How Long Does It Take To Get Clear Skin Naturally?

A common thing that people want to know is… how long does it take to get rid of acne from holistic methods? When should I expect results?

I explain in this video what to expect and how healing happens. The timeline I explain in the video is based on someone with severe acne like I had, but in the past, I’ve cleared my mild acne in less than a month using a holistic approach.

You can totally be happy, healthy and acne free!

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  1. says

    So glad to watch this video. I get so discouraged because I will have clear skin for 2 weeks and then breakout. But I also realize that it used to be much worse (clear skin for 2 days and then break out) so I must be making progress.

    • thelovevitamin says

      Yeah it’s definitely a good bit of info to have, otherwise it’s really easy to get discouraged. Even though I knew this information when I was clearing my acne, it was still lots of ups and downs and disappointments because I’d get scared anyway. This is why it’s way better to meditate and work your emotions too so that it doesn’t feel like such a roller coaster.

  2. Jessica says

    Hello I was wondering is raw chocolate okay to eat because it has none of the sugar and its all natural, I’ve heard about it but didn’t really look deep into to, I was wondering if you happen to know?

    • thelovevitamin says

      Hi! Yes, raw cocoa is good for you.. it’s an antioxidant. It’s all the milk and sugar they add to chocolate that makes it bad for you. You can get raw cocoa and mix it with a natural sweetener of your choice, and it’s a better option. If that is too much work and you still want to eat chocolate, go for dark chocolate, as it has the least amount of sugar.

  3. DanielleC says

    Hey Tracy!
    I have been using Manuka honey and aloe plant on my face for the past 4 weeks or more, twice a day. I’m also eating as healthy as I can, getting fresh air and sun, exercise, and taking supplements such as Omega3 oil concentrate and vitamin A drops…So far its helping…I still have spots but they arn’t as drastic as they were before, a little smaller. in size (minus the time of the month spots that show up in areas I have never had them before in over 4 years….) H

    owever my face is extremely itchy on the areas does that mean its healing, just in stages? Thanks :)

    • Tracy says

      Hi Danielle! that`s great to hear that you`ve seen improvements! That means you should keep going with it and things will only continue to get better! I`ve heard that some people do get itchy acne, and if you are seeing some sorts of acne that you`ve never seen before after you`ve begun a healthy lifestyle (itchy, in weird places), it`s likely a healing reaction… wait it out and see what happens! As frustrating as it is, try not to scratch though and add irritation.

  4. Emily says

    Tracy! Hello there!
    Wow…I just ran across your website yesterday and I was so excited that I started all the way at your very first blogs…and have made it up to this one, within in less than a day!
    I’m so glad you’re doing this. I’m almost 17 and acne is a familiar face.
    Any way…trying to keep the post short, wanted to know what your opinion was on Murad. It’s a facial wash that I’ve been on for about a year now. No, my skin is not perfect (far from) but it continues on a ferocious roller coaster of being nearly perfect, to unbearable. (Which I recently realized, thanks to your blog, is simultaneous to my emotions)
    I’m also on Doxycycline…I used to take Monocycline but I had to switch for the benefits of the anti malaria elements that Doxycycline offers.
    Should I just get off those?
    I eat really healthy….but I’m ADDICTED to cereal. No, not Fruit Loops and lucky charms, but the natural Kashi stuff.
    I eat a ton of it! Gluten? Is it secretly killing me?
    Thanks again!

    • Tracy says

      Hi Emily!
      I would recommend getting off the antibiotics you’re on…. antibiotics, especially long term antibiotics, can really wreak havoc with your digestive system, setting you up for more acne in the future. I hate doctors and the way they prescribe antibiotics for acne like it’s no big deal. Try to get off them as soon as possible, and start on some strong probiotics afterwards in order to repopulate your guts with good bacteria.
      As for gluten… I don’t know how much gluten affects you, but I don’t think it’s great for anyone. It’s quite inflammatory, especially wheat gluten. So…. it MAY be secretly killing you, but I don’t know. The only way to know if it’s a big problem for you is to go gluten free for a while and see how you feel.

  5. christina says

    hi my name is christina I have been with a homeopath for 6 months and been trying to balance my hormones. She told me to get off the pill after going through a horrible allergic reaction to apricots that produced tiny white(almost acne like) pimples everywhere prior to the pill my skin was normal, on the pill i had flawless skin i mean not one pimple. Ever since I have been on this homeopathic stuff to stabilise my hormones (FEM REG, HMF(Probiotic), and a bunch of other stuff) i have not seen a MAJOR difference. I really want to go back on the birth control pill to get my flawless skin back. I have even stopped eating all dairy and I LOVE CHEESE! please let me know when i can see results!

  6. Charles says

    Hi Tracy,

    I agree with you. Healing process is a frustration. I am almost there to clear my skin but break out still come after me.

    Here is my trick
    Wake up at 5:30 am
    Make sure pre-workout meal is ready. e.g. eggs and banana
    Get to the pool by 7:00 am
    I find swimming acceleration to heal acne
    Get to bed 9:50 p.m if possible

  7. Sam says


    Do you have any natural remedies for broken capillaries. I have a small patch of broken capillaries on my cheek that I am afraid will spread. Thanks!

  8. Josh says

    Hi! I hope I can get a response here.
    I’m a younger male (18), really love your website!
    I was wondering what info you all have on clearing pigmentation.
    Through the Paleo diet/caveman regimen, I’ve stopped getting new breakouts (minus a spot or two right after I have a cheat meal) but the pigmentation is still somewhat uneven (only on forehead area) I rarely got acne breakouts anywhere else. Ive been doing it about 2 months now, and I’ve seen significant improvement, but I’m really hoping to clear the pigmentation sooner than later :)

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