My Tales of Food Inspiration from Off-Grid Lasqueti Island

I just got home from an amazing blissful adventure, where I rode my bike 75 kilometres all by myself to visit some friends on a completely off-the-grid island called Lasqueti.

Seeing how my friends lived and ate off-grid was very inspiring. They used composting toilets, got their power from solar panels, had huge gardens and orchards, and they didn’t even have a fridge. The island has basically no amenities and any groceries on the island are ordered special and brought over on the passenger ferry.

Due to all this, the way my friends ate was so simple and healthy, and because it was so in tune with nature and the land they lived on, it was also a very spiritual experience. My time there felt so nourishing for both body and soul.

I want to share my thoughts on this in this video. I hope you enjoy it:

Here are some photos from my Lasqueti trip:

Setting off on my adventure


Lasqueti Ferry Dock

Riding around the island (there’s no paved roads!)

My friends’ funky dome house

Inside the dome house

Kale patch in the garden

Beautiful bays all around the island

We got to go on this guy’s home made peddle powered sail boat. It was the coolest boat ever!

Potato harvest

Saturday Market

Giving thanks for the quinoa harvest

Fresh quinoa up close

Sun setting over Lasqueti

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    • Tracy says

      Me too… but it’s funny, another theme of the trip for me was the awareness of the fact that I’ve always had this restless prone-to-boredom personality, and therefore, I also have a constant “the grass is greener” attitude. I move from place to place constantly, always thinking that the next thing will fulfill me, but it never does. What I really need to do is make the focused effort to be happy in the present moment, where I am right now. Because I know that the power to be happy and completely fulfilled is available to me right now. But in order to keep myself entertained and fulfilled, it takes a lot of effort on my own part. It’s much easier to slip into familiar, easy habits – like spending way too much needless time on the internet. So it’s easier to just get grand ideas of travel and new places, hoping for fulfillment that way. But it’s never going to happen.

      I already knew this, but it came to surface on this trip because my friend Colin (who we were visiting) seems to have the same personality and habits…. a few days before we got there, him and his girlfriend Noel were having a conflict because he wanted to travel that winter, and she didn’t. She told him this a few days before we got there and so they were doing a lot of processing. He came to the realization that he is running away from himself looking for fulfillment when that’s not what he needs to do. Through his sharing this process he was going through with us, I realized that I am the exact same way and I could relate completely (where as the other two we were with couldn’t).

      So anyway – my point being is that to me, moving to Lasqueti sounds amazing but I know it’s not what I need to do right now. Right now, it’s just another “the grass is greener” thing to chase. I need to stay put and work on myself where I am.

      That being said, I am extremely attracted to the idea of moving to Lasqueti in order to raise children. The close community, and the safeness of the island, and the idea of raising children in that kind of down to earth do-it-yourself no-tv sort of environment is pretty unique. I noticed there were lots of happy kids there.

  1. Kim says

    Hey Tracy,
    Glad you kind of got to get some relief from your liver flush! Wish i could have took a bike ride with you there.. I always imagined something like this, never knowing there are ppl actually soing it! Thats amazing!! Seems like it was a nice retreat..about how many ppl lived there? Seems like they would be very happy and care free! Probably dont have acne either:)
    Im sorry if you covered that in video, but im unable to watch it now..

    • Tracy says

      I know, it’s a long video haha. When I asked how many people lived there, no one really seemed to know exactly. It was like… 400 something in the winter, and more in the summer?

      If you want to know more about Lasqueti, you can read about it on their community website:

      • says

        Hi Tracy
        I just used a couple of your pictures in our new Lasqueti Island Business Listings website, it links back to here. Take a look and if you like it feel free to link to it. If you would prefer me to remove your pics, just let me know.

        • Tracy says

          Hi John,
          That’s okay! My pics look great on your banner! How’d you blow them up and have them come out so nice and clear looking?

  2. Franchesca Simmons says

    GAHHHH I love you Tracy! This has totally re-inspired me after a long summer of self-neglect and disrespect for my body. I’ve recently lost a family member, gotten a new job, and set into a different phase of my life, and it’s about time I start caring for myself. I need to get back into my whole foods diet and get exercising. I’m so happy you had such an amazing time! I’d love to visit that place one day (you don’t encounter any places like that in Ontario ahaha). *SIGH OF RELIEF* This post couldn’t have come at a better time, I so NEEDED IT. Thank you so much for the inspiration.

    • Tracy says

      Hey Franchesca! I’m so happy this post inspired you :) The inspiration of the whole trip was exactly what I needed too. Also that’s funny you mention there’s no where like this in Ontario – that’s probably why I know a ridiculous amount of free spirited Ontarians who have moved out here to enjoy the west coast lifestyle :) Come out and visit!

      Anyway – I’m sending you lots of love on your recovery and growth in this new phase of life!

  3. lisa says

    You are my role model :) I have always been healthy but I find myself constantly trying to improve when I think about you.

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