Should You Be Wearing Makeup While You Heal Your Acne?

What’s the deal with makeup? Should you wear it while you are healing your acne naturally?

Watch the video to find out how I feel about wearing makeup and what I recommend.

*Note: Makeup isn’t my area of expertise, and I haven’t actually tried this brand of mineral makeup, so I will be doing more research on which brands are best in the future. Most people love it, but some people say that mineral makeup still breaks them out and isn’t actually a gift from heaven when it comes to acne, so proceed with caution!

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Do you wear makeup? Have you tried mineral makeup? Was it fantastic or all hype? Share your recommendations below!

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  1. Bridget says

    Thanks so much, Tracey! I literally asked you two different questions over the weekend and by today, you had posted two different videos answering both of them! Talk about instant gratification! 😉 This was really helpful, I still wear makeup (although MUCH less than I used to) to cover up some scars and existing acne and always feel SO guilty every time I put it on–and like you, it’s a cheap drug store brand, nothing “good” for you. I agree that what’s going on inside matters more and I know that one day I won’t need makeup anymore! I can’t imagine the feeling of freedom that day wlll bring! Reading your bio, I completely related to what you said about going to your favorite music/arts festival every summer and feeling so trapped and stressed by your skin, especially when camping. I live in Colorado and am constantly outdoors and who wants to wear makeup while hiking?? I sing in a bluegrass band too and when we have summer gigs or festivals, the ONE thing that causes me the most stress is my acne. I can’t imagine what it must feel like to really enjoy yourself 100% without the nagging question, “I wonder how my skin looks right now?” I hope to find out soon!! Thanks again for everything! xoxo

    • thelovevitamin says

      Well, I’m efficient. What can I say. haha, nah, I just love suggestions! They make my life way easier! Bring em on.
      But anyway, it does feel great to finally be able to just hang out around roommates, family, boyfriend, etc without worrying about a few spots like I used to. I can’t wait for festival season now! I never thought camping would never NOT stress me out. It really is great. You’ll get there, don’t worry!

  2. says

    [..YouTube..] It’s so funny, whenever I watch a video of yours I think of a question and then you post a new video that answers it :DI have to say I did manage to clear my skin completley when I switch to a different skincare brand. I never really had bad acne but ALL my pores were clogged! I didn’t have the guts to stop using all skincare products but i switch to a brand that is supposed to be the most gentle one, basically 99% thermal water and my skin cleared completley. What is your take on sunscreen? H

    • thelovevitamin says

      Oh what is the brand of skincare you use? I’ll do a video on sunscreen sometime… maybe when it starts getting sunnier outside! My short answer is….. I don’t really like it! It’s full of chemicals that get absorbed right into your body and it prevents vitamin D synthesis in your skin. I just don’t spend hours and hours in the sun, I get some and then move to the shade. If I spend a day at the beach or something, I wear a natural sunscreen on my body and wear hats to protect my face!

  3. says

    i tried mineral make up. i tried bare escentuals and everyday minerals and both of them made my cheeks break out in numerous numerous, actually not numerous but A LOT of whiteheads. maybe it’s just me but i do NOT THINK mineral make up is good for you.. i use estee lauder double wear, clinique acne solutions, revlon color stay, and a lot of other liquid foundations. maybe i just can’t use powdered make up. i can’t use powered blush either… everything loose powder related makes me break out in whiteheads.

    • thelovevitamin says

      Hmm… that’s too bad it broke you out! See, that’s what I find so hard sometimes about recommending stuff… whether it’s a food, or a product, someone somewhere is going to have had a problem with it. It’s too bad really, but everyone is just different!

  4. says

    i also used smashbox’s halo mineral make up.. that didn’t make me break out as much as BE (bare escentuals) or everyday minerals.. but ist still did… i feel like the liquid foundations with salicylic acid in it is better… like neutrogena skin clearning foundation .. or almay skin clearing foundation. but i def do agree that what goes on the inside matters way more.

  5. Sampson says

    From what I hear, it’s the talc (talcum powder) in mineral makeup that makes people break out so ideally you want a brand that doesn’t list talc as one of the ingredients. The reason it breaks people out is because even though it’s a powder it’s actually greasy (weird to picture) and they even use it in industrial lubricants and stuff like that.

    • thelovevitamin says

      Hmm interesting! I’m definitely going to have to do my own field research about mineral makeups for future recommendations! I have used mineral makeup before a long time ago, but I don’t remember which brand and I don’t have it anymore.

  6. Sarah says

    when i tried mineral makeup i thought it would be better for my skin but it broke me out horribly. even wearing liquid foundation never broke me out as bad as that did. i guess everyone’s skin is different, but it really irritated mine

    • Tracy says

      Thanks! Eye makeup is fine! Fundamentally, eye shadows and things are still chemical concoctions absorbing into your skin and you should be aware of that, but I don’t think it’s a big deal at all when it comes to acne. You can get mineral eye shadows too if you were really worried about it. Wear it if it makes you feel sexy! I wear mascara often, and eye shadow occasionally. I doubt it has any impact on acne.

