How to Get Acne Scabs to Heal Flat and Go Away Quickly

You know if you pick or pop a pimple (which I don’t reeeally recommend, but obviously it happens), and then that clear fluid comes out which then forms a scab?

Well, I don’t know about you, but when that happens to me, I want that scab to form as flat as possible. I also want it to heal and come off as soon as possible. That way it’s much less noticeable than a bulging scab that hangs around for days, and easier to cover up with a touch of makeup.

So anyway – I’ve found an awesome, simple trick that helps acne scabs to heal flatter than usual and go away quickly. Watch the video to find out what it is. You may already have the secret ingredient in your skin care cupboard!

Click here for the article about how to choose the right type of manuka honey (it can be confusing!)

Click here to buy the exact brand of manuka honey that I use (Wedderspoon’s Active 16+ … I think I said 18+ in the video, but it’s actually 16+)

Do you, perhaps, have a similar trick to getting acne scabs to form flatter and go away quickly? 

photo by Helga Weber

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  1. says

    Fascinating! I have local raw honey in my cabinet, not manuka. I’ve shied away from it as it isn’t locally produced. Do you think it would have similar effect or is manuka truly unique in its properties? Forgive my ignorance on the subject.

    • Tracy says

      All raw honey has some antibacterial and healing properties, but it depends on the type of flower that the bee feeds from that determines how strong these properties are. Manuka is a certain type of flower that produces honey that has extra strong healing properties. Personally I haven’t tried this trick with regular raw honey so maybe it works as well, I’m not really sure!

    • Vicki says

      I can’t tell you how excited to have stumble across your site as I’m suffering with so many physical issues it’s been very hard to cope. I’m a soon to be 69 year old woman who has a myriad of illness requiring a multitude of medications however, I’ll try to stick to what I’m dealing with from the neck up. Besides Seborrheic dermatitis I’m also dealing with eczema which first began about 2 years ago on the right side of my face. First appearing by my ear then as time passed spread behind it and into my hairline and scalp. Then I began noticing flaking scaling and peeling in the right eyebrow which eventually spread across to the other and now has covered the entire upper portion of my face & in the side creases of my nose. To make matters worse In 2006 I suffered my first bout of Bells Palsy which paralyzed the right side of my face…then 11 months later the left. It couldn’t be treated the first time because my type 2 diabetes hadn’t yet gotten under control, so still have massive residual side effects on the right side. Already trying to compensate for asymmetrical brows left from the paralysis, to make matters worse, suddenly all of brow hairs on the left side of my face began growing toward my nose. Between the scaling and that it got so bad I had to pluck all of my brows out. Then year and a half ago because I was diagnosed with narrowing of my temporal arteries was placed on Prednisone which began a multitude of new facial issues…lots of facial hair AND adult acne. Until that dreaded medication was I had the most beautiful complexion imaginable. Now along with a twisted asymmetrical face from the paralysis, I’ve hair growing all over it plus blackheads, whiteheads, peeling skin and scabs which never soften…slough off heal. Are you sitting down…lol…my eyelashes also began turning into my eyes and growing tiny hairs out of the pink caruncle leaving my eyes in a constant state if irritation and itch. Sooooo, as you might guess…I’m a bit of a mess!
      Although I was advised to begin washing my face with Dead Sea Salt soap it didn’t help… so I turned to goats milk soap which fared no better. I’ve tried exfoliating then applying using argan oil, coconut oil and sweet almond oil with no positive results. You said that you no longer wash your face…NOT EVEN WITH PLAIN WATER? Yesterday I exfoliated with a buf-puf and only water…then spot applied New Zealand Manuka Honey where needed. I waken every day with more and more new blemishes. I’ve used baking soda masks to remove the blackheads which over dried my skin which further created scabs.
      Have you any suggestions to get my brow hairs to grow back in the right direction…and what do you suggest for blackhead removal short of having a professional excise them.
      I hope to learn more from you as time passes.
      Thanks for any advice you’d be willing to share.

      • says

        Hi Vicki, I’m so sorry to hear what you’ve gone through!! Sending love your way! x It’s hard to say what will work externally…. yet it’s true I don’t even wash my face with water anymore. I mean if it gets wet, it gets wet (I don’t ever worry about it), but I don’t do it on purpose. Maybe this would be your solution, but to be honest, it sounds like the issue is probably mainly internal for you so you might find my other info about diet and lifestyle more helpful. Particularly perhaps the candida cleanse thing because this is highly linked to eczema. If you don’t address the internal, it’s hard to say what will ever truly work externally!

