I think anything powerful like this has the potential to cause an initial breakout. It’s not to say it will, but it could.

  37. daphne says

    I just ordered. I’m from Holland, so for all you Dutchies, http://www.vitavie.nl ships within 2 days :)
    can’t wait to try this stuff :)
    love your’e site, keep up the good work! youre so brave to bare it all and an inspiration. I just discovered it a few days ago, so many more articles for me to read 😀

  38. Adel-Alexander says

    Hmm.. That’s odd, I’ve read somewhere that fats cannot be fermented, neither can the liver and/or fish since they’re mostly made out of protein… That’s an interesting read.

  39. daphne says

    Hi Tracy,

    I’m on this stuff for a week now, the bottle from vitavie arrived pretty quick ( and it tastes way better then I thought :) ), but I wondered, I am also taking a multi vitamin that contains 200% of the required dose per day of vitamin D. Since the fermented cod live oil also contains a lot of vitamin D, am I taking too much now? Should I skip the multi vitamin? I would love to hear your thoughts on this. love Daphne

    • Tracy says

      Hi Daphne,
      Hmm.. yeah, I would probably skip the supplement. The Vitamin D in the fermented cod liver oil is probably a lot better quality because it’s a naturally occurring vitamin D (not a synthetic vitamin), plus it is most effective when working in synergy with Vitamin A. I would skip the vitamin D supplement, especially as we start going into summer

      • daphne says

        thanks a lot, will do that! I love your website, videos and all the tips you give. Both informative and entertaining, keep up the good work :)! Besides the codd liver I’m also starting the green smoothies. I’ve been eating for about 70% paleo for about a year but I can’t seem to get rid of the female hormonal break outs. Besides that I have some allergies and have been trying to get pregnant for some time now. With the holistic approach I’m hoping to tackle all of them at once. I’ll let you know how it goes 😀

  40. Jacob says

    Hi, posting again, I’ve been on this stuff since Sept 2012 and still cant tell if its working for me or how well its working.


    This stuff is expensive so at first I started off with 1tsp for the first 3 months then .75 tsp since. Im on bottle 4 now I believe.

    I do know that it does nothing for controlling my hormones.

  41. says

    Since the blend contains 2/3 fclo and 1/3 hvb oil would, I need to take more than one tsp to get the recommeneded 10,000 IU of vitamin A and 2,000 IUs of vitamin D? Just trying to determine how much of the gel blend to take. Thanks!

      • james says

        Hi Tracy,
        I quit dairy to help with the skin and so I haven’t wanted to take the royal and have been taking blue ice with mk7 separately for k2 and trying to have some fat with it for absorption. I can see that royal is casein and lactose free so does that mean it doesn’t have any hormones that regular dairy has? Apparently it is the hormones in dairy that cause acne.

        • says

          Hi James, that’s a good question, I’m not really sure if hormones go into the butter fat.. I think it would, but the way I see it is that the cows they use are grass fed, and not given any extra hormones, which are the most problematic. So I guess there might be a small amount of natural hormone in there, but I’d say in most cases the benefit to you is going to far outweigh.

  42. Carla says


    Does anyone have any idea how long after taking CLO butter blend (Green pastures), I may see an improvement in acne? I have hormonal acne and been taking CLO for about 3 months, I have also changed my diet, but have not noticed a difference in my hormonal acne, or maybe this supplement/food won’t really help with hormonal acne.

    • Tracy says

      Hi Carla,
      No one supplement is going to work for every single person. If you feel it’s not doing you any good after taking it for 3 months, I wouldn’t bother continuing with it

    • says

      Carla..have you also tried introducing fermented vegetables into your diet on a daily basis? This will probably help alot. That coupled with a really good probiotic supplement.

      • Carla says

        Hi Dodhisattva
        I have not but will look into it, thanks for the suggestion, last summer I decided to change my diet and eat more clean and I have felt so much better, I have a green smoothie everyday. I do take a pro biotic VSL#3. I also read an article recently that Tracy publish, about hormonal acne, so I have started taking milk thistle, burdock root and ordered my estroblock pills. Based on reading online articles it looks like my hormones are out of what, I sure have all the symptoms. I hate to self-diagnose, but I have been going to the doctor and dermatologist for years, and they have not helped, half the time they just tell me my hormonal acne is not bad at all, they don’t seem to understand that its scarring my face and its painful to even wash my face. They say not to wear makeup but I tell them the reason I started wearing makeup was to help cover up the scars I didn’t wear makeup before.

