Sooo… How Did Tracy’s Liver Flushing Experiment Go?

All I can say is… wow. That SUCKED!

Seriously… that was by far the most unpleasant thing I’ve ever done in the name of “health”.

Unless I see some seriously miraculous and amazing results from it over the next while, it’s safe to say I am NEVER doing that ever again.

The Story of the Liver Flush

So I guess you might want to start at the beginning and find out exactly what it is that I did. There are plenty of different versions of the liver flush, so I will tell you what it was that I decided to do.

The first thing I did was take 1500 mg of malic acid for about 5 days before the cleanse. This supposedly softens the “stones” in your liver and allows them to exit the liver easier. Malic acid is a natural fruit acid, found in the highest concentration in apples, so they advise you to either drink 4 cups of apple juice a day, or take the extract.

Well, food grade malic acid is super cheap, and easy to find, as it’s used in wine making, so I just bought some of that, put it in empty gelatin capsules and took it that way. Waaay easier (and cheaper) than drinking four cups of apple juice a day.

Next thing you do is that on the day of the cleanse, you can’t eat any fat. Apparently this builds pressure in the liver and gallbladder so it will forcefully expel all the stones and sediment when you drink all the fatty olive oil later. Due to this restriction, I realized that fat is delicious, and that most of the things I eat contain a fair bit of fat, so I just fasted on fruit and apples and apple juice all day. Which actually wasn’t as horrible as it sounds. My stomach wasn’t eating itself with hunger as it sounds like it would. 

Oh, also, you’re not allowed to eat anything after 2 pm. If you do, you’re liable to feel very sick later.

Next thing you do is at 6 pm (the timing of all this is apparently very critical), you drink 3/4 of a cup of water mixed with a tablespoon of epsom salt. By the way, epsom salt tastes SO gross, so some say you can mix it with apple or grapefruit juice to mask the taste. I did that, and it wasn’t toooo bad, but it still wasn’t great.

After that, at 8 pm, you do the same thing and drink a second dose of epsom salts.

The purpose of the epsom salt is that it:

  1. It’s a laxative, so it gives you diarrhea and unblocks anything going on in your intestinal tract so toxins and stones from the liver can exit
  2. It opens up and relaxes the liver ducts so that the yucky stuff can exit the liver easily and not get stuck

After that, it’s time for the big event!

All the liver flush ingredients: apple juice, grapefruits, olive oil, epsom salt, and malic acid

Drinking the Olive Oil Potion

Around 9:45, you get completely ready for bed and then create your magic mixture.

In a pint jar, add 3/4 of grapefruit juice (fresh squeezed) to 1/2 a cup of olive oil and then shake vigorously. The acids in the grapefruit juice emulsify the oil and it creates a smooth, liquidy drink. Good thing, too, because drinking thick oil sounds pretty awful.

To my surprise, this actually didn’t taste too bad. I dare say it almost tasted good. Many people say this part is completely disgusting, so I was happy that I didn’t hate it. It probably helped that I am a big fan of grapefruit juice.

Anyway, after you drink it down, you immediately lie down in your bed, flat on your back with your head propped up and you must stay completely still for at least 20 minutes.

At this point, I didn’t feel bad, more like…. I felt…. strange. My stomach felt heavy and was quite gurgly. They say sometimes you can feel the stones moving through the passageways, like marbles. I don’t know if I felt that, but there was definitely some “action” going on… like a light fluttering around the area of my liver and gallbladder.

After the 20 minutes, you still aren’t allowed to get up, but you can switch positions if you want. Either way, you’re supposed to just go to sleep now. I managed to get to sleep, although I was a little uncomfortable.

The Fun Begins

I woke up around 1 oclock feeling like it was time to go to the toilet. Many people find that this happens after their first or second epsom salt dose, but not me. 1 oclock was my time.

I also felt quite dehydrated at this point. The epsom salts work by drawing water into your bowels, so they really dehydrate you. I had a sip of water, but then I felt very sick to my stomach.

So then I had some diarrhea and felt really nauseous for a while. I had a bit of a headache too. I don’t know know if I passed any “stones” at this point. I didn’t have the bathroom light on because I didn’t want to wake myself up too much in fear that I would never ever get back to sleep. It was at this point that I started to regret ever having done this stupid thing.

Then I threw up.

That wasn’t fun, but I find that throwing up is generally better than feeling nauseous. Usually you feel better afterward. I did feel a bit better after that, and I managed to go back to sleep, although all in all, it was quite a fitful, tossy, turny sort of night.

The Morning Comes

So, in the morning, you are supposed to take two more doses of the epsom salts, two hours apart. This is to ensure that you spend the day on the can expelling all the junk your liver just dumped into you.

The night before as I was throwing up, I could hardly even imagine having to continue on with this. How on earth would I get down more epsom salt while I was feeling like this?

However, in the morning, the nausea was gone and I didn’t feel too bad. So I downed my third dose of epsom salt mixed with apple juice.

Buuuut, then that triggered more nausea. More sweet, wonderful nausea (I think being nauseous is one of the worst feelings in the world. I can’t wait to be pregnant!).

So then I went and lied in bed, and I felt just plain AWFUL. Just soooo bad. Not only was I nauseous, I was really dehydrated. I wanted to drink water, but I couldn’t because drinking water only made me more nauseous.

