Summertime BreakoutsHey Love Vitamins!

This is the first edition of a new feature on the site called “Ask the Readers”, where you can ask a question and the Love Vitamin community will respond with their experiences, opinions, and advice! I would like to post one of these about once a month.

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I chose the following question because it’s something I genuinely am not sure of the answer to. My skin personally likes hot and humid weather, but some people’s skin just hates it resulting in mad summertime breakouts.

My feeling is that all the holistic health stuff we talk about on The Love Vitamin would be the answer to stop these kinds of breakouts, but beyond that I am actually at a loss for specific advice. I just don’t have experience with it.

So here is the question:

Hello Love Vitamin readers. It’s summer here where I live, and it’s getting really hot and humid. My routine is the same, my diet stays the same yet I’m breaking out like crazy in small red bumps. Do you think it is because of the weather? And how can I improve my skin? – Chi Le

So, Love Vitamins, what do you think? What’s your own experience with the best way to quell the summertime beast?