The Cheap and Easy Way I Got Rid of All My Blackheads For Good

Today is a guest post from Sabrina at She’s going to share with us a cheap and all natural DIY trick that she used to beat of all her blackheads for good!

Acne is no fun. It’s physically unappealing and worse, emotionally tolling. I was fortunate that I didn’t suffer from acne in my teens, but as I entered young adulthood it seemed to crop up more frequently.

Though whiteheads are a nemesis of mine, what really irked me was the number of blackheads I could see running across the bridge of my nose and even in my little chin dip.

I tried using products like Clean & Clear Blackhead Clearing Astringent and Biore nose strips, but they only dried out my skin and paved the way for bigger blemishes and a severely uneven skin tone. Frustrated, I tried a more natural approach because I felt I had nothing to lose at that point.

I was watching an episode of Ellen DeGeneres one day and she had on her favourite DIY diva on and one of her beauty tricks was using white glue as a nose strip paste. It got me thinking; what else would work?

Clearly I wasn’t going to put glue on my face, that just sounds like a terrible and messy idea. Instead, I used egg whites! 

Egg whites are rich with vitamins and minerals, such as selenium which stop acne outbreaks in their tracks. The protein content also helps tighten your pores so there is less of a chance that acne-causing bacteria will sneak its way in there. Bonus: the protein also reduces the look of wrinkles!

To put your egg whites to use all you’ll need is a some toilet paper and a makeup or small paint brush.

Whip an egg white until it is nice and frothy. Using your brush, paint a layer of egg white over your nose or chin; wherever you want to banish those blackheads from.

On top of your egg white layer place some toilet paper. To keep it in place, paint on another layer of egg white then let it dry and harden.

By the time your TP facial strip has dried, your skin will have been able to absorb all those blemish-battling bacterium while simultaneously grasping onto your current blackheads.

When you’re ready to remove the strip, do so slowly pulling from one edge to the other. You will be shocked to see your nasty little blackheads clinging to the paper strip. I sure was!

I used this nose strip every other day for about a week and a half before I noticed significant, longer lasting results. The more I used this method, the fewer blackheads I was seeing on my face. I also noticed my pores refining which gave my midface section a much more even-toned appearance.

Now, after each facial strip application I would dip a fresh cotton pad in water and put 1-2 drops of tea tree oil on it. Swiping this over my treated area ensured there was no left over egg white on my face and I’m certain my skin benefitted from the antibacterial, astringent properties of the essential oil. It also smells so fresh and invigorating.

I love sharing this tip and it’s so simple to do. Did I mention it’s ridiculously cheap as well?


Hope it works for you as well as it worked for me!

Author Bio: Sabrina is a beauty blogging jet-setter who loves sharing tips and tricks on how to look and feel your best via While she’s on the go she writes product reviews and creates quick and dirty DIY’s like How to Conceal Dark Circles.

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    • Tracy says

      You crack the egg over a bowl… but keep the side with the yolk upright so the yolk doesn’t fall out of the shell. Some of the white will fall into a bowl… then carefully move the yolk back and forth between the two shells, which will help get the rest of the white to fall in the bowl……. just look it up on youtube, there’s lots of videos :)

      • Jo. says

        OK haha thanks. Probably seemed like a dumb question but I dont cook much. Or like eggs (scrambled/hardboiled etc) :)

      • says

        You can also buy the little cartons of egg whites only. They keep for up to a week after opening and might be better for you if eating eggs isn’t your thing 😉

    • Rachel Crecelius says

      You can also just crack the whole egg into a bowl and carefully scoop out the yolk with one hand, or there is a neat trick using a water bottle to suck up the yolk and transfer to another bowl you can find on youtube.

      And as a bonus you can use the yolk as a component to a nourishing hair mask!

  1. rogue says

    this is so timing i think im preempting your posts for at least 2x now haha. i’ve been searching for long-lasting diy solution for blackheads so i’m definitely trying this one out!

  2. Anette says

    What a great trick! I’m gonna try this out for sure. I have battled acne since I was 16 (now I’m 28) with medications and expensive cosmetic solutions. Last november (2012) I got tired of it all, found The Love Vitamin website and went for the caveman “treatment”. It has worked wonders, I don’t have any whiteheads anymore and my skintone and texture has improved tremendously. However, I still have blackheads on my nose, so I’m really eager to see if the egg-white treatment can work for me!
    I’ll be back with some results :)

      • Tracy says

        Oh yes – this reminded me – I wanted to ask just out of curiosity, how long did you have to use this trick for and at what frequency for your blackheads to go away for good? Do you still use it from time to time?

