Note: this is an *update* to Eating for Clear Skin… everyone who bought it will be receiving this one for free!

Hi Everyone!

First of all, I’d like to, from the bottom of my heart, thank everyone who has purchased my ebook – Eating for Clear Skin.

I’m proud of all of you for taking a step toward clearing your skin and changing your life!

Plus, I am, of course, eternally grateful that you are helping to supprt to me so that I can continue pumping out awesome articles and videos for your learning pleasure!

I have an exciting announcement to make though – I decided that I wanted to change direction and update the main book that I am selling.

Don’t get me wrong – there’s nothing wrong with Eating for Clear Skin. It’s jam packed full of theoretical and practical information that you can use to help you change your diet and clear your skin.

But there were a couple things with it that weren’t sitting right with me, and I’m all about being honest with others and myself. If there was something bugging me, I will do anything to set it right.

These things were:

1) Focusing Only on Food

Hey… the subtitle of my website is “holistic living for clear skin and happiness”. Food is only one piece of the puzzle, so I feel that as my main selling book, it should have more of a holistic approach so you get the most well rounded guide to getting clear all in one book.

2) Making It Too Detailed

I’ve been feeling (and maybe I have this all wrong, I don’t know) that I made Eating for Clear Skin a little too complicated and overwhelming. After all this time studying and researching nutrition and health, I’ll be honest – I know a lot of little details about it. I didn’t want to leave anything out so I sort of just dumped ALL my knowledge into it and didn’t lay it out in the most easily actionable way for the readers.

So I decided to embark on writing an entirely new book that is well rounded and laid out simply and beautifully – yet still has all the important information you need and more.

It’s called Ultimate Secrets to Acne Freedom – Clear Skin and Happiness for Life and I am just putting the finishing touches on it now.

Here is the main feature of the new book:

Two Well Laid Out Plans – A Basic Plan, and An Advanced Plan.

I think part of the reason I chose to make Eating for Clear Skin SO detailed, was that I forgot that I had severe acne – the majority of people out there do not, and likely need to concentrate on fewer objectives in order to get clear.

Like I said – I don’t want anyone to get overwhelmed and turn away from natural healing because it just seems like too much effort for a not-that-bad acne problem. Especially if they could have easily gotten clear with fewer steps.

The Basic Plan

The Basic Plan is for those people coming straight from a standard american diet with a mild to moderate acne problem (even if it’s been a chronic stubborn one resistant to conventional treatments).

In the basic plan, I concentrate on 6 important diet principles, a detailed skin care plan (including exactly what I do), a basic stress reduction protocol, and suggestions about exercise, fresh air, sleep, and sunshine.

With this plan, once fully implemented, I believe the vast majority of people that I described will be totally or almost clear within 4 to 6 weeks.

The Advanced Plan

The advanced plan is an add-on to the basic plan that is to be implemented in conjunction with it. It’s for people with severe acne, people who are already coming from a relatively healthy lifestyle, and people who have already done the basic plan for the recommended time but continue to have a lingering problem.

In the advanced plan, I concentrate on tweaking and trouble shooting.

Everyone’s different so it’s not good to give one size fits all advice – I give you a questionnaire so you can figure out what may be your problem and you can then choose between my advice on healing your digestion and allergies, working with stubborn female hormonal acne, or releasing repressed emotions and low self esteem. Or you may need to work on a combination of them.

In fact, here is the table of contents:

The second main feature is the BONUSES!

Instead of focusing too much only on food in the main book, I decided to move much of the food information to a second guide. It’s 30 pages and still includes the two free bonus videos that take you on a journey through my fridge and cupboards, as well as showing you examples of everything I might eat in a day.

The new features include an easy food chart with a list of foods that I consider to be safe to eat plus over THIRTY easy recipes to get you started (which is way more than the old book, which is something I felt Eating for Clear Skin was lacking). The recipes cover everything from breakfast, smoothies, lunch, snacks, salads, dinners, side dishes, to baked goods and breads. It’s too easy.

Anyway…. I’m feeling really great and excited about this new book. I feel like it’s easier, simpler, more practical, and much more likely to get you clear skin as quickly and painlessly as possible so that your beauty and radiance can finally SHINE!! πŸ˜€

What’s the story? When and how is it available?

Good news for everyone who has already purchased Eating for Clear SkinI’m treating this new book as an update and you will all be receiving a free copy of it sometime this week!

What – you didn’t think I was gonna get you to buy one book and then keep coming out with a new book to buy every month, did ya? I’m not like that – I just want everyone to have the absolutely best information possible. Hey – it was my first ebook and I’m always learning! There is always room for a bit of improvement.

The new book will still be selling at the regular price of only $29 – but here is the exciting launch week deals:

Eating for Clear Skin will only be available for the next three days. So if you buy it now at the regular low price of $29, you will actually get TWO awesome ebooks for the price of one because you will be getting the free update. That’s right – you’ll get Eating for Clear Skin AND Ultimate Secrets to Acne Freedom for the price of just one ebook.

This deal will end on Tuesday, October 25th and Eating for Clear Skin will be retired. In one week from today, on Saturday, October 29th 2011, Ultimate Secrets to Acne Freedom will be released and it will be on sale for 3 days at the discount price of $19!

That’s 35% off so don’t miss out!

You guys rock….Β β™₯ Love you.