We all know having acne makes us feel bad… but let’s be honest – sometimes we exasperate our pain by examining our faces in the wrong situations (and way too much).

Here are the top three times you should never look at your skin:

  1. In Fluorescent or Super Bright Lighting

    Fluorescent lighting doesn’t make anyone look good! It could reveal the flaws on the hottest movie star. If you somehow got stuck with fluorescent or bright lighting in your bathroom or bedroom, see if you can change it to a soft bulb – it will honestly give your self esteem a huge helping hand.

  2. When You Get Out of the Shower

    I think we have experienced this phenomenon – you enjoy a soothing shower, but when you get out, your skin looks super blotchy and every red mark stands out like a sore thumb. It can be incredibly disconcerting – so try to avoid looking in the mirror until after your face is dry and it’s calmed calmed down. It’s never nearly as bad.

  3. Majorly Close Up

    Examining your face at a microscopic level isn’t doing you any favours. The closer you get, the more detail you see, the more flaws there are, and the more OCD you become. Let’s get real – no one else is looking at your face that close. Stand back a bit and look at your face as a whole. You’ll realize that this is the way that others see you and the way that you look at others. No one is really zeroing in on the tiny details on someone else’s face.

Okay that’s it. It was short, but hey – I’m in transit. I’m hanging out in Hollywood right now en route to Australia. I’ll see you guys when I arrive down under!

In the meantime, I will continue to not think about my skin, not look at my skin too much, and not stress about anything less-than-great I’m eating while on the road! Life is too short for that, remember? x

photo by Alex Dram