You Can Be 100% Overwhelmingly Beautiful – Even With Acne

Let me tell you about my friend Rikke.

Steve, Rikke, and Me, circa 2006

Well, to be honest…. I don’t know if you could call her a true “friend” anymore since I haven’t actually talked to Rikke in about six or seven years (although I would like to consider everyone out there my friend!). She’s just one of those random people who floats around on my facebook now.

I think about her fairly often though.


Well, I met Rikke when I was backpacking around Australia back in 2006.

She’s Danish. And you say her named like “Reggae”. She, like me, was a solo traveller. Before I met her, she had teamed up and was hanging out with a trio of British boys.

I met the four of them at a hostel in Byron Bay, and spent maybe two or three weeks hanging out and traveling with them. This is the ways of the backpacker – you meet people constantly, they come, they go.  For now, “Reggae” and the British Boys had become my temporary family. 

Now, let me tell you – I don’t sit around, 6 years later, thinking too hard about the trio of Brits.

But what was it about Rikke that stands out in my mind after all this time?

Well, Rikke had acne.

Not like, terrible severe acne or anything. But she definitely had the mild to moderate acne that the majority of us are dealing with. It was enough that I distinctly noticed it, anyway.

But get this – she was also one of the most beautiful people I had ever met.

And although she was pretty, I don’t necessarily mean that physically.

Something about her personality… she was just… radiant. She was always smiling, confident, outgoing, kind, and just… cool. She had this wonderful, refreshing zest for life, and she was the type of person that made you feel all warm and fuzzy inside just by being in her presence. And I’m pretty sure  all three of the British guys had HUGE crushes on her (one of them definitely did, because he wouldn’t give up till she dated him).

Whatever she had going on, it definitely transcended any acne she had.

I was actually in awe of her, because I too had mild/moderate acne at the time. Probably even less than she had. And I was absolutely mystified by the fact that Rikke never seemed fussed about covering it up. I thought “how is it even possible someone could be comfortable enough to not cover up their acne if they could?”. I was running to the bathroom every morning as soon as I woke up in order to cover up any spots before there was even a chance of anyone glimpsing them. Her confidence in the face of acne was practically inconceivable to me (I just didn’t get it, but I was seriously impressed by it!).

I mean, who knows though. Maybe her acne really was killing her on the inside, but you’d never know it. Her personality and confidence outshone everything and all flaws and she was an extremely attractive person.

It’s funny too because even now when I think about, say, a person who runs to the bathroom every morning and is clearly not comfortable with herself  and her flaws, and contrast that next to someone with acne who is completely confident and lets it show because she loves herself…. which is the more attractive behaviour?

Whenever I’m feeling a bit down about acne, it actually helps a great deal to think of her. In my head, she has become like a role model to me in order to help me keep acne in perspective and remind myself that it’s really not that big of a deal after all.

Thinking of her reminds me that personality is 100% more important, and that I could save myself a great deal of misery if I just remembered that.

What About the Dudes Out There?

Although Rikke is the one that I look up to the most (maybe because she’s female and I am also female), another example that always pops into my mind alongside her (in the “cool, awesome people with acne” category) is my ex boyfriend’s brother, Michael.

Again, he didn’t have severe acne or anything, but he definitely had an acne problem. Yet, I never got the impression that his acne bothered him. And he was hot. And really, really cool. And the ladies just loved him. So there you go.

This Little Tricks Works with Other “Flaws” Too

I’ve found that this little trick – thinking about awesome, confident people – also works with other things you may be self conscious about.

For example, I’ve always been extremely self conscious about looking young. Not so much being short or small, but it’s just “looking young” that has always struck this intense nerve with me. Say I’m short or little or cute all you want, but say I look young and I want to rip your head off.

So, much like how thinking about Rikke and her acne helps me to calm down about that, in this case, I think about an Aussie girl named Catia who I also met on my Australia trip in 2006.

She was very small, like me, and looked really, really young, yet, she had tons of awesome friends and she just exuded coolness in this goofy, funny kind of way.


And what really impressed me about her was that she never seemed like she tried to make herself look any older by wearing makeup, or “mature” clothes or anything. She just seemed perfectly at ease with it, and so confident. Again, because looking young always drove me so crazy, it baffled me how this could be so, but impressed me so very much. And thinking of her makes me feel awesome.

