Everything a little foggy...
Everything a little foggy…

Hey lovely ladies 🙂

As you may or may not know, I just got home from a seven week trip through South America with Luke.

And on that trip, I decided that when I got back, I was going to do a series of seriously truthful posts about my life lately.

I used to write really raw open, truthful posts all the time about my journey with health and acne, but in the last while I guess those have slown down.

In a way, that’s a good thing – I am generally at peace with my skin and life and for the most part, the last few years have been very good for me.

So I naturally have less to say from a personal level.

But I miss the deep heart to heart sharing and connection.

And I’ve had some tougher times lately, and have maybe felt like I have been holding some things back from you.

And when I hold things back in intimate relationships (yes, me and you are in an intimate relationship), I feel weird and unsatisfied. I want to pull away. I want to run and hide. The closeness slips away.

So I decided… what the heck. Let’s just let it all hang out.

I have been thinking about this a lot but I don’t really know how this is going to go – so just be prepared for a whole bunch of verbal diarrhea!

Let’s Begin..

Me, before The Love Vitamin
Me, before The Love Vitamin

I’m sure most of you know my basic story, I suppose, if you’ve read my about page, or perhaps my life story.

I was suddenly hit with severe acne back in 2010. It was emotionally, painfully, horrendously devastating.

I healed my skin with completely natural methods – diet change, healthy lifestyle changes, natural skin care. etc.

I decided to start The Love Vitamin blog the following year because I was so passionate about health and the method I had used to heal my skin that I just wanted to share that… and I wanted so bad to help people escape the pain of acne.

This also eventually became a business so that I could dedicate all my time to teaching and helping people with this problem.

The Love Vitamin on the whole has been such a great source of creative and meaningful pleasure for me. A dream come true, really.

There’s nothing I’ve loved more than pressing the “post” button on a seriously inspired, passionate post, and then getting a heartfelt letter from a reader letting me know what a difference I’ve made to their life. Wow.

I’ve never felt more fulfilled than I have the last five years while working on TLV.

Since the creation of The Love Vitamin, I’ve been on two sort of parallel journeys:

My Health and Skin Journey

Trying my hand at making kimchi
Trying my hand at making kimchi

By this, I mean my own experiments with trying out different diets, different exercise routines, learning about different natural acne treatments and skin care options, trying out different supplements, researching everything, and just…. messing around.

I spent much time and energy figuring out what I liked and what I didn’t. Learning what my skin liked and didn’t. Listening to what worked for others.

In the kitchen, I tried all kinds of new and interesting meals and foods. I tried new things like fermentation, sprouting, juicing, making bone broth, and other wild kitchen fun.

And then there was the emotional side of it. Trying to figure out how to stop thinking about my skin all the time, how to stop a pimple or two from making me emotionally freak out.

How to just get over it already and find the peace.

And so all my experimentation with that: meditation, reiki, self help techniques galore.

All of this was a lovely hobby. And I blogged about it all for you. Every last bit of it.

My Business and Creative Journey

One thing I've never quite mastered: good computer posture
One thing I’ve never quite mastered: good computer posture

This is the part that I don’t really blog about, because, well, it’s not a business blog. But this was and is a huge part of my life. In the background, I spent many many hours of my life working behind the scenes on The Love Vitamin.

By this, I mean all of the hats that I wear to keep this thing going… the writing, the editing, the graphic design, getting the word out about the site, updating social media and newsletters, connecting with readers, figuring out technical stuff, managing contractors…

The formulating my principle, cohesive method of acne treatment that I want to teach (which took years, as this was the results of my health and skin care experimentation mentioned above), writing the ebooks and the programs and constantly updating them, answering questions in my private Academy forums … updating the look of the website… the, just… everything.

And all of it has been so much fun. Difficult at times, but awesome.

Between these two journeys, I’ve been kept very busy. In a good way.

The Slowing Down of Both…

But both of these journeys have begun to naturally slow down for me in recent times, which in some ways is great, but in other ways has caused its own problems ….

And I’m going to leave you there, because otherwise this post will be an absolute monster.

Tune in next week for Part 2!