6 Ways to Banish Oily Skin Forever

Do you have oily, acne prone skin and wish it would just go away?

I have a combination skin type with the lower half of my acne prone face leaning much more towards the dry side, and my forehead leaning toward oily – however, I’ve luckily never had to deal with a complete oil slick up there.

But, sadly, I know some of you are battling some serious grease, and you want to know what to do about it.

So what’s the secrets?


I know this seems counter intuitive to everything you’ve ever been told about oil and acne prone skin, but washing too much and with harsh, drying products is probably making the situation much worse.


Because sebum (your skin’s oil) is not inherently a bad thing. It’s there to lubricate your skin and protect it. When you constantly strip it of its oils, it learns that it must over produce it and it ends up producing so much that you kind of look like you smeared bacon grease on your face. Fun!

So as crazy as it sounds, you really need to cut down on the washing and switch to super gentle, natural products. Absolutely do not wash your face more than twice a day. Personally, I’d recommend  washing only once a day, or you can even quit washing altogether if you’re brave. 

For natural, non chemical, non drying products to use, I recommend manuka honey or just plain raw honey, or any of these natural options.

At first, your skin will definitely be really oily and you may be crying to wash it, but DON’T DO IT! Soon your skin will learn that you won’t be stripping it bare assed naked against its will all the time, and will begin to naturally stop producing so much oil.

PS – This trick also works for your hair.

2) Only Wash with Luke Warm Water

Hot water is super drying, and also irritating to acne prone skin. Using it will encourage over production of oil. So only wash your face with tepid water, and try to turn the heat down a notch in the shower if you can.

3) Improve Your Diet and Lifestyle

If you have already cut back on all the washing and products and hot water, but still find yourself a bit oily, then you will have to dig further to resolve the problem. This is because oil production is triggered internally by hormonal reactions that are influenced by your diet and lifestyle.

Improving your diet means cutting back on processed foods, eating more fruits and vegetables, and a few other tweaks depending on your situation. You may also want to try cutting dairy out of your diet for a while, as for many people, the hormones in milk products can have a big influence on acne and oil production.

Other lifestyle factors to improve include getting more exercise, lowering your stress levels, getting more sunshine, and sleeping better.

If you want more help with all this stuff (because it sounds oh-so-simple in a little paragraph like this, but obviously takes much more to really put into action), check out my ebook Ultimate Secrets to Acne Freedom.

4) If You Use Moisturizer, Cut Back or Stop

If your skin is already full of moisture, why bother putting more on there?

5) Instead of Conventional Moisturizer, Try Using Oil Instead

Yes, yes, I know. Much like the tip about “stop washing so much”, it may seem completely counter intuitive to want to put MORE oil on your already oily skin.

But despite what it sounds like, it’s not like dumping gasoline on a campfire.

Oil can do two things for your skin:

  1. Trick your skin into thinking that it’s already produced enough oil, therefore, getting it to stop overproducing it, and
  2. It can mix with the hardened sebum in your pores and dissolve it, allowing plugs (whiteheads and blackheads) to disappear for good.

Think about it – oil and water don’t mix, so how do you expect it to get into your pores and unclog them? Oil can do that. Like dissolves like.

My personal recommendation for an oil to use is jojoba oil. It’s especially suited for oily skin, and has a great track record for helping with acne. However, there are tons of other oils you can use, and so I suggest you read this article here for more ideas.

6) Try Using Milk of Magnesium

This quirky little trick is inexpensive and easy to use, and you can find milk of magnesium at any run-of-the-mill pharmacy or drug store. Just shake the bottle, apply a layer to clean, wet skin, and rinse it off 5 to 10 minutes later.

Apparently it works like a dream for oily skin without making it a flakey, gross mess on top of the oil. This is all according to this lady, anyway, which is where I got the idea (and also where I stole the picture at the top! Thanks!)

Get This Info In Video Format:

I made a video of all this for the youtube crowd, so if you prefer to watch rather than read, you can do that below. Note that it’s pretty much the exact same info as above, so don’t bother if you’ve already read it!

Oil No More

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  1. Kim says

    Hey Tracy,
    I too have combination skin like you.. I am thinkinging of doing another caveman soon! I noticed my skin got about 50% better last time I did it, just have to remove the dead mask right next time!
    What about grapeseed oil or almond oil.. Have you ever tried these on your face before?

  2. eva says

    What about using distilled water for washing your face? Although here in Germany the tap water quality is supposed to be very good (for drinking at least) the water is super chalky and it seems to be damaging my skin, as it is drying and might be a reason my pores get clogged so easily. I had this idea already much earlier, but somehow always went back to using tap water thinking it cannot be bad since everyone around me is using it aswell. I tried bottled water (like Volvic) for a while, which gets complicated and expensive. Only two days ago I thought of buying a container of distilled water, and my skin already feels softer. However, there are a lot of rumours, at least in German internet forums, that distilled water is bad for you.

    some links on the topic:

    • Tracy says

      Hi Eva – yes I think that using tap water to wash the face,in some cases, can be very irritating. To be honest, I think this is part of the reason that the “no water” caveman thing works – it removes the irritating tap water.

      Of course, using some other type of water would be the alternative, as you are doing. I don’t know a lot about distilled water, but it sounds like it’s not good for drinking regularly because it’s devoid of minerals… but I don’t see why it would be a problem to use it on your face. If it works, it works

  3. Shantess says

    Oily skin is such a pain. I could never understand people complaining about dry skin because I would always think “big deal, just slap some moisturizer on it a couple times a day”…obviously I know for some people it’s not that simple but I would get so frustrated with my oily skin over the years that dry skin would’ve been a dream come true.

    I definitely agree with you that diet makes a difference. I found out a couple months ago I’m allergic to gluten and eggs so out they went. I’ve been eating paleo (no grains, no dairy, no processed sugary food) for a month and a half. My skin is less oily (still pretty oily but not as bad) and my acne is dramatically reduced (and I have PCOS so inflammed, cystic acne was a daily/regular occurrance).