Do you know people who have acne or some other flaw, yet their personality and joy shines through so much that they can’t be anything but amazingly beautiful?

You can totally be happy, healthy and acne free!

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  1. LJ says

    This post is great and I absolutely identify with it. One of my best friends has imperfect skin, no bad acne ever but mild spots and whiteheads. It is the kind of skin I would not be able to leave the house with unless I had makeup on. Yet she just doesn’t care about it – and she is so much the better off for it. She has loads of friends, goes out clubbing when she wants to, but she also studies hard, has loads of interests…in short, she isn’t materialistic, vain, insecure or troubled by her looks at all – she doesn’t care.
    There was also a guy at my high school with acne all over his face but, again, he was friendly and funny and had girlfriends – it just wasn’t something I ever thought about in relation to him, it was just a part of how he looked, which had no impact on his personality.
    I think that’s where I struggle most – I think my appearance impacts upon my personality too much, because I obsess about it, so I think everyone else notices it and judges me because of it.
    I don’t know why I care so much about my appearance being perfect, I think if I could source the root of it all, I’d be able to move on and start living a more positive life irrespective of the way I look.

    • Tracy says

      Yes, I totally believe that we create our own reality by projecting our own thoughts and beliefs onto the world – so it makes perfect sense that if we are judge ourselves and obsess over it, we feel like we “know” that other people are doing the same things. And because we think we know what other people think, we act in accordance to it – we act under confident, then people don’t respond as well to you because of that, and then you see that as confirmation that people don’t like you because of your skin or are judging you for it. And the cycle continues…

      I feel like I’m finally making major headway with being like Rikke… and just not caring and living life fully. I’m not totally there yet, but I’m working on accepting myself and how I feel about my skin and letting go of it. I can now go out in public with minor acne not covered and feel fine, but I still haven’t gotten brave enough to do it if I happen to get a big one. One day :)

      • Kim says

        Wow Tracy,
        Thanks for this awesome story! It helped me feel better about my acne!
        I am going to try to incorporate this into my daily life and be less caring about how my acne looks and let my personality shine through! Never have thought about it this way before!
        I guess thats why some say “dont judge a book by its cover!”
        I really hope I can teach myself to be less caring about it and what I perceive that others may think about it! It really helps to come on here and find advice from you and others who are battling the same thing!

      • shea says

        Wow. You just blew my mind. And I thank you for that. I need to let the insecurities go, because they show. Frankly you blow your cover when you cover up.

  2. Ashley says

    I just discovered you and all of your wonderful blogs and videos two days ago. I am thankful that you have decided to share all of your acne experience with the world because, to be honest, most acne suffers like myself are secretly searching for an answer and we definitely aren’t doing it in the open. I have already been drinking green smoothies, using my manuka honey and jojoba and I like it so far! I definitely understand this post. I look at my friends and sure, they might have flaws but they never seem to worry about them and they look amazing to me. Im always looking in the mirror and examining myself and I think I have decided to ignore my acne until its gone and if someone else has a problem with my face then, well, I guess it’s their problem :)

    • Tracy says

      Good luck Ashley! I hope you’re successful in ignoring your acne… it’s difficult but it’s so worth it! I just spent a weekend away at a festival and didn’t look at my skin once or hardly even think about it at all… and sure enough, no acne! And even if I did a little acne (which maybe I did?), I didn’t care, because I didn’t know! And no one treated me any differently, that’s for sure. So far I only seem to be able to do this successfully for a weekend though, when I’m having lots of fun and there’s no mirrors around… maybe I need to get rid of the mirrors in my house! ha

  3. says

    Great post Tracy. Just goes to show that we are our own worst enemies. How you feel about yourself is what you project out. And what you project out to the world is how other people see you. Very few people really care about a few pimples on your face. It only becomes an issue when you make it an issue by being weird about it :)

  4. Annie says


    I have a funny anecdote that I must share.

    So I'm healing my acne, right? Doing pretty well (actually extra-happy today)… but I've had a few breakouts over the last few months, and they've really shaken up my self-esteem each time that I got that big let-down feeling. [i.e. It seems like every time I have an opportunity to spend a full day or weekend with my boyfriend, it happens to fall right when my skin is peaking in some new ugliness.] Still, I have gotten stronger and better about reminding myself that acne does not completely obliterate the rest of my looks/identity.