Anyway, two hours passed, and I still wasn’t feeling any better. I decided to forego the fourth dose of epsom salt because

  1. I didn’t think I would be able to get it down anyway
  2. Getting more dehydrated sounded like a bad idea at this point

I figured that enemas were probably the answer at this point. For some reason, the epsom wasn’t working… my bowels were not moving, and I wanted these toxins out of me RIGHT NOW!!!

So a few enemas later, I’m sitting on the toilet, a wave of nausea with each expulsion, when finally it comes that I need to throw up all that apple juice and epsom that has made so sick for the last few hours. But at this point, there’s no where for that puke to go, except onto myself.

Yep. That happened.

It was literally like having food poisoning. Except I couldn’t feel sorry for myself because it was all my own fault.

By the way, I did get out plenty of the bright green “stones”.


After that, I felt much, much better. Like I was definitely out of the woods. I was able to drink some water and have some watermelon and rehydrate myself. I still felt quite tired and blah after. But at least the nausea and dehydration were gone.

I didn’t have too much of an appetite for the rest of the day, and just wanted to eat simple things. Some fruit, and crackers – I was craving salty things like no tomorrow! Obviously my electrolyte balance was a bit off.

The next day, my appetite returned, although my digestion was a bit funky for a week after or so afterward and is only starting to go away now. Very sensitive, touchy stomach, and lots of bloating, which I wasn’t having before. (Also, I will add here that the day after the cleanse, I seriously had the most psychadelic looking multi-coloured poo I had ever seen! Although unlike stomach bloating, that was sort of exciting in a weird way).

The good news is that the symptoms I had (itchy fingers, bit of eczema) that disappeared on the parasite cleanse, but then returned once it was over are now gone! And it actually does look like there are dead parasites in my stool now. I guess this is why I did this whole thing, right? – to get those parasites out of me. So… I guess you could say it was a success? ..??

Lol – even so – it’s pretty difficult to say this was really worth it. My biggest hope for this was that it would maybe get rid of my daytime sleepiness and brain fog, but it hasn’t. I can probably deal with a few itchy fingers if it means I never have to do that again.

Why Do I Think I Got So Sick?

I’m not sure. I don’t think everyone gets as sick as I did.

There are different versions of the liver cleanse, the one I did is I believe based off the “Hulda Clark” method. But many say that Andreas Mortiz and the protocol in his book “The Amazing Liver & Gallbladder Flush” is the ultimate one to do.

In his book, Andreas stresses that it’s really important you get a colonic both before and after the flush, which is obviously something I didn’t do.

Frankly, if I had to do that, this cleanse experiment would never have happened. Colonics are expensive and besides, there is no colon hydrotherapist in my town. It wasn’t going to happen. I suppose I should have done the compromise and done an enema the day before, but alas.

But either way – I find it hard to believe that something so jarring and difficult on the body can be good for you. It certainly didn’t feel that way while it was happening! I feel there are much gentler ways you can be nice to your liver. I think next post will be about that! (Update: Read the post about gentle ways to support your liver)

Watch This Article in Video Form

Alright. Thanks for reading my story. I bet you want to do a liver flush now, don’t you? :p

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  1. Annemarie says

    Wow that sounds like such a delightful expierience!! Lol. I was thinking about doing that after my parasite cleanse, but now I’m doing a double take.. do you think a few enemas during and after the cleanse would suffice, with ought the whole liver flush thing? Hope you’re feeling better!

    • Tracy says

      Yep, it’s all good now :)

      I don’t know if enemas would suffice, they don’t really act on the liver in the same way as this flush. Although perhaps doing coffee enemas might, as those are supposed to be for liver detoxification. All in all, I’m not really sure what the best alternative is, but it’s definitely putting me off ever doing a parasite cleanse again if it means I have to do this afterward :/

      I’m going to email humaworm and ask what is the best alternative in their opinion, and then I’ll report back here if they reply

  2. amy says

    there are herbs like dandelion and milk thistle that cleanse the liver in a more gentle and holistic way. also when you said you saw what looked like parasites that you expelled, what exactly does that look like?

    • Tracy says

      I know, I’m going to be talking about that stuff the in the next post. The parasites looked like…. big stringy red things… little white rice looking things… these short rubbery tubes… all of which looked what they describe as common parasites, but who knows if they really were or not

      • Jen says

        Were the rubber looking things dark colored? I get those sometimes and I was told they are Candida. The bad kind that make holes in your gut wall. Good you got them out!

        • Tracy says

          They weren’t super dark… but like… kind of…. a browny maroony sort of colour. They were fairly thick in width.. like… maybe half a centimetre wide. I wonder if that is candida :/

  3. amy says

    ALSO SO glad that you posted how badly this went because i was like ‘FEWWWW i don’t have to put myself through this ‘miracle cure’…it was for the greater good that you did it because you probably saved a lot of people pain and misery lol. So brave of you to trial all these things

  4. Diana says

    Just to make the worse experience look a little bit funnier:
    For all the American continent inhabitants….That’s why we have bidets in front of the toilets in Europe! ;)

    • Tracy says

      Oh wow… that’s great! Thanks for sharing that Meghan, you may have saved me a great deal of misery when the time comes to make babies! You’re awesome :)

  5. says

    Lol, welcome to the ‘I vomited most of the night and now really hate the liver flush’ club!