    Also, I recently switched to Bare Minerals (BareEscentuals) make-up. I have so many pigmentation scars and since my skin is so oily, there’s no way I could go make-up free (maybe some day). I cannot say enough good things about Bare Minerals! Instead of having to touch up my face every couple hours due to the constant oil slick, I only need to touch up a couple times a day. And it hasn’t made me break-out at all. So for any ladies looking for a suitable foundation or face powder for your oily, acne prone, sensitive skin, I would definitely suggest giving it a try!

    • Tracy says

      Hey Shantess – thanks for your perspective, and the suggestions! Glad to hear you’ve managed to cut back the oil and the acne :)

  4. Josee says

    Hey Tracy,

    I read that green tea extract is very effective against oily skin (scientific studies). I havent tested yet but I’m gonna try topical application of matcha tea.

    • Tracy says

      Oh yes :) is that to drink or to use topically? Green tea can be quite good for acne both internally and externally, so give it a try and let us know how it goes!

  5. pam says

    Hi Tracy
    Perhaps this isn’t the right article for this question,
    but wondering what is the recommended method of removing the mask of dead skin when doing the caveman method?

    • Tracy says

      Hmm… well, you could use a baby brush to gently dry exfoliate it…. I used just a wet finger going gently in a circle to exfoliate it away. Some people use wet muslin cloth. Just be as gentle as possible, whatever you do.

  6. Jeff says

    hey tracy! hope everything is going well :) I just had a random question that I think you’d know how to answer … I’m going volunteering at a camp next week, and I have heard that we get barely any sleep and eat camp food.

    I want to stay healthy and most of all be energized for the kids — I usually go to sleep around 9 to 9:30, so clocking out at 12-1 AM will be very tough. Do you know of supplements and suggestions to keep me healthy and energized?

    so far i have vitamin d, vitamin b complex/c

    and that’s all. lol.

    • Tracy says

      Hi Jeff,
      All I can say is just go with the flow :) You’re going to camp and you’re going to eat camp food and you’re going to stay up late, and you can’t change that, so the best thing you can do is go and have the most fun you can possibly have and not even think TWICE about your skin. And I think that’s the best thing you can do for keeping your skin clear.

  7. Annie says

    Hey, Tracy, Speaking of oil… I just wanted to stop by and wonder a little wonder at you and/or anyone who is reading. I was, for at least a month, I’d say, using EVOO to remove my makeup. At first, it seemed great; my skin was at its best-yet condition, and I wasn’t using any harsh chemicals… But then, with a hefty dose of stress, suddenly my skin began looking very clogged… I was in denial and didn’t want to stop with the EVOO, but eventually I did. My skin is clearing up a lot again, and I have some confidence that it’s not diet-related… But how much could this be stress-related?? I’m now wondering, WTF… I’d heard EVOO wouldn’t clog pores, but it seems it may have..?

    My question is two-fold:

    (1) Tracy, when you do have your “minor breakouts” as you mention from time to time, are they as frightening as multiple spots on multiple facial areas…? Like do they seem totally out of control and does your skin overall seem to transform to a worse condition/ or do you retain the good condition and just have a bit of inflammation? (My recent bout feels like it was a total failure of my skin organ)…

    (2) What the heck can we *reliably* use for makeup remover??

    • Annie says

      WOW, I’m a dummy…


      Apparently, EVOO is not recommended for regular use on the skin… durrr. My 11-year-old self could have told me that. I was high on the idea that natural products were great and that my skin was FIXED from the inside. Whoops. :) Back to makeup removing towlettes for now… Maybe some kind of almond milk option? Anybody tried anything that works and won’t clog your skin even with daily use?

      • Tracy says

        Hi Annie,
        It does seem like it’s important to find an oil that works with your skin, because it seems like every common oil that people use on their skin, some people have glorious results and others break out from it. Olive oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil, the works…
        Many people do say that olive oil is too heavy, and maybe it’s also an issue that many extra virgin olive oils are not as virgin and high quality and pure as they claim. Also, not quite sure what else to recommend for makeup remover, except a different kind of oil. Have you tried jojoba oil?

        • Kim says

          Hey Annie and all,
          I have combination type skin lk Tracy, oily on forehead and dry around chin area.. So i heard coconut oil is good for that, so ive tried for like 2 days, so far I live the texture it gives my skin, so smooth.. I cant say whether it has improved my acne yet, but it has evened out my skkn tone!
          Hope this helps

  8. Annie says

    Cool; thanks, ladies. I need major help, emotionally and practically… I’m kind of freaked out right now and won’t be using anything but manuka/jojoba on my face for awhile… I broke out seriously badly, like on the sides of my face where I usually would get one spot every four months or something… but like 10. WTF. I’m so confused… I’d been using jojoba so I know it’s not that… It started like 3 weeks ago, when I started a new job and also very busy summer classes, and ALSO Bikram yoga (which is totally all about sweating and detoxing)… But I would remove my makeup in between work and yoga with EVOO and then use the EVOO again at night to remove my second application of makeup. The good news is that I’m not getting anything new now, and my skin looks nice again (if you manage to completely avoid the glaring acne interrupting it).

    This has seriously SCARRED ME in TWO HORRIBLE WAYS, and I want to figure this out so it NEVER happens again… obvi 😉

    Possible culprits? (either/or/and…)

    (1) extended and extensive use of EVOO
    (2) Bikram detox
    (3) Something I’m eating or not eating?? (Always a possibility…)
    (4) Not enough H2O for all the Bikram and running I do?
    (5) Non-organic jojoba (was using organic before this bottle)
    (6) Slacking on my vitamins
    (7) Stress: Very noticeably more significant over the last 4 weeks…

    Oh, GAWD.

    It’s obvious, isn’t it?