    But my boyfriend doesn't have the same skills with himself! He has naturally great skin, but he went through a little period of stress recently, wasn't exercising as much, etc., and he broke out (a tiny bit! I honestly don't even notice it consciously when I look at him while chatting and whatnot.) He cannot handle it, though. He moans and talks about it (I never ever ever mention my skin problems around him); moreover–get this–he actually PUT ON A HAT the other night while we were cooking because it bothered him to know it was just there for anyone to see.

    That made him less attractive to me than anything else he could have done. Hilarious. But still, he's a hottie and there's nothing that could spring up on his face to shield my heart from noticing that. Funny how I genuinely feel like a monster when I have a bad spot or two… Forget self-confidence when it's worse than that.

    Someday. Keep on working at it… Thanks, Tracy!

    • Tracy says

      haha thanks for sharing that Annie – it’s very funny. When we think of our best friends or our boyfriends or girlfriends or loved ones… all you think about is how wonderful they are, and their little flaws and insecurities mean nothing to you. So if they get upset about them, you’re like “huh??”. It seems inconcevable that they are worrying about these things because you know their flaws will never take away from their amazingness….. the irony is that them worrying and making a big deal about these things is he most unattractive behaviour, never the flaw itself!

      I think this is how we all need to begin treating ourselves… we need to think of ourselves how we think of our friends or lovers…. and it needs to become inconcevable to ourselves that some acne would ever take away from our wonderfulness! I guess that is really the essence of “loving yourself”

  5. Autumn says

    I have gotten to the point where I have gotten comfortable with my skin around people. I am ok in public and with freinds but never when I was at work and I always wore makeup. Now since I have been unemployed I worry about having to start wearing it again. I wouldn’t show up to an interview without it and from there on unless I cleared up I would feel I should cover up.

    My skin has been getting better and I hope it has been from healthy changes I have learned from this site and not just from having time to relax and have nothing on my face. But I choose not to worry too much because I need to start working again and I can’t let that interfere with my life on that level. The funny thing is I don’t even think I look that bad without makeup I just think it would be unprofessional/unpresentable to go without.

    I have faith that I can keep getting healthier and stronger to accept myself and live my life the way I want to without worrying about physical flaws, it is not what is important in life.

    • Tracy says

      Learning to love yourself and let go is certainly a journey, but so far I think it’s been a very worthwhile one :) Good luck Autumn!

  6. Melissa says

    Hi Tracy,

    great story. I do too have a friend like that and I always think of her when I have a down day. She was my best friend back in switzerland (I don’t know if you can call her best friend now as I haven’t been there in so long) but she too hat mild/moderate acne but she is just such a gorgeous person! What always faccinate me the most is that she has two piercings in her face (nose and just under the lip) they look amazing but it’s something I never dare doing because I don’t want to draw attention to my skin, although her skin isn’t any better than mine and she looks stunning… thank you for sharing 😉

    • Tracy says

      No, she doesn’t… honestly I’ve been feeling a bit weird about this because I don’t know what the moral thing to do is! I really wanted to tell this story because I think it’s very inspirational and I would hope she’d see it as a huge compliment if she read it (because it is one… she’s amazing!). But I didn’t know how to be like ‘hey… I’m writing a story about your acne”. It’s a bit awkward…. so I haven’t spoken to her about it. I don’t know if I’m being a bad person or not by publishing this without her permission, but hopefully it’s all good!

  7. Peter says

    Hello Tracy

    Im 18 and still have acne, It really gets to me as much as I try to stay positive I cant because of my acne. What should I do the Ultimate Secrets to Acne Freedom or Candida Cleanse Challenge im just confused. Im a male and really want to get rid of acne please help out.

    • Tracy says

      Hi Peter – I know, it’s so difficult to stay positive with acne. If I were you and need somewhere to start, I’d go for Ultimate Secrets first as it’s a really great all around way to understand what’s going on and what steps you can start taking to heal. Sending love your way! <3

  8. Kirra says

    Hi Tracy.

