Hi Everyone – just a quick video today because I didn’t make one earlier…. and then it got dark out and the lighting is terribly shoddy…. so here are my fast tips about what you should do if you are a man with acne who must shave his face.

Yes, I know I am a woman so my advice is definitely heresay, but maybe you men out there have some better suggestions on how to reduce irritation from shaving when you’ve got spots?

Either way, I came up with four good’uns so watch my video to get the scoop:


My suggestions are:

1) Grow a beard instead. Other ladies may disagree, but I think they’re sexy.
2) Shave with the grain instead of against the grain.
3) Shave with an electric shaver set to a not-too-close-a-shave-setting.
4) Shave at the end of a shower so that the steam will open pores and soften the hair, making it come off better.

Reader suggestion: After you’re done, splash with cold water to close the pores.

Any suggestions, guys?