    Why does it have to be SO hard? Wahh…

    • Tracy says

      Hi Annie – don’t be so hard on yourself. If you think it’s the EVOO, just believe it’s the evoo, don’t use it again and don’t live life in fear :)

    • Annie says

      Thanks for the support :) It’s crazy how awful this stuff can feel. I’m still spotted, but healing emotionally and, slowly, on the outside. 😀

      I actually thought of your words a few times over the last couple of days, and it’s helped a lot to have that voice that says, ‘Decide it’s that, and live your live like it is’ kind of a thing…

      I do think it was that. EVOO, that is. But I also think my sensitivity/vulnerability was triggered primarily by (1) stress and (2) lack of water.

      I’ve been super busy (major exercise, two jobs, two classes) and honestly not handling it all that well, emotionally. It’s classic stress; I couldn’t get myself to slow down long enough to listen to what my body was telling me… My skin was definitely going from glowing to dull before the breakout really hit… Cortisol, affected sleep, anxiety, and no water to counteract any of it.

      So, yeah, then my pores got clogged with the olive oil and makeup I was wearing to almost all of these activities. Of course. Sadly, when we’re busy and broken out, we don’t get much of a chance for our skin to breathe and heal… Worse, *there’s no way I was drinking enough water* every day. I kept a pretty perfect diet, but I did slack on the water front more and more over time — It’s a point for me to work on, for sure.

  9. jana says

    Oily skin is genetic. There’s nothing I can do since both my parents have severely oily skin regardless if I change my diet or not.

  10. Krista says

    I am not sure how to NOT wash my face too much :( I work out almost everyday. For example I put makeup on for work then go to gym after. I rinse my face in the morning, wash my makeup off for the gym, rinse my face after the gym to get the sweat off, then wash it with honey at night…I feel like separately all good reasons to wash, but together TOO MUCH.

    What do you recommend for those of us who work out almost everyday (also a good clear skin practice and def needed for my stress) but don’t want to over wash?

    Also if I want to wear makeup in public (ultimate goal is no makeup but I am not there yet :/) and have something in the morning and evening, do you recommend wash the makeup off for the afternoon to let the skin breathe? or is it best to let it alone and just wash at night?

    • Tracy says

      Hi Krista,
      Well, if it was me… I would skip washing in the morning, wash my makeup off before the gym with honey, then either let the sweat dry or just lightly towel it off… and then… not wash my face again the rest of the night. I know, I know… to many, not washing sweat off sounds blasphemous, so you have to decide for yourself what you are willing to do – but this is what I would do.

      • Annie says

        I have had the same concerns, and I’ve found it best to do what Tracy has written above, with one exception. Because of the bacteria that grows when sweat is left on the skin for too long, I rinse my face with water after working out. When my skin is otherwise healthy and properly moisturized (from the inside and out), it handles this just fine.

      • Krista says

        Thank you for the feedback Tracy!

        when you say “not wash” does that include water only washing as well? I usually at least splash my face in the AM and like Annie said after the gym. I am really trying to wear less makeup but my red scars make me SO self-conscious…when I do wear makeup, is it best to let it go for the day or remove/reply depending when I need it?

        Also is it possible to get a “dead skin” mask when the face is healing? my face isn’t dry but almost textured. I stopped using topical meds and it’s been like that since. Unless it’s too much aloe or lemon?

        • Tracy says

          Yes, when I say not wash, I mean no water either. And if you wear makeup, wash it off once a day (and that should be when you use the honey or whatever you’re using).

          And yes, the dead skin mask is very normal… read my articles about the caveman regimen… just pop “caveman regimen” into my site’s search bar, up at the top on the menu bar there, and it will come up with all the articles and videos

  11. Krista says

    thanks again for the feedback 😀 I looked into the caveman regimen…so I think I have the congestion/fine sand paper textured skin right now like you had (esp on my forehead)! Is that the same as “dead skin mask” or is that more dry,flaky skin? Also, should I do anything or since you said it’s normal I should just stick it out and smooth skin will eventually come back?…Is it because my skin is trying to regulate itself and this is only temporary? :/

    • Tracy says

      It was different than the dead skin mask (dead skin mask is flakes, congestion is just rough texture), but yeah… both seemed to be signs of healing and both went away for me… so I say stick it out!

      • Krista says

        thanks for the encouragement that it’s part of the healing! my whole face is congested/rough and it’s starting to get to me :/ So you did nothing different in order for the congestion to go away? Just stick with the honey and aloe (I use occasional olive oil for dryness)? Also, did your face itch occasionally when it was healing?

  12. Jeff says

    @krista for me, my face just started getting a mask that was visible / skin was really really bumpy. I managed to just ignore it, though it was pretty visible and people wondered if I was sick or something … there was basically brown patches on my skin. after a month, it was super soft after I washed off the mask. however, my marks were still there. so, i’m not really sure how much it actually helped, but it pushed me in the right direction.

    just fyi, right now I’m just using water and my skin is doing fine. I also started taking 5000 iu vitamin d a few weeks ago, so that may be a factor as well.

    even though total caveman may not work for some people, the concept is great. less = better!

  13. Adel-Alexander says

    Hey Tracy! I was wondering.. Would Bacon cause my face to produce more oil? I mean.. Bacon itself is pretty greasy so wouldn’t that contribute to my already oily face?

    Also.. if it’s still possible to eat Bacon, should I eat Tulip Bacon or should I get a big bulk of bacon and cut it to slices? I’ve heard that Tulip bacon isn’t as healthy as getting a big bulk of bacon meat and cut it out in slices?

    • Tracy says

      I don’t know, I don’t quite believe that fat and grease in food = grease on your face….. but it depends. If the grease is from damaged oils and fats full of Omega 6 fatty acids, then this could definitely show up on your face.

      But as far as stable, undamaged saturated fats from healthy raised farm animals, then…. no. I eat tons of this, I really don’t think it translates into oily skin.

      The challenge is finding bacon from a healthy pig, which in my experience isn’t very easy to find! I don’t know anything about Tulip bacon, sorry

  14. Sasha says

    I have had oily skin since I can remember. After washing my face with just soap and distilled water, my skin was less oily throughout the day and my skin is clearing up.

