How I Cleared All My Clogged Pores in Less Than Three Weeks

How I cleared all my clogged pores in less than three weeksAre you sick of clogged pores stuffing up your skin? Whiteheads, blackheads, and little bumps?

Well you might want to listen up – I have managed to clear pretty much all the congestion off my forehead within a couple of weeks by doing a very simple thing that takes me less than 10 seconds a day.

What Is It? What Did You Do?

Well, if you’ve followed my blog for a while, you’ll know that I’ve been doing the caveman regimen for the last seven months. That means doing nothing to my face – no washing it, no moisturizing, no nothing. I don’t even let water touch it 90% of the time.

This has reduced the amount of inflamed acne that I get, but I can’t say it has necessarily prevented clogged pores. I wouldn’t say it’s made it worse – I’ve always had some pretty persistent congestion on my forehead – but it hasn’t really improved it either.

I’d been noticing that my forehead was looking particularly bumpy with whiteheads lately, which I assume is because I’ve been a bit more slacker with my diet over the summer. For me and many, it seems that forehead acne is linked to digestion.

Anyway – I’ve really been enjoying not doing anything to my face at all on the caveman regimen, but I decided maybe a little experiment was in order. 

Okay, Tell Me

Well, I just got out my bottle of cold pressed jojoba oil that I had lying around from before my caveman days. Once a day, I’ve been putting a very tiny amount on my finger, and taking ten seconds to gently rub it into my forehead.

That’s it.

I still don’t wash my face or do anything else. All I did was add this little thing in.

Now almost ALL of the clogged pores on my forehead are gone, and it’s way WAY WAAaay smoother.

Why Does Jojoba Oil Unclog Pores?

Other oils may work to do the same thing, but jojoba oil is renowned for this particular task because it’s the oil that is the closest resembles our own sebum. So it gets in the pore, mixes with the hardened sebum plug, dissolves it, and unclogs the pore. It also reduces oiliness by tricking your pores into thinking it’s produced enough oil already.

It doesn’t happen right away though. The first couple of weeks, nothing happened. No improvement was to be seen anywhere. And many people often note that things seem to get worse when they start using jojoba oil – there is a purging period where they break out in tiny whiteheads and small pimples.

Slowly but surely, things started to get better though. And it really works! It’s been three weeks now, and my forehead is so smooth. It’s great!

Will This Work For You?

After getting tons of feedback from people about jojoba oil, I get the impression that jojoba is best suited to oily-ish, prone-to-clogs skin types, as it can be slightly drying. That’s why it works so great on my forehead, which is this skin type.

However, while jojoba doesn’t make it worse, I don’t think jojoba oil provides any miracles for my chin, which is more prone to dry, inflamed hormonal acne – not oily cloggy skin. Which is why I’m not bothering to use it on that part of my face. Read this article to get a better idea of which oils might be better suited for dry-ish skin types.

And to find out which type of jojoba oil I use and how to choose a good brand and quality, read this past article of mine:

How to Choose the Right Jojoba Oil for Your Acne Prone Skin

My Jojobes-On-Forehead Technique Live Demo:

Have you managed to find an effective way to clear your clogged pores? Share in the comments below. 

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  1. Nathan says

    The timing of your videos/blog posts are crazy! Last week I ran out of toothpaste, so I made my own like you did last week. Today I noticed that my skin was dry a little and slightly congested in places (large pores). I visited your blog as I always do on a Friday evening (It’s 9.30pm here in the UK) and saw that you have a video on jojoba oil! This is amazing!!! lol

    Anyway, I think I’m going to buy some more of this because I think it really does help your skin glow. (albeit it did make my skin a little too ‘yellow’, unless that was the honey…)

    I don’t use anything on my skin anymore and rinse with water a few times a week, but even that is a little drying.

    This is the one I use to use but I’m thinking of changing for now given reason…–100ml/dp/B00205C4J8/ref=sr_1_1?s=drugstore&ie=UTF8&qid=1350073637&sr=1-1

    That’s all, thanks Tracy! :)

    • Tracy says

      Hi Nathan – wait so why are you changing the kind you use? That looks like a good quality – is it because it made your skin yellow?

      • Nathan says

        I think so, but I’m pretty sure it was the honey and not the jojoba… You are correct – it is a very good oil!

  2. sarah says

    I actually experienced the opposite with jojoba oil. I tried it several times cold and unpressed and it clogged so many of my pores. I took accutane a few years ago for a month and I hardly had clogged pores before, but after i took it, my face was clogged… so maybe my pores changed? but I could say that jojoba is useful for a lot of people, but doesn’t work for everyone. unfortunately, I need more abrasive exfoliants.

    • Tracy says

      Hi Sarah – you’re right, it doesn’t seem to work for some people – no one thing does, unfortunately :/ I’m not sure what it is that causes jojoba not to work for some people

    • guest says

      How much did you use? Sometimes people use to much and it causes breakouts. But then people lower the amount and it works like a charm! Just use about two or three drops. And after two weeks, if it isnt working then give it up. Also jojoba oil can cause an initial breakout to purge out the gunk so maybe thats it

  3. Sampson says

    I would actually say Evening Primrose Oil or Blackcurrant seed oil or Borage oil were closest to skin composition because they’re made of linoleic acid.

