So you’re ready to jump into clearing your skin the natural way, eh?

In fact, maybe you’ve already started.

Maybe you’ve changed your skin care routine to something gentler, or even gone caveman.

Maybe you’ve started doing yoga, or started hiking.

You’re getting more sleep.

You’re starting to feel great and maybe even seeing some improvements in your skin.

But there’s that one thing. That one thing you need to do to go all the way, but you just can’t work up the nerve to do it.

Maybe it’s changing your diet.

Maybe it’s addressing your stress & emotional demons.

Maybe it’s learning to love yourself.

Whatever it is, you are downright terrified. You are kicking and screaming, digging your heels in, and coming up with any excuse to avoid taking the plunge.

You think it’s going to be awful. You think it’s going to be the WORST thing ever.

You’re building it up in your mind until you can hardly stand it.

What do you do?

My Advice?

First of all, take a deep breath. Usually the reality is far less scary than the monster we create in our minds.

Change the way you are thinking about your mountain. I personally like to think of life and it’s challenges as one big smorgasbord of adventure, infinite possibilities of things to try, and things to learn.

Instead of telling yourself your life is over because you have to do this, just start thinking it more like an adventure. A curiosity. A new hobby. Something you’re trying. A ‘let’s try this and just see what happens’.

And to get started, you can always tell yourself that it’s not permanent. It’s not, after all.

Just trying something doesn’t mean you are signing a contract for the rest of your life. If you find that you hate the new way that you are eating, or hate your new form of stress relief, you are absolutely free to go back.

Although I would encourage you perhaps not to go back, but to find a different healthy way that actually works for you.

The thing about long term health is that it’s not supposed to suck. There’s no one way to do health “right”, but the more you love what you do, the healthier it is.

Maybe in the beginning it’s going to be hard… or maybe you’re challenging yourself to do a cleanse or something that isn’t super fun. Maybe you have to force yourself to say affirmations until they feel more natural. But that’s not permanent. That’s temporary.

When you’re looking for a permanent healthy lifestyle, it has to work for you. In the long term, the more you dislike something and feel like you are forced to do it for your health or skin, ironically, the less healthy it is.

You CAN find healthy habits that work for you, that you actually like, and that don’t feel like the biggest drag ever.

Really. I swear. Health should feel natural, perfectly in sync with you.

But you’re never going to find your jive until you jump in and try stuff. Maybe the first thing you try isn’t going to be the right thing for you. But you’ll never know until you try.

So, let’s do it babe. Let’s jump in, or take it slow if you need to. But don’t put it off any longer. Don’t let the fear own you. Clear skies are just around the corner.

Lots of love,
Tracy xo
Tracy Raftl