        • Tracy says

          Hi Carla,
          I can relate to the self diagnosis thing. I have had to do that myself for financial reasons. If you can go to a naturopath they may help even more. BUt i think sticking with what your doing but also adding in fermented foods like cultured vegetables and coconut water kefir is going to help alot! It will change the terrain in your gut. I think the estroguard pills will be great and also you might want to do a colon cleanse if you havent already.

          Also, maybe you are already onto this but make sure you are drinking the cleanest water possible…spring water is the best or really good filtered water in glass. When you drink from plastic it really disrupts the hormones. Like I said, maybe you already know this but if not it will be a huge help.

          I suffered from acne all thru my late teens and early 20’s…so i want to help if i can! Take Care and Great to hear from you! Dodee

          • Carla says

            Thanks for the tips, I hope something works. I will try a colon cleanse, for water I drink kangen water because we have a filter at work, but will look into drinking cleaner water outside of work

  43. says

    Hey! I love your article. Yes this stuff is all it says and beyond! Have you tried their fermented skate liver oil? It helps to also decalicify the pineal gland which most people’s has been severely calcified from modern diet and the fluoride the government puts in our water claiming it to be healthy. Any way Green Pastures is the only fish oil my body likes…when it is fermented you don’t get the burping indigestion. It is also regularly tested for heavy metal contanimants which is crucial! well done on your article spreading the truth!!!!!!!

  44. Jess says

    I just spent $61 today on Green Pastures orange flavored FCLO. I’m hoping it helps the hormonal deep acne I get all over my chin. It better for that price!

  45. Claudeene says

    I have to ask. I’m a huge follower of yours and have been battling acne on the lower half of my face for 3 years now. Although it has gone from severe to mild now, I still deal with it. After reading your posts and doing my homework, I went out and bought Vitex and ordered the Green Pasture Fermented Cod Liver Oil/Butter Oil. I’ve been taking Vitex for a little over 2 weeks, and FCLO for a week and two days. I’ve started to developed pimples that remind me of my past acne. I have this huge feeling that it may have something to do with the FCLO. I have done some research and heard that it just doesn’t work for some people. Should I stick it out, did this happen to you or shall i discontinue? I meet with a Ayurvedic dietician this coming week and was thinking maybe holding off until I speak with her… Let me know, thank you!

    • Tracy says

      Hi Claudeene,
      Well, no one supplement works for everyone, so if you have a bad feeling about it, stop using it and see if these new pimples subside. So yes, I say discontinue and wait till you speak with the person you’re going to see

  46. Samantha says

    hey tracy! would you say taking this fermented cod liver oil/butter blend reduced your oil production in any way? I dont really have that much acne but i have terribly oily skin.

  47. Sebastian says

    Hi Tracy,

    From your experience how long is it before your skin starts to see the benefits of the FCLO? I have been taking it a week so far, not noticing much, still very oily & spotty.


    • Tracy says

      Supplements can take a long time to see results… stick it for at least a month, preferably two. Patience my friend 😀

  48. Megan says

    Hi Tracy,
    I just started following your blog and I love it! It’s like a sanctuary for me because I have people to relate to. I’m 29 years old and have been battling with mild-moderate acne since I was 21. I went on birth control when I was 18 and it cleared up my mild acne, but when i stopped taking it when I was 21 my face exploded with acne. I tried over the counter and prescription retnoids and it would clear up a little, but never completely until I really stuck with strict prescription retnoid creams for 12 weeks, but I wanted to get pregnant so I stopped, got pregnant and I had the worst acne while pregnant. After I had my daughter I went back on the prescription creams and I got laser treatments done for acne scarring which cleared up my skin greatly, but when I stopped getting the laser treatments done my acne came back even though I continued with the prescription creams. So I stopped using the creams for about 3 weeks now and my skin is I would say moderatley bad with acne. Desperate for relief I googled everything under the sun and found your website. After reading a lot of your posts I have come to the conclusion that my acne is more than likely hormonal due to my increased breakouts during ovulation and right before I get my period along my jawline and I also thinks its because of digestive problems. I go to the bathroom (#2) probably 3 maybe 4 times a week for years. I have also started to ween myself off of the pill starting this week after reading your article about BC, but now I want to start taking supplemens, but I don’t know where to really start because the estroblock, the cod/butter liver oil, and bio-cult are expensive. I’m sorry this is soo long. I’m just overwhelmed with information. If you could just point me in the right direction. I would greatly appreciate it!!