    • Tracy says

      Oh yeah? Well is it different because jojoba oil is actually a wax? lol – I have no idea – you’re the chemistry guy 😀

  4. Tina says

    Unfortunately my experience with jojoba was like Sarah’s(minus the accutane) in that it did not help with congestion… and actually made it worse by causing clogged pores in areas of my face that had previously been clear. I used the same brand as Tracy which is very high quality(I found the texture seems to be finer/lighter than others).

    Like with everything else, trying jojoba is trial and error and I guess you will either love it or leave it.

  5. Lana says

    I was on amazon anyway so thought id lok around. Herbal choice mari jojoba oil looks like its pure. Have u seen this one? I can order one of the brands you mentioned, but i am curious about your opinion on this one.


  6. C says

    I just want to say that I absolutely totally LOVE jojoba oil as a moisturizer. I have very oily, congestion and clog prone skin and jojoba is hands down the best moisturizer I’ve ever used. I’ve tried SO so many different kinds natural and unnatural, and nothing compares to jojoba. It doesn’t sit on my skin, it doesn’t clog my pores, it doesn’t make me feel greasy. It gives me just the right amount of moisture, my skin actually feels balanced and normal when I use it. Are people who are having problems using too much? I put mine in a little amber colored bottle with a dropper, 4-6 drops is enough for my entire face, no more. I use Aura Cacia organic jojoba. Sometimes I mix it with my own blend of essential oils: Lavendar, tea tree, euclyptus, geranium, and helichyrsm. It smells awesome and had major zit banishing power.

    • Tracy says

      Hi C – Great to hear you love it too :) I think in some cases when it doesn’t work for people, they are using too much. But it’s hard to really say what the problem is exactly!

  7. Kim says

    Hey Tracy,
    Congrats to you for being brave enough to try this! Not too long ago, i read a lot of raving reveiw on about coconut oil and how so many ppl had good results, so of course i tried it! It always just felt lk the oil never mixed in and just sat on my skin! It beoke me out very badly after about a week of tryg it!:( idk maybe i didnt do it right?!
    What about the ocm? Have you ever tried that? I did it for lk 3nights, and my skin felt great.. I only used grapeseed oil to do it with tho..but then i freaked out, because i read about a lot of ppl who it was great for 3 weeks and then the broke out lk crazy!!
    .. Just wondering your thoughts on it?
    Thanks and glad the jojobe is working for you!

  8. Kim says

    Hey, sorry to bug you again Tracy,
    What about grapeseed oil as moistrizer at night? Do you think its similar to the jojobe? Im asking, because thats all i have is grapeseed at home and im anxious to try it!!! After hearing how well and seeing how clear ur skin is!:)

    • Heather C. says

      Hey Kim!

      I have used the OCM before when I was first transitioning from commercial face wash to the caveman regime. Before starting the OCM I had an EXTREMELY oily t-zone and sahara like cheeks/chin and the idea of adding more oil to my already oily t-zone freaked me out. I was also pretty flakey on my nose and in between my eyebrows-weird for an oily t-zone, I know.
      When I actually started the OCM I did it nearly daily with a mix of 50% castor oil, 25% jojoba oil, and 25% grapeseed oil. The castor oil made my face feel very “scrunched” as if I had washed it to well and the jojoba/grapeseed oil seemed to make my t-zone oilier, but I chalked it up to a transition phase. After the first 3 weeks I DID begin to break out but it wasn’t a major breakout, only a few tiny spots on my jaw line. That’s when I began experimenting with the jojoba and grapeseed oils (I had cut out castor oil by this point). The grapeseed oil made my face extremely oily and didn’t seem to “sink into” my skin even after a steamy shower and a steamed towel. However my breakouts did disappear :)
      When I tried the jojoba oil on my skin I immediately began to breakout within the first week. (During the experimentation I was using ONLY grapeseed oil or ONLY jojoba oil, not both, to judge how my skin reacted). I learned it was the jojoba oil that my face didn’t like. In the time it took me to find an oil that works with my skin, my OCM regime had really slacked A LOT. I was doing it twice a week, tops. And even though my skin wasn’t compatable with either the jojoba or grapeseed oil I DID notice my t-zone had stopped over producing oil.
      So maybe these breakouts you hear about are other people realizing their skin isn’t compatable with the jojoba oil. I know you said coconut oil is bad for you but it’s wonderful for me, so it really depends on the person. I would definitely try experimenting with different oils to see which works best for you. You most likely will breakout if your skin isn’t liking the oil but just know that experimenting now and finding the oil that works for you will so be worth it in the long run. I’ve stopped OCM-ing but I’ve been using the coconut oil for nearly a year now with no problems AND my face isn’t at all the oil slick it used to be :)
      Hang in there and don’t be afraid to experiment!

