So.. I moved again.

We had been living with my boyfriend, Luke’s, parents so that we could save money, but while I was there, I was getting all anxious about living with others and losing some control over my food and surroundings. Then the stress began to break me out. You can read all about it in this article I wrote the other day.

But then, Luke’s friend got him a job in a nearby town and offered to let us live with him. So off we went, and now I’m in the process of getting settled into my new home… again. However, even though I’m back to being “in charge” of my food, now I’m finding that some of the anxiety has simply followed me and all I’m doing is getting uptight about new and different things.

Watch my video to find out my thoughts:


I realized in the process of making this video that the whole “loss of control” thing that I had written about in this article was all an illusion. The truth is simply that I am blaming everyone and everything else for the things I get annoyed and uptight and upset about and that is the source of my unhappiness.

The truth is – we create our own reality. No – I don’t mean that we always create the things and the situations and people that may come along in life, but what we always create is the way we react to them. And our reactions are what actually make up our experiences of life.

Yes, change can be tough, and yes, some things can be annoying and difficult, but I don’t have to let it upset me. If I do, then it’s no one’s fault but mine. Yet it’s so much easier to blame external circumstance for my problems.

“If only they would ____, then I would be happy” … “If only ____ wasn’t this way, then I would be happier” …. “If only I could ___, then I would be happy” … “If only my skin was clear, then I would be everything I want to be”

Unfortunately, this is what causes the scary “loss of control” feeling. If someone or something else is responsible for my happiness, then I have no control over my life.

If I choose to be in charge of my own happiness by taking responsibility for my reactions, then things are going to be okay no matter what situation I’m thrown into!

And that’s pretty liberating.

Please apply this little lesson to your skin – remember that it is not your acne that is making you unhappy – it’s your reaction. Let’s work on taking the power back from our acne and other difficult situations and cultivate the power from within to change our own lives for the better.