How to Make a Fruitless Green Smoothie

A fruitless green smoothie, eh? Why on earth would you want to eat that?

Well green smoothies are PACKED full of nutrition…. but I’ve been doing a candida cleanse recently and cut all natural sugars out of my diet for a few weeks. I didn’t want to give up my healthy green smoothie for breakfast, so I adapted it to fit my new fruitless lifestyle.

Watch the video to find out how to do it!


  • 1 cup milk kefir (you could use some kind of water kefir, coconut milk, almond milk, or just plain ol water if you aren’t into making milk kefir)
  • Handful of soaked or sprouted nuts. I like almonds.
  • Half an avocado
  • Handful of unsweetened coconut ribbons or flakes
  • 4 to 5 drops of liquid stevia extract (doesn’t have to be the liquid, it could be the powder or the actual herb)
  • As much cinnamon as you want
  • Tablespoon of cod liver oil (lemon flavour or some other flavour. I probably wouldn’t put this in the smoothie if it was unflavoured fish flavour)
  • As many greens as you can stuff in your blender! The more the merrier! I have noticed though that strong tasting greens like kale will overpower this fruitless smoothie. I think spinach is a pretty safe bet as its quite mild and you have a better chance of your smoothie not tasting gross.
  • Optional: A quick squeeze of lemon juice from a wedge. Only if I’m feeling zesty!

You can totally be happy, healthy and acne free!

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  1. Steve James Small says

    Can naturally sugars found it fruits also cause break outs? I’ve cut out all sugars from my diet for a week now and I’m seeing quite a few new break outs. I’m thinking perhaps it’s all the sugar in fruits or perhaps my body releasing the toxins like you described in one video – although I think it’s far too early for that yet!

    • Tracy says

      Yeah I think too much of it could…. but don’t be afraid of all sugars :/ It probably is just a detox breakout… it’s not too soon for that!

  2. Amanda says

    I’m dealing with candida too, but I’m still eating some fruits (1 green apple and 1/2 cup blueberries a day but I’ve been thinking of cutting them out entirely). It seems like there’s a lot of fat (albeit good fat) in your non-fruit green smoothie. Have you gained any weight since going on your candida cleanse? I’m vegan and wouldn’t don’t have a lot of options for protein if I cut out grains like quinoa and stuff unless I eat lots of nuts and seeds and those are also pretty high in fat. What are your thoughts?

    • Jeff says

      you shouldn’t be afraid of the fats in there because it’s from avocado and nuts, which provide ESSENTIAL fats that your body needs. as long as you supplement with fish oil or cod liver oil your omega 3s will balance out the omega 6s from the nuts or seeds.

      don’t worry about the fat! trans fat is the only fat to avoid, and the smoothie doesn’t contain any of that.

      • Tracy says

        Yes, I agree. There isn’t anything wrong with good fats as long as they aren’t combined in your diet with tons of sugary food and grains and stuff. And good fat and low sugar doesn’t make you gain weight… in fact it is more likely to cause weight loss than anything. Anyway… candida cleansing is a bit harder if you’re vegan, I agree :/ I’m not really sure what to suggest for that at this time!

  3. Jeff says

    Yes, there is sugar in fruit, particularly fructose. I would try to minimize fruits as well, maybe twice – three times a week. Stick with berries when you have fruit as well – those have lower GI levels compared to watermelon or bananas (a starchy fruit).

  4. says

    Hi Tracy!! I love this video. You are always so helpful and creative :-) I learn so much from you.
    Now maybe I should try to cut down the amount of natural sugar as well because I have done fruit diet for morning and night for couple of weeks, and my acne go worse. So I will try your fruitless green smoothie. Btw, your outfit is perfect for this video :-) Did you wear green on purpose?? haha

    • Tracy says

      You most likely don’t have to cut all fruit out of your diet, unless you are doing a cleanse like I was. I would just suggest that in your day to day life, you eat most of your fruit as berries and keep sugary fruits to one serving per day

  5. Anna says

    Hello Tracy,

    thanks to your videos I started drinking/eating green smoothies and am experimenting with ingredients. First of all, I think a smoothie doesn’t have to be sweet. I think you can also see it as a “liquid salad” and season it as you would a normal salad. Also I tried adding fresh peppermint to my sweet smoothies and find it very refreshing! I’m using different kinds of fermented milk, organic bananas and peppermint (not really a green smoothie) –> tastes great and has a lovely light green colour! I also add peppermint to my other green smoothies.

    • Tracy says

      Ooh, thanks for the suggestion…. i have peppermint growing in my garden! I’m going to try it in my smoothie tomorrow!

  6. Jeff says

    random suggestion that just popped in my mind that might help the site … (off topic xD)

    – forum for people to ask questions and just discuss (might make things easier to manage)

    and also … ugh i’m freaking out …. i have this bump almost between my eyes maybe a little above that hurts like heck but when you look in the mirror it’s like a flat bump that isn’t even red! it’s like a flat white bump. ughhh. it’s really really really bugging me and making me paranoid because i just stopped having those probiotics like two days ago and i started having that kefir … and i think i’m blaming it on that, even though it’s 99% probably not due to that, lol.
    ^^ just needed to rant. πŸ˜›

    • Tracy says

      Don’t freak out Jeff! Just roll with it… it’s probably not the kefir, and it’s just a coincidence :/ Also, I agree about the forum, but right now because I don’t have the internet at my house and am working (and I just seemed to have lost my reliable internet connection that I was using in my village, which is even more frustrating), all I can do is keep the blog afloat…. I don’t have the time yet to figure out how to do any tech stuff like that…. but I will get everything rolling in the fall when I move somewhere with an internet connection and I’m not working anymore!