    I just came across your website, very cool and can’t wait to start exploring. In relation to your article, have you ever heard of Stephanie Neilson? Completely unrelated to acne, but her face was disfigured in an aeroplane accident a few years back. Every time I look at her I am stunned by her beauty, I’m not sure whether it’s her faith that shines through or some other aspect but she is gorgeous. It completely transcends anything that society might not consider ‘beautiful’. Scars, etc.
    I would love to pick your brain sometime but understand if you don’t have the time to email and such. Thanks so much for all your work…


  9. Victoria says

    Great post! My boyfriend is one of these people. He had struggled with acne since a teenager yet you would never even think it was a problem for him upon first meeting him. He is drop dead handsome (and I know I’m not the only one that thinks that!) and his beauty and personality just radiates from him. He had some serious transitional years (not related to acne), but I think coming out of it he was able to accept himself and his “flaws” and let himself shine.
    What you said is right, it really comes down to learning to love yourself and LET GO, that’s where true beauty for anyone comes from :)

  10. Peter says

    Hello Tracy,

    Well a little background about me im 17, male. Get picked on alot at school its horrible for me. My acne is really killing me.
    I really want to have my confedience back and the only way i can is by clearing my acne. Is the Candida Cleanse only for females? I know it sounds dumb but Im not sure about stuff like that,thats why i ask. So please give me something I can relly on to clear my acne, PLEASE HELP PEOPLE. I APPRECIATE EVERYTHING:)

  11. Peter says

    Hello Tracy

    I bought 7 day candida cleanse. Im only 17 though and need some guidence. Please email me back, I start school in two weeks last thing I want is to get picked on AGAIN because of my acne. I atleast want to calm my skin down and not have it like I do now. Im sure it will really help my skin since I also get alot of rashes on my arms. So please help out. THANK YOU:)

    • Tracy says

      Peter, I already replied to you on the other comment you left about this. I said:

      “Hi Peter – there’s lots of step by step instructions given in the 7 Day Candida Cleanse PDF that you should have received when you signed up… go through it and then if you have questions, send them to my email (go to the contact page to get my email address). There will also be the private forums when the cleanse begins so you can ask me anything you want in there”

  12. Nanners says

    First of all – thanks for this post! I think it’s lovely, and SUCH a good thing to remember. We are all *so* much harder on ourselves than we are on anyone else, and I think we’ve all, if we really think about it, known at least one person (if not many, many more!!) who RADIATE, despite some “flaw” or another. I myself have had some skin unpleasantness for the past year, but I have still made incredible connections, had fantastic experiences, and even had some beautiful romances … so really, it’s not as bad as we all think. I SWEAR.

    That being said, I do think you should perhaps take down the pictures of your friend – or at least blot out her eyes – and/or change her name. I know that though they are super kind things you are saying, I would personally feel a bit odd if I stumbled upon a blog post like this about me… and also, nowadays, with the wonders of the internet, someone could look her up pretty easily, and who knows if she’d like that.

    Just my two cents. Really though – this may be the most important blog post about acne there IS. EVERYONE who’s struggled with their skin should read it. And then go out there and shine! :)

    Much love.

  13. Heather says

    Thanks for sharing this, I needed to read this today! I am coming off medication and my face was flawless, now it is worse than when I went on meds. I am so disappointed. I know I need to let my body heal and my face will get better, but i have delt with this since elementry and it was nice to have clear skin for so long, it felt so good. I realize the hold medication has on me. I don’t even want my husband to look at me! But this artical helps me see that people in my life really care care about me, not if I have clear skin! Thanks again Tracy, I am hoping your clear skin guide helps my face, if not Im gonna keep trecking on no matter what!

    • Tracy says

      Hi Heather – I’m glad this article helped you. It’s so true that the people who love us love us no matter what and do not view us any differently. Good luck with your skin journey :)

  14. Monica says

    I’ve had acne for awhile now, but I never covered it up. I have pretty mild acne. I live in the Philippines where it’s really hot and most people don’t wear make up and I never really felt self conscious about my pimples to the point of covering them up. I figured let everyone see what’s there… why cover it up. I mean I go around with pussy pimples on my face. If someone stares, Oh well. It kinda stings, but I can live with it. I tried once, only once putting foundation on my face. I hated it. It looked awful… I liked the way my skin looked without it. Also about the looking young part, I’m 18 (just turned 18 this month, btw) and people think I’m 12 or 13… I’m not actually bothered by it… I kinda like it because hopefully when I’m 40 I’ll look like I’m 20. LOL I’m not really into the being all mature thing… I’m pretty childish at that. And I don’t mind. I like myself that way.
    The one thing that bothers me though… is when I take my glasses off… I have these horrible dark circles under my eyes… they’re not really eye bags just dark circles… my dad has them too. I’m not sure if it’s because I have my dad’s eyes or… it’s something internally that I need to fix… Maybe you know something about that? xD