        • Vicki says

          Just want to comment on your tip about using Manuka Honey for sores etc. I’ve had an endlessly dry un-healing patch of skin below my brow which thanks to your suggestion has shed and is finally softening up. NOW if only I could find a way to get my eyebrows to in grow in the way they used to…away from my nose!

  2. Kim says

    Hey Tracy,
    Thanks for this post! I have been needing a remedy for
    my scabs…
    I also am starting the dry brushing routine, I dont have a all natural brush yet, so ive been just using a back brush.. Um, what about the face, does that need to be brushed too? I have been doing it with a dry soft washcloth for lk 2 days..
    Also find this great link..… I think a lot of my acne is hormonal,because I get them around the chin area..

    • Tracy says

      I just bought myself a natural bristle brush (tempico) so that I could give this skin brushing thing a try, and the brush is waaaaay too rough to even think about using it on the face. I don’t think dry skin brushing is recommended on the face, and I’m not too big on much exfoliation on the face if you’re acne prone, because it’s too irritating. I was thinking though that maybe like a really soft baby brush would be okay, or interesting to try on the face? However, I think the whole thing with the dry skin brushing is that it should be a little rough so that it actually stimulates the lymph. I think maybe just massaging the face to activate the lymph is a better idea, but only on patches of skin that aren’t inflamed.

      As for face mapping – yes hahah.. I’m surprised I haven’t done an article about that. Most of my problematic acne is around my chin in the hormonal area as well. That’s extremely common for adult women.

      • Kim says

        Whew, good to know im not alone with the hormonal acne!
        Yes its true, what you said about brushing the face irritating to the acne prone skin!! Ibe only done it two days to my face w a soft washcloth and my face soes appear more irritated, so im just going to continue just brushing the body..
        Are you still following the caveman? I think i want to do it another month! The first month i did it, my face had improved a lot!! I just dont think i removed my old mask correctly tho, kuz my face looked bright red and irritated for a few days after!! Idk maybe it was just new skin?

  3. Krista says

    Hi Tracey! I realized I need to treat the inside first and I have been following your holistic approach to acne healing – cod liver oil, zinc vitamins, honey marks, aloe vera, awareness of candida and sugars in die. Esp to fight candida, I started to eat garlic and drink lemon water two days ago but I find that I might be purging. Do you think this is normal? Or could I be over-dosing in zinc or vit A&D? I have a healthy diet but feel I do need to try to take a step back from natural sugars ( I LOVE fruit) Maybe this is my problem…?

    Any help you can offer I really appreciate it!! I know I can trust you because yours before/after photos speak volumes of your holistic cure success! Thank you, Krista :)

    • Krista says

      I should probably add that I was seeing my face calm down and the past few days a turn for the worse…that is why I thought it might be purging and my body trying to reach homeostasis ?

      • Tracy says

        Hi Krista – it’s really normal for acne to come and go in waves as your skin heals… it’s super frustrating, but it’s a pattern you have to deal with… each subsequent wave should be less intense until it’s mostly gone

        • Krista says

          Ok so you think it is normal…a sign that I am doing something right? I was beginning to wonder if I need to stop using/taking something that was making things worse. I didn’t know if it was the zinc or using lemon on my face too often…does it sound like I am doing anything counterproductive?

          I can deal with the healing waves if I know it’s meaning it is on its way out! I will continue to be natural and stress-relieve as much as possible. YOU ARE AN INSPIRATION, thank you!

          • Tracy says

            Hi Krista – it’s hard to say 100% since everyone responds to things so differently, but it doesn’t sound to me like you’re doing anything wrong. Just watch the waves (but don’t stress about it). If on the other hand, the acne gets worse and doesn’t fluctuate and continues to get worse, that’s a sign something is up.

        • Krista says

          When your skin was healing, did you notice that you weren’t getting new pimples perse but some clogged pores (raised clear or pink bumps)? Also my skin isn’t dry but a little scabby-feeling and uneven. Based on your “before/after” photos it is obvious your methods worked, but I am just curious what the “in between” looks like so that I know I am on the road to “after”

          (I could use some comfort, I resisting the urge to use topical meds!)

          p.s. glad to know you used organic honey as wash/aloe vera as leave-on moisturizer in the beginning…that is what I am using! Also some lemon for my scars

  4. Autumn says

    Hi Tracy,

    So would you say your skin is still better than it was before you went on the caveman regimine? Do you still not let water touch your face or have you started rinsing it in the shower?