  7. Jeff says

    okay .. well i went and reordered the probiotics, LOL. the kefir was also making my stomach feel weird after I drank it — gurgly and kind of gassy. πŸ˜› and i haven’t gone to the restroom today (i was going EVERY DAY!!!) -.-

    i’m going to try a cleanse tomorrow … just drinking fruitless smoothies all day. lol. i’m going to see how it goes, since i’ve never done anything like it. if i don’t use kefir as the “base”, should I probably just use aloe vera juice or just water?

      • Jeff says

        great! i was browsing around for the answer to this question, but got mixed results … does blending increase digestibility or does it actually destroy nutrients? my mom was asking that …

        and also, do you drink this everyday in the morning or something as your breakfast? i’m thinking about starting to drink this every morning until like noon, then eat solid food.

        • Tracy says

          I believe it increases digestibility as opposed to destroying the nutrients…. I mean, we grind up food to eat it with our teeth! And we know that chewing your food well is way better than not! It seems unlikely that grinding and blending will destroy nutrients beyond the point where it’s beneficial. I heard about some study where they got everybody to eat one green smoothie per day without changing anything else in their lives, and almost every single one of them had their health improve.

        • Sampson says

          In all honesty the molecular structure of vitamins and minerals is so small that even if we wanted to destroy it by blending it, we couldn’t.

          However, things that can directly affect the molecular structure such as microwave radiation or heating can definitely decrease the nutrients by destroying them.

          Blending increases the surface area of the food and so your body doesn’t have to separate everything and break it down if it’s already broken down.

  8. Steve 'James' Small says

    Hey Tracey! If you have a free moment could you possibly write up some healthy recipes? I’m completely clueless in that department, :'(

    • Tracy says

      haha yes… I know, it’s technically a fruit… but with so little fructose, who’s counting πŸ˜‰

    • Tracy says

      I take a couple – cod liver oil and probiotics mostly. There are SO many supplements that you can take for this and that, I find that supplements get out of hand quickly and suddenly you are spending ridiculous amounts of money on them…. it’s best to get your nutrients from your diet anyway.l But with our modern food, sometimes there are still deficiencies so a few select ones can be good.

  9. Jeff says

    I’m at my aunt’s and she said that she likes juicing instead of blending (something to do with the fiber..? indigestible?)

    What are your thoughts between the two?

    • Tracy says

      Hmm…. well, fiber in general is indigestible, but in a good way. It’s that indigestible part that you need to push stuff through your digestive system, so I think the fiber in smoothies is a good thing. It also slows down the sugars from from spiking your blood sugar, which can sometimes happen with sweet juices.
      But juices are really good too :/ I used to make them but I find them to be a lot more of a pain in the ass to make than smoothies, so I stopped.

  10. Michaela says

    Hi Tracy,

    I’m doing the cleanse starting this April and I was just wondering in the green smoothies I make now I use vega whole food optimizer (the product just changed so this is a link to the newest product the one I have is a tiny bit different-w/o the high probiotic benefit unfortunately)

    and I also use a green superfood powder

    are these okay to use during the cleanse still?

    the vega powder has less than 2 grams sugar, and the green superfood powder has less than 1. But I’ve found since adding them to my daily routine my skin has improved significantly.

    I just wanted to check that the sugar content wasn’t too high.

    Thanks for your help!

    • Tracy says

      Hi Michaela,
      Yep those are fine to use on the cleanse, and especially if you find they are helping your skin! 3 – 4 grams of sugar and less is fine :)

  11. Patty says

    Hey Tracy,
    I love green smoothies but live with my bf in a small NYC apartment so he’d wake up if I blended in the AM. Since he comes home from work at 5am most days, I don’t want to wake him but I’d really love to incorperate this into my lifestyle. I’m debating bringing the blender to the bathroom and covering it up with towels. If that doesn’t work, how do you feel about Odawalla Green Monster smoothies?

    Many thanks!

    • Tracy says

      Hi Patty,
      haha I totally understand about not wanting to use the blender in the morning. I have spent countless mornings feeling bad about blending while living in share houses etc.. ohhh well. But yeh, that’s considerate of you. Bottled smoothies are an okay substitute – fresh is definitely better because bottled juices are always pasteurized so they don’t have quite as many nutrients, but yeah – they’re alright if you have no choice. As for juicing vs smoothies – I think they are both good, but juicing is a bit of a pain in the ass in my experience/opinion, so I prefer smoothies

  12. Ella says


    Thanks for this, but just a comment that kefir is pronounce KUH-FEER (with the stress on the second syllable), not KEEH-FER (with the accent on the first syllable).

  13. Rachel says

    Hey Tracy,

    I know this is an old post but I revisit old posts a lot on this site. The smoothie recipe is really helpful! I wanted to mention that I use unflavored fish oil in my green smoothie (which is pretty similar to your recipe) and I can’t taste it at all. I think the other flavors mask it completely (although I do use berries or a little fruit in mine so it’s not a fruitless green smoothie like yours).

    I fell off the health wagon the last few months because I was too busy to eat healthy and my skin suffered big time. I had it all cleared up beautifully last summer/winter and now I’m recuperating with smoothies in the morning!

  14. Nicole says

    Hi Tracy!

    I was wondering if I could buy the bones online somewhere? I can’t find any butcher near me.

    I’m sorry if you already mentioned this and I missed it.

    Thanks (:


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