    • Tracy says

      Hi Megan,
      Glad you’ve found my blog :) Place to start would be a general upgrade in diet and lifestyle (I know, not easy with a new baby).. supplement wise… I say try Estroblock first.

  49. Alexis says

    Hi Tracy, hope all is well with you :) I have a question for you. I have been struggling with headaches for 5 years now and I wanna know your opinion on taking Advil/Tylenol (medical store products) VS natural alternatives to relieving head aches. I usually deal with my headaches by not taking any advil unless it turns into a migraine then I usually take something for it. I wanna know if you have done any research on this and if you Have any advice. I was on the birth control pill for I believe 6 years and I have been off it for almost 2 months and im trying to keep my body as clean as I can by not putting fake pills into it. Thanks :)

    • says

      Hi Alexis,

      I‘m not Tracy, but she is without internet access this week and asked me to reply to the comments on her blog in the meantime. I think that your strategy is good. Every synthetic pill is potentially toxic to your liver, but taking one from time to time to combat migraines is more than okay. That‘s what I‘m usually doing. Don‘t worry about it. I find that peppermint oil, strong black tea with fresh lemon juice and simply going to bed as soon as your headache has begun helps somewhat with regular headaches.

  50. Victoria says

    Hi Tracy!

    I was wondering if you have any tips for darkness or general under eye health? I’m vegan and I don’t eat gluten… A few moths ago I tried accutane(stopped after a month because it was awful). Now I’m following your natural skin care tips but since the medication I’ve had these sort of “bags” under my eyes and they’re so discouraging. I was thinking maybe this butter oil could help? Or maybe milk thistle? To be honest I have no idea. I sleep 8 hours every night and I’ve greatly reduced stress.

    Please help if you can :(


    • Tracy says

      Hey Lovely Victoria – I don’t really know much about dark under eyes… the only thing thing I’ve ever really heard about them in any frequency is that they can often be caused by some kind of food allergy. Sometimes they’re called “allergic shiners”

  51. Julia says

    I just have to ask, isnt there a risk of taking an overdose of vitamin A and D with this?
    I’ve read that Green Pastures clo contains 9500 IE vitamin A and 1950 IE vitamin D per one teaspoon.

    Isn’t that to much if you normally eat a lot of food that probably contains vitamin A and D?

    Wondering just cause I really don’t know :)

    • Tracy says

      Well I don’t know for sure, but I’ve heard/read that the D kind of balances the A and prevents toxicity.. and the issues with toxicity are mainly if you are taking a) large doses of synthetic Vitamin A, and b) if you were like an explorer eating an entire seal liver. It’s personally not a concern for me, but feel free to do more research so you feel comfortable.

  52. Kit says

    I wonder if it’s safe/a good idea to amp up your dosage to enhance results. Anyone know? Like taking two tsp a day instead of 1?

    • Tracy says

      Yep, I think it’s fine. The Vitamin D in this supplement regulates the Vitamin A so it won’t cause toxicity. I know pregnant women are supposed to take, like… a lot of this supplement, so… if they can do it, you can do it

  53. says

    I love this supplement! I believe it has really made my skin glow. And, I just plain feel better while taking it. Just an FYI – I was having a hard time getting it on Amazon.ca. I received it once, after a three week delay, and lately get messages at checkout that it won’t ship to my address in Canada.
    SO – I have found an AWESOME Canadian supplier. The Family Herbal Clinic in St Albert, Canada ships all of Green Pastures products, has amazing telephone customer service, the same prices, and I received the order within a week of ordering it. Just some advice for any Canadians out there looking to get their hands easily on this stuff!

  54. Jessica says

    Anyone in Vancouver, you can find this at Ethical Kitchen in North Van ($60) or Quidditas Co on CommercialDrive. Quidditas seems to have more flavor selection and more stock!

  55. Kit says

    I posted a comment previously, but I wanted to add: I’ve been experimenting with this supplement for almost a year now. I was taking the FCLO (no butter oil) during that time, and didn’t really see a difference in my skin. I continued taking it anyway because it was good for me. Last month, I decided to reintroduce dairy with some success, so when I reordered my supplement, I got the FCLO/BO blend.

    And all I can say is dayummmmmm.

