So, I’ve been experimenting lately with something called MMS. That stands for Miracle Mineral Solution (hokey name, right?).

Let me give you an introduction if you’ve never heard of it.

Let’s start with the good stuff:

This Miracle Mineral Solution is supposedly the strongest pathogen killer of all time. Now, there are plenty of strong pathogen killers out there (antibiotics… chemotherapy, anyone?), but that hardly means its a miracle if it goes around hurting healthy cells along with all the parasites, bad bacteria, and viruses.

But not MMS. No, it allegedly enters the body, reacts with harmful pathogens, deactivates them, and then deactivates itself, without touching any healthy cells at all. And I’m talking, like – apparently this stuff is strong enough to kill anything from a common cold, to candida, to malaria, to hepatitis, and even AIDS. Without hurting healthy cells?? REALLY?

Well, I don’t know. I’m only in the experimentation stage. So far, I’m just going on what I’ve read and heard, but it sure as hell sounds good.

What causes hesitation with MMS for many people is that it’s, basically, a common chemical. In its deactivated form, it’s sodium chlorite (chlorite, not sodium chloride which is salt). When you mix it together with some citric acid (like that from lemons), a chemical reaction takes place and it becomes chlorine dioxide. You drink it down with some strong juice, because it tastes just awful.

Wait… chlorine? You’re drinking chlorine?

Supposedly not. I’m no chemist, but while it’s molecularly similar (and certainly smells a lot like you’re drinking water out of your pool), it apparently is not the same thing at all.

If you drink straight chlorine, it creates at least three different carcinogens in your body. But if you take chlorine dioxide (which is actually a gas, and not the same as chlorine… kind of like how carbon monoxide is obviously not the same thing as carbon, despite sharing an element), what happens is that your blood picks up the gas, which it thinks are oxygen molecules, and carries it around the body.

When the gas comes in contact with items in the body that are a great deal different than those of human cells, it explodes by ripping five electrons from the pathogen with tremendous force. They both become deactivated and are then expelled through the body’s waste systems (the liver, the digestive system, the lungs, and sometimes the skin). Any other MMS still left in the blood breaks down into harmless salt molecules after about an hour.

Here’s the protocol for taking MMS:

You start off with one or two drops, twice a day. After a few days with that, you up your dose by a drop. So now you’re taking three drops, twice a day. After a few days of that, you go up to four drops.

The goal is to get to 15 drops, twice a day, and sustain that for a couple of weeks. This is the dosage that apparently kills strong pathogens like malaria, so if you make it to that dosage and keep at it for a while, you will have definitely detoxed your whole body, and can then drop it down to a maintenance dose of six drops, three to four times a week.

Well….. if 15 drops will kill everything bad in your body, why don’t you just jump straight to 15 drops and be done with it?

Heres the thing – MMS has the potential to make you nauseous and give you diarrhea, particularly when you get into the higher doses. To those who don’t know anything about detoxification reactions or alternative health, the only reasonable explanation for this is that MMS is obviously a poison.

But I’ve mentioned this stuff before – when you suddenly get healthier and your body releases toxins quickly, your symptoms will often get worse. And if this stuff is as powerful as they say, there’s going to be a lot of dead toxins that are moving through your body and if your body gets overwhelmed, it’s going to deal with it by producing diarrhea or other reactions. Apparently it doesn’t last very long, and people tend to feel a lot better afterwards. The reactions can be completely avoided though if you just go slowly and let your body detox lightly as you work your way up to the higher doses.

Honestly – I never would have ever tried this stuff if I had just come across it on the internet by myself.

It just sounds too fishy (and hokey… I mean… did they have to name it Miracle Mineral Solution? It just sounds like lame-o marketing jargon that’s going to automatically invite skeptics). While there are hundreds of people on the internet who swear by the stuff, the naysayers say that you’re drinking nothing more than bleach and poisoning yourself if you take it, and I’m sure that would have scared me.

But the thing is, it was my hypnotherapist friend Bruce who first told me about this. He’s been using it off and on for a while, and he says that without a doubt, he feels literally ten years younger after only using it for three days. AND his eczema almost completely clears up.

I was certainly intrigued hearing this testimonial from a real live person, and I did my own research. The fact that this common chemical has such profound health benefits was discovered only a few years ago by a guy named Jim Humble. I still would have been pretty skeptical that this stuff was all just hype, but the fact is – this isn’t an expensive supplement. This stuff is cheap – a year’s supply of it costs less than 30 bucks.

The best part is that Jim Humble doesn’t even sell it. You can get it from all sorts of sources all over the internet, but not from him. So you know it’s not just a guy trying to make a quick buck off some snake oil – he isn’t making any money at all from it – which in my opinion, does give it more credibility.

Anyway – Do I think this has any potential to help with acne?

Yes… theoretically, I would say so. Acne is caused by many different things, so I can’t say it would help all cases, and MMS has no nutritional value, so it can’t replace a healthy diet and lifestyle. But many people are so overloaded with toxins, yeast, bad bacteria, parasites, mould, etc, that detoxing these would allow our normal elimination channels to catch up, and would potentially prevent toxins from being eliminated through our skin as acne.

Apparently MMS can also be used topically, which may have direct implications for healing acne. I have yet to try it topically though, so I can’t really comment on this.

What’s my experience with it so far?

Well… I’ve been using it for about a week and half now. I started with three drops, and I’ve just upped my dose this morning to six drops. I have yet to experience any diarrhea or nausea, but I have noticed that I’ve been really cranky and lethargic lately.

AND, I’m breaking out. Not terribly, but a little more than I have been lately. However, that isn’t annoying me like it usually would, because if the MMS is doing what it’s supposed to, it would make sense that my skin would temporarily get worse as my body detoxed. I’m actually welcoming it as a sign that it’s working.

Intereeesting stuff. I’m very intrigued, but I have no idea what’s going to happen. It’s an experiment, so I promise nothing.

If you decide to try it, I must warn you though to be careful. You do it at your own risk! Read as much as you can about it first – I’d highly recommend reading Jim Humble’s free ebook here to give you an introduction.

And here’s a video about it on youtube about a guy who is making a documentary about MMS:


Don’t ramp up your dosages too quickly, make yourself sick, and then get mad at me. I’ve been taking good care of my health for a while now (and have recently done a candida cleanse), so I would imagine that I don’t have as many toxins to detox as the average person. The more toxic your body, the more likely you’ll get nauseous on lower dosages!

Are you intrigued, or do you think I’m crazy for drinking something that smells like bleach?

photo from Miracle Mineral Solutions