Jump Rope for Skin! – 10 Benefits of Picking Up a Jump Rope

I remember when I was in elementary school, there was this fundraising campaign going on throughout the district every year called “Jump Rope for Heart”. I think it was to encourage kids to raise money for awareness of physical activity, healthy eating, and childhood obesity.

Well, all I remember is that this resulted in a heck of a lot of jumping rope with friends during recesses, and also getting a free “Jump Rope for Heart” T-shirt that I used to wear around aaalll the time. I loved it!

Alas, somewhere along the way, jumping rope got thrown by the wayside in favour of one too many Saved by the Bell and Fresh Prince of Bel Air episodes.

Well, now, as an adult, I’ve rediscovered my love for the ol skipping rope. I recently mentioned that the lady who’s been giving me reiki sessions recommended I give it a try as a way to get my heart pumping throughout the day and improve my energy. Well I took the suggestion, and I’m hooked! So I wanted to share with you ten great reasons why you may consider picking up a jump rope.

1) Exercise is important for beautiful skin

If you want beautiful skin, you need to exercise. You don’t have to go to the gym, but you do need to get off your butt a little bit every day… let’s face it – we all know that moving your body is a huge part of being healthy, even if you have no skin problems! Jumping rope is an excellent form of exercise that is fun, easy to do, and inexpensive (points we will be covering in the rest of the article!)

Exercise can help reduce acne in the following ways: 

  • It increase blood flow, which means more nutrients get to your skin
  • Promotes elimination of toxins
  • Strengthens internal organs to work more efficiently
  • Can open pores and  eliminate toxins through sweat
  • Heavily contributes to hormonal balance
  • Relieves tension and stress

2) Jumping is the best exercise for a healthy Lymphatic System

The lymphatic system is like your body’s sewer system. It removes all sorts of waste and toxins from your blood and moves them out to be eliminated. However, unlike your circulatory system, the lymphatic system doesn’t have a pump. It relies on the expansion and contraction of your muscles to move it around your body.

A healthy, circulating lymphatic system is very important to healthy, beautiful skin. And it just so happens that the up and down motion of jumping rope ( jumping on a trampoline, also) is one of the absolute best exercises for moving the lymph system.

Read more about the lymphatic system and acne in my article here.

3) It’s a full body workout

Jumping rope literally has it all – it works your legs, it works your abs, it works your arms, it works your heart, it works your mind. It increases strength, agility, speed, timing and rhythm. Its medium impact increases bone density, but isn’t as hard on your joints as running. It’s both a fantastic cardio and strength training workout all in one.

4) You can do it anywhere

I know it seems like you’d need a lot of space to jump rope, but you don’t. A little bit in front, a little bit in back, and some overhead clearance, and you’re golden. At first I assumed I wouldn’t be able to jump inside my tiny little house – but I can in a specific rectangular space in my living room without any problems.

Being able to do it indoor is great news –  it will be the perfect thing to get me off my butt in the dead of winter when outdoor activity doesn’t look very inviting!

5) Equipment is minimal and easily transported

All these benefits, and you don’t even need any fancy machines, heavy weights, or complicated equipment. A jump rope is simple, and so discreet – put it in your backpack (or your purse), you won’t even know it’s there, and you can take it anywhere with you.

6) It’s inexpensive

My jump rope only cost me 9 bucks! So cheap, and well worth it. You can get jumping ropes in any fitness section of department stores, or in sports stores. You can also look at thrift stores, or in toy stores.

7)  It’s fun!

You see, I’ve been looking for something that will help me to stay more active during the day when I am working at home from my computer. It’s just so easy to be a lump on the couch. And especially because I couldn’t think of anything that sounded fun to get me up and moving on a regular basis. I thought about maybe getting up and doing a few reps with my hand weights or something – but ugh. Sounded so boring. Never happened.

Well, I am happy to say that getting up and jumping rope for five minutes every so often throughout the day has filled my needs – it reminds me of being a kid, so it’s fun, and I actually look forward to my next jump sesh.

8) It’s simple, fast, and non-interruptive

Another thing that was a problem in my quest to find something to get me moving more throughout the day is that I needed an exercise that was both fun, and fast. 

