What Tracy's Been Up To Lately
Hey lovelies,

Just wanted to write a quick note about what I’ve been up to lately!

As you may know, my Aussie hubbie (haha I hate that word), Luke, and I just got home from 6 weeks in Australia visiting Luke’s family (who live a 15 minute walk from the beach… woohoo!)

My parents came down there too for the first time and we all spent Christmas together so that was a lot of fun.

Christmas Day in Australia
Christmas Day in Australia

After going in high gear in the fall revamping The Love Vitamin and creating the Naturally Clear Skin Bootcamp & Academy programs, I was in high need of some reLAXation. So that’s what I did. I read a lot. I ate mangoes. I swam.

Oh boy did I swim. There’s nothing better than splashing around in the salty turquoise waves. Imho.

Stoked on swimming!
Stoked on swimming!

The last time we were there, three years ago, we lived there for six months. But I had dreadlocks at the time and they were such a pain to get wet that I rarely ever went swimming. I grew to resent them. So I came home and cut them off.

These days I don’t like to let anything impede on my enjoyment of life, especially if it’s something beauty related. Sure, I like to look good, but I’m no longer willing to let it take priority. Life experience & life enjoyment is tops for me. The dreadlocks were impeding that, so out they went.

Speaking of which, that includes worrying about acne.

I’ll be honest, last time I was there, I nearly ruined the whole trip for myself by worrying so much about my skin and what I was eating and just trying to control. control. control everything. Especially my food. I was out of my comfort zone and that brought up all that fear about acne coming back.

Well I am happy to say that this time, I didn’t worry about my skin at all. I tried to eat as healthy as was possible, given the situation, and get some exercise and sunshine and just truly reeelaaax and have FUN! 🙂

My typical morning breakfast in Oz... mangoes and homemade granola
My typical morning breakfast in Oz… mangoes and homemade granola

My skin was better this time than it was last time. Last time I broke out more than I’d like, even though I ate great. I was so anxious about everything. Stress matters, yo. You gotta balance that healthy eating out with some de-stressin’. Healthy eating is great but it’s not everything, that’s for sure.

That being said,  even if my skin wasn’t all that great this trip… I wouldn’t have liked it, but I still wasn’t going to let it get in my way of having a good time. I’m over that. Life comes first. Fuck beauty if it gets in the way.

Anyway! Here’s a couple pics of our trip. We mostly spent it at Luke’s parent’s place about an hour North of Sydney, but we also spent 10 days road tripping up the New South Wales coast with my parents, and later 10 days around Tasmania with our friends.

Amazing place! Freycinet park in Tasmania
Amazing place! Freycinet park in Tasmania
Cradle Mt. in Tasmania
Cradle Mt. in Tasmania
a lil' Tassie Devil
Bitey, the Tassie Devil

And on the way back, we spent a weekend in Shanghai with my friend Jesse who teaches elementary school there.

I Also Fixed My Neck & Learned About Biomechanics

Also something else I did on this trip, health related, was fixing my posture! My years of shitty computer posture had finally caught up with me and my neck was starting to scream (Tasmanian) devil at me.

I read this book called Alignment Matters by a super funny lady with a PHD in biomechanics (which is how our body was mechanically meant to move… who know that was even a thing) … anyway it was really eye opening for me and I learned so much.

The way we align our body as we do our day to day activity (and also how much we sit in the day) has quite a large impact on our health that I really didn’t realize – from everything to joint and muscle pain, to digestion, to heart disease, to even whether or not your farts are loud!

Acne wasn’t mentioned, unfortunately, but if you are interested in optimal health it was worth a read. It was very funny AND informative. Also my neck is way better now.

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