    • Tracy says

      Hi Monica – yes it’s funny how everyone has their different “thing” that really bothers them. I’ve always heard that dark circles under the eyes are called “allergic shiners” and are due to an allergy of some kind.
      I’ve also read somewhere that the colour of the circles under the eye can indicate and correspond to different problems in the body… but I can’t seem to find that again to refer you to where I read it.

  15. Adel-Alexander says

    Hi Tracy! It’s funny that you wrote about someone called Rikke because, the moment I heard that name. I was thinking ”She’s from Denmark” Because I live in Denmark! And I have a friend called Rikke as well! And seriously, no body in the world outside of scandinavia can pronounce that name correctly in English so we keep joking about calling her for Raggae and stuff like that. :) And you’re right, people can be beautiful and hot even with acne. :) This post made me smile. Thank you! :)

    P.S: I bet you couldn’t pronounce Rikke the way you normally pronoucne the name in danish! :)

  16. Caroline says

    Just wanted to share my own experience on this subject… I’m 23 and have struggled with mild to moderate acne since I was in junior high, which I made MUCH MUCH worse with compulsive picking (why oh why would anyone want to turn a harmless red under the skin lump that can be easily be covered by a dot of concealer into a seething scabby mass? I don’t know, but so many times I did!) Happily moving past that now.

    Anyways, despite that, for much of the time I have been quite unihibited about my acne. I happen to be and be friends with the non-shaving, non-product wearing type of people, and I haven’t worn full make-up since high school. Many times I have had nasty zits on display.

    I did however like to believe that no-one noticed them. Obviously this was not true. On time a boyfriend commented and he said, “That looks like it really hurts.” I got mad at him for noticing (silly) but in retrospect I realize he was not judging me. He loved me for many years and really just felt bad that I had something that hurt.

    Anyways, despite that, in that time I had lovers and relationships of all stripes with people I thought very attractive, actually none of whom had acne, and was quite happy in my sexuality and relations to other people.

    It was only recently that I started to be more anxious about it and it started to affect my life and relationships. The acute consciousness started to keep me from engaging fully with others, and as you say, it was easy to put the results on my acne and not my lack of engagement. So let us remember, nobody is judging us as harshly as we are.

    It helps to remember that everyone has their afflictions and weight to bear, even if not acne. My sister has perfect skin but a severe pain disorder. I’m sure she would trade in an instant! You know?

    • Tracy says

      Hi Caroline,
      Thanks for sharing this!! I totally agree. Nobody IS judging as as harshly as we judge ourselves. And when they look at us, they see our whole face and our whole person. When we look in the mirror, all we see is that red spot.

      And it’s so true… when I get upset about acne, I often think about what it would be like to live with numerous other conditions, especially chronic pain conditions. Brutal. Love to your sister.

  17. Ellie says

    This post is super interesting and I actually now that I think about it know people just like this. I’ve always been the “must wear makeup if anyone outside my family and closest friends might see me” kind of girl, even when my acne was very mild, as it is now. It’s varied a lot from fairly severe to almost non-existent and while I don’t feel bad for wearing makeup, I’m thinking of trying to be one of those girls next year. I’m starting my freshman year of college so I can’t fall back on the excuse that it will be a shock to people to see me without makeup after all these years – since no one will know me yet! I just keep thinking about this girl in my grade in high school who had mild to moderate acne and never wore makeup – and I just never noticed it, and no one else did either! She just accepted her skin and didn’t let it rule her life, and I think I might try that next year – or at least try to cut out some of the makeup.

  18. Mikala says

    Hi(: I’m 14 and just went to the dermatologist on the 2nd to get medicine for acne. I only had pimples on my chin and after taking the medicine called Minocylcine, it broke out my face. It’s only been 4 days of using it and the derm said it would breakout my face first then work and I hate it. My face has never been like this. Of course I probably see it worst than it actually is cuz it’s on me but it still bugs me. I want to do modeling and everyone says I could but I don’t like having this. School starts in 28 days and I hope this medicine starts working before then! I guess it has to cleanse my pores then clear it up? Idk I’m lost.