  9. Kim says

    Hey Heather C,
    Thanks for taking the time to explain your encounters with all these oils! Appreciate it very deeply!:)
    Ok from what
    From what i understand from reading, out all of the oils you tried, coconut oil works the best for you!?
    How much do you apply like one fingertip? And are you also doing the caveman with this?
    I have only been splashing with warm and cold water once at night and i notice a huge difference, but i do also have a few clogged pores on forehead, so i was thinking maybe the oil wld help break it up!
    .. Its just so tricky to figure out which oil to try first,???!!lol
    Guess im still scared after coconut oil experience, but im thinkg maybe i wld put to much on and i wld leave it on all day!! And it was also summertime!!
    Thanks again Heather C.. Youll never know how much it meant to me

    • Heather C. says

      Hey there Kim :)

      The amount I use varies depending on my purpose. For instance, if I seem to need a bit of moisturizing then I’ll put a very thin layer on my finger (imagine you are putting the oil on your lips- you wouldn’t scoop a glob out for that) and apply it directly to my face as much as I need. If you’re using it this way, you should NEVER look oily after you apply it. However if I am using it to “wash” my face (I have a more lax caveman regime than Tracy) then I use my first three fingers (only one hand) to scoop out enough to massage into my face and hop into the shower. You know how the OCM uses a washcloth to wipe the face? I’ve found this is really harsh on me so I massage my face in tiny vigorous circles for a few minutes. Most of the time I don’t need to apply extra oil after getting out of the shower.

      Don’t be afraid to experiment with oils! I know you had a bad experience with coconut oil but don’t let it scare you off from trying the other oils. You’ve already figured out that your skin doesn’t like coconut oil so cross that off the list (in my experience I’ve found that if my skin doesn’t like something, no matter what the circumstances or how they’re tweaked, my skin just does NOT like it). Try the grapeseed oil or the jojoba oil like Tracy. I’ve heard that some people use almond oil, rosehip oil, and tea tree oil (to name a few). A few months back, a girl named Svea did a guest post on oils (I can’t remember the title, I’m sorry) and she is very knowledgable in that area. She also has a blog with a post about oils. ( It’s very informative without the hours of googling.

      I really hope this helps! Natural skin care is not only great but it’s super easy and is so worth the experimentation <3

    • Ann says

      You know Kim, I do the ocm with olive oil and castor oil- mostly olive and a little castor, never really measured. Guess what? It works, that’s what! When I first started it wasn’t so cool, and then a week later my face broke out worse, but I discovered my problem and fixed it. It was the washcloth! The stupid washcloth I was cleaning my face with was clogging my face with little cloth particles. And so now I just use my hands. And some days I do the oil cleaning, just without the oil. Like maybe twice a week, when I’m lazy. And for the first time in my life, my cheeks aren’t all red and splotchy! And the bumpys are waaaay less! Oh and my face was originally oily. And olive oil is good for hair too. After showering while it’s still wet, I rub a little bit olive oil on the palms of my hands, just enough to make them siny, and smooth it through my hair. It gives my dishwater blonde hair a cute golden shine! I love it!

  10. LJ says

    I’ve been using rose hip oil to cleanse my face in the evenings and it’s been lovely – leaves my skin feeling so smoothe! I have an extremely oily nose and cheeks, my cheeks mostly just open pores but my nose is constantly clogged up – I’m absolutely going to try this jojoba trick, using the smallest of amounts. It seems like my skin will respond, or at least I hope it will, because of its very oily nature! I’ll keep you posted!

  11. Lynette says

    Once again thank you for your continued reports :). When you posted an article about manuka honey and jojoba cleanser you made, it totally worked for me. I too have the hormonal stuff on the chin. Diet has kept that area almost clear, but when I have flair ups, I just use the honey straight and wear it as long as I can to overnight by applying as early as possible to soak in, then try to rub it in right before I go to sleep. As for the jojoba oil I use it all over, and love love love it after I shave my legs, underarms and bikini area. I too use a tiny bit of coconut oil as a daily moisturizer since it naturally has spf in it and doesn’t get “greasy”. Once again thank you for all that you do, try and share!

  12. Carolina says

    Hi Tracy
    How are you?
    I was wondering about the honey and jojoba oil method you used to use, at the moment I’m using extra virgin olive oil to remove make up and Liz Earle products to cleanse tone and moisturise but I would like to go even more natural. Would it be safe to use honey on the skin if i’m on a strict anti candidas diet for intestinal candidas which i’m not allowed eat honey? I’ve tried researching this and can’t find an answer. I do know there are soo many different variations on the candidas diet anyway!

    • Tracy says

      Hi Carolina – the honey is fine to use on the skin during a candida cleanse – as far as I know, honey molecules are too big to by absorbed into the bloodstream via the skin.