For example, I’ve been absolutely loving riding my bike all summer, and I still plan to continue this, but getting up to go for a bike ride isn’t something I want to do multiple times a day because it’s not fast. You have to get dressed for the weather, get your helmet, your water, get your bike out – and then it’s not something that gets your heart pumping super fast right away. I feel like you need to go for a decent sized bike ride to make it worthwhile.

Jumping rope, on the other hand – you just put on some shoes, grab your rope, jump to your heart’s content for a few minutes either inside or outside – and then you can easily go right back to what you were doing!

9) It can warm you up quickly if you’re feeling cold

I have a problem – I love green smoothies for breakfast, but because I use a lot of frozen fruit and greens in them, I get super cold whenever I drink them! My instinct is that I always want to have a bath after to warm up, which I often do, but it’s not always convenient.

I’ve noticed that jumping rope is an excellent remedy to this! Five minutes of jumping and voila – the cold is a thing of the past. I also look forward to using this trick on cold winter mornings, before we can get the woodstove on to heat up the house.

10) There are tons of tricks to keep it interesting

After you’re an expert at jumping rope, or you’re doing long jump rope workouts, I can imagine it may end up getting a little repetitive – but luckily there’s all sorts of variations you can do with the jump rope to keep things interesting.

Tricks and variations include the basic one hop, alternating jumps, one foot jumps, side straddles, front straddles, running in place, double under, the skiier, and the arms cross! Click here for an article that further explains these.

I haven’t gotten that far to try out many of these, but sometimes I do – I just do what I feel like! So far my favourite thing is to either jump along to a favourite song, and each time I do it, try to jump for  a longer song – or I like to count my jumps and every time I do a sesh, I try to beat my last score. I’m getting better! I started at being able to do 150 before getting winded, and now I’m well over 500.

Extra Jump Rope Tips

  • How long should your jump rope be? It should go from shoulder to shoulder while you’re stepping on it. Most adult jumps ropes are 9 feet when you buy them, but they can usually be shortened.
  • Wear shoes while jumping – you’ll believe me the first time you smack yourself in the bear foot when you mess up a jump! It smarts.
  • If you’re trying to get fit, try interval training with your jump rope – for example, jump 30 seconds super intense, 1 minute light, and repeat. Interval training gets better results in less time than regular output exercise.

See The Fun! Watch Me Jump Rope

What do you think? Does jumping rope sound like a good fit for you?

photo by peabodystreet

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  1. Nathan says

    I also find that star jumps are a good way to move too. Plus you can do these more easily inside, you know when it’s just too cold to go outside… or it’s raining! (Yep, I’m in England haha)

    Definitely a good exercise to be doing for its many benefits.

    Great article again Tracy, simple, effective, no stress way to health :).

    (I’ve actually been reading over a few of your articles and I’m going to make Kimchi next week! I tried Sauerkraut a few moths ago but the smell and taste literally made me vomit… Hopefully the spiciness of kimchi will cover up that ‘old’ fermented smell)

    • Tracy says

      Hi Nathan,
      Well I can definitely say I liked kimchi much better than sauerkraut, but it’s still pretty strong and sour tasting! I hope you like it :)

      • ansh says

        hey tracy hii… :-)
        really thank you for the worderful post…
        i want to ask you that is skipping have any effects on menstruation and looses breast ??? please give your opinion….
        thank you… :-)

  2. Michael says

    Awesome! I actually just made my own jump rope a couple of weeks ago from some cheap rope I found. I have still yet to try it. I think I might try to do a 15 minute session every morning to help me wake up!

  3. Kim says

    Awesome blog! Your motivating me too grab the old jumprope and put it to good use! I used to jump rope all the time also for recess during school and felt much energy afterwards it.. Need to get back in that habit! I also can relate to the cold hands and my feet will also get very cold during the day and at night… Im really hoping it helps improve that:)
    About how long do you try to jump for? I also just read somewhere, that you should eat before during cardio, because if you dont your body begins to eat away at muscle.. It was a booki read a while back.. Then i also read somewhere you eat 30 min after working out lk a protein pr your body does not begin to break down fat amd instead leeches at muscles..
    Idk what to think about that, since its all new to me!? What are your thoughts on it

    • Sarah says

      I was also curious about the whole eating before a workout thing. I’ve obviously found contradicting advice on it..for me personally if I eat fruit or carbs like an hour to 30 mins before it’s better. I can never workout if I haven’t eaten for awhile, without feeling like I am going to crash…but I’m also looking for other opinions/advice on it because I still haven’t figured it out.

