Acting with AcneThis is a guest post by L Vitamin reader Charlotte, who shares her experiences of being an actor with acne.

Acne doesn’t have to put you off from your dreams, even if your dream is the highly competitive field of show biz!

Acne is no joke for anyone, but for me as an actor, it’s a particularly bad one.

Going into a profession where there is an emphasis on perfection and plenty of beautiful hopefuls to pick from, acne is pretty much a sure fire way to get a false smile from the casting director as they frantically erase you off the list.

Now, thanks to honey, vitamins and cleaning up my lifestyle, my skin has improved greatly. Yet, when I was about 15 my face was covered in moderate acne.

It was about this time that I was cast as an extra in a popular teen TV series. After carefully applying my make-up I was so excited to be positioned right in view of the camera and the main action. Before action was called though, a crew member pulled me out of the shot.

When her actions were questioned, she pointed at me and said ‘spots’. I should have complained, objected and asked for an apology, but at 15, I kept quiet. It took every part of my being to wait several hours before getting home and sobbing into my pillow.

My confidence was crushed and if it weren’t for my massive love for acting, I may well have quit right there and then.

I always get comments like ‘I don’t know how you get up on stage’ or ‘Don’t you get nervous going to auditions’ and yes of course I do!

But the thing that makes my heart jump into my throat instantly is reading that the girls should come to the audition wearing no make up. Gulp. Or reading that the part requires a ‘fresh face’ (I think we all know what that is not so subtly implying) and wondering whether they will notice the bumps on my face. Double gulp.

Now, before I put absolutely everyone off acting, I wouldn’t still be doing it if it weren’t for the several directors who value talent over a few spots and have given me the part.

Not everyone in the business is fixated on perfection…not the most convincing statement though when you look at pictures of the rich and famous who look as though they have been photoshopped in real life! However, there are several successful actors who have struggled with acne and I hold them up as my shining light.

You may feel like your skin is letting you down or that peoples comments will destroy you but I believe that having acne has made me have to fight harder and rely on *shock horror* a personality to get by.

So, yes, I may have spots on my face but you know what I also have? I have belief in my ability, I have (some) confidence, I’m armed with make up…I’m ready for my close up, Mr Director.

Charlotte x


When ‘resting’ from acting, Charlotte likes to write about life, love, laughing, beauty and fashion on her blog