Step Away from the MirrorMa’am, put your hands on your head, and step away from the mirror.

I didn’t want to be the one to say it, but I think you’re abusing your mirror privileges.

The poor innocent mirrors don’t want to be stared into for hours and hours, being an unwilling accomplice to your own self destruction.

I know, I asked them.

They told me that they hate the way they’re being abused with overuse.

Not to mention that you’re always invading their personal space, inspecting yourself from a mere two inches away. I don’t know about you, but I think it’s super awkward when someone gets all up in your face like that, and so does your mirror.

The mirror totally wonders why you do that. No one else spends that much time that close to your face, so why would you need to judge your skin based on this reality that you’re sickly distorting?

As a result the mirror’s message gets misinterpreted. The mirror wants you to step back and look at yourself as a whole, like the way that others see you.

They want you to see that your beauty is not the sum of your individual pores, but instead the sum of your being as a whole – your kindness, your love, your intelligence, your energy, your personal style, and your silly quirks.

But when you do it wrong, you think the mirror is saying that none of that matters. You think the mirror is calling you ugly.

Next thing that happens, you’re squeezing everything in sight and crying on the floor, cursing the mirror.

What a world these mirrors have to live in.

So please, ma’am, step away. And maybe even send some good vibes your mirror’s way as you’re doing it. It needs it.