      • Tracy says

        I honestly have no idea about the food thing – one person says this, one person says that. I say just do what makes you feel good… you’ll probably notice if you don’t feel good one way or the other. I find that eating a full meal right before an intense workout (like at the gym) doesn’t work (because it makes me feel sick), neither does running on empty (because there’s no juice!). A little snack beforehand seems to work best for me. But with jumping for ten minutes or so, it doesn’t seem to bother me either way – on empty or full, it’s okay.

        However, I do find in particular that I can’t eat before doing yoga… that makes me feel super sick. Even in between meals it’s not great, so I like to do a half hour of yoga first thing in the morning before eating anything…. and I like to jump rope ten minutes before that. And have breakfast after it’s over. Who knows if I’m doing it “right”

        • Kim says

          Thanks for your opinion on the food thingy! Yeah its true with health, seems lk everyone has their own opinion and something different to say.. It can all be so confusing at times!
          Thanks for clearing it up for us:)

  4. Claire says

    I’ve been rebounding. I should try this to mix it up a bit.
    And Jump Rope For Heart, Saved By The Bell, and Fresh Prince? I guess we Americans and Canadians aren’t so different! 😉

    • Tracy says

      Haha I think everyone in the English speaking countries in the world watched Fresh Prince and Saved by the Bell! But you’re right, we’re pretty much the same. Except us Canadians are just, like, a little bit cooler :p

  5. Sampson says

    I have a jump rope, but I never use it for some reason. I think I’ll start again now that the weather is getting cold in the Northeast. Jump roping is definitely a warming exercise.

    I love the Autumn and Winter. I’ve been doing some of the GAPS squash and pumpkin recipes from the back of the GAPS book lately and managed to create an AWESOME healthy pumpkin chowder recipe.

    Since cutting out grains, I’ve missed some of the thick creamy soups that often use flour as a base. I tried using coconut flour but it just kind of congealed in the soup and didn’t thicken it up. Pumpkin chowder is naturally thick and filling and my favorite Autumn food.

    • Tracy says

      Yum, I love fall too.. or at least fall foods! The farmer’s market is bursting with pumpkins and squash and other amazing food… and it feels good to cook soups and other warming foods inside 😀

  6. Kim says

    Hey Tracy,
    Maybe you could do a jumprope for clear skin challenge contest for the month of october …Lol
    You can count me in:) you motivated me to want to try it

      • Kim says

        I would think at least 15 min a day.. What do you think about that?it could also be broken down into 5 mins each time if ppl couldnt do it all at once..and if you dont have a jumprope, you could do the rebounding instead if you have that.
        I think it would be pretty neat to try it for a month and then hear everyones results

  7. NIkki says

    Tracy I know this is completely irrelevant, buttt… I just ordered Green Pasture Fermented Cod Liver Oil in Cinnamon Tingle!! I read so many reviews on it , including yours, and can’t wait to try it :) I am so grateful to have come across your web site.. Thank you. You have taught me so much. And perhaps even have inspired me to start a blog site of my own.. if i can muster up the discipline and courage :)

    • Tracy says

      Great! I’m glad you ordered the cinnamon flavour. I just got a bottle of the chocolate cream, and it’s just awful. The cinnamon tastes like candy! Kind of. But seriously, you can take it off the spoon no problem…
      Anyway, I’m stoked to have inspired you! Follow any dreams that you have!!

      • Nikki says

        I am definitely trying to sort out my ambitions at this point in time, and I can definitely say your web site has helped me do that! :)

        Also a sidenote that might help people: ..so I have been putting Manuka Honey on my face every day for a week and half and have been letting it sit for an hour. Well I noticed I was getting a few enlarged bumps from it that would eventually turn white, but it would take FOREVER for them to actually ,I know this sounds gross, leak out of my face (you know what i mean). Well I was so frustrated with all those bumps that I went to Ulta, a beauty chain here in the states, and got some Mario Badescu Glycolic Acid Toner, and let me tell you, it pulled out ALL of those zits, pus and all. I was speechless and i think my mouth hung open for a full minute out of amazement. SO if anyone is having a problem with zits remaining on your face for like, forever, please try Glycolic Acid Toner from Mario Badescu…and for all you in the States, Ulta has a policy where if you don’t like it, you can return it in 60 days with a receipt , even if you have used it. But you can also find it online too :).. I am in no way an employee trying to promote this product, I am just wanting to say that this stuff ROCKS!

