Parasite Cleansing for Acne + How My Humaworm Parasite Cleanse Went!

I just finished my first 30 day herbal parasite cleanse.


Do I have parasites, you ask?

Well… maybe. I haven’t been diagnosed with parasites.

But many believe that almost everyone has parasites to some degree. Which I guess I don’t think is all that far fetched otherwise I probably wouldn’t have bothered doing a parasite cleanse!

You see, most people think of parasites as something that causes you obvious distress. The type of thing you pick up in a foreign country, or when you don’t boil your water when you’re camping, but you just take some antibiotics and that’s the end of it. Something like giardia aka. beaver fever (which you know if you have because your burps start smelling like rotten eggs! Eww!)

So obviously not everyone has that kind of parasite. But some think that up to 90% of the population is host to some tricky, under-the-radar bugs. Ones that feast on your food so that they get your nutrients instead of you. Ones that disrupt your liver and pee and poo out toxins into your body. This then causes you random health issues (maybe acne?), but you wouldn’t know it was parasites that was your problem because they’re too stealth.

In my mind, this seems very plausible. Bugs, bacteria, and other microscopic flotsam is flying around everywhere. It could easily get into your body, and if it’s parasitic in nature, start getting cozy and set up camp for the easy ride. 

Plus, why do people bother to deworm their pets routinely if these things weren’t common? Is it so far fetched to think that humans don’t harbour all sorts of unwanted free loaders too (as icky as it is to think about?)

Also, it makes sense to me that this could be a potential cause or contributor to acne. If overgrowths of bad bacteria and yeast like candida can distrupt your body and cause acne and skin problems, surely other parasites could as well.

They say you can pick up parasites from the following sources (from

  • Water is the primary way parasites infect humans.
  • Other Humans pass eggs of parasites on the items they touch.
  • Animals – petting or grooming, you pick up eggs that pass from them to us via hands, nose and mouth.
  • Meats and raw fish – Undercooked meats are a very high source of parasite infections.
  • Fruits and Vegetables – Unwashed fruit and vegetables.
  • Pores of Feet – walking barefoot.
Common types of parasites in humans include tapeworms and other worms like white, red, black, inch, stickpin, pin, thread, and hook; fuzzballs, spiders, and little fish.

Sorry. Have I freaked you out, yet?

What are The Symptoms of Parasites?

Well, as is the usual frustration with self diagnosis, the list is long and kind of vague. Many of the symptoms are the same symptoms that are often attributed to millions of other causes like candida, food allergies, food intolerances, weak liver etc – although these causes may be interrelated, with parasites playing a role in the mayhem. Here’s the list:

  • Constipation
  • Diarrhea
  • Gas and bloating
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Joint and muscle aches
  • Anemia
  • Allergies
  • Skin conditions (could be acne, but also hives, rashes, itchiness etc)
  • Nervousness
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Teeth grinding
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Immune dysfunction

Why Did I Decide To Do A Parasite Cleanse?

Mostly just to see what would happen. Knock another possibility off the ol’ list of possibilities.

If parasites are as common as they say – and it’s certainly plausible – why not just do a parasite cleanse and see how it affects my skin and how I feel?

After my GAPS & RRARF diet experiments (both of which did not go well, if you’re just tuning in now), I felt like I triggered some kind of mild candida-like reactions. Nothing serious, but a bit of itchy skin, mild eczema, foggy head, tiredness, and some acne breakouts, all of which were not there prior. Boooo.

I wanted to do something to get me balanced again, but after all that diet experimentation, I just didn’t feel like changing my diet again. What drew me to trying this parasite cleanse thing is that, allegedly, you don’t have to change your diet. All you do is take some herbs. It sounded easy, and at the time, I really liked the sound of easy.

After doing some research, it sounded like a brand called Humaworm was the best parasite cleanse out there, at the most affordable price. I also liked the fact that it was apparently a very gentle cleanse that contained herbs that not only killed parasites, but also supported the organs as your body detoxed and expelled all these nasty critters. The fact that it’s made by a home business and they make every batch fresh the day they mail it is pretty cool too, in my opinion.

What Was My Experience with Parasite Cleansing?