    Have also been drinking distilled water for a week and feeling less irritated and more energetic.

  15. Amanda says

    Tracy, if you wash once per day, what do you do about sunscreen? I don’t feel right putting sunscreen over an unwashed face, but I have to wash my face at night. It just seems happier if I do that versus morning.

    Also, my pores are clogging up and I’m breaking out like crazy trying to go back to washing once a day, but my skin is more soft, supple, and happy in other ways. It actually seems like an improvement to me, even though my skin’s more broken out; it’s weird. But I’m conerned about long-term damage from the crazy amount of pore clog/breaking out going on. Do you think the pores will probably start clearing themselves eventually once my skin gets used to it? I know there are no guarantees; I’m just curious if you’ve seen this in your experience! If not, any recommendations for helping clear out the gunk? I got a mild glycolic peel once; it didn’t irritate my skin and gave great results.

    • Tracy says

      Hi Amanda,
      Personally I would advise ditching the sunscreen. Honestly, it’s okay to get a little bit of sun on the face, in fact it’s healthy. Reserve sunscreen for if you really need it, like you’re spending a whole day in the sun with no shade or hat or the sun is scorching hot. I never put sunscreen on my face and rely on a hat.

      So yeah, in order to see what’s really going on with your skin, give the sunscreen a break, continue to wash once a day at night and let your skin find its balance on its own without the chemicals

  16. ISHA says

    I was suffering from acne but after taking treatment it almost went but after 3 months it started now again :( actually this acne started when i joined a job so for that my city change ,my food change ,my life style change ..please help me Tracy I m a Eggitarian person ….

  17. ISHA says

    Ya after joing job stress level increase can u please suggest me what to do ???any meditation ,exercise ,any specific meal???coz in next 6 months i m getting married.so i want a clear skin as soon as it can…

  18. Sylvia says

    Hi Tracy,

    I have been trying to switch off Proactiv to all natural, gentle cleansing using a natural cleanser and raw honey. It’s been two months that I’ve slowly weaned myself off, but now that I’m not using it at all, lots of tiny pimples are beginning to form all over my face. Today I caved and put a little of the third step of Proactiv on the pimples and they immediately shrunk down.

    My question is — does using a little bit of BP completely negate what I was doing with the natural products/honey? Can I continue using the honey and just put a little BP cream on for pimples until the pimples just don’t spring up anymore? What do you think?

    I can’t really afford to have a bad looking face as I am on stage a lot. So the BP has been keeping this all at bay :(

    Thank you!


    • Tracy says

      Hi Sylvia,
      Well, this is something that is up to you – what was your goal with using natural cleansers? I assume it was to have less acne? Or was there a different reason (less dry, more vibrant skin, etc?)
      If it was to have less acne, and using a little bit of Proactiv works, then… it works! And it’s up to you if you are okay with using the chemicals. If you are, then yay. If not, then stop using it and ride out the pimples… it’s pretty normal to have rebound breakouts after quitting benzoyl. You could try weaning off it instead of going off it cold turkey too to lessen these if you decide you don’t want to use it.

      • Sylvia says

        Thanks for your answer, Tracy! I guess what I am really asking is, does using the Proactiv (which prevents breakouts but doesn’t solve the inner problem) negate the work of raw honey (which I have heard draws out the impurities)? Am I keeping the acne in a constant cycle of being muted, then being brought out/purged? Because I’m still using a little Proactiv, does that mean my skin will always be confused about how much oil to produce until I finally just quit all together?

        I definitely do NOT want to use chemicals any longer, but I also cannot afford to look terrible in my line of work right now. I just want to slowly, very slowly end this chemical cycle… but I want to make sure that I’m actually making progress and not just addicting my skin to a new regimen where I use just a bit of the BP.

        Thank you!

        • Tracy says

          Hi Sylvia,
          I don’t really know how honey and benzoyl interact with each other and what affect that has. The only way to know for sure what your skin wants to do naturally to regulate itself is to quit the BP and see. In the end, I can’t say that I know what your skin is going to do. You have to decide what is worth it, and if you can’t handle having some breakouts because of your work, then I say stick with using some BP, especially if it keeps you consistently clear and that’s what you really need right now!

  19. ISHA says

    Tracy u told its kind of stress Acne .Please guide me how to get rid of it ???what should be the exercise include in my daily routine,some special meal or fruits ,or any supllement???? Please Help me Tracy :(

    • Tracy says

      Hi Isha, have you downloaded my free ebook yet? It will give you some ideas.. sign up at the top of the right sidebar there

    • Tracy says

      Hmm.. well I don’t think so, but I am not sure. I do know that those oil blotting pads are full of chemicals :/

  20. EVE says

    Yeah i think so too. Anyyway, i tried the cavemen regime and it worked for me! Thank you! :)
    But my face is still a little oily and i don’t know if letting the oil sit on my face would cause more acne. Is it okay if i use tissue paper to blot it off?

  21. Simone M says

    I have the WORST oily skin problem, and I use the Complexion Scrub from the Shielo brand. Its wonderful for people with oily skin. It cleans my skin and doesnt dry my face out. I have somewhat sensitive skin, and to finally find a good face wash that doesnt make my face break out because of dryness is quite the discovery for me. I still have to put moisturizer on my skin afterwards. It doesnt make it moist, but it does keep from doing damage. It also lasts a long time; it only takes one or maybe two pumps to wash my face. I love it!

  22. amy wharton says

    i have really oily skin, from my teens im now 26, i wash my face in hot water only and a face wash while having daily shower, i also suffer with greasy hair !!! i drink lots of tea (black) what do you think would help my skin ,could it be my diet xx

  23. isabeall says

    hi hellook Im going to d it but i you hve to use make up every day for wok wcan i washmy fce wha can i use

  24. Jewel says

    Hey Tracy!
    My skin is OILY! I tries EVERYTHING possible. Nothing works! Im honestly fed up! Especially when i have to go out/ to university…my skin gets soo oily especially below my eyes & on+around my nose! I’m starting to hate my skin!
    Please help me! I feel like im gonna end up peeling off my skin. Its starting to get unbearable. I cant wear any make up because soon it starts to get greasy & all smudged & i end up looking like i did my make up with my eyes closed!
    Please help me!

