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If you haven’t heard yet, the Harvest Your Health Bundle Sale is on right now.

Sooo worth it if you want to have an amazing and inspiring library of trusted health information that will make getting and staying healthy really dang easy.

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Today I wanted to share with you some of my favourite ebooks from this bundle and how useful I’ve found them:

Clear for Life, by Seppo Puusa

Clear for LifeAs I said before, Clear For Life is all about treating acne naturally and it’s truly an amazing resource. This book actually seriously changed my life in a big way because it was my main resource I used when I was clearing my severe acne.

Seppo wasn’t the only one that I learned from, but he was one of the first and because he’s so down to earth, I found myself always coming back to his stuff when I’d get confused about all the conflicting health information I was reading around the internet. After going through the book again, I can see that it’s been updated quite significantly since I read it, so it’s good to see that he’s keeping it current.

In a way his book is similar to Ultimate Secrets, but also very different because we’re different people with different opinions and experiences, but I do trust his judgment very much. He’s a very smart guy, and it’s definitely worth having his ebook on your e-bookshelf for a diversity of viewpoints. 

Homemade Health & Beauty by Sandra Colixto

Homemade Health & BeautyThis book is awesome!

Almost all conventional beauty and hygiene products that we use have dangerous chemicals in them that over time, can have a seriously adverse affect on your health and hormones (many contain plenty of xenoestrogens which can lead to acne – and yes, they do get absorbed into your body!)

Homemade Health and Beauty is full of very simple recipes that you can make at home. They’re straight forward, easy to make, and many of them use the same ingredients for easy crossover.

Included is recipes for shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, hand soap, body wash, hand and body cream, shaving cream, bubble bath, mouthwash, and plenty more.

I tried making the deodorant recipe and I love it!

No really, I swear I look this happy every time I put on deoderant
No really, I swear I look this happy every time I put on deoderant

Birth Control Unlocked, by Stefani Ruper

Birth Control UnlockedIf you’re a lady and confused as all heck about which method of birth control is best for you because you are concerned about your health but still need a method of contraception, you might want to check out this book.

Stefani Ruper (author of paleoforwomen.com and another great ebook called PCOS Unlocked that I highly recommend) goes over how hormonal birth control works on your hormones and liver, the side effects and risks, options for non hormonal birth control and their pros and cons, how to support your health and gut if you are on hormonal birth control, and how to move forward with natural fertility.

It was a very informative read and I learned a lot.

Just Making Ice Cream, by Marillyn Beard

Just Making Ice CreamLuke’s birthday is coming up and he insists he wants an ice cream cake!

Our best pal Lorenzo groaned that he didn’t want to use store bought ice cream, and I groaned that making your own ice cream was a pain in the butt (I tried it once and there was a lot of tedious shaking and it didn’t even work that well)!

Well, conveniently, in this bundle there happens to be a very comprehensive guide to making healthy ice cream (yes, that exists), and it turns out there’s lots of different (much easier) methods and flavour combinations. And no, you don’t have to make it from milk or cream, you can also use coconut milk, or just use frozen fruit for a sorbet!

I am super pleased to have this book. Wish I had had it the first time I tried making my own ice cream, and I think Luke will really enjoy his birthday cake 🙂

A Paleo Pumpkin Thanksgiving by George Bryant

A Paleo Pumpkin ThanksgivingIt’s pumpkin season and I had yet to partake but was definitely craving it! I’ve had a pumpkin I bought at the farmer’s market sitting on the counter all week just begging me to do something with it.

So when I saw this ebook, I was like “YES! Give it to me!” and I opened it up, saw this healthy muffin recipe (the one pictured on the cover there), and it was love at first sight. They were soooo good.

Paleogasm by Camille Macres

PaleogasmNow I’m not really paleo myself (and don’t worry if you aren’t either, this isn’t an exclusively paleo bundle!), but I do think paleo food is healthy, acne safe, and can be dang delicious. And with a name like paleogasm… well…

Anyway, I made the recipe called “Mushroom Bison Balls”…  … no wait. Sorry it was “Bison Stuffed Mushrooms”, that’s it. Anyway, I used grass fed beef instead, and it was really truly a paleogasm in my mouth.

There’s also 150 other recipes in this book with stunningly beautiful pictures that make you genuinely excited for dinner!


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