Yes! New Website, New Clear Skin Programs & a Hot Deal!
It’s here! It’s finally here! My new website design, which I’ve been working feverishly away at for the last several months is finally here! Sooo very excited.

And with it has brought some changes to the Love Vitamin and the goodies that I have for you to ditch the acne, get rid of all that anxiety and shame, and create the amazing life & skin you’ve always wanted.

So let me explain what’s hip happ’nin around here!

The main thing that’s different is my product line of acne programs that I have on offer. You may have noticed that, before, I had a mish mash of stuff- that indeed all complimented each other, but I think of which many of you were confused about which one you should go with in order to achieve your clear skin goals.

So now I have just four things on offer, all of which I have branded as my ‘Naturally Clear Skin’ line. I feel like it has a lot better ‘flow’ than whatever was happening before. This includes:

7 Things Clear SkinFREE Gift – 7 Things You Can Start Doing Right Now to Clear Your Skin

This is my (new) free gift to you. This gives you an introduction to clearing your skin naturally and gives you seven things you can literally start doing right now to clear your skin. Just like the title says 🙂

Click here to grab the free report now!

The Naturally Clear Skin Ebook

Naturally Clear Skin

This is the foundation for everything I teach. Want to know in vivid step-by-step detail how to clear your acne naturally and permanently and finally get the clear skin of your dreams? Look no further, this book contains all the answers. Check it out here.

(PS – this is basically a slightly revamped version of Ultimate Secrets to Acne Freedom… it just has a new name… so if you have already purchased that, I wouldn’t recommend buying this again. However you do get the new one included if you purchase either the Bootcamp or the Academy).

The Naturally Clear Skin Bootcamp

Naturally Clear Skin

This is the next step up from the ebook (and you also get the ebook included when you buy the Bootcamp).

The Naturally Clear Skin ebook literally tells you everything you need to know, but the Bootcamp is a six week live program that makes it incredibly easy to actually implement what you learned in the ebook by giving you a private forum in which you can connect with me and others for support, recipes, meal plans, workout videos, journalling and motivational exercises, and videos galore.

This is really important if you’re finding you really need that kick in the butt to actually make the lifestyle changes necessary to have permanently clear skin. Reading about it is one thing, actually doing it is another! The Bootcamp will make all the difference.

The Bootcamp begins October 15th so go check it out and sign up!

The Naturally Clear Skin Academy

Naturally Clear Skin Academy

Naturally Clear Skin Academy

The Academy is a bundle program…. when you purchase it, you get The Naturally Clear Skin ebook, The Naturally Clear Skin Bootcamp, and everything else that I’ve ever created (and everything that I ever will create) to get you clear all at one low price.

This means it includes the Hormonal Acne Guide, Candida Cleanse course, and Caveman Regimen package and the Skin Picking book; all the things I have been offering so far, and if and when I make new things in the future, you will automatically get it for free.

All the resources you will ever need to get beautiful clear skin from the inside out all in one spot! Plus you also get your own private forum, group coaching calls with me, and other goodies. Check it out here.

SPECIAL Introductory Offer (Limited Time Only!)

So, I was wracking my brain trying to figure out how to make the Academy fair for everyone who has already purchased something from me in the past, and here’s what I’ve decided:

Since the Bootcamp is completely brand new and no one has ever purchased it before, only until October 15th, I’m offering the Academy as a free bonus if you purchase the Bootcamp. And I’m making the Academy the same price as the Bootcamp until then too.

So essentially, until October 15th, it doesn’t matter if you purchase the Bootcamp or the Academy – they’re the same price, and you’re going to receive both of them no matter which one you buy. After October 15th (when the Bootcamp begins), the Academy price will be going up. So best grab it now!

What Else Is New: The Love Vitamin is Now Officially for Women

The other major thing that’s new… aside from how everything looks …. is that you may have noticed I’ve decided to change my wording to specifically speak to women, where as before, I wasn’t really specific about it.

Thing is, the vast majority of Love Vitamins were always women anyway and The Love Vitamin has naturally been geared more towards women as it was simply because I am a woman, so therefore have more experience with female acne and the whole female experience.

So I’ve decided to just take the step and make it official – I want to make The Love Vitamin a place where we can all feel completely comfortable discussing the female experience and can feel safe connecting with other women on their acne journeys. I want women to know that this is a place for them; where they belong.

That being said, I know I have lots of male fans and feel a bit bad about this!! If you are male, you are still welcome here by all means as long as you don’t mind it being so female oriented (I mean I guess it always was anyway…) – most of my acne and health advice of course still relevant to you.

Okay, well that’s it! Over the next couple of weeks until the Bootcamp starts, I’ll be letting you know more about how my new offerings can help you get from where you are now – which I assume is frustrated, anxious and very embarrassed – to feeling like a completely, confident new you, with gorgeous clear skin to boot.

Lots of love,
Tracy x
Tracy Raftl