SpiritualitySo, in my recent ayahuasca posts, particularly the one about my second ceremony

I mentioned that I wasn’t really sure how to trust and have a relationship with “my inner light; God, spirit, the universe, or whatever you want to call it”.

I realized that it might have been helpful to actually explain what I meant there, and what my spiritual beliefs were, instead of just assuming all of you knew… but there was just no more room for words!

This may open up a huge massive can of ‘religious debate worms’, but here goes:

It’s All the Same Thing

So I, and most people in the world, seem to believe that there is some kind of powerful force out there; something that is beyond our physical incarnations.

How to actually put into words what this is is a bit difficult… but you know… it’s some kind of ethereal life force of energy and consciousness…

Religious folks (from all the different religions) refer to this as God. New agey folks refer to this as “the universe” or “the source energy” or my “inner light” or “the spirit within”.

This may be the part that sparks debate, but I personally believe that everyone is talking about the exact same thing.

Which also means that I don’t really believe that God is a thing that is separate from us (as it’s been personified through religion as a sort of ‘man in the sky’ type idea)… I believe God is everywhere, it’s in everything, and it’s in every one of us.

This force is God. It is spirit. It is the universe. It is the inner light.

It’s the exact same thing, everyone is just disagreeing about the “right” way to get in touch and connect with that extra special life force.

For some people, religious practice, teachings, and prayer are the right way for them. For others, they have their own personal spiritual practices or beliefs… perhaps meditation, concepts of energy and vibrations, or other such rituals.

I strongly believe there is no right way to connect, so I think that everyone’s own spiritual path must be respected.

My Spirituality

For me, I didn’t grow up in a religious family. I dabbled a little bit though… I attended a youth group regularly and went to a couple Christian summer camps. I tried to get into it. I remember trying to love Jesus. But it just never really stuck.

I wouldn’t say that organized religion is for me, and these days I definitely swing more “new agey”, but like I said, I still don’t really get how to truly connect and trust and have a relationship with that spirit force. Nothing new agey has ever really stuck that strongly either.

Obviously I feel that I have a spirit. Something is conscious inside my body. When I am not thinking anything, I am still awake and aware.

I do feel like when I quiet my mind, there is definitely energetic forces at play in the world; vibrations; this and that. I especially enjoy feeling the subtle energies of nature.

When I do yoga, I feel the “prana”.

And I do feel like I have a good sense of intuition. Not to say my mind doesn’t trick me all the time (usually due to my fears acting up), but I can get pretty strong gut feelings about things.

But still…. some people seem to have this really deep, meaningful, trusting relationship with this force, and I have just never understood what that means exactly. For them, it is such a big part of their life. They feel it so strongly.

I have heard many people say that that’s the only way they get through the rough stuff, is their trust in God, or their inner light, or whatever their choice words are.

Which is what I learned from my ayahuasca ceremonies… is that to get through the bad times in life, a really good idea would be to learn to surrender to this force and cultivate trust in it.

But for myself, I just don’t get it. The whole concept feels so intangible, I don’t understand what it would feel like to have a deep relationship with it.

But then again, I also realize that maybe I do actually get it, and just don’t realize that I get it. Maybe I’m just overthinking it.

What Do You Think?

So that leads me to want to know …

What do you think about this?

Are you like me and pretty confused, or do you have a trusting relationship with God or spirit or the source energy? Or maybe you don’t believe there’s any ‘spirit force’ at all, which is cool too.

But if you do have a pretty active spiritual life, how do you achieve this relationship? What are your spiritual practices, and what does it feel like when you are really connected to “it”?

Leave a comment below!