I can’t say I’m usually much of a skin care experimenter, but I’ve been playing around with my skin care routine a bit lately. I’m still mostly using the same ingredients (honey, jojoba oil) as before, but in a new way!

So far, the results are stellar.

Watch the video and find out what I’ve been doing!


For those who want the quick summary, I’ve been doing this:

  1. Upgraded my regular raw honey to the extra special acne fighting Manuka Honey.
  2. Combining one part Manuka Honey with one part organic jojoba oil and a drop or two of tea tree oil to use as a cleanser. The honey dissolves easily with water, and this generally leaves some jojoba still on the skin. The leftover jojoba oil seems to hydrate my skin perfectly and there is no need for moisturizer.
  3. When I have the time, I like to massage this mixture into my face (like when I would normally wash my face in the morning and evening) and let it sit for a half hour or so prior to rinsing it off with water. I’ve been doing this most days.
  4. Enjoying softer skin, less acne, spots that heal super quick, and quickly healing red marks