Clogged Pores, Sensitive Red Skin, RosaceaAlong with acne, are you also suffering from really sensitive, clogged up, red skin? Maybe even been diagnosed with rosacea?

Please read on…

The following is from a really knowledgable Naturally Clear Skin Academy member named Melissa Armstrong.

Melissa is an organic clinical esthetician, and has her own very dramatic story of healing her long term cystic acne and rosacea.

She had been through so much while healing the pain of her past and present.

And now through her website, and her super popular skin care clinic near Chicago, Illinois, she’s super stoked to be able to help people heal all sorts of skin conditions the way she healed herself.

Melissa shared her story in our private Academy forums, and offered some very helpful advice to those suffering particularly from sensitive, clogged up red skin and rosacea.

And you know what? Her advice is truly making a huge difference for those Academy members who have followed it.

So I’m very excited to be able to share it with you.

Here it is straight from Melissa’s words, as she explains what’s going on when you are dealing with red, sensitive, clogged up skin:

What’s Actually Happening When Your Skin Gets Red & Flushed with Rosacea

New skin cells and new collagen formation happen in the deepest layer of our skin. These new cells are then pushed up and through the pore to create the outer appearance.

If this process of regeneration in the deepest layer of the skin is not a healthy, functioning one, then the visible appearance of our skin won’t look healthy either.

Here’s the deal: Blood flows in and out through your skin’s capillaries, bringing food and nutrients to facilitate this regeneration process. The capillaries will dilate and expand when blood flow or circulation is increased.

Your typical vasodilators – foods/beverages/activities include anything that will increase circulation: exercise, extreme hot/cold temperatures, caffeine, coffee, alcohol, spicy foods, etc. can all cause what are known as “flares”.

When your skin stays red for a long time after one of these flares, it means the flow isn’t circulating properly. And this excess stagnant blood flow is grounds for inflammation. This may lead to many skin woes, such as blotchy, red, clogged skin.

If the capillaries return to normal after a short period of time, then this is a good sign for the skin, showing that it is able to circulate properly.

The fairer and thinner the skin is, the closer the blood vessels and nerve endings are to the surface of the skin. This gives the opportunity for a more sensitized, reactive skin condition to develop over the years.

This is especially true if the wrong care is taken by using inappropriate skin care ingredients (ie. non natural ones that are full of chemicals). The skin is quick to react with redness to these products because it is a reactive response of the body to protect itself.

Someone with thicker or darker skin that has the ability to tan generally has less redness or capillaries because their ‘pigment’ or cells that contain melanin come to the surface of the skin to protect it as well – usually to protect itself from any irritation and trauma including sun exposure.

An ability to tan is a good sign the body can offer more natural protection from many things, more environmentally related as well as topical skincare products.

However, us fairer, thinner skin types aren’t so lucky because we have no additional protection from anything!

So this is what goes on from a bodily standpoint; how the body surges and how the condition appears when it surfaces to the skin.

Healing the skin is a holistic thing. Topical solutions are only one part of it, but if you wish to speed the healing process along, then treating things topically will help a lot.

Now for the other aspect of this: pore clogs.

I have not met even one long term educating skincare professional in my entire industry that teaches this method or treatment philosophy as I call it – and I’ve had a lot of education from varying ‘skincare experts’.

Ready to learn?

Nearly EVERY Commercial Product Clogs Pores

Nearly everything in the skin care industry clogs the pores. But nearly every label says non-comedogenic- meaning it won’t clog the pores.

This is one of the biggest lies of the skincare industry.

I’ve trained with chemists at the docs office and am an ingredient research specialist, so hear me out.

They are trying to tell us that ingredients in current acne products on the market today are all fine and non-pore clogging: anti-freeze ingredients, petroleum -from the bottom of the oil wells – same process to distill and create gasoline, alcohols, sensitizers, silicones, and my favorite – liquid plastic.

If the pores are clogged, blood flow attempting to make new skin cells can’t make new collagen and new skin cells.

So new regeneration is stopped.

Then, the skin continues to trap old dead, dull, reddened scar tissue. It doesn’t look very pretty or healthy because it is dead. It needs to get up and out of your body and out of your pores.

Lucky for you if you follow Tracy you are ONLY using organic ingredients or products that do not contain those harmful ingredients.

So you are already on your path to healing the outermost part of your body (ie. your skin), because once you quit applying chemical filler you signal to the skin that it can begin trying to heal itself.

But if you used these harmful chemical skin care products before and have redness in your skin, your pores are clogged with old stuff and you can’t regenerate new skin cells and prompt skin healing if your skin is trapping old stuff.

The trapped redness will begin to damage the collagen and cause what I call either: pore scarring, or acne scarring. Or both. Which you don’t want.

So. Do you have any visible, clogged up pores where you have redness, or do you get breakouts where the redness is?

If so, there is too much inflammation in your skin and it needs A LOT of TLC from you.

The first step of that is making sure the skin is hydrated by using natural hydration ingredients (ie. such as the jojoba oil that Tracy recommends).

However, if the skin is so far damaged, even applying pure ingredients to your skin may not be enough initially.

Because remember, it no longer knows how to function properly on its own. This means that if you start applying natural hydration, it could still remain trapped and scarred. It needs more help and more loving guidance, from you, in the form of exfoliation.

I don’t mean scrubbing though. Scrubbing will make everything absolutely worse. Scrubbing is not real exfoliation, and it will keep your skin scarred and damaged.

Real exfoliation signals cell renewal and new life while getting rid of the past damage, and for that, I highly recommend enzyme exfoliation for all skin types no matter how sensitive.

Everybody is different based on the different skin conditions but this is a good start to get the skin exfoliating again without causing further damage. I say it begins the true topical skin healing process.

Enzyme Exfoliation ….. The Secret Key

So to wrap this up:

Although everyone’s needs will be slightly different… generally, for red, sensitive, clogged up, rosacea prone skin or any combination therein, Melissa highly recommends exfoliating your skin with enzymes.

But what does that mean? What are enzymes? Where do I get them? How do I use them?

Good questions, and I’m going to leave you with a bit of a cliffhanger here until next time, when I tell you the answers to these questions.

There is a particular type of enzyme mask that Melissa highly recommends, and all sorts of peeps in the Academy forums have tried it and have been raving mad about it.

It seems like all who have starting using it have made clear that their skin is much less red and sensitive, and far less clogged up.

Stay tuned till next time to find out what it is

Lots of love,

Tracy xo
Tracy Raftl

Melissa ArmstrongMelissa Armstrong is an organic skin care educator from Schaumburg, Illinois.

She offers community skin care classes, custom made skin care blends, and in-person and online consultations through her website. She is happy to work with people from all over the world who would like her help.