  13. Rosie says

    Helloo there!
    I’ve been following the caveman regimen for about a month and a half now. Initially it was awesome, and my face drastically improved. Then i had a TON of breaking out all over my chin and forehead about 2 weeks ago. So I freaked out about it, and wanted to stop the regimen, until i realised that i’d been eating awful food, not sleeping enough, and also had been using a flanel and warm water on my face every couple of days (somehow that snook in there without me really noticing that i shouldn’t be washing my face). And so I’ve changed my diet a lot, cut back on dairy, bought some lovely fresh veg and started drinking bottled water (may have to buy a filter if i want to keep that one going on a budget). Anyway, apart from the infamous flakes, my face is looking much much better.
    However, I have a huge crop of clogged pored on my cheeks and forehead. I’ve had them for such a long time that I guess i’m just prone to clogging. But i’m soo glad i found this page and i’m very excited to give it a try!
    However, i think i’ll give my skin a few more months to settle into this regimen before I put anything new on it. (The flakey skin is only in these areas anyway)
    I’ll let you know if it works for me! Which should be interesting because even though my skin isn’t so bad for spots and inflamed acne, it’s probably some of the worst skin I know for blackheads. It’s been bothering me for YEARS now. So we’ll see!

  14. Sommer says

    Wow. I have been dealing with tons of clogged pores ever since giving up my acne prescription a few months ago. Lately I’ve developed a lot of white bumps on my chin. I tried the jojoba oil last night, just rubbing in one drop on my chin before bed, and this morning all of those bumps are literally gone! I still have quite a few blocked pores, so I’m definitely going to keep with this and see if it helps. Thanks for the tip!

  15. Patty says

    Hi Tracy,
    Ok at the risk of sounding silly – what do you mean by skin congestion? Do you mean like blackheads? I ask because I ordered my jojoba oil and I’m still not sure if I should do a modified caveman and add jojoba or try washing with jojoba oil and patting dry with towel.


  16. Phoebe says

    Hi Tracy!
    I’d just like to start by saying that I think you are sooo pretty and you have lovely skin! Thanks for this article, I used to suffer from loads of whiteheads on my forehead but since I stopped wearing concealer there they seemed to have died down. However, I would love for you to do an article about uneven skin tone: I don’t know whether this is caused by acne: mine is fairly mild but I have red pigmentation on my cheeks which is somewhat depressing. It doesn’t look too bad in photos, but in the mirror my skin looks really uneven and blotchy, with red areas and just weird patches of skin. is this due to acne? and can it be helped by living really healthily as you suggest? thanks so much! xxx

    • Tracy says

      Hi Phoebe, Thank you lovely :)
      I should do an article on uneven skintone, you’re right – I do get asked about it a fair deal. Yes, it is the same as regular acne, as far as what you want to do to get rid of it… blotchiness and unevenness is mild inflammation and will be fixed with the same holistic methods, such as diet, sleep, stress reduction, etc

  17. Lorraine says

    Hi Tracy!

    I have a question and wasn’t sure where to post it. I was just wondering if you’ve tried Manuka Oil? I’ve been reading that it’s even more effective than Manuka honey, but I don’t want to waste my money on it.

    Thanks so much :)

    • Tracy says

      Hi Lorraine,
      No I haven’t tried it – I’ll have to do more research on it before I can recommend it. I imagine like Manuka honey, it may be hard to find “legit” ones

  18. Devorah says

    Hi, I’ve been a fan for a while without u Knowing it. I did the caveman for a month With a washing of warm water every four Days. My skin was looking better. My nose was dry and peeling but I didn’t Care because I didn’t have Pimples. I only started having after I turned 20 and began to do some homemade Facials and broke out on my cheeks. I have had on going acne there and now I am pregnant and the joy:) but it was Really looking better after using Nothing. So I heard of using mederma for Acne scars and I did and I am not sure if That contributed to my three new pimples!

    My question is should I continue with The caveman or be more Aggressive because its been a month and My acne came back ( I did consume a lot Of sugar recentl). My next question is Jojoba oil- sounds good. My nose and chin look Clogged and my nose is getting more black Heads. What should I do with the Jojoba oil for my nose? Thank you! I hope That by not washing I am not ruining my Skin. I wash my hands after the bathroom So is this better? Thanks for your time!

    • Tracy says

      Hi Devorah :)

      Well, it sounds to me like the caveman was working and when you did the facial and added these other things in, it disturbed the healing. It sounds like it’s pretty common when people disturb the process too soon that it results in some pimples – go at least 30 days or more if you can before you do anything. And even then I would only suggest lightly exfoliating with some muslin cloth or just your fingers, not doing a mask. It’s also common in the first while on the caveman that the skin can get more congested and have more whiteheads/blackheads etc, which usually will sort themselves out, and if they don’t then you can start adding a bit of jojoba oil into it the mix.