    The best way to be kind to your liver? Leave it alone, lol

    Anyway, the past 3 days I’ve been reading studies on IBS and IBD and one thing you mentioned caught my attention. Fatigue and brain fog. I’ve seen these mentioned as common symptoms of bowel problems. There’s definitely a connection between the gut and the brain. Stress and abnormalities in neurotransmitter levels can affect gut functioning. From what I’ve read this seems to be a two-way street.

    And remembering some of your older posts about GAPS and other gut healing diets. So maybe you have some gut issues?

    I’ll get a post up on science-based recommendations for IBS and IBD in the next few days. I just have to make sense of all the studies I’ve read :)

    • Tracy says

      I know I do have some gut issues – that’s why I thought I needed to do the GAPS. But the fact that it made it worse was so strange :/ As I said, adding more starch into my diet again seemed to help tremendously and everything was going so well, but then the liver flush went and screwed it all up again! :(

      Who knows – it may be a symptom of gut problems, but it seems like they also say it’s a symptom of basically every other problem out there. I noticed I actually had no brain fog and fatigue on GAPS (but terrible stomach issues), and then I had a ridiculous amount of it when I was stuffing myself on RRARF (but no more stomach issues), and now it’s just somewhere in the middle.

      • Isadora says

        It’s nice to hear that not EVERYBODY thrives on a paleo diet or GAPS. I once tried to exclude all starchy things from my diet and got sick immediately. I just felt horrible, hungry all the time and well… I guess starchy things make me pleasently full and happy.

        On the other hand I have to say that my skin got tremendously better in the last weeks. I still have a lot of acne marks, but I can’t honestly say that I have acne anymore. The absoultely strange thing is that I introduced gluten back into my diet because I want to do a blood test & biopsy (for coeliac disease) in some weeks and you have to eat gluten beforehand or the results of both things are not significant.

        Even stranger is that my gut is not perfectly wonderful at the same time, my eczema is flaring up (on my hand), just my skin is great (on my face). O_o I always thought these things are very connected, but now…

        I think a lot of these special diets (paleo, GAPS, vegan, RRARF, metabolic balance, whatever) work for a lot of people because a) they are eating healthier with them than before (more veggies, fresher things, raw things, no sugar, etc.) and b) have some underlying issues or intolerances like silent coeliac disease, lactose intolerance, histamine intolerance, etc. and the triggering foods aren’t eaten in the programmes.

        Therefore I don’t really believe in any wonder cure diet, but I guess people can easier follow a healthy nutrition programme if it has some kind of label like “paleo”.

  6. says

    From what I’ve read gut issues seem complicated. Nobody has yet figured out a reliable solution to IBS. I know those symptoms are mentioned in connection to just about every health problem out there. The difference is that this time I actually read it on a scientific paper discussing IBS.

    Anyway, maybe this has something to do with fermentation pattern in the gut. Have you been tested for small intestine bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) or bacterial imbalance in the gut?

  7. says

    Congratulations, Tracy – and thank you so much for curing me of any curiosity I had about undertaking a full-on liver cleanse! For now, I think I’ll stick to parsley/coriander in my daily green juice.

    H :)

  8. Isadora says

    Wow… I’m surprised you even tried this as Hulda Clark is widely known as a quack with absolutely no scientific approach. There isn’t even a pseudo-scientific approach. It’s just … I don’t know… ramblings. She wasn’t even a real naturopath, she just specalized in parasites during her biology studies, bought afterwards a “diploma” from a rather dubious college and from then on things seemed to go downwards. Clark claimed to be able to heal all cancers, HIV and all diseases with her methods. O_o Guess what? She died of cancer. And do you know her “zapper”? Aww….

    What you have seen in your stool are probably soap stones – the product of having just something acidic (apple juice, lemon juice, grapefruits, whatever) and something oily (olive oil) in you.

    Bad idea, the whole thing…

    I’m really a person that likes so called alternative approaches and I think that lifestyle and nutrition can make a huge difference with.. well.. everything. But personally I don’t think that this is a contradiction to good old science and scientific approaches. I hope your blog comes back to a more .. well.. comprehensible approach.

    I wish you the best for your recovery from that experiment!

    • Tracy says

      Hi Isadora,

      I’m not saying anything about whether Hulda Clark was or wasn’t a quack. She does sound like a bit of a quack, if you ask me. I simply did this version of the cleanse because it was the one outlined on the Humaworm website which was the parasite cleanse I did. Besides, it’s not like she’s the only one endorsing liver flushing around the internet like it’s the bee’s knees!

      If you read the last article I wrote, I explained all the skepticism behind this. This was merely an experiment that I tried, not an endorsement on my part of liver flushing, or Hulda Clark. I’m glad my experience turned out to be horrible, so now I’ve saved many the pain of trying it if they had been thinking about it!

    • Bo Jangles says

      For the people who think the gall/liver stones people pass are just some weird chemical reaction or undigested food, a friend of mine had gone to the hospital with pain where they found five stones by ultrasound. They wanted to operate but she was dubious(she was almost killed as a child by doctors errors). I told her about my experiences passing the stones, using magnesium and oil, which she promptly tried. It worked, she passed all of the stones, confirmed by subsequent ultrasound. The largest stone was 2.8 cm. The more interesting question becomes why are doctors operating on something like this that is so easily treated(both my father and grandfather had their gallbladders removed because of stones).