  3. Drea says

    I love DIY facial tricks! Definatley want to try this one out. I have also heard about using a apple cider vinegar mask, sounds interesting!

  4. Jo. says

    Another question…
    Ive always had these little skin colored bumps alll over my chest area. Theyre like little whiteheads, 100s of them. I was just curious if youve heard of such a thing and if candidia was related to them? Or, a gluten allergy? etc

    • Silver says

      I used to get little bumps like those all over my forehead, but when I put myself on allergy medication (because I’m allergic to my dog), they actually went away. So maybe it has something to do with allergies.

    • Tracy says

      Yes, it could be many things – an allergy to something could be the culprit. Could be gluten, but everyone is different. Gluten and dairy are two common culprits in skin conditions though so they are good places to start

      • Jo. says

        Huh ok then……. its basically a rash. I havent worn jewelry in weeks so thats not it.

        I was on antibiotics for 5 years for my acne. Thats why I thought candidia……

        Skin is so confusing

        • Tracy says

          Oh it’s more like a rash.. well it definitely can be candida! Candida are known for causing rashes. Especially if you have been on antibiotics for 5 years, then I would say you almost definitely have some kind of gut imbalance going on

  5. Mary says

    I just read a few articles about how egg whites can actually be TERRIBLE for your skin – thoughts?

    “One of the things every esthetician and cosmetic expert knows — or should know before giving any beauty advise — , is that animal protein is not as good for the skin as claimed, not to mention it can potentially scar you for life, literally.

    When animal protein is deposited on the skin in the form of soap for example made with tallow, animal fat or milk, it clogs pores, creating infections that spread rapidly. These infections can be severe if the person affected is prone to acne. Spread pure animal protein contaminated with bacteria, E. Coli and possibly Salmonella in the form of egg white on your face and the end result is not pretty!

    The fact is, if eggs are not recommended to be eaten raw because of the amount of bacteria they contain what makes people and “cosmetic experts” think this is a fabulous idea to apply to your face is beyond my comprehension.

    Using this recipe on a regular basis or even occasionally can cause severe damage to the skin. Breakouts and infectious acne can spread not only throughout the entire face but to the neck, chest, arms, back and even legs, causing scaring for life.

    Before following the “next trend” in beauty and cosmetics, ask yourself a simple question, what would happen if I eat it? If the answer your get is not a good one assume it won’t be good for your complexion either.”

    • Tracy says

      Hi Mary,

      I see that’s straight from this website: … I have a weird feeling about these claims – I don’t see why animal protein is automatically so bad for the skin. There is no reference to anything there as to why that would be. Maybe they are vegan, as I have seen many vegan based authors eschew everything animal based just on principle, claiming it all to be straight from satan (which I do not agree with). I know many real foodies who use straight tallow on their skin, or milk based soaps, and disaster did not strike.

      As for salmonella and e-coli… perhaps a concern. If you are worried, I would use local farm fresh eggs instead of those found at the supermarket, as e-coli and salmonella are generally only found in factory farmed eggs. We are warned not to eat raw egg white because disease and bacteria is rampant in these factory farm operations, but is not a default factor in healthy eggs. Local farm eggs should be fine in my opinion, but that’s up to you.

      Either way… that website is selling their own skincare line, so I’m not going to take what they say at face value. I’m sure they’d much rather you use their products than an egg white.

    • Kait says

      I had also read up on this before trying it and found plenty of articles with concerns about the bacteria in the eggs. I just added a tiny squeeze of lemon juice to my egg white prior to whipping! I currently have a piece of toilet paper plastered to my skin with egg white/lemon juice as I type! The only place I really get black heads is on my chin, so we’ll see if this helps! :)

    • Pamela says

      I think you also can buy pasteurized egg whites in a carton in the refrigerated section of the grocery store. I wonder if reconstituted powdered egg whites would work too?

      • Rose says

        Really? the bacteries like estericchia and salmonella obviously doesn’t affect the dermis. The bacteries needs a specific place to grow and reproduce, that’s the reason when you eat them, the body corporal temperature is ideal to grow. But the external temperature of the body isn’t ideal for bacteries like them.