      • Jewel says

        & im about to try the milk of magnesia
        Just one question: do i wash it off or do i apply it & then apply foundation over it? Bcz i read somewhere that i should just apply it & then apply foundation over it (after it dries)!
        Please clarify…& thanks :)

  25. munirah says

    Hi Tracy,

    I have big problem in my oily and unclearly face. I have lots and very small acne in whole my forehead and my cheeks. So I’m pregnant and I have some acne before but when I got pregnant I got more and more acne, that makes me really annoyed. ):

  26. SHWETA says

    well can it remove pimples as well as scars if we have becoz i really want clean face. how much time it will take can u help. my skin is oily and even if i do not wash then i get more acne becoz its oily oily and i really feel bad. and when it dry its very bad.

  27. says

    Has anyone had any luck in treating oily skin with the Milk of Magnesia? I’m reluctant to try it as I’ve read that the pH of the product is 10.5, whereas our skin requires a pH of 4-5 in order to function effectively.

  28. Angel says

    Hi Tracy, I used Neutrogena Microdermabrasion System, is it good for oily skin? Or is it too harsh for my oily skin?

  29. Vani says

    Thanks for reply Tracy!! :) Actually , my scalp is also oily. I have a balanced diet & do some exercise too. I dont wash my face with any soap or any facewash. ’cause whenever I wash it from these chemicals I get much pimples. :( so I just wipe off the dirt & oil of my face with wet pure cotton cloth & sometimes with tap water only. I think ’cause of my oily scalp I am getting pimples. :( Please give suggestions for my oily scalp. Thanks!! <3*

  30. Cale says

    It’s not advised to cut back on moisturiser just because you have oily skin, it might be the very reason as to why it’s oily. If it gets too dry the skin will start to overcompensate.

  31. Allan says

    hey tracy, ive had acne since i was 12 and i developed an oily face when i was 15. im 18 now and i only get a few spots on my face but my skin is still oily. However recently ive seen an improvement and when i wake up and touch my forehead or my t-zone its less oily. Is this a sign that my acne and oily face is finally disappearing and why?

    • Tracy says

      Sounds like a positive sign to me :) If you’ve been improving your lifestyle, it is probably due to that – or you could just be naturally growing out of your teenage acne. Yay!

      • Allan says

        Tbh, i have changed my lifestyle but i think my acne started to improve before that. However i do have a few questions, sorry lol. Firstly, when i used all these so called facial scrubs and creams etc. i got a few scars on my left cheek. its been about 2-3 years now and ive been afraid to touch them, they are not deep at all like normal deep rolling scars and other types but they are noticeable when i zoom into my face in a mirror and i was wondering if the msm cream mentioned on this website would work seeing as they arent that deep imo. Also, when i look into some mirrors my face looks clear enough and on some it looks a mess with all the oil and left over red acne marks and a white flakes (dont know the cause of them) so is there anything i could do to improve that cause i hate it and dont know which mirror to believe. Lastly, does oily skin affect skin colour cause i have fair skin and on somedays it seems to comeback and on others it slight dark toned and how long does it usually take for oily skin to disappear?…P.S sorry for this i worry alot!

        • Tracy says

          Hi Allan,
          First thing – chill out and stop worrying so much hhaha :p I know it’s hard, but things are improving for you, so be happy about that and just keep doing what you’re doing! Lowering your stress is likely to hugely help your skin! Things will only get better. As for MSM cream, you may as well try it. It doesn’t work for everyone’s scars, but it’s worth a shot because it does work for some people!

          • Allan says

            Hey tracy, i know i stress but i see no link between that and my oily skin and acne. Sometimes my skin will be clear for a while and ill be happy but my skin still produces oil the following morning, where as the acne as i said has cut down largely and i only get the occasional spot/s which are tiny compared to the ones i used to have before. And ive read articles about hormonal balancing and minerals and vitamins i might be deficient in, i eat alot of carrots (vitamin A source) take in vitamin d tablets, have fruits that are high in vitamin c but my oily skin is still there. My face is mildy oily during the day but i think its the only reason i get the occasional spot so i believe that if i can get rid of my oily face, my spots will also disappear. any suggestions? oh and is there a reason why i get a waxy oily substance built up in my ear even tho i frequently clean them and sometimes on my eyebrows. I doubt its dandruff cause i wash my hair daily and my scalp isnt oily i think lol…

  32. isha says

    hi Tracy how many cup (liter)should i drink of green tea in a day to cut the acne ??? and can i use green tea for washing my face ..how to do this topically plz suggest me

    • Tracy says

      Hi Isha,
      I don’t know exactly how much to take, but I have heard that Japanese Matcha Green Tea is the best/highest quality for healing acne with – so look into that!

  33. ISHA says

    can u pls tell me tracy in INDIA which green tea is best bcoz i m not able to get this Japanese Matcha green tea ..and pls suggest me how to use it topically ??

    • Tracy says

      Hi Isha,
      Sorry I don’t know what’s available to you in India! As for using it topically, I would probably just wet a tea bag and lightly glide it over your face

  34. Andrew says

    Good luck going cold turkey on cleansing if you have oily skin AND acne. Your face will be a pepperoni pizza in as little as two weeks.

  35. Nima George says

    what is the meaning of luke warm water . Do u have any other method to make the skin normal and fair? Can u please tell it by replying for this comment?

    • says

      Hi Nima,

      lukewarm water is water that is not too warm and not ice cold. Room temperature is great for washing your face. Aggravating your skin with harsh substances will make it oilier. Try to use only very mild and soothing substances for your daily skincare regimen (natural oils etc.). In addition, eat a healthy and well balanced whole foods diet, make sure to drink enough water, improve your sleep and exercise. AND: AVOID SUGAR!!!