  8. says

    I really saw myself in your article, you could have been talking about me. :) I too work from home and found it very hard to follow through with exercise, because everything I’ve tried was either hard to do or got boring really fast. I’ve always loved jumping rope and I knew that, if I got one, it could be a good exercise option. I’ve been doing basically the same thing you’re doing, getting up a few times a day and jumping for 5 minutes (sometimes less, sometimes more) and I couldn’t be happier. I just bought a new rope with LCD display to keep track of calories and jumping history and I feel a little improvement every day, especially in terms of endurance. Jumping rope rocks!!

    • Tracy says

      Nice!! It really is an awesome way to get moving for a bit when you are stuck sitting around at home. Also, have you thought about using a standing desk?? I recently started using one and it’s SOOOOooooo much better and easier on the body than sitting around all day (and good for your health too!)

  9. naaz says

    Many of people suggest me to go through with jump rope,but i din’t b’coz i have 2 kids with sizarian.plz can u tell me can i go through jump rope.plz reply me on my email id.thank u

  10. says

    This is a great article! Ever since I’ve been in elementary school I’ve been jump roping a lot, but I never knew there was actually benefits to it…lol

    Thanks for the info. I will bookmark.

  11. Devendra N.Gujarkar says

    It is really good . I am doing Ph.D.on rope skipping from 2 years . it is really benefitted for me to get information from internate.

  12. nisha says

    i would like to know ,if a girl regularly using skipping rope , will her uterus low down (or) sag, will it cause any problem in future pregnancy time

  13. Susi says

    Love your article!! I jump EVERY day!! When my girls were in school, I did the introduction to Jump Rope for Heart every year, talking about the history of jumping rope, showing videos, and doing a demo. This is a very underrated form of exercise. And, oh by the way, I’m 62 years old and feel great.

  14. says

    Jumping rope is fun, especially with a fast song that you like. I follow the beat with every jump it keeps me going. It’s a great way to tone up a lazy sleepy body and mind. I love your article and the video, too. ^-^

  15. Gian says

    Tnx for the article…jump rope is always underrated but its one of the best exercises ever created…jump rope has more benefits than running..agility, power, reflexes, endurance and stamina will all improve..plus a youthful skin bec toxins are eliminated thru the largest excretory organ, our skin…but what I love is it enhanced my cardiovascular endurance..it made my heart strong…when u have poor cardiovascular training, u will have shortness or breath when running or doin boxing…its a great versatile exercise tool whether its rainy or sunny u can still do it..boxers are one of the fittest people on earth bec they do jump rope very intense like mike tyson, manny paquiao and floyd mayweather..they all have speed, quick reflexes and endurance bec of high intensity jump rope training..its takes patience to master it but its a skill u will have forever..tnx tracy more power to you! ^_^

  16. Laurie Mueller says

    I stumbled on your site by accident…. I was doing an article for a fitness mag and was looking for bits on jump roping…. I knew nothing about your site. I have a teenage daughter struggling with acne…. I am so glad I stumbled into here!!!! She has ultra sensitive skin and is on meds from the derm that don’t seem to be doing much at all. I am excited to show her your site and try a few things out. My heart aches for her and I would pay anything to clear her skin…
    I’ll let you know how it goes.
    Thank you.

    • says

      Hey Laurie,
      I’m sorry to hear your daughter is suffering with acne…. definitely know how awful it is! Thanks for sharing my site with her and caring so much, you’re a good mom :)

  17. says

    I’m into jumping now, and I try to set up to 1000 jumps a day (divide into portion) :) I was wondering how jump rope benefits me, so, I try to search about it online, and got into you blog :) All the benefits sound nice! and I hope I can get healthier by doing it regularly :)

    You look cute doing jump rope by the way. hihi.


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