  6. Kim says

    Hey Tracy,
    Have you tried this yet or you still following caveman? Im basically still trying to follow caveman and it seems to help a lot! I do have just a few skin colored bumps on my forehead and hairline and a few blackheads on nose.. Ive done it before in the past with the egg whites, and ut just seemed to dry my face? Ive never tried it with the toilet paper yet tho!! Maybe ill give it a shot

    • Tracy says

      No I haven’t tried this, because I am on the caveman regimen but also because I don’t have blackheads anymore! Yeah, I can imagine they might be drying, but I guess it all depends on your skin type. No one thing will agree with everyone

    • Pamela says

      You take the egg white off when you use the tp, so it is not drying like just putting egg white on

  7. Julie says

    I am new to your blog and I’ve got to tell you how happy I am to find it! It’s been a week since I went off all chemical face washes, and I’m so happy with my skin. Even in such a short time! Lots has happened and I won’t go into detail but I want to say thank you. You have really opened my eyes. I appreciate your blogs. And I don’t know if you’ve blogged about it (as I am new to your blog) but 100% sweet almond oil has been a god send for me. I love it. I use it on my face at night before bed and my scars are totally disappearing! Anyway thanks again.

  8. Lorena says

    Hi Tracy! You are looking great! I’m pretty much clear now but I’m still plagued by all the blackheads!! It seems like almost every pore on my face is clogged :-( What’s super frustrating is that oftentimes, some of them become inflamed and turn into postules. I did try this egg yolk method and while it does give your face a nice glow, the nasty little buggers are still there. Could it be an internal problem?

    • Tracy says

      Hi Lorena,
      Well, I think that blackheads are essentially an internal problem. I know that I had a lot of blackheads when my skin was really bad, but those slowly cleared up the healthier I got. I would just keep doing whatever you’ve been doing that cleared your skin and hopefully the blackheads will follow suit. Did this method not get any of the blackheads out? Maybe it needs to be done a few times?

  9. Lorena says

    I’ve been doing it for about two weeks; I really didn’t see anything on the strips of paper. I guess I need to give it some more time. One more question, what did you think of Fran’s (from High on Health) video that promises to clear up womens’ acne for good? Is it worth the money or is it essentially all the stuff that we already know (diet, exercise)? Thanks.

    • Kait says

      I use an immersion blender to get mine nice and frothy very quickly, but you can use a whisk too! Just make sure the bowl you are whipping them in is large enough to really be able to move the white around and get air incorporated.

  10. Toni rose says

    Hi can I ask something? do u think its safe to used sunblock? Do u think using sunlock cant clogged pores?

  11. TheSun says

    Thanks Kait, I tried with blender and is quicker.
    But similar like Lorena I didn’t see anything on the strips of paper.

  12. says

    Hey. I have this ocean of whiteheads on my forehead that’ve been there since March (now it’s July). I have an extremely healthy diet (veggies, fruit, fish, nuts, nothing processed at all)–I’m eschewing dairy at the moment to see if that helps–and I’ve not washed my forehead with harsh chemicals for several weeks (not brave enough for caveman yet). I’ve tried the egg white method on my forehead, with limited, but not very lasting results. This *is* supposed to work for whiteheads–right? I don’t really have a problem with blackheads.

  13. Màiri says

    Hey there miss Tracy! I was so excited to find this!! I bought some eggs yesterday, upon finding this post (thank you SO much, as blackheads are probably my biggest skin problem/+insecurity). They are currently in my tiny dormroom fridge:) I trust your skin care solutions/+ advice more than anything else out there.. but I was hoping you might reassure me on how safe it is to put raw egg on the face? There’s no issue with salmonella or anything and the pores absorbing that or anything else? I hope not. THANK YOU AGAIN!!! <3

    • Tracy says

      Hi Mairi – well, I don’t like to make guarantees, but salmonella is apparently not spread in any way except ingesting it. Otherwise no one would ever touch raw chicken or anything. So just don’t get it in your mouth or eyes or lick your fingers I guess

  14. Sarah says

    I tried this and it didn’t do anything at all. Does anyone have any other tips on how to get rid of blackheads on your nose?

    • Winters says

      Use a well formulated BHA leave on treatment. This egg method only removes the surface of the black head, it doesn’t get into the pore lining like BHA, so you are just ripping some of the oxidized plug out. A pore goes a lot deeper than a strip can reach.

  15. Jacqui says

    I was just wondering how long it took for the egg whites to harden to your face? My whole face currently covered in egg white and toilet paper !

  16. says

    This is a very nice and detailed article, I really liked the way you explained it. Removing blackheads is really very annoying job for me, it require continuous efforts and I am quite lazy. By the way well written, Keep it up. :)

  17. Jason says

    Hi there!

    My name is Jason . It seems like a good idea , I’m a 17 year old guy and I’ve got alot of blackheads on my nose and my chin. So my question is , does this also work for my blackheads on my chin? And do I need the tea tree oil or can I use something else ?


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