    My acne was pretty much under control thanks to diet and lifestyle – the spots I got were mild and non-inflamed (though constant). But within two weeks of starting the FCLO/BO blend, my skin was PERFECT. Seriously flawless. Best it’s been since I was ten years old. It’s even allowed me to be a bit less rigid on my healthy eating plan without any consequences on my face – unHEARD of for me, who used to have the leakiest gut you could ever imagine. Lots of that is the time and effort I’ve spent on gut healing/probiotics/bone broth, no doubt, but I still reacted to some foods with breakouts (albeit less angry ones).

    I remember reading this article back in the day and wondering how much difference the butter oil really made. For me, it’s apparently a lot. I’m stunned. I would urge anyone who doesn’t have any major dairy concerns to try the blended supplement before the plain one.

    • Tracy says

      Hey Kit, that’s great – thanks for sharing that. Very helpful information. The butter oil really is important :)

    • Diane says

      Gosh, how are you able to take this daily without feeling like gagging? I’ve tried but I just can’t! And I bought the cinnamon tingle flavour which is supposed to be the best tasting? Seriously.. How do you do it? I really want this to work for me too.. But I can’t even look at the bottle without instantly feeling sick! Sniffles :(

      • Tracy says

        Yeah it’s pretty gross… I usually just put a small scoopful in the front of my mouth, where you can’t taste it, and then put some water in there and gulp it back in one go. Seems to cut down on the taste significantly. Also, I think the bottles vary – sometimes the cinnamon really doesn’t taste anything like fish, and other times it does :/

  56. Diane says

    Tracy! I bought two bottles of this in cinnamon tingle flavour but the smell and taste is too too strong for me! I feel like gagging even two hours after I’ve finished taking tiny the dosage! There’s hardly any hint of cinnamon at all to me. Is this really the magic formula to gorgeous acne-free skin from the inside? I’ve found triphala supplements and am starting to take that instead because I really just can’t. Now I have one almost-full bottle + one unopened bottle and I can’t look at the bottles without feeling nauseous! So close to throwing the bottles away Tracy! :(

    • Kit says

      Ahhh don’t do that! Send them to me! Kidding. Kinda 😉

      I’m ok with the taste of the cinnamon tingle, but the texture can weird me out a bit some days. So I just think of it like I’m doing a shot. My college drinking days were good for something! I get a small glass of something to drink – I can do water, but kombucha or orange/pineapple juice mask the flavor better. Then I just throw the gel back with a swig of my drink as quickly as possible, exactly like doing a shot of whiskey or tequila. If I were you, I would try it with kombucha or juice…it really does help. If I time it just right, I don’t even taste it.

      They also sell the oil in capsule form, but economically, it makes the price point kind of ridiculous. Maybe you could buy and fill your own gelatin capsules with the oil? I believe you do need to take a lot of the capsules to get a full dose, but it could be worth it if it ends up being your magic bullet.

  57. Bena says


    Yesterday i started to take blue ice cod liver oil/ butter oil.I have acne and take 3 capsules at the morning and 3 at the evening aftre I eat.Is that ok?
    Thank you 😉

  58. Meagan says

    For the people that are struggling with the taste of the gel- are you taking it cold straight from the fridge? I put mine on a spoon cold, scrape it back onto my tongue and knock it back with some water, like a vitamin. I’ve even ordered the unflavoured and I’m able to take it easily this way. But I would never take it at room temperature! My toddler takes it warm and straight off the spoon no problem though. haha

  59. Laurie says

    Hi Tracy! I just started taking cod liver oil (not this specific butter kind, but an oil) and I’ve ran into something interesting. I use a measuring teaspoon to take it. When I go to wash the spoon, (a plastic spoon) I can’t get the smell off of it! And then my entire kitchen and even apartment smells like fish. Any ideas? One option is I could just drink straight from the bottle, but I’m not really into that. I was wondering if a special treatment can clean the spoon better or maybe I should use a metal spoon? Any thoughts or tips?

    • says

      Hi Laurie,

      use a stainless steel spoon! You won’t get the smell off that plastic spoon… Also, chemicals from plastics tend to migrate into food, especially fatty foods, so please be careful!

  60. Fiona says

    Hi Tracy,

    Do you still take this?

    Also, could you describe what the cinnamon gel version tastes like? (like is it spicy or sweet cinnamon favored?) Also, have you ever try the unflavored version?

    Thanks. :)

    • says

      Hi Fiona, yep I still take it! The cinnamon flavour… hmm… I don’t know… it’s kind of a combo of both sweet and spicy flavour… I guess. I wouldn’t actually say it’s spicy like it burns though. I haven’t tried the unflavoured one, no!