  9. Laura says

    Wow, that all seems awfully harsh on the body, there must be better ways of helping your liver alright :-/ When I read the part about you having to drink all that stuff and then lie down I felt nauseated and uncomfortable just thinking about it!
    Well I hope you feel better now after going through all of that, you’re certainly a braver woman than me! :D

  10. Sampson says

    Tracy, ever read DMT: The Spirit Molecule? I highly recommend it. Saw the documentary a while ago and picked up the book recently and just got through it. It’s very spiritually enlightening and it’s got a bunch of biology facts in it too and those are always wonderful.

    • Tracy says

      I watched half the documentary online and then the stream broke.. but I’ve got a copy of it sitting on my computer now waiting to be finished! I didn’t know there was a book, maybe I’ll read that instead

    • Autumn says

      Ha, Ha is this in response to Tracy’s psychadelic poo?! I have read the book and seen the documentary on Netflix. I would recommend the book. I think it goes more in depth… It would be awesome if DMT could cure acne too as well as provide enlightenment;)

      • Sampson says

        ^Psilocybin gets rid of cluster headaches and supposedly dark eye circles. The active ingredient in psilocybin is virtually identical to DMT. Psilocin just has 1 more oxygen atom than DMT.

        From personal experience, DMT is amazing for joint movement and flexibility and I’ve read anecdotal evidence online of people with arthritis who feel absolutely 0 arthritic symptoms after DMT use. I feel like my skin looks better after psilocybin consumption but it could just be my imagination. That being said, there’s a connection between joint health and skin health due to them both relying on healthy collagen production so who knows. For all we know, DMT DOES help your skin.

        Then there’s the emotional, mental and spiritual benefit that entheogens hold, which is even more important than how your skin looks or how your joints feel.

        I’m sure DMT does a lot more than that and maybe one day when mainstream medicine grows a pair of balls and stops trying to kill us all, we’ll be able to study it more and see what other benefits and secrets it holds.

        • Autumn says

          Interesting. I’d never heard that before. It’s been so long far back since I consumed anything like that, and at the time my skin was fine so I never made the connection. But spiritual enlightment i some heavy duty stuff. It would be interesting to find out if there were other chemical reactions involved that countered these things. Thanks for the info!

  11. Nathan says

    I’m pleased that you did this to share your experience with us… This means I will not be trying it! It sounds like a terrible experience!

    I think, after your next post of course, that I will just go with milk thistle… Easy to do and there’s nothing to it really. Of course I say that with no experience or real education into the supplement, but I’m going to reseach.

    We are so lucky to have you Tracy! Thank you so much for these “experiments” lol.

    Take care,


    • Tracy says

      Thanks Heather! I know of Susan Weed, but haven’t delved too much into her work yet. That was a great article, thanks for sharing it

  12. says

    Wow, thank you for sharing and letting everyone really know how it was. I think too often among the alternative health crowd, we let our desire to believe in something pushes aside our better judgement. I don’t know how many times I’ve tried certain things for my health that people would say is “mildly uncomfortable” or “it doesn’t really taste that bad…” and ends up being mind-blowingly horrible.

    At first I thought the reason you got so sick might have been the Epsom salt. I’d never heard of anyone ingesting this, and since it’s not actually related to regular salt (NaCl) in any way, shape or form, I thought maybe it wasn’t safe to eat. So I did some digging around and it seems people do use it as a laxative.

    But I don’t know, I still think it might have been that. It just sounds like a bad idea putting such a strong chemical into your body. I know it’s a natural substance derived from the minerals available in regular water, but just because it’s natural doesn’t mean it’s weak. Often times, I’d say it’s just the opposite.

    It would be interesting to see if it would work with a senna based herbal laxative instead?

  13. Christelle says

    Just fyi, Milk Thistle, although it is supposed to be an excellent detoxifier for the liver, has estrogenic-mimicking properties, and therefore shouldn’t be taken by everybody, namely people in high-risk groups for breast cancer & endometriosis… Burdock Root is also an excellent detoxifier.

  14. says

    Ahah, you are a trooper! Great story, glad you survived it!! So I guess this is a bad time to ask if you’ve ever heard of/done the Master Cleanse, as coined by Stanley Burroughs? Basically a lemon juice fast for ten days? People do it for all sorts of health reasons and its definitely pretty extreme. I’m doing it (starting tonight) for various reasons but very curious is it’ll kick my acne. Have a good day!! :)

    • Tracy says

      Lol, yeah that’s another cleanse that has been on the periphery of my mind but I’ve never paid it much attention. I’ve done juice fasts before (one for ten days), and for me, they didn’t result in anything significant. Not to say they don’t for others. As of now, I have no opinion on the master cleanse though. I’m wishing you good luck regardless!

    • says

      I’m getting ready to go on a 16 week diet plan with my fiancee, and the Master Cleanse is part of the first few weeks of the plan. Have you done other cleanses in the past? It’d be interesting to hear how it compares.

