MSM Internally reduce acne

Last week, we talked about mixing MSM powder with aloe vera gel to make a potent acne scar fighting duo.

That was talking about putting it on your face externally, but truth be told, you can also take it internally for added skin benefits!

MSM is an organic sulphur already found in abundance in your body and a variety of foods; isolated it is a white, odourless powder. It forms the flexible bonds between proteins, which means it helps build and maintain supple, well hydrated cells in the skin.

As a result of this, it also improves hair volume & growth, wrinkles, and nail and joint strength.

Plus it’s very, very anti-inflammatory. Meaning it’s great for any chronic problem that is a result of inflammation, such as arthritis, joint pain… and you guessed it… acne! And other inflammatory skin diseases like eczema.

It’s also purportedly an insanely good detoxifier! Meaning it can help your body eliminate the toxins coming in more efficiently… and when that happens, everything works better, including the skin.

Other benefits also are apparently increased energy, better mood, and concentration.

MSM really does have a crazy list of things it supposedly does, just look ’em up for an entire run down.

So How Do You Take It Then?

Well, I bought my big bag of MSM with the intention of learning how to make the gel, but I also thought ‘you know what, why don’t I try taking it internally for a while? See what happens?’

So I looked it up and it turns out that to get the skin benefits, it’s recommended:

  • First of all, make sure to get a good quality powder with no fillers, binders, or anti-caking agents
  • Take around 1 to 2 teaspoons per day, dissolved in water or other liquid
  • Don’t start with that much though. Start with a quarter of that and increase your dose steadily over several weeks. Because it’s a strong detoxifier, if you don’t start slow you could end up with detox acne & symptoms
  • Divide your dose throughout the day, so half in morning, half in afternoon. Or dissolve in water and just sip the water throughout the day
  • Avoid taking in the evening… because MSM increases your energy, taking it at night could result in insomnia!
  • It’s best to take it with Vitamin C, which helps assist the MSM being absorbed and used in the skin. Squeezing a little bit of lemon or lime into your MSM water will do the trick

But here’s the thing all the MSM cheerleaders don’t tell you….. it tastes AWFUL!!

I was super upset when I opened up my bag and stuck a bit of the granules on my tongue and was surprised by the bitter taste, and quite rightly appalled.

It’s taken me weeks to actually get up the nerve to try it again and write this blog post.

But you know what, when I dissolved it in water, and added the lemon… it really wasn’t that bad at all. I would never say it was great though.

However, you’re really going to have to WANT to use this stuff, in order to get past that bitter medicine.

Some people say that it really actually works better topically if you’re using it for skin benefits, and it’s less expensive that way too. But I have heard others in my “inner acne circle” tell me that taking it internally really has made a big difference.

So…. if you’re going to go for it… good luck, and bottom’s up!

Have you used MSM internally? What’s your experience been?