    You said it isn’t any worse but do you still think it is actually better than before (minus the time spent on a routine)?

    • Tracy says

      Hi Autumn –
      Well for three or four months after I started – yes. It was much better. But then doing the GAPS and RRARF experiments seemed to trigger a bit of a breakout that went on for a while. But now my skin is back to being really clear again. I don’t really understand my skin as the mild acne seems to come and go at random. So yes, I can’t say the caveman totally cured my mild acne or anything (as acne comes from within!), but as I said in the video – it’s definitely not any worse, and I prefer to not have to do any sort of routine. I still don’t really put water on it unless I’m swimming at the lake or something. I still have baths instead of showers and only wash my dreads infrequently, so its pretty easy keeping water off it.

      • Autumn says

        Thanks for replying Tracy! I have been wanting to try the caveman for a while now. I stopped exfoliating and mosturizing and only wash my face once a day now and it seems less irritated and like my skin as a whole is healing, even though I still breakout some (and have had some flake issues). I think part of the stress with acne is all the maintenance anyway so not having to mess with it or have a super sterile environment all the time must be nice. I like having less routine to worry about. I bet it will be a good for the aging process when dryness becomes an issue too.

  5. brook says

    i broke out quite badly, it happened at such a terrible time when my bf is about to visit me and stay for a week so iwasnt up for a “takes time approach” my honey and tea tree wasnt cutting it for me in this time of crisis. so i started using bentonite clay on my face and it really was helping draw out impurities but i didnt notice a change as drastic as when i started using baking soda. i made a baking soda mask morning and evening and in like 3 days all of my acne was down to just blemishes and scars. Yes it stings when its on the skin and can dry out your skin, but if you use an oil to mosturize then its no problem. so while i love love love manuka honey also, even when my skin is perfect again i still want to use baking soda daily, and even bentonite clay a few times a week. i know this isnt that helpful if you do the caveman regimen but otherwise try it out! my skin isnt where i want it but atleast its smooth so i can cover it up nicely :)) i also want to reccomend using lavender oil as well as tea tree. the lavender oil is amazinggg for acne, it reduces redness really well and i heard its an antiseptic or something. and i have read somewhere that baking soda is affective on bacterial or candida acne…so itll help even if yo udont know the root cause. i understand people will judge it to be too abbrasive. and yes, it does feel that way when washing it off but for some reason it hasnt made my skin worse….only better. so glad i took that leap of faith :´)

    • Autumn says

      I used baking soda for awhile and it did really help. My skin was pretty clear but it was dry and looked bleached. I stopped using it and my skin got worse again. I have been using dead sea salt recently. It is kindof like baking soda but it has the same ph as the skin 4.5. I have seen some improvement but I also have been doing more with my diet. I want my skin to heal on it’s own and not have to dry it out. So it has been a trade off. I might go caveman next.

      • brook says

        i was wondering about that with bs..the ph and whatnot. i heard rinsing with apple cider vinigar would counteract that? ot sure though. my skin feels quite moist and glowy so far so im gonna keep it up :) i also did vavemen regimen, but for not long. i did for only a week and during that week …no problems or anything, i was quite clear. and then i randomly decided to do a face mask with friends just for fun and BAM i had such bad acne after that. which is what i mcurrently still battling…a month later. so, i hope this mistake of mine can help warn others :/ dont do anything abrupt if youve been on caveman, itll result in kindof a millia type acne….liek huge cluster sof really tiny ones. its terrible.

        • Autumn says

          Hmmm, yea I wonder. It’s hard to tell what is really helping sometimes. I am trying to stick with my current regimine for atleast 3 months before I change anything. It seems like any abrupt change throws things off with skin so I am trying to be careful. Good luck with the baking soda. I liked when I used it!

  6. Shreya says

    it is funny that you post this now, coz recently I have been treating all my acne, even a few ugly boils using raw organic honey. However I did notice some general drying of the region, it heals my acne like nothing before, no irritation and a flat scab. I think I will give manuka honey a try, hoping it would be phenomenally different. Do you know of its effects on existing scars, my acne is mostly gone but my skin is still uneven in coloring and texture. Thanks Tracy!