      I’ve only done one other whole-body cleanse (as opposed to coffee enema’s and the like, but that’s a whole ‘nother story ;) called the Clean Program and it worked wonders for me, so I’m interested to see how the Master Cleanse compares.

      My fiancee has atopic dermatitis, but wasn’t able to do Clean the first time we tried together cause she couldn’t handle the texture of the smoothies. Anyone out there know if any kind of parasite has been linked to this problem?

  15. says

    Hey guys,

    I am a wimp so I only fasted for 3days :) I did the master cleanse routine for 2 days and then water only on the third day. The third day was actually the easiest, I just started feeling like I was experiencing the lovechild of an out of body experience & a migraine in the evening and couldn’t sleep, so I caved in and had some soup with sweet potatos. Didn’t eat until 4pm the next day…anyways, I definitely lost itchiness on skin and while it’s too soon to say about acne per se, my always swollen face has gone down quite a bit. It’s tough, mentally challenging, but the biggest thing for me was trying to have a life while on it. That was tough. If you can manage that part, I’d really recommend this. Will probably try again in a few weeks! Just can’t think of another system that could flush out general inflammation (toxins) from the body so quickly & effectively. Best of luck to you Andy!

  16. jordan says

    I believe that you got so sick because you are itty bitty. There are no weight charts for this cleanse, are there? If a 400lb man did this cleanse, I’m thinking he could stomach it a little better. Sorry you got so sick :(

  17. Aishwarya says

    I also thought about doing the liver flush, Moritz told us i think, that after 6 times you might see the results..Im not even sure if i can/should do the first one..nausea is the most crappiest feeling i can have..i need my calm sleep at night!
    And having that colonic is expensive i think. Why not do something about it at home?
    I didnt know one should do the liver flush after a couple of other cleanses…i really am confused about the order of them.
    I have found this order good:

    Bowel cleanse and Parasite cleanse !
    Dental cleanup – dental work may be one cofactor of your disease: amalgam, root canal, nickel crowns, cavitations (pocket inside jaw bone left after extraction of the wisdom and molar teeth )
    Kidney cleanse
    Liver cleanse and Gallbladder cleanse -liver flush!

    I wanted to give this liver flush a try because I have found out that the inflammation or redness on my face isnt really acne..i have hardly any pimples now..its just this redness….its something so new that i have found..Tracy..maybe you could write something about acne rosacea?

    • Tracy says

      Yeah, it’s been six weeks, and my digestion is still a bit out of whack compared to prior to the cleanse :/ I’m regretting it, although I am happy I’ve saved a few people from going through the misery

  18. says

    WOW!! Boy am I glad I found this post! My husband and I were about to do this exact liver cleanse starting Wednesday (10/3), and now I think I’m going to put a temporary restraining order on this plan until further notice. Given our respective toxin loads (plus, he just had his gall bladder taken out a couple years ago – has it really been that long?!) and only ONE (1) bathroom at our place, I can’t imagine the horror this might wreak.

    Thank you so much for sparing us what may very likely turn into an insanely disgusting nightmare! I think I’ll take a more “conservative” approach.

    P.S. We did a 7-day colonics regimen in Thailand (Koh Samui) back in early 2004 and although I stuck it out and felt fine throughout and great at the end of it, he quit after the first day because he couldn’t handle it!

    • Tracy says

      Lol – I’m glad that I’ve saved you some pain. My digestion has seriously not been the same ever since I did this and I’m kind of PO’d about it!!

  19. Chrissi Holt says

    Hi !! I’ve done plenty of flushes and never puked. Sure I felt sick but I have control over nauseous feelings. Usually, sucking a mint after drinking the olive oil and grapefruit helps me. Also, though I’d say to not move until 6am in the morning getting up and moving around can cause you to feel sick and that is not good. The other thing I’d say is don’t burp that won’t help. My other advise is colosan is the best bet if colonics are outta your budget. Sorry you had such a bad experience. Personally I can’t thank the flushes enough for helping me. Have you read my post on High On Health ??

    Love Chrissi x

    • Tracy says

      Hi Chrissi!
      Actually yes, I read your article.. I mentioned it in the prequel article to this one:
      I’m really happy for you that the flushes worked so well for you and cured your acne… that is awesome!! :D These things always make me feel conflicted.. I don’t want to totally say flushes suck, because obviously they have done some great stuff for people, but for me, it was so not worth it and I never ever, ever want to do that again. All I can do is share my experience, but I’m happy that you’ve also put yours out there so people can decide for themselves!

  20. Kimberly says

    3 years ago I had a horrible back pain to the point I seriously thought I was going to die!! ( it was right on thanksgiving and lol im not exaggerating) So i went to the ER and was diagnosed with kidney stones. I received medications but the pains did not go away!! As i returned to the doctor and got some actual exams I was told it was a damage nerve in my spine not kidney atones! Who knew?!! Well during the time I believed to have kidney stones my mom made me do this cleanse. It was the WORSE thing ever in humanity. I threw up so much and it was just, well theres no nice words to describe this. For months after I seriously couldn’t even look at olive oil without wanting to throw up….

