Natural Skin Care Clogged Pores? Here's What to DoThis is just an explicit aside to the last two posts that I published … if you haven’t read them first, check them out here:

Sensitive, Clogged, Red Skin, and Rosacea. What’s Causing It? How to Heat It?

Papaya Enzymes – the Answer to Red, Sensitive, Clogged Up Skin?

We learned some really fantastic information in those posts about what’s going on with the skin when it gets red, flushed, and clogged, and how to stop this from happening by using enzyme exfoliation.

In fact, it made me realize the answer to this age old question that I often get:

“I switched to natural skin care, and started using oils (such as jojoba oil) to moisturize, it’s helped in some ways but I still can’t get rid of my clogged pores, or now I have more of them! What do I do?”

It is certainly not the case for everyone, but some people do find this. Same with people who switch to the caveman regimen.

Then they curse the natural stuff and want to run straight back to the chemical stuff, which is going to make everything worse in the long run.

After learning all this recent information from organic esthetician Melissa Armstrong, it all makes sense:

Your skin NEEDS hydration, and it needs to have its pores unclogged so the skin can regenerate at the deepest level, push those healthy cells up through the pore, and look healthy on the surface.

However, commercial products full of dyes, silicons, plastics, and everything else (even if they claim to be non-comedogenic) will definitely clog your pores.

So using natural oils to moisturize is the way to go, but your skin is still damaged and clogged at the deepest layers from using the chemical cleansers, moisturizers, and acne products.

So, initially, for some peeps depending on how damaged your skin is to begin with, piling natural oils on top (or foregoing everything via caveman regimen) may only make the clogging worse.

That’s where the enzyme exfoliation comes in.

Don’t run back to the chemicals, instead add some gentle papaya exfoliation in there to help you unclog the pores and get your skin regenerating itself again. (follow the instructions in the previous post).

After that, the oils, and / or the caveman regimen should work a lot better for you. Mind you, you may still expect a bit of a purging phase as the enzymes bring the clogs to the surface and your skin adjusts.

Hang in there.