Well, I hate to tell you, but it wasn’t all that remarkable. Well, at least it doesn’t make for a very good story.

When you read about parasite cleansing on the internet, you often read about people who have crazy detox symptoms (which is when your symptoms get worse before they get better), and apparently you can actually SEE the dead parasites in your poo.

My experience was this:

I took the herbs twice a day every day for 30 days, as directed. I was really good and didn’t miss a day, because I read somewhere that if you miss a day of your program, instead of killing them, it just pisses them off and you don’t want that.

I also took 1/2 a teaspoon of psyllium husk twice a day every day in order to bind the passing toxins and dead parasites and make sure they get out of my system before getting reabsorbed into my body.

In the first couple of weeks, nothing really changed. Nothing got better, but my symptoms didn’t get worse. (well… I might have been slightly more tired). I felt mostly normal, which is awesome, actually. Who wants to feel bad and get more acne? Not me.

Also, I didn’t really see any obvious parasites in the toilet bowl. I guess I saw stuff that could have been parasites, but it’s hard to tell because it was most likely just fiber from the fruits and vegetables I eat. For example, there are certain parasites that look a lot like rolled up tomato skins. I saw lots of those, but I also eat a fair bit of tomatoes :/ They say 90% of parasites are microscopic though, so that isn’t a real indication that it’s not working.

Anyway, in the second half of the program, most of my symptoms actually did go away! The brain fog and tiredness remained, although I believe it got slightly better. That’s may not be a symptom of parasites though, so… so be it.

However, no more itchiness or eczema… and yes, my acne breakout went away and my skin has been excellent and clear for the last 3 weeks or so! Woohoo.

I’ll be honest though – I can’t actually be sure that the no acne can be contributed to the parasite cleanse. My skin is a bit strange and I get periods of mild acne breakouts that come and go over time, starting and stopping suddenly, sometimes with no real rhyme or reason to it. So I can’t say for sure it’s not just a coincidence, or how it’s going to pan out over the long run.

But here’s the bad news: after I finished the 30 days, the symptoms came back slightly (except the acne has stayed away! yay).

So Would I Say It Was a Success?

Um… well. I don’t know. Maybe?

Lol – I said it wasn’t a very remarkable story.

However, it’s not really the end of the story. Because they say that after you finish the 30 days of Humaworm, the herbs stay in your system and liver for about 7 days. And then…. well…. they say there are now a lot of dead parasites in your liver, and they recommend that you do a liver flush to flush them all out.

Oh dear.

*Sigh* I don’t know if you’ve ever heard about liver flushing (you know, with the olive oil and epsom salts), but it was really not something that I wanted to do. But, I got brave and I did it. You’re going to have to wait till the next article though to hear about what it’s all about and how it went.

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What do you think about this parasite stuff?

photo by Gilles San Martin

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  1. says

    Hi Tracy,
    Thought it was kinda apt that you should write about this one! I am yet to try it – started eating more candida “starving” focused. Looking forward to trying the supplements :) Maybe your diet was still too good to really see an effect?

  2. Laura says

    Very interesting, I do wonder how much these parasites can affect us though – I think I’d like to see more studies on it before I would consider committing to it. I did have some success with the candida cleanse in the past though, but honestly I think making and taking more probiotics during that time was what gave me the most results. And eating steadily with no added refined sugar or additives must have helped to keep my blood sugar in check. I never went as far as eliminating all carbs though, I don’t think my body is equipped for that!

    I’m very interested to hear about your liver
    cleanse, I’ve always wanted to do one but have been apprehensive about it because I don’t exactly know how leaky my gut may be (and I suspect it is somewhat permeable) and I don’t want to release a load of nasties into my colon if it can’t handle it!

    On the subject of eczema – I’ve certainly suffered with my fair share of it. Since last September I suffered with horrible red burning breakouts on my neck, in my hairline, around my mouth and chin and sometimes my armpits. I thought it was the awful cold winter we were having as my skin tends to get drier then, but the summer brought no relief. I stopped using all products with SLS and started using oils to moisturise. I would get relief for maybe a week and then the breakouts would happen again and they would tend to last for about 3 weeks on average. It was awful, all I wanted to do was hide away because I looked and felt so horrible and couldn’t figure out what was causing this.

