An attractive meal I made the other day

If you want to stick to a healthy eating plan, there is one important element that often goes overlooked. And that is how your food looks.

Why should you care about how your food looks?

Isn’t it how it tastes that is most important?

Sure taste is important, but we often eat with our eyes. Think of how many times your eyes were larger than your stomach, and you took way too much food at the buffet. Think about how delicious your green smoothie tastes, but some people see the green colour and their mind can only taste boiled spinach, despite it actually tasting like heavenly fruit. And just think of how many times you’ve been at a restaurant and have been overly delighted with the meal, only because it just looked so darn good?

The look of your food is important

If it looks bland, you are more likely to associate healthy food with a boring taste. Becoming less than enthused will soon follow.

Perhaps it’s just because I’m an artistic person, but I love to put in the extra couple seconds it takes to make my food look attractive. I try to make sure there are different colours in my meal and that it’s arranged well on my plate. I secretly dislike having my friends or boyfriend serve themselves my food, because I want to make their plates look good. It’s selfish, but since I know how much more satisfying a meal is when it looks delectable, I probably just want to stack it in my favour that they’ll be singing the praises of my cooking afterwards!

Here are some tips for making your food look good:

  • Make sure there are several brightly coloured foods on your plate. Salads with raw vegetables will really help this – plus it’s way healthier to balance your meal with plenty of veg anyway.
  • Put your food on attractive plates. Apparently darker coloured plates make your food seem more gourmet and also makes you feel more satisfied and satieted. An interesting shape of plate will also make things feel special.
  • Cut up some chives or stick a piece of parsley on the side. You could even stick a flower from your garden in there. Two seconds to cut up a garnish will make a world of difference.
  • Stack food and arrange it in an attractive pattern. Then sprinkle some seeds or raw cheese on top!
  • Have several different types of food on the plate – this will make it much more attractive than a mono meal

Alright, go on and get creative in the kitchen!