He liked me despite my acne
And then we frolicked in a field of wheat together. Everyone does that when they fall in love, right?

The following is an email that I recently got from Love Vitamin fan, Kate!

If you’re struggling with your skin and thinking everyone is judging and looking at you and thinking how hideous your acne prone skin is… make sure you read to the end!

Kate’s Acne Story

Hey Tracy,

I know I’ve emailed you several times before in the past year or so. I am an avid follower of your blog, and just wanted to send you another email saying how much I appreciate what you’ve done for me.

I still struggle with some mild acne and what I think is a bit of rosacea, red skin. However it’s really not too much of a problem with a bit of makeup 🙂

I now use shea butter and MSM gel every morning and night, and my skin just soaks up all the wonderful healing ingredients.

It’s not totally clear yet, but hey, I know it will get there, and I’m not too worried about it. It’s so much better than it has been in ages, and I really can’t notice anything unless my face is GLUED to the mirror.

I just wanted to share with you a bit of my acne story:

Last fall and winter I struggled with my skin a bit more- I just kept getting some whiteheads and scarring. It wasn’t AWFUL though, but often I couldn’t bear to look at myself.

In the mean time, there was this guy I was crazy about, who was so cute, and I thought so perfect. I thought I could NEVER get him with my skin. Ever.

However, he eventually told me that he really really liked me, and had liked me for months, but was just too nervous to say anything because he was afraid of how I felt!

I was so shocked, and was like holy crap, I had been hiding behind my skin all this time, but this guy couldn’t care less! I was amazed.

So in fact we did date for a few months! Didn’t work out exactly the way I planned- but we are still good friends.

Also, a few days ago my new roommate who I only recently met was complaining about her breakouts, something I didn’t really notice.

So I thought I would chip in and say “I totally understand, I struggle with my skin a lot!”

Then she goes, “What would you know!? You have BEAUTIFUL skin. Seriously, it’s like glowing.”

Again, in my mind, I always see every single flaw in my skin and myself, but as you always state in your blog, no one really cares or notices anyway!!

So thank you Tracy.

You’re positive blog posts about confidence have helped me tremendously, along with your holistic acne treatments and plans.

Thanks again for everything that you do.

I will always be a follower!



Follow Up From Tracy

One of the reasons I liked this email so much is because I’ve had many of the same experiences, especially when I was younger.

My acne was mild growing up, but I still struggled hard, thinking it was awful.

Occasionally there would be a time when my friends were talking about their skin (of whom I don’t really remember noticing their acne either) and I was brave enough to say “yeah I get it” and them shutting me down saying “WHAT! your skin is perfect!!”

That was almost kind of upsetting that my friends could dismiss my feelings like that, since of course the struggle is real!

But it was also an eye opener that maybe it looks the worst to me and no one actually notices or cares that much, as hard as that can be to believe!

Of course, some may notice, but I guarantee it will never look as bad to them as it does to you. We really are our own harshest critic.

So please always remember to treat yourself (and look upon yourself) like a friend. Life – and dealing with your skin – will got a lot more pleasant.

Lots of love,
Tracy x
Tracy Raftl