  19. Janay says

    Hi Tracy, I just wanted to say thank you for post! I’ve been suffering from acne since I was 13 years old and now I’m 21. It has been an on going battle. My skin looks really nice to me and some days it just makes me feel confident and on top of that I struggle with the appearance of my hair too. I’m really trying to find ways to become more confident in myself. Its funny because I try to speak to friends about my problems, and they try to give me the best advice possible because they really do care, but none of them have acne at all. I always feel like the ugly duckling of my friends. It’s so terribly hard for me to look others in their face and smile when deep down inside I don’t feel pretty. I’m doing my best to fight through it and pray about it. Nothing is more attractive to me then a person who is confident in themselves and just works it :) I just want to say thank you because I really needed to read some good advice. God Bless.

    • Tracy says

      Good luck Janay :) I know it’s super tough to be confident with acne, but confidence really does shine through above all else!

  20. Seraphina says

    Hi Tracy,

    Thanks for an amazing post, truer words have never been spoken (or written). I have severe PIH all over my face but still, one month ago I completely gave up makeup (and I definitely attribute the drastic improvement of my acne to that!). I thought, screw that crap, I don’t want to suffocate my skin only because someone (or everyone for that matter) see that I have a disorder.
    I have mentally given up on the idea of meeting/dating a guy until I have good skin again. But, even though it took a lot of effort, I have learned to be confident, to be able to look people in the eye, smile at them – things I never thought I could do w/o makeup on. Funny thing is, the other day I was on the city bus, and this guy across from me just wouldn’t stop looking at me and smiling (which made me severely uncomfortable at first, b/c my first thought was “He’s looking at my skin, what do I do?”, but then I remembered that I was a confident young lady and even looked back). He then got off with me, got my number, and told me I had the most beautiful eyes in the world. Well, I have a date with him this coming weekend :) Like, seriously: who would have thought??

    • Tracy says

      Woohoo! Yeah it’s funny how much we think other people care about our skin above all else, when really… it’s confidence baby!! that’s what matters! Enjoy your date Seraphina :) You deserve it!

      • S says

        That happened to me the other day. I was getting my groceries and this really really hot guy kept smiling and looking. But the only thing I could think of then was how terrible I must look with my acne and I refused to look at him, got on my bike and cycled off.

        Lots to work on :(

  21. Adel-Alexander Aldilemi says

    Hey Tracy, I’m sure you remember my last comment and Seppo’s and well.. I’ve reached the point where I rarely get a pimple, but I still have a lot of red acne marks left, I kno that they will eventually fade overtime. But I need to figure out how to not let this one pimple that I get every now and then bother me because.. You and seppo are right. It’s unrealistic for acne prone people to never get acne again. Although I know I can minimize my breakouts to a minimum so that I maybe only break out every 5th day or so. And they clear out rather quickly.

    I want to ask.. You got any tips on how to stop thinking about your skin and just let your skin to go back to it’s role as being just skin?

    • Tracy says

      Hey Adel, well it certainly takes time… because it’s a healing process. It’s not about the acne, it’s about the wounds that we’ve associated with it. Anyway… I put your question to my facebook fan page for others to put in their two cents, go check it out

  22. Eve says

    Hey Tracy, Just wondering if your pic at the top is at the Arts Factory Backpackers in Byron Bay, Australia? Looks an awful lot like it :)


  23. Sarah says

    Thank you so much for sharing your experience. I’m almost 20 and at the moment I’m dealing with some very severe acne, and I’m about to leave for the weekend and be around strangers and a lot of people my own age (something I’m not use to). I’ve been having anxiety because even with makeup my acne and scars are still very visible, and I haven’t felt at all beautiful in about two months. On top of that, I’m a very short and “young looking” person, never been confident with either of those things, and I feel like the acne accentuates my young appearance even more. As I was reading your post I couldn’t believe how much I could relate to what you were explaining. Even though I don’t know Catia and Rikke, I feel inspired just by your description and admiration for them. I now feel much more confident to go out this weekend and just be myself without caring what others may think of my appearance. So thank you VERY much :)


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