  61. Linda says

    Hi Tracy, i like your site. I just ordered the FCLO from a Norwegian web store since its where im from. I have done a lot of research and i am scared this will break me out further. I read in a couple reviews that its a natural testosterone booster. So that cant be good for acne right?

    • says

      Hi Linda, I don’t know, I’ve never heard anything like that about it! I don’t know what to say – you can read about literally anything on the planet breaking somebody somewhere out, so I wouldn’t worry about it too much if you’ve only seen one or two people say something like this on the internet. Of course, the decision is totally yours :)

  62. Linda says

    Okay thanks. Well its in the mail soon so i might as well give it a shot. I orderered the cinnamon tingle and will be taking two tbs a day.

  63. SarahRose says

    Not sure if you noticed, but the “folks” (Michelle) over at beautyeditor.ca no longer recommend cod liver oil. In fact, she’s very much against it.

    “Also awkward: I’m kinda known around the internet as the cod liver oil girl, thanks to this post (links to the post you mention). I need to backtrack on that, because I don’t take it anymore and as you’ll soon read, I don’t think it’s safe.”

    Personally, I disagree with her newer post and think she’s pretty misinformed. It’s clear she doesn’t understand the molecular structure of fats.

    But also, I don’t think she has much integrity. Her original post about cod liver oil in 2010 still drives lots of traffic to the site, and a lot of people are still trying to follow her advice. If she feels so strongly against it now, the proper thing to do would be at least to mention that in and edit to the original post. She’s obviously aware a lot of people still read it, she mentions it in her newer post in 2014. For that alone, I don’t really respect much of what she says.

    But again, based on my own research, I don’t give much weight to her new opinion anyway.

    Anyway, no real point to this. Just thought I’d point this out.

    • says

      Interesting. I agree lots of damaged PUFAs are likely bad for you and I don’t advocate use of most of the typically used ones… like canola, sunflower oil, etc… but I think she’s going a little overboard about them if you ask me :/

  64. Shianna says

    Hi Tracy!

    This looks like a fabulous product! <3 But unfortunately I cannot afford this right now. ARG! Too bad they are so expensive :( Is there a second recommendation you could make of code liver pills?? What did you take before these pills?

    Eventually I will get my hands on this Brand!

    Thank you so much for this post!

  65. Shianna says

    Hi Tracy,

    This cod liver oil stuff sounds like a great thing to take! So very expensive though! I wish I could at least find website with free shipping on it! I am thinking about getting Carlson’s liquid cod liver oil until I can afford this brand. this was the brand you took before Green Pastures correct? Even though it isn’t as good as Green Pastures, it still helped your acne right?

    Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge Tracy! Your website is such a gift! <3

  66. Aurora says

    Tracy I’ve read the reviews of this product on Amazon.com and one person said that you have to resolve your digestive issues before taking the cod liver oil, otherwise, for example, you have candida, the oil will kill it and you’ll experience some die off symptoms and break out with yeast infections :( I suspect I have candida but I already ordered the product, what should I do?

  67. says

    Hi Tracy, thanks so much for all your advice and information – I’ve found it so interesting and invaluable! I’ve been suffering with acne for almost 8 years now and you’ve pretty much convinced me to try this fermented cod liver oil. I’m vegetarian though – is there a vegetarian or vegan alternative to fermented cod liver oil which has most if not all of its positive effects (i.e. vitamins A, D and K2)? I would so appreciate a suggestion of what I could take as I’m at my wit’s end with my acne.

  68. Carmen says

    Hi Tracey,

    I’ve taken everything that you suggested except this for about a year now and still had issues with acne. I decided to go ahead and try this also about two months ago. And now I have NO ACNE. NONE!!! I’m completely in shock. This stuff is amazing.
    Thanks so much for your dedication to helping people.

  69. Simran Dhillon says

    Hey Tracy!

    I accidentally purchased Green Pasture’s Blue Ice Fermented Cod Liver Oil Cinnamon Tingle Liquid instead of the Blue Ice Royal Butter Oil/Cod Liver Oil Blend Cinnamon Tingle Gel.. :$ Do you think that I’m missing out on some key skin healing benefits that are only present in the butter gel formula? Or is there not really too much of a big difference between the two?..

    • says

      Hey Simran, the butter oil helps you absorb some of the nutrients, but it’s not the end of the world! You will still get lots of benefit from the straight cod liver oil!


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