  19. Deborah says

    I wrote that late last night so It was a bit choppy. Thanks for taking the time to answer back I really think its generous of you. Pretty much my acne started when I was 20 and I used a bunch of products (not accutane or proactive).. Few years later- now- I have stopped using products and started with the caveman routine for a month. My skin was looking less inflamed from not washing it. It felt more soft and elastic. I was finally clearing up! Hooray! I was so overjoyed I bought mederma for my scars and I got three pimples right under where I put the cream. I think it could’ve been from that or the sweets And dairy I’ve been consuming , or a combo. So I’m leaving it be, no makeup, no face wash, no Mederma, nothing. The breakouts were on my cheeks and chin( the only place I break out) and I want to put jojoba oil on my congested nose where I don’t break out at all. It looks like I am getting more beauty marks and I think it’s blackheads! Could I start with the jojoba on my blackhead nose which is oily? i wont touch my cheeks with water or jojoba. i just don’t want a gross nose! Also I think my pimples get worse on my cheeks because I have some side burns that really kill me, I have dark hair and so instead of waxing or tweeze- ing I’ve been trimming with my scissor. Did that irritate it? Should I clean my scissor more? I can’t have the sideburns! What could i do that wont irritate my skin?Thanks for all Ur help!

    • Tracy says

      Okay, in that case, I would say yes, use the jojoba just on your nose! And sorry, I don’t know what to suggest about the sideburns! The scissors sound like a less irritating option than the other things.

  20. Deborah says

    You wrote exfoliate with a muslin cloth- with water? Everywhere or just on my blackheads? Also you wrote not to do a mask.. What mask? Thanks for your time

    • Tracy says

      You exfoliate with muslin and water all over your face after you’ve gone more than thirty days without doing anything to your face (except perhaps using jojoba oil on your nose for the blackheads, if you want to). Mask – sorry, I meant homemade facials you were referring to

  21. Jules says

    Hi Tracy!

    I just received my jojoba oil from Mountain Rose Herbs (that you recommended in another article) and I am hopeful, yet anxious to see how it goes. Anxious because of the “purging period”; but I’ve got nothing to lose. I am taking your advice to heart by using a tiny amount of the oil on my acne-prone areas.

    Thank you so much for doing what you do! Whenever I feel the need to pick or pop my pimples, I make a bee-line for my laptop and read and/or watch one of your articles/videos. You have helped me immensely and I am so grateful. I have also improved my eating habits by adding whole, anti-inflammatory foods into my everyday diet. Your site has been the most helpful and informative tool that I have found on the internet regarding acne. You are a gem! Sending you a cyber-hug from San Francisco, CA!

  22. Maria says

    I started getting bumps around my mouth which are very annoying and it started around the time I got my period after Christmas. I just got done with my next period and the bumps have gotten better, but haven’t gone away. Now I’ve started using raw honey and jojoba oil and they seem to be working nicely but ever since the summer when I became obsessed with putting stuff on my face being afraid to wrinkle (I’m only 19, I was being ridiculous) my skin has been messed up. I had perfect skin before. It really is true…don’t fix what doesn’t need fixing…but anyways, the texture of my overall skin is weird, especially my forehead. It’s been like this for awhile and it really shows the brighter the light is so I hate when it’s sunny out. My forehead looks like a very liney texture. I hope you know what I mean? I hate it. I used to have smooth, perfect skin and I ruined it :(

  23. Maria says

    I also forgot to mention that I got off birth control during the summer as well. Soooo I’m starting to think it’s more of a hormonal imbalance than anything. I think I might go to a naturopath. What supplements do you recommend for someone my age?

  24. Hamza says

    Hey Tracy, your skin looks lovely :) I’m only 20 my skin was the same until I used a stupid exfoliator which contained sunflower oil! Don’t ask why, I know it was stupid and I wish I can just turn time back.

    Too bad i can’t, my skin used to be so smooth and clear. Now my forehead has small bumps all over it and is rough, I also have minor breakouts and the rest of my face is slightly rough, not as much as my forehead.

    I was wondering if you recommend this oil which you are talking about? Also any tablets or anything else?

    Please get back to me as soon as possible.

    I really want my old skin back :(


      • Hamza says

        Ok since last night I have not washed my face atall or anything. Although I purchased some jojoba oil today and used a small amount on my face (forehead).

        Is this ok? Please let me know Tracy. If so? How many times a day would you recommend etc. thanks very much for the advice, hope it works. You are a lifesaver :)

        Best regards,


  25. says

    I havent heard back from you on your thoughts on honey possibly turning skin yellow? i dont wash with it all that often because of this concern. I was also curious if you have ever used yogurt as either a mask or wash. i love that as well. and finally, what is your suggestion for the best diy way to remove blackheads?? id love to find a good way to do this without harsh facials. a method besides caveman, as that is just not something id do.

  26. TheSun says

    Hey Tracy,

    Before you’ve found jojoba oil, did you squeezing blackheads?
    Some people do that, but can infect your skin getting it inflamed.