    Long story short, I did realise certain foods made things worse and it turns out all of them contained high amounts of histamine or histamine releasers, or even diamine oxidase blockers. So it’s highly likely I suffer from histamine intolerance, where the body doesn’t make adequate amounts of diamine oxidase enzyme that eats up all the free ranging and incoming histamine in the body. So out goes the copious amounts of spinach that I used to eat everyday! (I’m allowed have lettuce though). I haven’t had a breakout of burning skin since I started eliminating foods that are high in histamine 3 weeks ago, (of which canned fish is unfortunately a huge one, and something I would eat very often), which is the longest time in nearly a year that I haven’t felt uncomfortable or like a freak in my own skin.

    I hope this comment might help some people- especially someone who was eating nutritious foods as I was and can’t figure out what may be giving them allergy-like symptoms, and as a result thinks they may be allergic to everything. I love spinach and tinned fish and I never would have thought they were introducing histmaine into my body that my body couldn’t get rid of quickly enough, I thought I was doing myself good all along!

    • Tracy says

      Hey Laura – very interesting about the histamine intolerance! I’ve heard of this before, I wasn’t sure how common it is. Is there a long list of foods you need to avoid?

      • Laura says

        Not really a long list, but the information on the internet can be a bit contradictory. For example all the lists say to avoid citrus fruits, yet some lists say lemon is ok. Basically the most frequent ones are spinach, avocado, tomato, eggplant, fish that is not fresh (i.e. caught, gutted and cooked within 30 minutes), strawberries, alcohol, fermented foods (no kefir or kombucha for a while unfortunately), cocoa and chocolate, nuts, black and green tea. There’s a few more but these were the main sources of bother for me.

        Lots of additives and spices can contribute to the problem too. I’m lucky in that I was already eating very well with little to no processed foods, so the transition hasn’t been too hard. I had already eliminated tomatoes and avocados because I knew they were problematic for me. But tinned fish and spinach?! And fermented food – well I was quite upset about having to give them up for a while.

        The good news is once your sypmtoms have gone you can start re-introducing foods to see what level of consumption you can handle.

  3. Sampson says

    I definitely think everyone has parasites to varying degrees. Most of them are probably less parasitic and more opportunistic.

    I have a whole bunch of papaya seeds in my refrigerator actually which are supposed to be good for killing internal parasites. Still haven’t consumed any of them because I haven’t been able to find any actual evidence which would indicate there’s any evidence. And seeds are generally not the most easy to digest food, but fruit seeds are a bit different.

        • Sampson says

          The papaya seeds literally taste almost exactly like pepper/peppercorns. They look a lot like peppercorns too.

          I love pumpkin seeds, but I can only find crappy quality ones where I live, so I just go for pine nuts, even though I’m pretty sure as far as nuts go, pine nuts are the most O6 heavy. After reading the GAPS book, I noticed how she doesn’t really put much of an emphasis on fish consumption and o3:o6 ratios. From my personal experience, I feel like I can get away with eating a lot of O6s as long as those O6s are coming from whole food and my diet isn’t sloppy.

    • says

      Papaya seeds are excellent against intestinal parasites. YOu can make a great parasite killing smoothie by mixing coconut milk with a whole papaya (seeds included), a cup of raspberries and a handful of pumpkin seeds. Better to sip it throughout the day the first time, though, because if you do have intestinal parasites, it can cause a major die off reaction to just drink the whole thing right down…which is what I did the first time…and suffered miserably with major herx reaction.

  4. Kim says

    Hey Tracy,
    You are very brave to try this out! Do you feel a dramatic difference in your overall well being like not as sluggish and etc? Also did you lose any weight? Im interested in it, but dont want to lose much weight

    • Tracy says

      Hi Kim – I wouldn’t say it’s dramatic. I feel like things don’t really affect me so dramatically – like I have never found a cleanse, or diet, or anything that makes a very dramatic difference to my energy levels. The biggest thing is that my skin is quite clear now and my eczema and itchiness is pretty much gone (it came back slightly after the herbs were done but now it’s gone again). Tiredness and brain fog didn’t change much unfortunately.

