As you may know, my acne dream come true is a supplement called Estroblock. It’s what finally got rid of that bit of annoying recurring mild hormonal acne around my chin, improved my complexion, and catapulted my skin into reliable awesomeness.

I definitely think that a holistic lifestyle – lack of heavily processed foods, managed stress, moving your body, gentle skin care, etc, are super important components for healthy skin and can’t be ignored – but I found that Estroblock, for me at least, was just the little cherry on top that solved the last frontier of acne mystery.

I mainly talked about Estroblock in this article, so if you haven’t read it yet, read it to get up to speed on what Estroblock is and how it works.

Should You Take regular Estroblock, or Triple Strength Estroblock Pro?

Now, there’s two different kinds of Estroblock – just regular Estroblock, and Triple Strength Estroblock Pro

I’ve been on Estroblock for about a year now. At first (and when I wrote the above article), I started out with the regular Estroblock, taking three per day – two in the morning, one at night. I chose this amount because Fran Kerr from High On Health was the one who kind of “discovered” the magic of this supplement, and she said that three of the regulars per day was how much she needed for it to make a big difference in her skin.

And after about two or three months of taking it that way, I did notice a big difference in my skin.

However, a few months ago, a Love Vitamin reader said that they called the company who makes Estroblock to ask about it, and they said that the Triple Strength is more effective for hormonal acne than the regular, and that you only need two per day as opposed to three.

Now as you may know, Estroblock isn’t the cheapest supplement ever. Which is good, in a way – I mean, cheap supplements just don’t work as well. And if I’m going to take a supplement I want it to work. And to me, paying a bit of money each month for guaranteed beautiful skin is worth every last penny.

But I still don’t want to GIVE away my hard earned cash.

So I figured, well, the triple strength is $40, the regular Estroblock $30… but the triple strength will last longer if I only have to take 2 per day…

All in all, the savings actually weren’t that great. But I decided to try the Pro anyway to see what happened. And I’ve been taking it for the last… I don’t know. Maybe even 5 or 6 months now.

My review is that I actually do feel the Pro Estroblock is more effective for me than the regular strength. So effective that I was able to drop down to one capsule per day and get the same effect if not actually better than taking three of the regular.

So now, I actually am saving money. Spending 20 something dollars a month as opposed to 40 something. Plus it’s just nicer only having to take one pill as opposed to three.

Mind you, as you start Estroblock, it’s probably good to start off slow, build your way up slowly to taking the higher dose, and then drop down after several months.

[UPDATE]: Please read this article before starting Estroblock for some additional information on possible detoxification reactions

Will I Have to Be on This Supplement Forever?

Inquiring minds want to know… if they start on this supplement and it works… do they have to be on it forever? Will they ever be able to stop taking it and have their skin stay nice after?

Well, to be honest, I really don’t know from personal experience. Because I haven’t stopped taking it yet. I guess I will admit I’m pretty attached to it and am nervous to experiment with completely stopping.

However, Fran (from High on Health) actually did stop taking hers after an initial 6 or 7 month course of it and her skin stayed clear after. If she breaks out a little bit every once in a while, she just starts taking it again for two or three weeks and it clears everything right up.

And I also just called the company who makes it to ask their opinion on it and the lady who answered the phone said that no you don’t have to take it forever, although she recommends staying on it indefinitely if you are on hormonal birth control since hormonal birth control quickly accumulates bad estrogen levels.

But if you’re not on birth control and you are maintaining a relatively healthy lifestyle, you take your dose of it for a while (she didn’t specify how long, but I imagine, like… 6 months give or take??), detoxify your body’s toxic load of estrogens, and get things back in balance. Then you can stop, but over time just due to modern living, you may re accumulate the bad estrogens and then have to do another course of it.

Makes sense to me.

Can Men Take Estroblock for Acne?

Now, I have always known that men can take this supplement (because men too accumulate fake estrogens from our environment that can screw with their hormones), but up until now, I have only recommended it for female acne, simply because I just didn’t know if it was effective for male acne or not.

However, on my call to the Estroblock folks, I asked, and while I didn’t get a whole lot of details, she said “Yes, it is effective for acne in males”. So there you go. Worth a shot guys. And if any of you men out there try it, please give me feedback and let me know if it works for you or not.

Can Teenagers Take Estroblock for Acne?

The lady on the phone said that yes it is safe for teenagers and it does help with teenage acne, although her personal opinion is that she probably would not give it to anyone 14 and younger.


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