  27. Liina says

    What an awesome site you have made. I love it! It is so helpful! I just ordered Jojoba oil to myself! However, I have a question when it comes to your face routine. When you started to get clear, did you used Jojoba oil only for cleansing (water+jojoba)? Or did you use it without washing your face and just moisturizing it with jojoba? Sorry, I am just a little confused how I should do and apply mine! :)

    You are super beautiful and have amazing skin!
    Take care!

  28. Margot Adams says

    Hi Tracy,
    I’m interested in the caveman regimen, but I swim 22 hours a week, and have bad acne. Help!

    • Tracy says

      Hi Margot,
      I understand – I’m not sure what to say about it. I don’t think massive amounts of chlorine jives too well with the caveman so if your lifestyle doesn’t work with it and can’t be changed, then you can’t try it. If swimming gives you joy, I don’t want you to quit!!

  29. Leora says

    Hi tracy! thank you so much for this post..
    I want to clarify/understand what clogged pores are exactly..
    basically.. the middle of my chin and in the middle of my eye brows and around my forehead.. I have these little bumps that are like under the skin flesh colored/redish.. its not acne but its so ugly.. specially if u were make up its all these tiny dots.. Is that what clogged pores are? Do you have any other advice/ways to make them go away? I’m not sure if what I have is what your article is for.. if you can explain clogged pores more.. or if you know what it is I have that would be great.. also if there is anything else you recommend .. it be great if you can write more articles on this topic because even though my acne has cleared a lot now I’m getting all these clogged pores :((.. i’ve been doing honey mask with eggs and cinnamon as well as clay mask with apple cider..

    Thank you tracy you are honestly AMAZING!!!!!!!!!

    • says

      Hi Leora,

      Tracy is still away without internet access, but I‘ll let her know that you find her amazing!!! 😉

      Your flesh colored little bumps could be anything: rosacea, seborrheic dermatitis, pityrosporum folliculitis, … or something else. However, I‘m pretty sure that clogged pores (= blackheads or whiteheads) look a little different.

      Please ask a dermatologist/naturopath/expert about it and google those 3 things I mentioned to find out about the symptoms and to compare a few significant pictures with your own skin condition. Since I‘m not sure what exactly is causing your little bumps, I cannot suggest you any specific remedy at the moment. I‘m sorry :(

  30. Nicole Fleming says

    The cavemen regimen is working for me. But I’ve added a product called cure that deeply exfoliates but does not aggravate my severe sensitive skin. It’s not a scrub so don’t worry! It’s a gel that you put on and leave for a minute and then you rub it off and your dead skin comes off. It’s great for exfoliating if you can’t handle other things. I use it twice a week. Look it up on makeup alley it has great reviews. It really helps unclog my pores but not irritate my skin.

  31. Mark says

    Ladies just a quick comment. If you are looking to remove acne caused by sebum. Try using polysorbate. Either 20, 60, or 80. Use a tablespoon and massage it into your face or affected area. Do this until it has absorbed into skin as much as you can and leave for 10 min. You could leave on longer, then wash off. After you have washed it off try a solution of Msm with water (optional). Followed by the jojoba treatment as stated above. Polysorbate binds with oils and water and removes sebum almost over night. Google it. Msm is another underestimated miracle for skin. Then Jojoba as stated will moisturise your skin in a natural way and tell your own sebum glands that it does not need to produce as much sebum. Just make sure that if you use any of the above that they are all 100 pure. Most of the time we buy things online and they do not work only to find out later that the products are contaminated with fillers etc. Trust me Google do research You will see dramatic improvements and they do not cost anything.

  32. Mark says

    Just a recap. The reason I say this is the trick is to clear your skin below the surface before putting any kind of oil on top of any clogs from cosmetics to dirt. I know this from previous scalp and face treatments. I would repeat this every day until the desired effect has been reached. Another excellent method tried and tested is 20 gram of Bromelain mixed with Polysorbate, Microwaved on low heat until a uniform paste and proceed as mentioned above. Not only does this remove the dirt, sebum, debris below the skin it also digests dead skin cells. Bromelain is an enzyme and more active at around 50c and used as used as a meat tenderiser. When I did this it made my skin look and feel like when I was 18. You could also use a touch of ethyl alcohol for increased penetration, but when I used this I did not. Please note I am not a doctor I just going off personal experience researched through common sense and without getting tricked by worthless websites selling “snake oils” that do not work. Polysorbates are the ingredients in Mayonnaise that bind the oils to the water content. Just do a google search and you will realise that to make a years supply of this will cost no more that 30 Uk pounds and much more effective that some of these high priced cosmetics online.
    Best regards.

    • Mark says

      20 gram is optional. You will only use a teaspoon on your affected area. The mix is equal. Ie 10 grams of Bromelain to 10 mil or grams of polysorbate. The heat in microwave should be on low heat just enough for both products to dissolve and become one, too much heat destroys the Bromelain. Any of the two options are good but the Bromelain method is best in my opinion I consider it a boost. I am not sure if you should do the Bromelain method every day I would do it once or twice a week, but the polysorbate alone I would do daily It will keep your skin free from gunk and sebum build up without a doubt. Just my opnion and I hope it helps

  33. Allison says

    Bentonite Clay works amazing to unclog pores. I use it a few times a week and sometimes mix it with Apple Cider Vinegar.