      As for weight loss, no I didn’t lose any weight

      • Kim says

        Ok interesting,
        Im much the same way and dont notice dramatic changes either and if i do, it doesnt usu last long! Im glad it help clear your face:)
        It making me want to try it for clear skin alone.. What brand did you use again?

  5. Shelly says

    Hi Tracy,

    I am writing this to thank you for your blog. I have struggled with acne since I was 14 and have always been self conscious about it, and pretty ashamed.

    Although I still feel those things, in the last 6 months, and particularly since finding your blog, I find myself opening up to the idea that acne doesn’t make me less of a person and doesn’t mean I can’t achieve whatever I want to achieve in my life. I am not all the way there yet to accepting my face, but I feel like I am inching in that direction.

    I guess I have always been under the impression that I would find the mystery cure and suddenly my skin would clear and it would all be fine, and maybe for some people that happens, but that hasn’t been the case for me. I find that there are so many different factors that influence the skin, and even though I believe strongly in the emotion-acne connection there are so many other factors to consider. I feel I am developing a really well rounded approach to my acne, and although it’s still bad, it is so much calmer than it has ever been.

    Thank you so much for your blog, it has really helped me to feel less ashamed of my face and release acne is one of the least important parts of who I am.

    I could probably find it if I did a little search, but do you have any quick references for why we break out in certain areas, particularly the chin/jaw area? I always had acne on my cheeks when I was a kid, now That has stopped and it’s always around my jaw area. Would love to know why, generally of course.

    Thanks again.


    • Tracy says

      Hi Shelley – great to hear from you – I do think that accepting your acne and learning to love yourself even while you have it, (and also realizing that it’s not as important as you think), is one of the best things you can do for yourself. Good for you 😀

      Chin and jawline acne is usually hormone related, as far as I always hear, which makes sense as to why this is the area that seems to be so commonly broken out in adult women.

  6. says

    I wish some entity would do more controlled experiements on these. Like the people who make these supplements. The problem with these kind of n=1 experiments is that they provide very little reliable information. Especially knowing how cyclical acne can be.

    This is of course no fault of Tracy. I’m sure you are as frustrated as I am when you think you learn something from a thing like this, and then 2 months later find out that what you learned wasn’t really true after all. Like after my liver flushes it seemed like they worked for acne, but a few weeks later it came back. And the next time I did the flush I ended up vomiting half the night. Good times.

    Hence it would be nice if the companies that sell these herbs and cleanses would be mandated to provide some (I mean at least some) objective evidence that they do what it says in the can.

    Anyone else frustrated with this?

    • Tracy says

      Oh yeah, there are lots of skeptics, and I’m not even really saying that I am not skeptical of it or endorse it. I did it more out of curiosity. However, I rarely take what Quackwatch says as proof of anything, considering they discount every single alternative medicine practice known in existence, which I feel is rather unfair. That’s just me though.

  7. jordan says

    SO funny you posted this, because I started my husband on a parasitic cleanse over a week ago, and he’s always had bumpy body skin, digestive issues, and a weird inability to lose weight in his mid section, though he’s extremely athletic and eats a healthy organic diet. Well he’s lost 4lbs, and his body skin is crazy-smooth. He had one day where he pees a little blood, but I read that as the parasites are attacked, they get mad, move into your kidneys and often bite. Nice, huh? Well I was terribly grossed out, but my husband almost thought it was funny/cool (boys! Gross). We used Clarkia. Had amazing reviews. I’m saying it’s worked/working.

    • Tracy says

      Hi Jordan, that’s great to hear it’s working so well!! Thanks for sharing that. Hopefully the results pan out long term!

    • Bobbie says

      Hi Jordan, My wife had the same issues as your husband and turned me onto it too. We’ve done the humaworm cleanse twice, ridset detox cleanse 3 times and now are trying the tinctures. All seem to benefit us in different ways.