      Please read the comments above as well.

  36. Ellie says

    Hey Tracey,
    I too have used Milk of Magnesia to some effect and then read an article that put me off it entirely. Our skin’s natural pH is 5 (acidic) and Milk of Magnesia is very basic (around 10.5). When you put MoM on your skin a lot you’re changing the natural pH of your skin which can lead to more breakouts and general skin suckiness. If you can use it without breaking out, why not? But tread carefully!

    • Tracy says

      Oh yikes, I didn’t realize it was so basic. Ah well in that case, I can’t say I really recommend it that highly then. Thanks Ellie

  37. Kanak says

    my skin is very oily.i have suffered small pimples on my forehead.i have used many kinds of face washes.but they have not worked.what will i do now?

  38. says

    My skin is before well fair but i am using any creame later my face become some dart i am regret my attitude and my skin also oily plz help as soon.

  39. says

    Great tips! I also have very oily skin and I am just being consistent and religiously doing my daily skin care routine. This may not fully treat my oily skin but what is important is that how you properly care for skin. :)

  40. June says

    Hey Tracy!

    So my face gets super oily during the middle of the day and I have an urge to wash it! What should i do about my super oily face? I know that there are those blue strips that you pat on your face to get rid of the oil. Please let me know what I can do! Im trying my best to wash my face 2x a day!

  41. Ali says

    Hi, Tracy.Unfortunately,I come from a different religion and I have to take this thing called ‘wudu’ (my language, I dont know what it’s called in English) in order to pray,it includes washing the whole of my face. I do this 5 times a day. What should I do?

    • Tracy says

      Hi Ali, yes I’ve heard from other people with this same situation. You have to do what you have to do, so just splash with the water, and then maybe add a little moisture in the form of an oil afterwards to replenish if you’re feeling dry. That’s all you can do!

      • Al says

        Tracy, Thank you for your suggestion. It’s really helpful. I will also try your other suggestion :). Thank you again for posting this website as it has been very helpful to me. Bye!

  42. Lene says

    Hi Tracy! Great site :-)

    When you say “wash your face with honey” – you mean using honey as a makeup remover, and then remove the honey with water? Or? Stupid question or not, I want to do this the right way :p

      • heather says

        Hi tracy,
        For the past two years I’ve been dealing with I think its oily skin not sure though, I wear a powder foundation to cover my blemishes and in the middle of the day my makeup feels like its coming off and looks yucky and the powder is setting into my smile lines. Its not a good look seeing how im only 28. I get regular facials and nothing seems to work.I take my makeup off with a makeup remover made from ddf and in the morning I wash my face. Any suggestions?

        • Tracy says

          Hi Heather, it does indeed sound like you have oily skin. Have you tried some of the suggestions in this article?

  43. Liwliwa Taclibon says

    I agree using oil, i use sunflower oilfrom Human Heart Nature, i use it as mynight moisturizer ^_^

  44. Sarah says

    Even though I only wash my face twice a day with manuka honey, use jojoba oil, and eat well and exercise (and have been for many months now), my skin is still extremely oily.
    Do you think doing something like the caveman regimen could help balance my skin’s oil production?
    Or would a supplement like Estroblock help, since oily skin is (isn’t it?) a hormonal thing?

    • Tracy says

      Hi Sarah, if you’ve tried all these and it’s not working, the caveman might work, but it’s probably due to an internal thing. If so.. Estroblock is worth a shot, if it helps your skin at all, it should help with oily skin for sure.

  45. steph says

    What a great forum! I am nearing 40 and have never had a problem with an oily forehead until this past year, so I definitely attribute it to hormones! I’d like to approach this problem from the inside, out. Green tea, extra water consumption- great suggestions, any others? (Foods, vitamins, etc) to help reduce oil production?

  46. Rasean Royal says

    Tracy, does jojoba oil work effectively on African American skin? its gotten to the point where I don’t like to work out anymore, because every time I do, my face gets hella greasy, and I break out,:(….

    • Tracy says

      Hi there, I don’t know for sure, but I don’t see why it would work any differently on African American skin :) I say give it a try.

  47. Melanie says

    Hi Tracy,

    I enjoyed reading your article :) Unfortunately, I’m not yet brave enough to try your regime. I have acne problems and have combination skin. About 6 months ago I finally got my acne problem under control with a 5% benzaclin 1% antibiotic prescription cream I apply to my face. It caused my face to become very dry, but I then found the product line La Roche Posay, and a moisturizer that helps with skin that uses drying products. Now I only use their products (dermatologist recommended and for very sensitive skin) with the prescription every other night. It was all going well, but now that it is winter its so dry here I just want to itch and scratch my face all the time. So frustrated and don’t want to switch my whole regime again. Any suggestions? I was thinking of getting a night-time moisturizer that is hydrating… not sure.


  48. Ali says

    Greetings Tracy! It’s Ali again as you can see from the previous comments. :) I should have asked you this question ages ago, but — if i apply olive oil on my face, how long will the duration be until I can or will have to wash my face and get rid of the olive oil? I’m thinking of applying it at night :) a help would be greatly appreciated. :)

    • Tracy says

      Hi Ali,
      You don’t have to wash it off, just use it like a moisturizer. Just make sure you only use a little bit so that it all soaks into your skin, and isn’t sitting on top of your skin

  49. Ali says

    Hi Tracy! Thank you for your reply. However, will I have to do this for a lifetime or just until I realise my skin does’t produce oil anymore? Will it banish oily skin forever or will my skin produce oil again after a while? If it does banish my oily skin forever, how long does it take until my oily skin banishes during the process of applying oil on my face?,what if I apply a body lotion (Johnson babies brand) that contains jojoba oil inside it, will it work? Is it normal for grown ups to have oily skins because we get oily as we get older or is it the fact that oily skin can come at anytime? Thank you for taking your time to read this, Tracy. This conment sure does contain heaps and heaps of questions :) I trust you ^_^

