Today I have an incredible guest post from a reader named Tamar. I had always heard that there wasn’t really a natural way to remove deep pitted or rolling scars, but luckily she has proved me wrong!

She was eager to share her story for those of you who are suffering with deep acne scarring, so here it is:

Let me start out by giving a very brief background of my skin history. When I turned twelve, I started getting some annoying pimples on my face. However, it didn’t get really problematic until I decided to do something about it by taking antibiotics when I was eighteen (terrible, terrible idea, folks) and then going on birth control when I hit twenty (equally horrific).

Then my face began doing something it never had before: it started scarring, deep rolling scars and a full face pinkish-red pigmentation. With a clear face covered in scars, I felt a little cheated.

And Then, a Discovery…

One dull October day last fall, I was wandering through one of my favorite health food stores (Henry’s) when I stumbled across the skin care section and hawked a few random gems: a bottle of avocado oil, jojoba oil, Aztec clay, and a jar of MSM cream—most of which ended up just occupying space for the next few months since I was too timid to try anything new on my inflamed face.

Come mid-January though desperation kicked in and I decided to give one of them a go, inflammation or not. So I slathered the MSM cream on my face once a day, religiously. Around that time, I stayed for a week at my sister’s house, relaxing my skin care regimen and this included the MSM cream. As we were lounging around the house one day, I noticed she was studying my face and, irritated, I asked her what she was looking at. To which she replied—to my general amazement and elation—“Your face just looks flatter—fuller. I can’t even see any scars.”

Intrigued, I rushed to the nearest mirror and tested my face out at all different angles in bright (fluorescent!) lighting, which is typically the opposite of what I do and might have accounted for why I didn’t notice any difference—at least with the rolling scars.

When I got home, (true story here) I snatched up my camera and exposed my virgin face to the sun and cricked my neck and turned up my jaw and looked like a total dork trying to determine if, indeed, my face was “fuller”. And discovery of discoveries, in less than a month, all my scars were nearly gone. Oddly enough, it was the more stubborn rolling scars which disappeared first followed by, slowly but surely, the florid pigmentation. Needless to allude to here, I was ecstatic.

Nuts and Bolts

It is now four months later and I have just purchased a fresh jar of MSM cream, which, to satisfy your curiosity, is $12 at my local Henry’s. Let it be noted, I used this almost every day and it has lasted four months.

It has a slight tingling and tightening feeling when I first put it on, but it’s not uncomfortable at all and I imagine, though I never have, that you can easily wear it under make-up if you so desire. Also, I have noticed that pimples I do have heal a heckuva a lot faster when I glob a little of the cream on.

For those of you interested, it contains no common irritants, allergens, artificial colors or animal products. It also has vitamins D3, E, and A and aloe and grapefruit seed extract (yum!).

Lastly, I should mention that back in August I took MSM in supplement form for quite a while and, not only did I not notice any improvement in my skin, it was quite a pretty penny to keep that up in comparison to using the cream.

Final Notes

I currently have a handful of pimples (it’s almost that particularly abysmal time of the month) and some scattered pigmentation from recent inflammations. Yet the bane of my life, those awful, dismal rolling scars, are nowhere to be seen. I really hope you guys give this a shot because, trust me, I know how disheartening acne scars can be. And, coming from someone who has tried everything from manuka honey to microdermabrasion to derma-rollers for my scars, when I say this is the cat’s meow you best believe it.

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Are you suffering with pitted or rolling acne scars?