Freedom at lastI was ridiculously happy to find this email in my inbox! Stories like this just warm my little heart. Please read ahead and be inspired by this man’s acne success story.

Like many of us here, Logan spent years struggling with acne, cysts, debilitating shame, and an all too familiar addiction to chemical acne treatments.

This is the story of how he learned to listen to his body, through which he healed physically and emotionally, and finally found freedom after so many long, painful years:

My name is Logan. I’m a 30-year old guy living in South Florida.

I’ve dealt with acne, cysts and especially the devastating shame that comes from the compulsion to pick at my face since I was probably about 15.

To say that anxiety concerning my skin has been a big part of my adult life is an understatement.

Enslaved by my skin would be a better way to put it. Utterly terrified of what it might decide to do, or what I might decide to do to it.

Usually I find I’m my own worst enemy.

Ever since I started washing my face with Clearasil and using benzoyl peroxide products as a teenager my skin got progressively worse and worse. In high school I went on Tetracycline but it didn’t really help much. Then when I was 19 my mother discovered ProActiv Solution. She started using it and passed it on to me.

The first time I used ProActiv it seared my face red like a massive sunburn. I felt the pain meant it was working so I stuck with it. Day and night. The 3-piece system became my crutch.

And I think it did work. By completely changing the biology and quality of my skin.

I used Proactiv for 10 years straight.

10 years of chemicals on my face in hopes of preventing acne and restoring some semblance of control and self-esteem.

Mostly it worked. If I had it. If I didn’t have it, or was running low, I was like a crack addict searching Amazon for the best deals on new kits or frantically trying to find the nearest kiosk mall dispensary.

But it didn’t stop everything. Especially over the last couple years I began getting more and more painful cysts that ProActiv seemed powerless to prevent.

At 30 years old I knew my acne wasn’t hormonal.

The breaking point came when I got skin cancer. A spot on my forehead which required surgery to remove.

The doctors all told me it was from the sun and since I was so fair I should stay out of the sun…but my intuition told me differently.

In my gut, I believe in my body. I believe it knows how to heal and care for itself if only I let it.

So I started researching other methods of skin care – natural products – organic washes. In theory, “good things” to put on my skin.

Of course when I switched my face went bonkers. The worst acne I’ve ever had. Total ProActiv withdrawal. I’d experienced before when I’d tried to get off ProActiv, but never to this extent.

I was terrified. I ran back to the mall to buy more chemical dope fast as I could.

But after a few days I had a moment of clarity. I realized there had to be a better way.

In the past few years I’d changed so much about my life. I’d gone from being a heroin addict and alcoholic to 2 years sobriety. I knew that if I didn’t break my cycle of ProActiv addiction now I might never be free. And a lifetime of potentially cancerous skin care was not an option.

So I scoured the internet for stories. There had to have been other people who got off ProActiv – who freed themselves from this horrible cycle of dependency and broken self-esteem. How did they do it?

And then I found The Love Vitamin. And what I read on your site changed my life.

The philosophy behind the Caveman Regimen fit everything my intuition was telling me about my life:

Stop trying and just let go.

Just let it be.

You don’t have bad skin. You’re giving yourself bad skin. You are the problem.

I felt like the weight of the world lifted off my chest.

All I had to do was nothing.

I commenced at once. April 24 2013. I will never forget the date.

For 30 days I put nothing on my skin. Not even water. Not one drop.

As seems to be the norm, my face grew a mask of dead skin and began to heal itself. After 30 days I removed the mask with a wet cloth.

And then I kept going. I let the mask grow back and removed it again. I occasionally put water on my face but nothing else.

I don’t want to go into the specifics of how my face looked at every stage, but now I am coming up on 10 months with nothing but water and my face has never ever ever ever ever looked this good. Not ever.

I have not washed my face in 10 months and my skin is amazing.

My skin is not oily or dry. It is smooth and glowing.

This goes against the tenets of everything we are fed as teenagers and adults by a cosmetic industry that wants to keep us sick and dependent.

Make no mistake, my face went through a lot of detox to get where it is today. Also, examining every part of my diet played a huge part. I completely eliminated caffeine, dairy and gluten. I only eat whole foods. Real food. I listen to my body.

I think that’s the biggest point I want to make. I have learned to listen to my body. Not just about my face – but about every aspect of my health.

I am learning what it takes to keep my body healthy and happy. At 30 years old, I feel like it’s about time.

I know for 100% certain that the health of my skin depends on what I put into my body and not on external factors.

One last bit:

for the last month my skin was looking good but I still had these breakouts around my mouth and chin in the area regulated by stomach, intestines and diet.

I knew it wasn’t anything to do with food because I was eating super clean.

But what about what I was drinking….nothing but water…but what kind of water…

I had been drinking a lot of tap water. Fluoride. Snap.

I stopped any consumption of tap water and started making my own toothpaste out of coconut oil and baking soda.

The rest of my acne cleared up completely in a week.

Tap water, Tracy. Tap water.

Horrifying to think about, but I am so grateful to know my body in this way. To know what sets it off and how I can take care of it.

I’ve wanted to write you and say thank you for a while now, but I wanted to wait until the six month mark. I feel like this is close enough.

So thank you. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for what you are doing. It is so so so so valuable and in my opinion is not discussed enough.

I know what it feels like to suffer at your own hand. Especially the picking and the agonizing. I know that pain so well.

I think you’ve created a beautiful place, not just for skin care – but for life care. And that’s really what this is about. Healthy inside and out.

The freedom I feel today is like a white light. It’s beautiful beyond my wildest dreams.

Acne is bad, but the emotional toll it takes is even worse. The emotional and psychological trauma associated with acne to be an incredibly substantial and largely unrecognized and untreated mental Loganhealth issue. For it goes far, far beyond the physical. I know you understand this all too well.

Thank you again so much.

Many blessings to you Tracy.


PS. I’ve attached a picture of myself I took this morning.

** UPDATE from Tracy ** This topic has been so popular, I’ve finally decided to create ‘Caveman Regimen: The Ultimate Guide’ to answer all your questions and help you through the terrifying process of letting of of skin care (as well as help with modifying the Caveman to suit you and your needs better). Click here for more details!