  21. says

    I had tried a liver cleanse … but nothing really happened, i think i forgot the epsom salts as i only remember the oil!

    one (possible) alternative to drinking the oil might be olive oil on skin (all over, or most of the body) i forgot where i read that but it wasnt about liver cleanses. it would at least be more fun.

    drinking only apple juice when you actually need water can make you feel awful even not on a flush (dont bring only juice when working). other juices may work just as well, and other oils may pass as well (castor for example).

    and finally about brain fog. i had a brain fog, it was so tangible that it felt like i was prevented from using sections of my brain. Beleive it or not, i found a cure (click my name). i decided to do Bates method of seeing without glasses, however it was extremely difficult to do the things he suggests to do in order to accomplish what he wanted – to relax. Even if you have “normal” sight you can still improve it. So I had to make up my own way and managed to relax my head (brain) and it lifted (at the time the brain felt like a pillow and that evening my brain was on overdrive). i was going to publish my way once i get improvment in the eyes (it appears that my eyeballs have gone hard and that needs to reverse first).


    • says

      and i forgot to suggest to try Gerson’s method. you will find its useful for cancer, but it has been said to clear stones. its Coffee enemas and carrot juice.

  22. f. says

    I saw a report about those ‘flushes’ that are also used against gall stones (is that the right English term?). Well, according to that report, these flushes are a farce and the ‘stones’ coming out are basically made of the salt and the olive oil and basically out of the stuff you put into yourself beforehand…

    • Tracy says

      Hi F.
      Yep, I’ve heard all those things that say it’s a farce too. That’s the thing about ANY alternative medicine/procedure… no matter what there are always going to be people who says it’s just complete quackery. In the end I’ve just decided to be open to alternative treatments, but realize that I actually have no clue what the truth is. Maybe it’s legit (many many people appear to have really been helped by this liver flush thing), maybe it’s quack (many many people have not been helped by it at all), but more likely it’s just an individual experience. Everyone seems to their own personal truths about these things, and that’s how I choose to see it.

  23. evy says

    sounds like it did what it was supposed to, but too bad you had the throw ups with it :(

    epsom salts can be ground up (coffee grinder) and put in capsules-might be the better way to take them, not sure :)

    great post, probably great for folks who have never done this before.

  24. Tim says

    I’m sorry you threw up and had such a horrible experience with the flush. I’ve done a liver flush three times, most recently just now. The worst I’ve felt is from the friction of so much stuff coming out at once, felt like my a-hole was on fire. lol I have felt the intestine action you mentioned, cue to hit the toilet. Generally speaking though I’ve been fine by noon the next day.

    This most recent cleanse I didn’t notice as many big green stones as in the past, but many many tiny ones. I’ve cut up the stones out of curiosity and they aren’t hard or stony in any way. Personally I think the bigger stones are accumulations of the smaller ones as I’ve noticed a good many somewhat stuck together. So stones probably isn’t the right term to describe them.

    The reason I’ve continued to do the flushes is because I’ve periodically had sharp pains in my lower back region throughout my life. My homeopath had recommended I do a flush, for other reasons, but I noticed the sharp pains I experienced subsided in intensity. So since I’ve never had any real problems with the flushes I’ve continued doing them.

    I’ve never done any pre-work before mine. I eat normally the day before, eating meat, dairy, you name it. The day of I just eat various fruits, some oatmeal, and grits until 2pm. I too have found the olive oil grapefruit mixture actually a bit tasty. My instructions said to get it down in 5 minutes, I get mine down in 5 seconds — well, maybe 10.

    Anyway, that’s my experience. To each their own.

  25. Melissa says

    I didn’t read thru the comments (too many!) but did you follow Andreas Moritz’s protocol and do some other pre-cleansing before the 5 day prep? I have spent the past 2 months doing a full on kidney an intestinal cleanse to prep me for the flush and colonics too before and after as it is supposed to allieviate all the sickness and unnessary complications you reported having? Just curious :)

  26. Erin says

    Hi, I am loving your blog. Thank you so much! I have been on a gut-healing journey for a few years now. I did the GAPS diet, and it caused me such major constipation and bloating, and it never went away. I mean, I was so constipated, I had no sensation to go for months and months. I looked 6 months pregnant. I went off the diet, and have been doing things that have been helping, but alas, I am not back to normal. BUT, I am finally coming to the conclusion that GAPS was just TOO cleansing for my body. My dark under-eye circles disappeared basically overnight on GAPS, the same time the constipation happened. Obviously I’d rather have dark circles than look pregnant, but dark circles are a sign of ill-health. The circles are still gone after almost 2 years. Anyway, I just wanted to say perhaps this cleanse was just too strong for you. Every time I eat raw garlic or liquid chlorophyll, or other really cleansing foods, I get bloated. Have you tried doing a castor oil pack? That is a gentle way of treating your liver. Or another thing, I don’t know if you’ve done this, but anytime you are doing something cleansing, taking bentonite clay or zeolite? It will mop up the toxins, so they don’t overwhelm your blood stream. Currently I am doing the Candida Release protocol, but it is too early to tell if it will help me or not. But it is an interesting thing to look into. Dr. Natasha (author of GAPS) said that bloating is caused by Candida, and Candida, although everyone touts it as bad, is actually protecting your body from toxins, particularly mercury. Candida Release, in an interview I listened to, said that Candida actually grows around those toxins to protect your body from them – kind of like a bubble. So his approach is to take leufenuron, which dissolves the chitin (outer shell) of the candida, take MMS, to help your body kill the candida, then mop up the toxin with zeolite, so the candida won’t grow back. I am doing one step further and taking heavy probiotics – natural in foods like fermented cabbage juice, as well as capsules, to replace the bacteria void after the yeast is gone. I’m also doing a bunch of other stuff, ha ha. I’m just really desperate. Anyway, here’s a possibility: When you do something cleansing, toxins are released from organs into your bloodstream. Because your bloodstream has to stay a perfect pH or you die, your body immediately reacts with retained water to dilute the toxins, also with candida to protect. That causes bloating and constipation. It makes sense? I don’t even know why I’m writing all this, since I am not positive it is working, I am just throwing out ideas as to why your liver cleanse went so badly. I’m still trying to process all this myself. I love yoru ideas for clear skin. I am hoping to get to the point where my body keeps myself healthy, and I don’t really need to “do anything” to stay that way. So these are some ideas I am throwing out. Good luck, and thanks for all this info.