    • Tracy says

      Great to hear raw honey has worked so well! Manuka honey is supposed to help with scars – pigmentation anyway… not sure if it would do anything for raised or indented scars

  7. Shaylyn says

    Hi! I was just wondering about your diet at the moment. I want to really commit to healing my acne naturally in the next couple of months and I need to, obviously, start with my diet. I eat a realtively healthy diet already, but it includes a lot of natural sugars and some rye and wheat bread, as well. I was wondering if you could give a basic outline as to what should be included into each meal and snack of the day to help achieve clear skin. Thanks so much for your amazing blog!

    • Tracy says

      Hi Shaylyn, I don’t think there’s really one proper way to eat. I just encourage to move away from processed foods and eat the majority of your foods at real whole foods. Fruits, vegetables, organically raised meat without hormones + antibiotics, raw milk products (if you can handle dairy), whole grains, beans. Many people have problems with either dairy, gluten, or soy (or more than one).. but not everyone, so it might be good to cut each one out one at a time and see if it makes a difference to your skin and how you feel. I also encourage consumption of live probiotic foods, like kefir, live yogurt, sauerkraut, cultured vegetables, kombucha etc

  8. Rebecca says

    One thing I have recently been trying for acne scars and scabs is using comfrey root. I just boil it for a while, let it cool, then apply it like a face mask. To be honest, I really do not know if that is how you are supposed to do it. I kind of guessed… But it’s working really well for me! I’d be really interested to hear if anyone else has tried using comfrey for acne? Or if anyone can shed light on whether I’m doing it right…

    • Tracy says

      Hi Rebecca – that’s cool! I don’t know much about comfrey root, I’ll have to read up about it. Thanks for the suggestion!

  9. jacky says

    Hey, so I’m going to school for Esthiology so I’m learning a lot about skincare and I love your site. You have many great things on it in terms of ideas, remedies, recipes, etc. Like manuka honey, Josie Maran’s argan oil cleanser works wonders. I feel as though you would love this for your face despite how pricey it is. It literally is a miracle. I’ve noticed since you started the caveman regimen your skin seems different from when you first started the site, it seems a bit dull and in videos it seems like you have almost a red ‘mask’ of sorts around your mouth. You are such a gorgeous girl, and I just want to give you this advice. I feel as though nothing is wrong with not washing your face, but you should definitely exfoliate if you dont already, to get rid of dead skin cells and increase the brightness and vibrance of your skin. I dont want to come off as harsh by what I had said, but I just want to give you some of my own advice as well and hope that it helps.. My mother and grandmother don’t use water on their faces either, they use something called Albolene cream. It’s a cleanser that is sort of like paraffin in nature, and melts onto your face and when you wipe it off dirt and makeup are gone, and the moisture stays in. Not too sure how I feel about that but the josie maran argan oil line is perfect, despite being expensive. Never made my skin break out and totally reminded me of when you said the manuka honey neutralizes a pimple and heals it. The argan oil cleanser healed my terrible horrible skin. <3 Talk to you soon and wish you the best

    • Tracy says

      Hi Jacky,
      Thanks for your suggestions! :)

      I did notice that in this video the lower half of my face looks a bit more red and dry and irritated looking, but I think it’s actually just a sunglasses tan, because it’s not dry or irritated at all in reality! it’s funny you say that it’s looked that way since I started the caveman, but it’s probably because I accidentally burned the lower half of my face the day before I started it, however many months ago. I realize that if I washed my face, that it would have turned over more quickly and evened my skin tone, but I just don’t care. I love not using anything on it, and I think that it keeps acne at bay by getting rid of all irritation. Lol – personally I’d rather have slightly duller skin and no acne.

    • Dan says

      I know this is 2 years old, but I have read The Love Vitamin in the past, and I Google caveman regimen plus albolene now and saw this post.
      I am trying to combine a modified regimen with using albolene every 3-4 days to exfoliate dead skin. I also started going into a dry sauna at the gym and love the sweat bath! But would always run my face under water in the shower and sometimes use cerave cleanser after. The water I believe really caused dried out flaking on nose, so then I would smear lotion all over.
      The face looks good with a health glow right after sweat session, should I just rely on my sweats dermcidin and just tissue face with kleenex not letting water touch in shower? What do you think of albolene as a no water cleanser? You can really feel dead skin and sebum plugs when massaging into face. And it shouldn’t have any pH changing effect or allergen/sensitivity.