    • Tracy says

      Hi Ali, well, no – if you go back to what you were doing before that caused your skin to get oily, then it will get oily again! But if you permanently change your skin care to the suggestions above then you should banish oily skin forever

      Also I would say no about body lotion – don’t do that, the jojoba will be a tiny fraction of that (probably poor quality too), and the rest of it is full of chemicals and stuff you don’t want to put on your face

      • Ali says

        Hi Tracy!
        Thank you for responding to my previous comment, :). I have tried applying Olive Oil, the title is-Extra Virgin Olive Oil. I’ve been applying it for 3 days, but then again I’m from another religion and I have to wash my face 5 times a day in order to do my prayers. However, just today I stopped applying the Oil on my skin because I wanted to see the difference in 3 days, but my skin just produce oil like how it does back then. Is this normal? Should I keep on going this Oil on my face? Another thing, my mother has been scuba diving 1-2months ago and her skin has absolutely no oil until today, so does scuba diving help also?

        -more information> I am an asian

        Thank you once again for taking your time to read this, 😀 I will stop using my body lotion from now on

        • Tracy says

          Hi Ali, yes, you want to keep going with it, make sure your skin care routine is consistent :)
          As for scuba diving.. some people indeed do find that salt water and the ocean will help their skin troubles significantly!

  50. raz says

    Hi Tracy,

    so this is how my face work..after shower or after wetting my face, it’s extremely dry.. so i would put moisturizer to not irritate my skin.. but when i try not putting moisturizer on my face after wetting it, few hours later it gets really oily.. i dont know what to do.. my face has its moods-_-‘ any advice? :)

  51. Sally says

    Hi… I have a question but not related to oily skin. Perhaps I have sensitive skin… It is red on my face, but not rosacea. So could u give me some tips?

  52. steve says

    Hey Tracy,
    Been doing the caveman for 3 months now and getting decent results, bit of a bumpy ride though. I changed my diet about a month or 2 ago but went home for christmas and was spoiled senseless with unhealthy treats. But it’s back to normal now and 6 days ago I decided to completely cut out dairy and wheat, and to absolutely not touch my face at all. Awesome results right off the bat, but I have noticed that most days my face becomes very oily. It’s not all day though, it’s like half or a quarter of the day it’s oily, generally the latter part of the day. I’ve also noticed that when it’s oily is when new whiteheads form. My lifestyle isn’t perfect, I think the only thing lacking is exercise. I live in england and right now it is absolutely FUCKING FREEZING all the time. Sometimes I’ll brave it and go for a skate, but it’s always FUCKING RAINING as well and and super windy atm too. Rain = no skating, can’t get the bearing and griptape wet. I try and compensate it with drumming. Get a good 30mins-an hour a day of it, but I doubt it’s really the exercise I need.

    So what do you think might be causing the oilyness? My diet is pretty flawless right now. Drink exclusively green tea, water and a cup of turmeric tea (using almond milk) a day. Whole fruit, veg, meat and fish always. Nothing more. If it’s hormonal, what can I do?

    Thanks :)

  53. Sofia says

    Ok. I’m going to try these thins but I was wondering if you had more specific things for me. I washed my face with just plain water the other day and realized my face is so oily that it can repel water. I’m not joking when I say that. The worse place on my face because of oil is my nose. The my nose, the sides of my nose, the tip of my nose, and especially the part between your nose and your cheek that is kind of covered by the nostril. I guess they are the bottom corners of my nose. The rest of my face is just like normal teen stuff but my nose is crazy oily. It is a massive pain. Mostly around the nostril area but the entire nose is just a pain in the butt. I am starting to get pimples around that nostril/bottom corner area. Luckily they can’t really be seen because the curve of the nose at the bottom covers it but it’s still there. It doesn’t go away. I have had the pimples (not really sure if they are pimples because they are not red) for over 6 months. They do not go away. I know it’s acne but I’m just not sure what type. It is my skin color but they just look like skin colored pimples. But I think it is caused because my nose is so oily. Please help! Should I just use what you said in the article or is there something more specific?

    • says

      Hi Sofia,

      have you ever checked if your acne isn’t rosacea (acne-like pimples), seborrheic dermatitis (extremely greasy skin) or something else? That your pimples are skin colored and won’t go away doesn’t sound like a typical “acne behavior”. Are these pimples filled with something, maybe a liquid, or skin eruptions without a visible inflammation?

      • FANG says

        Thank you Svea., It really help a lot., An encouragement., 😉 Thank You So much., I am Full of Stress in Life., I dont know Wht to do., Im losing hope., :-(.,

        I attempted to do the caveman regimen but, pimple multiplies more., juju., I am also applying what you said that i also believe its true., Lifestyle must be changed., most of my meal are food and vegetables., :-( im losing hope., But i do believe your advice., please be with me., i think im alone., i dont have anyone to lean on.,

  54. Essence says

    Uhm…point number 4 is completely inaccurate. If you do not use moisturizer your skin will actually produce MORE oil because it’s trying to overcompensate for the lack of moisture. Please do some research before giving out bad advice.

  55. says

    am also facing the same problem. ..am having acne whch comes ad goes. .In all ma life I hav nva had face acne but now it’s getting worse to an extent of it’s even strted peeling. ..am life is not the same anymore.

  56. dawn says

    I don’t agree with not moisturizing, and washing less. The key to solving any problem is understanding why it’s happening.

    Most people get oily, because their skin is dry.

    I’ve had a lot success, in washing my face with dove soap (dermatologist recommended) twice a day. Exfoliating once every 3 days. (Gently with oat flour, And moisturizing with aloe vera gel (I’m oily, so I’m not going to use anything oily), mixed with organic aloe vera moisturizer in the morning. And expensive Angelica moisturizer at night. And every other night, an oatmeal facial.

    Also, using witch hazel as toner twice a day to clean off anything the soap couldn’t.

    That’s my own regime, but it’s going to be through trial and error that most find their own. As I write this, I’m starting to think that I do a lot when it comes to my face.