  34. Frank says

    Thanks for the info on sebum and Jojoba – it might help me clear up the last of my skin problems!

    Otherwise –

    I am a man and, candidly, I think that the information I present below might help you.

    I have had ‘skin problems’ for most of my life – over 50 years! Dry, itchy, flaky, redness, unpleasant pustules, on and on. I was treated by various dermatologists, some very well known, and had even tried PUVA (Psoralen and UVA exposure) treatments, which were then experimental (1980’s). None of the creams, lotions, treatments were effective and I was never given an accurate diagnosis.

    About 10 years ago I developed innumerable painful and itchy ‘things’ that affected my upper torso, face and scalp – I went to a dermatologist with samples that I extracted – told that they were benign and not a creature, virus or bacteria to be concerned about. More creams – no benefit.

    But that didn’t stop me – I did a LOT of research in the past few years and thought that I had a condition called Morgellons. I tried several ‘treatments’ – NONE worked (surprise!). So, continuing my research, I tripped across one sight that had a familiar looking photo of an extraction and some related text that poo-pooed the Morgellons issue. Further research seemed to indicate that such might be brought about by . . . BAR SOAP! After some research, I immediately changed over to a less common bar soap (Castile) and a Ph balanced facial skin cleanser (since stopped, as the Castile is just fine by itself). In just a few days I noted some improvement and it now about six months later and my skin is the best it has been in the past 50 years! It’s not ‘perfect’, but greatly improved!

    My recent research indicates the bar soap (and my tar-based hair shampoo) share a common ingredient – tetrasodium ETDA and similar stuff (chemicals). I suspect, but can’t prove that this is the cause, but my results are unquestionable in my stopping use of the bar soaps and shampoo.

    I still get some of the lesions or whatever they are, but nowhere at the same level as I used to get. Yes, it has taken time for the healing – I am also hypothyroid and I heal very slowly.

    It is my current belief that the tetrasodium ETDA kills all the good skin bacteria and leaves the door open for my skin to become a playground for the conditions I have experienced most of my life – none of which I would want to wish on anyone.

    I can’t guarantee that any of this information will help you or anyone else. I can only record what has happened to me that gave me some REAL results for the first time in my adult life. I hope that the information might help you, too.

    I will probably post this information on other sites, such as my time permits.

    Good luck and I hope that YOUR condition improves.

    • Tracy says

      Hey Frank – thank you for your insight and sharing with us what worked for you! :) For this very reason, I already definitely recommend staying away from bar soap and other chemical soaps/shampoos/hygiene products!

  35. Francina says

    Hey Tracy,

    I have a wierd congestion on my forehead with slight pimples and I was wondering if the acne and congestion would subside by not washing the forehead? Or would it jsut get worse? I am so self conscious about it and its slowly making me depressed.
    thank you!

    • says

      in my experience, not washing makes my skin worse. I’m also acne prone. I like coconut oil for cleansing, but I also use goat milk based cold process soap which really helps.

  36. Jessica says

    I’ve tried so many oils and none work. Not even tea tree oil. I’m starting to think there’s hidden dead skin cells on my face that I’m not seeing and the oil and dead skin mix to become a clog. Could that happen? Prom is coming up and I want clog free skin!!

    • says

      Hi Jessica,
      have you ever tried to go without moisturizer, including oils? Not everybody’s skin reacts well to an oil treatment. Often it helps to let your skin breathe for a while. That’s also a main homeopathic principle: the body heals from the inside out. If you put something on top of your skin, you will most likely reverse the healing effect. Work on a healthy whole-foods diet and regular exercise instead. Don’t stress out so much about your skin. Live. Nobody cares if your skin isn’t 100% perfect. Laugh. Try to stop the perfectionism regarding your looks. Even supermodels don’t look that “well” (or simply just a little more natural) without makeup and Photoshop. It’s stressful to feel like being under pressure all the time. Yes, it takes time for your skin to adjust. Give it the time it needs.

  37. Bee says

    Can dry skin cause acne? I’ve noticed in the past that adding a simple, no-frills moisturizer helps my skin pretty quickly. I’m not thrilled about using it because it has parabens and some chemicals, but literally EVERY natural moisturizer I’ve tried has broken me out. So I keep trying to do without moisturizing, but I end up with clusters of tiny whiteheads and clogged pores. I just reintroduced the simple lotion again this week and am waiting for it to kick in. I don’t know what to do! I want to be as natural as possible but oils NEVER work for me and apparently I need something…

    • says

      Hi Bee,

      yes, dry skin can cause acne. Most of us associate acne with oily skin, so it catches us by surprise when our dry skin starts breaking out. Regular use of a moisturizer can really help your skin look and feel better and can also help combat acne. If you want to try something all natural and don’t get along with oils, you could try a plant butter like shea butter. It’s highly emollient and moisturizes your skin well. Or use a very simple cream or lotion with few ingredients only (to avoid most of the nasties).