  10. jacky says

    You are so gorgeous and beautiful, it doesnt even matter what you look like (which is still gorgeous and radiant regardless of any factor) you are a brilliant girl that is beautiful inside and out.

    I was just saying if you wanted to try something, I really dig the argan cleanser ha.

    It’s up to you in the end, I’m just a random person commenting on a blog that I admire a lot <3 You are very sweet and I hope that you have a wonderful week xo

  11. Annemarie says

    No matter what I do my acne never lessens.. I think the little things like this are great for controlling but not curing severe acne. I’m only a teen so still live at home and have been doing really well with my diet, about like yours. Maybe a little more sugar and gluten, but still, really health and organic and garden fresh!! You would think I would be like the perfect canadate for perfect skin!! But no.. I’ve always considered accutane to be a poison and told my self I would never use it, but now my derm has set me up to start next month… what should I do?? I really can’t live like a perfect caveman.. and the stress of having a perfect diet is tough!! But I guess the “bad” food that I eat, even though oh so sparingly have kept my skin looking terrible. I feel like if I went on accutane, I would still eat healthy, but when I slip up it won’t show so obviously on my face.. I want to go on accutane.. but I don’t!!! Please set me straight!!

    • Tracy says

      Hi Annemarie – yes, this is definitely just a dealing technique, not something that’s going to stop acne from forming. But listen, your diet sounds like it’s fine – diet is only one piece of the puzzle. How are your other areas of health?

  12. Samantha Anderson says

    Hey Tracy, just joined the Love Vitamin and have been enjoying your blogs. I always had acne but it recently got worse. Wedding stress, a two year old, and a new Vegan diet were the causes I think. Anyway your blog really helped me realize that eating whole foods (including meat) is very important. I thought a Vegan diet was the best thing and then realized you can still respect animals by buying the right animal products. I’ve started eating your way in the past 2 weeks and already feel different. Anyway about Manuka Honey..I just started last night I had been using regular raw honey. My face feels good. It’s kind of weird because I can’t notice a HUGE difference on the surface yet but below my skin feels great and lighter, different then its ever felt does that make sense? Anyway thanks for your blog Tracy it’s giving me hope and great guidance.-Sam

    • Tracy says

      Thanks for being a Love Vitamin reader Sam! :) Glad to hear you’ve found some info nuggets here that have helped you out!

  13. Annemarie says

    That’s the thing.!! I’m not a stressed person, I’m homeschooled lived in the country most of my life, barefoot 90% of the time. I have friends in the city that I hang out with, no unhealthy relationships with anyone.. I’m spiritual, love being outside and in the sun, love to climb, swim, walk, stretch/yoga… relatively active. And I eat well! Not perfectly, cause I try not to stress about it. But still! What else is there? I really just don’t get it :(

    • Tracy says

      Hmm, in a case like yours, I’d suggest that it could be something like a hidden food allergen that could be the culprit… something that you may not expect but you’re just super sensitive to it (something random that is normally healthy, so you wouldn’t have any idea and eat it regularly). Is there any way to get food sensitivity testing near where you are?

  14. Annemarie says

    Ever heard of immuno labs? they were recommended to me by my naturopath. Just pretty expensive! I have done a candida cleanse for a week where I cut out all major food allergens.. with no results. Maybe I just need to do it longer? It’s tough avoiding stuff 100%!

    • Tracy says

      Hmm no I haven’t heard of them! The other thing I was thinking is that maybe it’s something to do with your water supply. What’s your water supply like? Is it fluoridated? Hard water? Soft Water?

  15. Annemarie says

    I’ve thought about that, at one house I live in it is fluoridated, the other is not. I think they are both hard.. I know one of them is anyway. I never drink tap water though, always filtered or sometimes distilled.
    But unfortunately its not like I have just the stray blemish, or even a couple consistent ones.. its like really bad all over, I think there must be more to it than just my water.. that I’m only using topically, cause my drinking water is good. I don’t know.
    I guess my next move is to cut out grains and un-fermented dairy completely for a few weeks and see what I see.. according to this, its a guaranteed cure..

    good over-all article, if you haven’t read it. Thanks for helping me out.

    • Mary says

      You know, you are at that age where your hormones are going crazy, just on their own. I hope there’s something you can do, but you may just have to wait it out. Think of all you can do to not contribute to hormonal problems (remedy stress, get lots of sleep, don’t eat meat with hormones or soy or caffeine), drink tea to help with woman’s cycle.

