Naturally Clear Skin BootcampHey lovely,

I know you’re a totally rockin’ chick underneath, but you’re having a really hard time letting yourself shine because of your skin. I totally get it, because I remember spending years of my life feeling exactly that way.

‘Frustrated’. ‘Hopeless’ ‘Stressed’ ‘Desperate’ ‘Obsessed’ ‘Want to get rid of it so bad but don’t know how’ ‘A huge tug on my self esteem’ ‘Embarassed’ ‘End of my rope’ ‘Sad / depressed’ ….

These are just some of the adjectives I’ve heard my fans & customers use to describe their skin, and these used to be the exact same words and feelings I had about my own skin. It hits my emotions hard when I hear such wonderful ladies being held back by this totally totally fixable problem.

There is awesome news a brewin’ though!

I’ve been running my Naturally Clear Skin Bootcamp program ( my premium six week program designed to get you from end of your rope to the clear skin of your dreams ) since last October, and we’ve had some serious miracles going on in there.

Naturally Clear Skin Bootcamp

Check out what my 2014 participants have had to say about their experience in the Bootcamp & the results they’ve seen in their skin, their life, and how they feel about themselves now:

“I’m so much happier now! My skin is healing and it just glows now. I look so much better… but the real benefit is that I FEEL better” – Casey, 19, California

“This is a life changing experience which will help you in many areas of your health. Don’t hesitate – just do it.” – Teri, 45, UK

“Thanks to the Bootcamp / Academy, I stopped being so annoyingly strict about my diet and guess what… my skin has cleared up like crazy!” – Dani, 20, California

“I’ve had so many compliments on my skin. People are amazed at my transformation!” – Natalie M, 27, Wisconsin

“I have been told by friends that my skin looks amazing!” – Laura, 25, Alberta

“I can now go to my boyfriend’s or to work without make up and not have anxiety about how I look. That’s life changing.” – Vera, 32, Australia

“I would absolutely recommend this program to people! The resources are great and the forums are a great source of information and wonderful people!” – Kandice, 26, Saskatchewan

“I WILL NEVER go back to using conventional treatments and that is pure freedom!!” – Caitlin T, 36, USA

“I’m so happy to not be worrying about the giant red mountains on my chin anymore” – Laci M, 29, California

“The support, encouragement and knowledge is the perfect combination for an acne free future” – Katie O, 22, Ireland

“Before the Bootcamp, I couldn’t have imagined checking my rear view mirror on the way to work and feeling confident about the way I look!” – Hannah, 26, Australia

“The programme has, in my opinion, benefits far beyond that of treating skin alone – like improved mindset for your entire life” – Raye, 24, Holland

“Without a community that was suffering through this together, I think I would have given up. I kept going and now it’s SO much better!” – Amy W, 42, Texas

“It was so helpful knowing that many other people are going through the same battle with me” – Nora, 22, France

“People who hadn’t seen me for a few weeks said ‘Wow, your skin looks clear! What are you doing different?” – Selena D, New Zealand

“My skin has improved so much! It’s softer and supple. My scars have faded and overall I feel much more confident about myself” – Millie, 31, Los Angeles

“Since joining the Bootcamp, I have gained confidence and no longer worry about how I look” – Kalie G, 28, USA

“My skin is very clear & I feel much better about myself” – Melissa B, 37, Virginia

“You learn so much about everything, not only skin. For me, it’s a guide to being happy & successful” – Laura, 19, Austria

Want to read the full, written reviews / feedback from the participants on their experience and results? Click here to read them in full.

So here’s the deal, and it’s extra special, so make sure you pay attention here:

New Bootcamp Starting March 15th, 2015!

A brand new “live” run of the Naturally Clear Skin Bootcamp will be starting on March 15th, 2015! It runs for six weeks, and the aim is to challenge you to implement the lifestyle changes you need to see the real results you want in your skin.

We will be having a large group starting at the same time (hopefully including you!), going through it together week by week.

This means you can share your highs, lows, and questions and get a ton of supportive feedback from others and myself via our rockin’ 24/7 private forums. You won’t feel alone any longer, and we’ll help you stay on track. We will also be doing live Q & A calls with me every week.

Get the Naturally Clear Skin Academy as a FREE Bonus

If you sign up before March 15th, you get my Naturally Clear Skin Academy package as a completely FREE bonus (you’re saving $42 smackers here).

The Academy contains a TON of extra resources on top of the Bootcamp created by yours truly to help you get clear asap.

Plus I just launched a totally brand new program ONLY available to Academy members (Post Acne Syndrome – How to Stop Fearing Acne & Start Living), so joining is the only way to get it.

You Get Lifetime Access

You pay only once and gain access to the material and forum for life, so you can use the material later if you wish and get the support you need for as long as you need it.

Regular Price Will Be Going Up After March 15th!

I know the INCREDIBLE value and results of my products (providing you do the work, that is), as well as the value of the live, continued support you are receiving.

Most one or two day courses you could take in person cost far more than this 6 week program with no ongoing support… it’s really quite nuts the value that’s included here.

As a result I am going to be putting the price of both the Bootcamp and the Academy up after March 15th (to $149 and $197 respectively)!!

Meaning the price will never be this low again, so make sure you get in now at only $97 (payment plans available)

Now is the best time to invest in yourself at this incredible price! You will get ten times the return in happiness, confidence in yourself, and peace of mind.

Join Us! We Want You In Our Posse!

Want in? I don’t blame you!

This is the thing you’ve been looking for when it comes to clearing your skin for real, and forever… and let’s face it, you’re probably sick of going through this alone, feeling like no one understands. I’m here to change that.

Join us in the Bootcamp, get the free Academy bonus, let go of the confusion and frustration, and get the clear skin of your dreams!

(And if you’re feeling hesitant this is the real thing or that it’s worth it? Don’t forget to check out the reviews from my 2014 participants, almost all of whom also had initial hesitations about signing up and have not regretted it for a second)

See you on the other side my lovely! Can’t wait to work with you 🙂

Lots of love,
Tracy x
Tracy Raftl


Naturally Clear Skin Bootcamp Success Stories

“I’ve had so many compliments on my skin. People are amazed at my transformation!”

Natalie M Before and After

I’d been in a horrible situation where I avoided mirrors and cameras for years, not wanting anyone to see what I looked like.

So when I heard about your Bootcamp, I didn’t really hesitate too much… I knew that I needed a change in my life and I also know that nothing I had tried worked long term. I just jumped in and got it started and haven’t looked back since.

I feel much happier, my skin has cleared up and I only get the occasional break out and I haven’t had cystic acne since starting bootcamp four months ago.

I finally feel like I am living and it’s such a good feeling. I’m finally brave enough to go out and do things that I wanted to do that I was scared to do because I was self conscious about my acne.

I have had so many complements on my skin and my overall health. People who I haven’t seen in months are amazed at my transformation!

– Natalie M, 27, Wisconsin

Ready to join us in the Bootcamp and finally get the clear skin you’ve been desperate for? Don’t wait any longer! Click here