self loveHey lovelies,

You might have remembered that a couple weeks ago, I posted a video of me being interviewed by Crystal Fieldhouse of Ecology Wholistic Skin Care.

We actually did a second episode, this one is about digging deep into the emotional side of healing acne.

Watch me being interviewed in the video below! (And check out Crystal’s Mind Body Beauty show for more episodes)


Here’s What We Chat About in the Interview:

  • Dealing with the inner critic and learning to love and accept how you are right now and where you are on the journey
  • Managing expectations and constantly shifting your attention, looking for things that will make you happy
  • What self-acceptance is really all about
  • Can you accept yourself with acne?
  • Wanting everything to be perfect before you can love yourself, move on and live your life
  • Putting things off until you heal your skin
  • Where do you start with self-acceptance?
  • Becoming more aware of your thoughts, especially when you’re talking down to yourself
  • Watching your thoughts, realizing they are not necessarily true
  • Choosing to replace anxious, picky thoughts with something kind
  • Treating yourself the way you would a friend who was in your situation
  • Resolving fears around acne returning once you have clear skin
  • Stepping away from the mirror and stepping away from the thoughts to deal with fear and anxiety
  • Fear is a choice and stopping it from spiralling out of control
  • The real work in clearing acne is in the emotional healing

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