  8. Jim says

    I’ve been taking black walnut, wormwood, and cloves all in one premade tincture I picked up from a vitamin shop. The first few days I noticed a lot of gurgling and things happening after I took it. I’m only 6 days into it, but my skin seems to be clearing up except for one guy on my right cheek : /

  9. Matt says

    Well, turns out i had pinworms. The whole itchy but thing was what led me to try pin-x and it worked great no more itchy but. Bad gas went away, (smelly) and “sharts” or wet farts were mostly gone and then went away. My ACNE also went away. I have had acne all my adult life, I am 31 years old. I have tried everything nothing worked. Now my acne is gone, not completely yet, but its not oily anymore and I have no new acne pimples or bumps, my skin is nice and dry and looks like its almost all gone. I expect it all to go. I believe firmly pinworms were connected and at least a big factor in my acne. It scares me…. is it possible that i have had worms for 15 years and never knew it until they became horribly bad? All i know is I had ACNE, a long long time, took pin-x to treat pinworms, and WOW bye bye acne.

  10. dan says

    You know that gaps diet you were on while recieving those undesirable symptoms of itchy skin and inflammation, well those are symptoms of metal detox and i’m sure if you hung on a bit longer you would have felt better than you do today.

  11. krista says

    hi i know this was awhiel back but trying to read other results of cleanses for parasistes,,,i had really good results from ridset cleanse, i had a rash that was what i thought to be from candida. after taking it for a month about two weeks later the rash was gone and i had more energy..wondering if you have since done another cleanse with results?

  12. Bobbie says

    I ordered Humaworm the first time was not impressed, They instantly charged my CC and it showed up 5 weeks later. I was even more concerned about the business practices when the capsules came in a plastic bag with a few broken capsules. After searching for sometime online I found a product called Ridset which had many of the same ingredients, I ordered and the product came in a few days. The cleanse worked great. Ive suffered from allergies my whole life. I mean from every hole of my body it felt like mucus would poor out,especially during the allergy season. I know it sounds gross but I really did suffer miserably my whole life. I thought it just ran in the family, because everyone around me had these issues. I began developing asthma at the age of 25, it was really scary not being able to breath. After taking Ridset I still can not believe how great I feel and honestly I have no allergies anymore. I have told all of my friends and family and they agree its a miracle. I now have recently thrown away all the over the counter and prescription pills Ive needed for close to 30 years, you can imagine how big of a box that was and still cant believe that im un-effected when people are walking around sneezing and coughing during allergy season. I am now dedicated in taking Ridset at least twice a year as it has completely changed my life for the good. I feel so passionate about this product that I would scream it from the top of tallest mountain! I have referred my family and friends to this product and have heard some of the same impressive stories as mine. I would recommend this to everyone.

    • julian says

      ‘Bobbie’, your story regarding rid set shows up on alot of sites, under different names/anonymous… Very similar wording. Hmmm. You all say you will take it ‘twice a year forever’ or similar, and other similarities.

      • Bobbie says

        Im not sure what your referring to, Ive shared my story with a couple blogs in the past. Through out my research including humaworm recommends taking a parasite cleanse 4 times a year to keep the parasites out of your body. Is that what your referring to?

  13. Carla says

    I tried Ridset at my grandmother’s recommendation. She is always touting the benefits of this herb or that, and I tend to stick with a good old-fashioned doctor’s visit, so I was very reluctant. After many years of IBS trouble, I gave in and tried the cleanse. I was very happy with the results! By doing the cleanse and drinking a lot of water, I began to feel much better and my stomach troubles started to go away. In addition, food “passes” easily through me and my metabolism and energy have increased. My son is thrilled-he gets a tennis partner! I encourage all you skeptics to try Ridset!

  14. marcie says

    Good luck with the routine / cleanse! I’m a bit confused though, on the dark chocolate. Since it contains sugar, how is it allowed? I’ve done so many Candida cleanses, and the one I keep going back to is the Lady Soma Candida Cleanse – it gets me regular and I have seen the best results with this supplement. I keep trying new things, but the Lady Soma is definitely my favorite. I’d much rather do the cleanse while eating dark chocolate!

  15. Ardy says

    I was wondering if Humaworm can help with swollen lymph glands in the neck and jawline. I’m convinced my body is overloaded with toxins and I need to do a complete cleanse. Humaworm sounds very good for this.

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