How long to stick with supplements?This month’s ‘Ask the Readers’ question is about how long to stick with taking a supplement for your acne (submit your own question here).

When is the right time to call it quits if it doesn’t seem to be working?

I have cystic acne all along my lower jawline area. I’m sure it’s hormonal since It comes on really bad once a month. I never had this problem until about a year ago..I am 36 years old.

I started taking Thorne SAT and the Estroblock supplements about one month ago and haven’t seen much change yet.

How long would you recommend sticking with it to see if I get good results?

Kelly K.

So friends… how long do you think you should stick with a supplement to see if it works? (I don’t mean just these Thorne SAT and Estroblock, but any supplement)

Please share in the comments below! And if you have specific experience with the two supplements mentioned please share that as well!