  27. Sarah says

    I’ve been sooo on the fence with cleanses. I look at the debate from a biological perspective. We humans have adapted to having a “parasite load”. A lot of medical anthropologists actually believe that a too hygienic life style, among other factors, is a reason why we have the exaggerated immune reaction known as allergies. You also pointed out that you don;t think something so jarring to the body could be good for you. I’d have to agree… BUT THEN AGAIN (lol) there are plenty of ancient cultures that use herbs that cause intense bouts of diarrhea, vomiting, fever, and hallucinations to purge the body. Could this be a cultural tradition used to also expel parasites? Who knows. Thanks for your honesty and straight-forward attitude to these experiences! Multi-colored poo? Scarryyyy.

    • Tracy says

      I’m totally confused about them too, to be honest. There’s great points for both sides of the argument (as with most things with health!! so frustrating). All I know is that it really sucked and I won’t be trying this again any time soon.

  28. Cheryl says

    I have a feeling you didn’t use Food Grade Epsom salts. When I looked at Walmart they had none so makes me think that one you used from Walmart is regular epsom salts. I got mine from Whole Foods. Using Food Grade may have been a better experience for you.

  29. Natasha Reaney says

    Today is the day after my first ever liver flush and my experience so far has been fairly positive. I read Chrissi’s post on High on Health and took her advice (as it sounds like the one you did, Tracy, went terribly!). I bought Andreas Moritz’s book “The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush,” and found the protocol to be quite easy. The epsom salts weren’t exactly delicious, in fact, I found it a little hard to get down but I just drank it really fast and then brushed my teeth after, which made it manageable. The results so far have been exactly as he stated in the book! I will definitely do this flush again. I would like to do it once a month until all the stones are out. Like anything, cleanses/flushes will ultimately be a different experience for each person, depending on your health issues, how you normally eat, health status, genetics, etc. With this experience, Moritz’s flush was definitely worth the try for me.

    Note: Moritz has a Q and A section and in it he addresses the question about whether the stones are just the olive oil coming out of your system. He has a great explanation for why the stones could NOT just be the oil.

  30. Michelle Witty-Gay says

    If you do ever do it again, or for anyone else reading this blog, make sure you do the parasite cleanse or are on the maintenance program (I use Clarkia drops in my apple juice) first. I don’t like colonics, and have never done it with a flush. I do the liver flush the following weekend after the parasite cleanse.

    I was never into what I used to call “California Hooey”. I tried it as a last resort before going under the knife for gallstones. My very first flush got out over 800 stones and removed much pain, as well as healed my gallbladder, cleared up my skin, and let me eat things I had not dared to eat in 10 years!

    Some people cannot tolerate the taste of the epsom salt (including myself). Google Epsom Salt Capsules – is I think where I got them…I have not had problems with eliminating – never constipated, I am normally a 30 second and done kind of gal. I did not get the least bit nauseaus on any of the 5 cleanses I have done. I think if you are backed up, it has to come out somewhere, so it sounds more of a plumbing issue with you. If you try this again, make sure you are eliminating easily before you start this. I would recommend getting on a strong probiotics – 100 billion cultures at least once a day should get you into a healthier routine. A baby has the optimum digestion and elimination schedule. Food goes in and comes out soft and easy almost effortlessly within a hour. I have my system on schedule that I eliminate several times a day and feel so much healthier than I have in years (I am 43). Also, try b-12 sublingually, 5,000 mcg a day for the brain fog, you would be amazed what b-12 deficiency will do to your health!

  31. says

    I drank apple juice for 4.5 days and then had nothing after 2pm on day 5 and then drank 1.5 cups of olive oil and apple juice at 7pm and went to bed. No need for Epsom salts.

  32. Christopher says

    I would just like to state I had to go in to the emergency room for my gallbladder pain over the weekend. Once the helped with the pain and it settled down the ER Doctor actually gave me the book and told me to do the cleanse. Most doctors will not admit that it does work because of liability. They know it works. I am currently doing the flush now and I actually have a real gallbladder problem. Keep your gallbladder if you can.

  33. Denis Edeline says

    I’ve done the Hulda Clark Liver cleanse 4 times so far and I have never had a problem. Matter of fact it was a breeze and I have had 100s of small and LARGE stones come out of me. However, a close friend did it with me and had a difficult time with the Epson salt.

