Hello Everyone!

I made it to Australia, and I’ve met up with a fellow blogger and healthy person, Alissa Evelyn. She’s a lovely English girl with a glorious accent, who blogs about health, beauty, and fashion – and has also had her unfortunate run with acne!

She has just finished writing a book called “Healthy Breakfast Recipes” that you can pick up on Amazon.com … highly recommended since Alissa and I share the same ideas about a healthy diet!

I loved meeting her, by the way. We had so much fun, and it’s completely random that we both ended up staying ten minutes away from each other in this giant country… especially since we’ve been watching each other on youtube for some time. Very cool!

Check out the interview with this lovely lady:


Here are the links to Alissa’s stuff – check it out!

Youtube Channel


Check Out Her Book on Amazon.com