  16. Mario says

    Just found out about NEEM OIL used on pimples and cold sores. Just wanted to share! :)

    Just got some my self and trying it out, supposed to work right when you see a blemish forming and stop it from becoming a white head/full pimple.

  17. Jenny says

    Hi Tracy,

    What about using makuka oil? I looked at makuka honey on Amazon and manuka oil came up in the search as well. Have you used the oil or know anything about it?


    • Tracy says

      Hi Jenny – sorry at this time I don’t really know anything about the manuka oil! I’ll have to research it

      • Jenny says

        Thanks, Tracy. I thinks I’ll take the plunge and try it out. I’ve been breaking out like crazy since May. I’ve always had acne here and there – especially just before my period – and I controlled it with Proavtiv (which I had been using for about 11 years) and stopped using I when I had a severe reaction to sunscreen and broke out horribly. I thought this was as good a time as any to finally ditch the chemicals and try other methods. I’ve been experimenting with the OCM with some success and think I’ve finally found the right oils. My acne is starting to retreat.

        I really appreciate all you do with this blog. It has really helped!!!

  18. Sarah says

    Hi Tracey — thank you so much for this video! Question — my scan is raised on my face — should I just continue to put manuka honey on it and not mess with it? Or push out the rest of gunk? Thank you!

    • Tracy says

      Hi Sarah – good question. Normally I suggest not popping or messing with pimples if you can help it because generally this is better for your skin and the pimples do heal on their own, but .. there’s always exceptions. Some pimples are so stubborn and just won’t heal unless you get the stuff out. But you know your skin and pimples better than I do so so this is just something you have to decide for yourself!

      • Laura says

        Hi Tracy! I came across this comment through a google search. I seem to be plagued with “pimples so stubborn they won’t heal unless the junk gets out” kind of spots- and no Dr. Or any one I have talked to for guidance with mybacne believes me!!! It’s so agonizing. I have had some of the same clogged pores and red marks for years! Those I’ve learned to basically just leave alone because I know they’ll fill right back up and end up looking the same as where it started. I have been getting deeper cyst-like clogged spots that stay active for months… I currently have one near my inner cheek that has been there for 3 months, about the size of a Nickel. It looks horrendous and I’ve tried EVERYTHING to get this thing to go away :( Aside from this spot the rest of my face is almost very well under control and manageable. I just want this one huge one gone so I can feel at home in my skin again! Any guidance you can give me?! Thanks for all you do.

        • Mary says

          Laura, it’s not natural, but given the extreme nature of your inflammation, you might consider paying a dermatologist to inject that cyst with cortisone. I had that done once and it shrank it right down. If course the doctor will also try to give you the typical medical topicals and drugs, so beware! Maybe for this one spot its ok. I believe there are risks to the injection, like it can weaken the skin or something if done too frequently or something. Well, just something to consider! Maybe Tracy has some more natural-centered advice. Hey, maybe naturopaths can inject something safer that also works.

          • Laura says

            Hi Mary,

            So kind for you to reply! I have had 1 cortisone shot in this thing(didn’t do much) and have been on two rounds of two different antibiotics for it as well and…nothing. I have another derm appointment in the morning and I know they will suggest another shot and I don’t know whether or not I should do it again :( Feeling SO defeated by this thing- it’s scary. Been working with my naturopath frequently and I think she is out of ideas :( so frustrating just want this thing off my face!

  19. Ellie says

    So I’ve had this hideous scabby business on my chin for the past two weeks. It started out as one of those awful under the skin cysts and through my picking turned into a massive, deep wound. It was a mess, to say the least. The worst bit is the scab too. You can’t cover it with makeup without it looking green and icky and it is SOO tempting to pick it. Yesterday I absentmindedly picked off the scab for the bazillionth time and was so mad at myself. I went online and found this article and rushed over to whole foods to pick up some manuka honey. I put it on my face (and covered it with a bandage) and left it on from around 5 pm till 7 am the next morning. There seemed to be some improvement. By evening, however, the improvement was obvious. It was healing SO MUCH FASTER! I’m wearing some more manuka honey right now and hopefully tomorrow there will be even more improvement. Thanks tracy!!!