    • says

      That is not true. I have conducted extensive experiments on this fast and had my stones tested and they were 100% bile.

      I fasted on apple juice for five days and each day I ate one apple to cause peristalsis.

      Each day I had a light brown bowel movement. On day five, I drank the olive oil/lemon juice mixture with no Epsom salts and the next day the same light brown poo came out as well as multiple green stones. The contrast in colours was clear.

      See photo here of green stones only:

      You do not know what you are talking about. YOu know nothing. Why not try the flush yourself?? You don’t need to fast on apple juice but can do a one day prep.

  34. says

    I for one am I a bit dismayed at your attitude towards the liver flush. Your experience was not typical. In some instances there is nausea from the liver stimulation and/or bile backing up into the stomach but this usually doesn’t result in vomiting. Taking an HCL capsule at the first sign of nausea could have prevented the situation.

    A gallbladder-liver flush is actually the first step of the metabolic approach to cancer, which by the way has an excellent track record. Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez out of new york has just about all of his patients complete the flush before any supplements are taken. Many of his patients come to him as a last resort, so you bet that they’re already very sick. Nonetheless, very few people have such a rough time of it. BTW, ingesting the malic acid as a supplement is not generally recommended.

    I think it’s a shame that you may have turned so many people off to such a wonderful procedure. It is truly beneficial and goes a long way in helping to restore or enhance ones health.

    • Robin Cottrell says

      Hello I wanted to ask about Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez and his protocol. I have a stone lodged into my main bile duct and I had 2 one has passed I wanted to know does he have his patients do a coffee enema and what all does his protocol require the patients to do.??
      Thank you

  35. michael says

    Hi ,, I had a painful gallbladder (or at least in the gallbladder area )) This was after 2 weeks intensive parasite cleansing…….I was not a normal case I had a very large tape worm. It was killing me slowly… The doctors did not believe me until I put I huge piece of the worm in their face and demanded medicine ——-so I took the biltricide and did herbal cleansing for 2 weeks —-ok back to the PAIN——-I did the liver cleanse I substituted the grapefruit with lemon and had no problem. Pain was gone –now it is back so I am doing another one this weekend —–people talk about having to do up to 5 …. but I think I will add in coffee enemas as well so Thank you for that info…. I didnt find a doctor …….until my 6th doctor …..they all suck….. we all have to get back in tune with our bodies …… Good luck out there……when you are afraid and alone and know you have parasites just know that we are all in your corner as you embark on your cleansing mission

  36. Mary says

    The cleanse you described was not exactly the Hulda Clark cleanse. In her book, she recommends doing a parasite cleanse for three weeks or “you will feel quite sick.” Another thing, she recommends ornithine at bedtime or “you may have the worst night of your life!” I can understand why you would never want to do it again (!), but for anyone considering it, follow the Hulda Clark instructions exactly:

  37. Tamara says

    Tracy, i really enjoyed reading this post on your experience; it actually reminded me of a few of my experiences. I was hoping I could shed some light on your situation, and possibly help if you actually do decide to do another flush, LOL. Here goes…. I’ve done 11 cleanses so far, using Andreas Mortiz method. Out of the 11 times, I threw up 4 times!!! (On the up side, I figured out how to stop the vomiting.) Well in his book, he explains how it’s very important to have your intestines cleared before doing the flush (via colonic). Otherwise, the contents in your intestines could get in the way and cause horrible nausea/ vomiting. Instead of colonics, I did 2 enemas (2qts each) before attempting each flush, but regular enemas don’t clean all the way up like a colon hydrotherapy session. So what stopped the vomiting for me was taking OxyFlush (gentle, non-addictive oxygen based colon cleanse) for a few days before the flush, in addition to the enemas. That way, i was making sure to clean out from both sides. It worked! I might still feel a tiny bit of nausea, but nothing like before. Andreas Mortiz explains in his book, if your follow the protocol very closely, vomiting rarely happens, but “when it does it is because gallbladder ejects bile and gallstones with such force that file forces the oil back into the stomach. when the oil, combined with some bile, returns to the stomach, you are likely to feel sick.” (The Liver and Gallbladder Miracle Cleanse by Andreaz Mortiz…a cheaper version of his book @$10) Also you can take magnesium citrate in place of Epson salt (also in the above book). Tastes MUCH better! My experiences have varied… I’ve had about 4 dreadful ones (and I never felt good afterwards. Which I just found out if you don’t pass stones and feel like poo then it’s best to repeat the flush asap…ugh!)… Or fantastic (where i felt like a million bucks)… Or anywhere in between!! He also explains how after doing a cleanse you would see relief of problems related to congested liver/gallbladder, but if there are more stones, then some symptoms would return and worsen (his words were that you’re better off not doing any flushes unless you commit to getting them all out). For me, its improved my skin, allergies, digestion (constipation, which is gradually getting better… After about 6 cleanses, I saw drastic improvement in this. Before #6, it seemed to make no difference or even be worse!) Anyways It has been quite a journey, but hey, no pain no gain! I am determined to get my gallbladder and liver clean! Hope this has been helpful. :-)

    • says

      Hey Tamara, mad respect for keeping with it!! Thanks for your tips, if I ever get brave enough to do it again, I will definitely consider these, they’re very helpful!


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