  38. Kaylen says

    I’ve been suffering from clogged pores on my forehead for a long time. Tried almost every method eg facial to get rid of them. But it didn’t work out. The clogged pores just kept coming back. Feeling so depressed. Recently read your article and I started trying out the oil. Really hope it helps clear my forehead. Because I used to have clear skin and i missed it a lot.
    May I know how often do u apply the oil in a day?

  39. Meghan says

    Hi Tracy,

    First of all, thanks so much for writing this blog, I think it’s great! I have been doing the oil cleansing method for about 4 months and although my complexion looked a little smoother, I was still breaking out. I was also putting Retin-A on my face at night. I just started taking estroblock and burdock root too. I decided to do the caveman regime 3 days ago and I have noticed I have gotten about 4 new painful cysts on my chin and nose area. While on the oil-cleansing method, I did get some painful hormonal cysts too. Besides the cysts, I don’t have any other acne such as whiteheads or blackheads I am also going to try and do the “no-water” method for 30 days and see how it works! Do you think its normal to have breakout within the first couple of days? Thanks.

    • says

      Hi Meghan, yes it’s normal for your skin to be a bit turbulent at first on the caveman regimen! Although the cysts might just be cysts that you were going to get anyway, not because of that if you know what I mean. Anyway good luck :)

  40. maria says

    hii tracy , I did the caveman regimen for 4 months, but my face become congested with clogged pores, rred on my cheeks and chin where i used to hav acne before. i think caveman regimen cloggs pores…. m gonna try the oil from today . hope it workss..

  41. Tim says

    Hi Tracy,

    I no longer have acne, after 3 years of constant struggle. All thanks to you and your wonderful blog!

    However, although my acne has gone (which it has for around 6 months now), I have a problem with clogged pores. I don’t let them bother me too much, but my forehead does look quite clogged, oily and nasty.

    I’ve tried doing the Caveman Regimen and I’ve also tried using Jojoba Oil as a cleanser. Sadly, neither have been successful for me.

    So, I was just wondering if you had any other potential suggestions to deal with these pesky clogs.

    Any advice is appreciated, whether it’s skincare based or lifestyle based :)

  42. Brianne says

    Does anyone know a good jojoba oil in Canada, or better yet Ontario? I found High Altitude Organics off but when I went to order it said none of those products could be shipped to Canada. There must be a good brand here in Ontario. Any advice would be amazing?!! Thank you!!!
    I’m thankful I found the Manuka Honey on and am looking forward to trying it out. Just went off birth control and pro-activ which I have been on both for 8+ years. My skin has gone wild, but due to this blog I have instilled a lot of hope that it will get better.

  43. Karlijn says

    First of all, you are awesome! I haven’t got entirely rid of my acne, but it’s way less. Most of all, I am more confident and not stressing so much.
    I am still trying to figure out what to do with my skincare routine, haven’t found the best one yet. And as everyone is so positive about the cavemen routine, I would love to try it.
    There is only one problem. I do wear make-up, like mascare and concealer for my undereye circles. But how do you have to remove that, when you are not allowed to wash your face or anything? I definitely do not want to stop wearing make-up, so yeah


    • says

      Hi Karlijn :) I still use eye makeup… you can use a little olive oil or jojoba oil on a cotton pad to dissolve eye makeup and just kind of wipe it away. Alternatively, look up the Jane Iredale Magic Mitt, you can take off eye makeup with just the cloth and water

  44. sara says

    hi !!
    i am really happy to hear ur great news …!!! i am 17yrs old .i have the same problems that u had once . i dont know what i did wrong !!when i try to minimize my pimples on my cheek i get a bigger sized pimple on the another side …i dont know what to continue with and what to stop ..its all confusing to me . as a part of my sis’s advise i went to see the doctor for this he told me to use honey and oatmeal .. now i tried that for 2 days .later seeing my face my mom is giving me good comments but still i dont know may be is this any beginning for a complete disaster???? am still very much confused … the main problem is that i always get 2-4 pimples on my face later it disappearance leaving behind marks and the pimples moves to another place on my face the same continues … and when people see me they ask me ” what happen to u ??? ur face is full of pimples ??” dont know what to do next for this to stop ……can u help me ????

  45. Megan says

    Hi I used undiluted tea tree oil and witch hazel on my face I can’t even move my face. Buring and shribbled up, oozing clear stuff out and raw pimples. I cannot use anything on my face everythig irrates it. If I do the caveman regimen do u think it also make help this burn heal I’m am miserble and can’t quit crying. Please help me.

  46. says

    Hi Tracy! I just found your website and I can say that it’s really helpful! I’ve never once thought that Jojoba oil can help relieve acne & this is totally new information for me. Do you think it can help reduce pore size as well?
    And… are you feeling comfortable with your cavemen routine? Personally I’m feeling a bit uncomfortable if I don’t wash my face everyday..

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