  57. Natalia says

    Hi Tracy my face is really really oily I am going to try the oils you say and I am going to stop washing my twice a day but I need to know about sunblock what I can use for my oily face. And your is so awesome.

    Sincerely Natalia

  58. eleezi says

    Hi tracy
    I just watched your video in which you said you don’t wash your face at all. I’ve heard from few people who believe not washing face is the best and I want to give it a try but I was wintering what you meant by not washing your face, you mean you wash with water and no cleanser or your don’t even wash your face with water? … And also how do you remove your makeup?

    Thank you for your amazing tips

  59. Emily says

    What if you washed your face but then applied a non-oil face lotion right afterwards, would your face still produce extra oil to make up for the wash, or would it not bother to do so because you have already hydrated your face with the lotion?

    I use a Clean and Clear face lotion after I wash my face. Should I still cut back on washing it?

    Thanks! Just wondering.

  60. Tulka says

    Hi Tracy,

    I want to try the not washing my face approach, and see if it helps clear my face, but as I am a swimmer I am in the water most days each week. It would still be good to try and not use any soap or cleanser of any kind on my face, but I feel that I still need to wash with something other than water after being in the pool – due to the chlorine.

    Any suggestions?

    Thank you.

  61. ELAINE says


    • Hina says

      Hi there! I don’t know if you’ll get a chance to view this but I’ve been struggling with really really oily skin too.
      Not using moisturizer or anything makes my skin create a dry layer especially on my forehead which makes it hard to move. It basically becomes dry but with oil seeping through which is so gross.

      I eat really healthy too, and exercise regularly but nothing seems to work. I hate having to blot my face every hour. It especially sucks when I have two-three hour lectures and the oil accumulates and I can’t really do anything about it.
      Guess we’ll just have to live with it and just be thankful we’ll have minimal wrinkles.

  62. says

    Nice write up. I’ve noticed my forehead is particularly prone to overgenerating oil and it’s become a pain in the neck. Trying to figure out which foods would be best to minimize it in this particular area. Any suggestions are more than welcome!

  63. Ivan Dominique says

    Hi Tracy, i have a oily forehead thats always full of blackheads, i tried a lot of methods, but non of them are working, what should i do?

  64. Maricel says

    I read an article about using moisturizer even on oily skin but you suggest not to use moisturizer.. which one is true?im confuse thank you

    • jenny says

      Does your skin ever feel dry and oily? Seems funny but if it ever has youll know what I mean-esp if you wear make up. In which case your skin is dried out and producing more oil for that reason. If it is not so, don’t apply moisturizer ofte then. That’s what my derm told me anyways. You just want to make sure you don’t over dry out your skin!

  65. Zoe says

    Hey Tracy, I’m 15 and have really oily skin. I have went to the doctors for it and they gave me stuff that will chemically help my skin, it has helped but only half. My forehead now has no acne what so ever and no scaring, but my cheeks, chin, nose and by my ears are a different story. I always get acne and I have scaring there is well, I’m scared to use oil on my face as i don’t want it to get worse. I also can’t use normal facial cleanser because my skin is super sensitive and burns if i try.

    Please Help


  66. jenny says

    website are always saying to eat healthy and change your diet etc as well as all the other advice. And that would make sense if anything from water temp to overwashing to foods is causing oily skin. But what if they arent? What if it’s genetic for example? Surely it could not be fixed without more help?

  67. sunniex says

    hi tracy, I jst hope this works, the embarrassment is too much. I have pimples in my face, & chest. and I know it’s all caused by those oil,,,, am still hopeing it works,TRACY.

  68. Mojisola says

    Hi Tracy, I have similar problems with some people here. I have been suffering from acne for a while now and u have spent so much on it as well. I have decided to pay more attention to natural things, I have also stopped using make ups but I tralise my face gets really greasy and unpleasant to look at. My question exactly is this.

    How do I wash with honey without water touching my face and also do you think I can keep wearing my makeup when I start using the honey.? I don’t quite understand the no water method of washing my face.

    My face itches me too and it seem like I have a new pimples everyday.

    • says

      Hi Mojisola, if you are using a ‘no water’ method, you aren’t actually washing your face at all. You just don’t wash you face. So if you are going to use honey to wash your face, definitely wash it off. You can’t really do the no wash method if you wear full makeup (you can if you just use a dab here and there for makeup, but not full makeup), but I would suggest only washing your face at night with the honey to wash the makeup off, and not washing your face in the morning.

  69. Hannah says

    Though my skin has dry patches (I think it’s from the weather change. If it is, it will go away in a few weeks), I used a cleanser on my face, and my face has been oily. I am stopping the use of this. I have gone months with skin that produced oil in healthy amounts (I could go days without washing my face, and the most anything it would get, was rough. For the roughness, I make sure to exfoliate my face with my towel when I’m out of the shower, and I’ll either wash my face with baking soda or I’ll do one or the other, not ever day though, I used to over exfoliate [granted it was a store bought one] and my skin was so prone to acne, though I still have mild breakouts 24/7, which I’m 80% sure is from my diet). After using these cleansers and even soap touching my face from me using shampoo now, my face feels nasty..even now and I took a shower earlier today. I’m going to see if my skin goes back to normal after a few days since I used an astringent a few days ago, but if it doesn’t, I think I’m going to find a new shampoo or go back to using baking soda. I think I will also stop washing my body with soap, since my chest is getting oily (feels so gross). I used to only wash (every now and then) my areas with soap, but I washed my body with soap and now (not now now, but the last time I showered, I touched my chest and it felt like it was wet a day or two later) my chest is an oil mess. I used to feel this way throughout middle school and my years in high school (though I am a senior). I think it’s from soap. I stopped using soap and it went away.

    I am probably going back to not using soap since now I feel like I rolled around in coconut oil.

    But everyone is different! Try things out and GIVE IT TIME. You can’t go from oily teenager to J-Lo in one day. Or maybe you’re one of those people…


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