  7. Taylor says

    *Sigh* Makeup. I have a really important question here, I do now believe my mineral makeup has only contributed to the problem, and I ordered some organic, talc and bismuth free foundation to try that out – but my question is again about washing it off. People keep telling me you HAVE to use a makeup remover, but I’ve read that even the makeup removers break people out. I use a mixture of jojoba oil and raw honey, massaged onto my skin, I let it sit, then wipe it off with a t-shirt (softer than a rag). I do this until there’s nothing left that I can see. I just wonder, how can that NOT be good enough? When they say both jojoba and honey dissolve makeup better than most products. I just want to be comforted that I’m getting it all off, and I don’t want to go back to using products. What’s your opinon?

    • Tracy says

      Which makeup did you order, out of curiosity? I want to know if there is something better than mineral makeup that would be better for everyone to use! Let us know how it goes. I don’t think you have to use a makeup remover… personally I’ve always disliked them and have never used them. The jojoba oil, honey, and t-shirt sounds like it would definitely do the trick to me and I would stick with it! Jojoba oil dissolves makeup very well.

  8. Hannah says

    Just came across your blog today, and am loving it… I have had moderately severe acne for the last year and 3 months (roughly). More than I ever had as a teen (I’m in my upper twenties). Ever since I had a root canal and subsequent round of antibiotics. I think I am getting closer to solving it with natural means -yay for a job where I can get insurance that partially covers naturopathic care!… I desperately want to look “normal” at my brother’s wedding this fall, and NOT have to wear a ton of makeup (I’m a bridesmaid). On the makeup question -I don’t think any makeup is truly “good” for the skin, but I totally relate to feeling like I need to wear it -just so I don’t look like I have some sort of contagious disease or something. I have tried quite a few different brands and types -the completely weird part is that the one that seems to do least damage to my skin, is one that has a freaky looking ingredient list, including parabens (Almay)! The five ingredient, 100% natural, vegan, non-comodogenic (no food starch, no talc, no bismuth) one seems to make for more clogged pores -I haven’t conclusively proved this yet, but I’ve experimented quite a bit, and I am 90% sure this is the case. Sigh! P.S. Jojoba oil is THE best way to remove makeup, bar none :).

    • Tracy says

      Hi Hannah!
      Hahah yeah I feel the same way about my makeup…. I use Maybelline Shine Free something or other…. definitely not natural or healthy, I’m sur, it’s the same thing I’ve used since grade 7 (it’s even discontinued now)…. but I don’t know, I’m just attached to it, and it doesn’t seem to clog my pores as far as I can tell. I can’t seem to give it up because it covers better than anything I’ve ever tried in my life! (Anyway, this is why I haven’t done a lot of blog posts about the best makeup to use or whatever, because I just don’t really know…. a lot of people say that the mineral makeups seem to clog their pores)

  9. Tave says

    I started trying several of the products listed below when I worked at a health foods store and had a nice little discount, but now that I’m done there I’m still hooked on a couple of these.
    For me, the best makeup I have ever worn is Dr. Hauschka. I’ve been using these wonderful German products since January, and while it’s still not perfect, my face is certainly getting healthier. It’s expensive, I know, but one small bottle of foundation will last at least 3 months, and the cover stick about a month. (The liquid concealer doesn’t work nearly as well as this one). The list of ingredients is incredible, and my skin feels better when I wear it regularly. The redness is going down, and the bumps aren’t quite as painful. A little bit of the Normalizing day oil works well for a makeup base, but after using a sample of one of their lotions I think I’ll buy that next time. Oil does get, well, a little oily… And of course, there’s powder for keeping the inevitable shine down.
    As for the face washes, they don’t remove makeup very well. They’re best kept for the morning. (Another good morning wash is Weleda – they don’t have as many products, and sadly, no makeup, but their face wash has the bonus of leaving a little less oil on the face. Hauschka wash is very gentle, and moisturizing).
    To remove the makeup I use Burt’s Bees Soap Bark and Chamomile Deep Cleansing Cream. Sounds harsh, but there’s nothing rough in it. Leaves my face very refreshed and soothed.
    I’ve also tried Dr. Bronner’s soaps, but they tend to dry my skin out.
    Nelson’s homepothic acne treatment gel works wonders for the bumps that hurt and itch. I tend to use this at night, because under makeup it can leave a dry residue that just doesn’t look right. I love that several of their ingredients correspond with what I find in Hauschka.
    Another Hauschka product I tried is the mightily expensive Intensive Treatment. It has a couple ingredients I never thought of using before, like rhodochrosite and silver. No drastic improvements there, even though it’s used 2x day. I think there’s more of a benefit in using the other products long-term than shelling out for this one product.
    As for other makeups, the only other one that I liked (out of several I’ve tried in the last few years) was Sheer Cover.

  10. Sara lee says

    Hi Tracy! Have you heard about the make up line Tarte? It’s supposedly a make up line without parabens, talc, and all those bad chemicals. Ibe bout their tinted moisturizer thinking it will be lighter than foundation so less pore clogging. What do you think about using tinted moisturizer rather than using foundation?

    • Tracy says

      Hi Sara Lee,
      hmm you know, I’m really not a makeup expert, but my guess would be that just because it’s lighter doesn’t necessarily mean anything.. it’s about the ingredients that are in it. I might be wrong though


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