  20. Krista says

    I can’t use honey because I have severe candidiasis and anything sugar is a big NO-NO for me, but I have to admit I am nervous about scarring/permanent markings…

    Tracy, your face has no trace of your past acne but I know you used honey in the beginning before the caveman. Do you think your flawless healing had to do with the honey or could I be just as okay without it? Do you recommend using anything else? I do currently add MSM powder to my water.

      • Krista says

        thanks, I am really glad to read that! I really like the caveman so I think I will stick to that but its good to know that its likely I don’t NEED to use something on my face to prevent the scars/marks.

        And I have stopped popping/picking! Sometimes they break open :/ but its not by my force. I do spot treat with tree tree when whiteheads are large. Do you believe that is ok? Also the caveman gives me some big flakes that I remove time to time with tweezers but don’t actually touch my face

  21. Ellie says

    Something I’ve used for a few years now is Dermalogica’s “ready set scrub” face mask/scrub (i don’t know if it is 100% natural but most of its main ingredients are). Every once and a while I go to town on black heads/small pimples and instantly feel remorse. This scrub however, if you put it on right after, can help those small picked pimples from blowing up into anything super nasty. It feels great on (tingly and awesome). It’s kind of expensive but i usually only go through one or two bottles a year. It’s one of the few skin products I really swear by!,default,pd.html?cgid=clean_start&start=4

  22. sarah says

    OMG!! I have a scab right now, and honestly I felt like I was the only one who felt so terrible about this kind of thing, I don’t want to even leave the house! Anyways you are amazing I feel just the same about this subject! You made me feel so much better :) Thank you

  23. Stephanie says

    These post were all so helpful but I actuaaly had the shinggles virus a few years back and now I have these horrible indented scars covering half my face, neck , and down my arm. Is there anything that can treat indented scars like that?? I’ve tried everything I’m desperate ladies.. help!!

    • says

      Hi Stephanie,

      for your acne scars you could try tamanu oil, sea buckthorn seed oil, rosehip seed oil (just 1-2 drops applied to damp skin) – or MSM powder: add 3 heaped teaspoons of MSM powder to 100ml (30oz) of floral water, aloe vera gel or simply some mineral water, shake well and use it as a spray (or as a toner) to moisten your face before you apply some oil – or nothing at all, if you prefer that. Make sure to store the toner in your fridge.

      As far as MSM is concerned: try to avoid impure grades of MSM imported from China and the Far East, synthetic, petrochemical or animal derived MSM or MSM powders containing fillers, flow agents or additives. Crystal flakes seem to be the most effective MSM product. I think it’s best to write an email to the supplier and ask them a few questions:
      – Country of origin?
      – Organic or synthetic? Is it pure?
      – Level of purity?
      – Crystal flakes or powder?
      Does it contain flow or bulking agents?

      However, it‘ll take time, so please try to be patient…. even if I know that it‘s not easy at all…

  24. Tricia says

    This is a great tip thanks so much for posting the video! Do you have any tips for if you already have the scab from popping a pimple? (I found your video a day or two too late…) I had one of those awful underground ones and did a horrible thing and popped it… I have a pretty large ugly scab now and I’m getting married in two days! I’ve already accepted that it won’t be fully healed before then without some type of miracle but if I can do anything to help the healing process I’m all for it!

    • Tracy says

      Ah, none specifically but I say still give the manuka a go, it’s probably the best bet! Good luck on your wedding Tricia :)

  25. Bianca says

    Hi Tracy! I am 20 years old and I’ve been getting a lot of acne! It’s around my cheeks and chin. It’s really frustrating :'( I always had false hopes that it will go away but it’s getting worse! back on my teenage years, I’m pretty clear up, no acne. I don’t know what is the cause of this. :(( i also have a lot of whiteheads, on my cheeks and forehead. Can anyone advice me how to get reduce this and eventually be gone? Please help me :((((

  26. Sienna says

    Hi Tracy,
    So I got a few under the skin pimples, the ones where just clear liquid comes out when you squeeze. I kept squeezing til I got all the liquid out of them ( I have a bad habit of doing this), anyway they formed relatively big scabs as far as pimple scabs go and I consistently put the manuka honey on them and the scabs finally came off but now I have bad pink marks underneath. Are these scars or just the new skin healing? will the honey help fade these ? Thank you! I love your blog!

    • Tracy says

      Hi Sienna, if it’s just a pink mark and it’s not indented or raised, then it’s just residual inflammation and it’ll heal with time. The manuka should help


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